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Hodgson ignores Wenger and picks Arsenal’s Wilshere but not Jenkinson for England

Arsene Wenger had a chat with the England manager Roy Hodgson and thought that they had agreed to let Jack Wilshere work his way back to full fitness with Arsenal before he was reintroduced into the England set up. Either Wenger’s grasp of the English language is worse than we thought, or Roy Hodgson just decided to completely disregard what the Frenchman said.

Wilshere has been included in the England squad to travel to Sweden for a friendly next Wednesday. What is Hodgson thinking? Jack has not completed a game in the Premier league yet, and he has been out of action for well over a year.

Maybe, if this was a crucial game for England, you could understand, but it is a meaningless friendly. If Wilshere picks up any sort of knock during the game, then the relationship between Wenger and Hodgson will be decidedly frosty. Wenger probably feels foolish already, after suggesting that the two had an understanding.

Wenger got into a war of words with the French manager, Didier Deschamps, recently after suggesting that it might be a good idea to go easy on Abou Diaby. Theo Walcott was recently sidelined after an England game, so anything can happen.

Walcott has been included in the squad but his Arsenal team mates, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Carl Jenkinson, have not, despite the Ox being fit again and Hodgson all but promising Jenkinson his first call up. The right back was called to train with England before the recent World Cup qualifying games but an error with the paperwork meant that he could not be in the squad.

Jenkinson was persuaded to choose England over Finland and led to believe that he would be in this squad now that the paperwork has been completed. For Roy’s next piece of diplomacy, he will wipe his arse with an Arsenal shirt.

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27 thoughts on “Hodgson ignores Wenger and picks Arsenal’s Wilshere but not Jenkinson for England

  1. Ifedioranma Nwokocha

    I pray, Jack Wilshere will not be injured. If he does, there will be a problem between Arsenal that pays him and Roy Hodgson

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  2. Graham

    This is the Diaby situation all over again. The lad is just back from long term injury, played a few games and gets picked for internationals. Honestly, what is wrong with international managers. Hodgson said he would give Wilshere time……less than a hand full of games later he gets picked. Is this giving him time?

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  3. spider

    It will be good for him and keep him sharp and ready for his return from suspension, just don’t pick up an injury!

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  4. jamaican gunner

    does he have a choice? if i were england manager i would also pick the best midfielder in the land

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  5. jk

    Whats the problem he will prob get 45 mins if anything it will boost jacks morale and form.

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  6. k

    It’s beneficial providing he doesn’t get injured. If I was Hodgson I would pick Wilshere and Walcott to start.

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  7. JStarr

    Whilshire…I see no problem if he starts on the bench.

    Walcott deserves a spot.

    OX hasn’t performed EVERY England game and is just coming back from injury.

    Jenk is Englands future No1…That was probably a tactic to make sure we dont lose him to Finland.

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  8. No more excuses

    Typical of international managers to show blatant disregard for club teams – just 2 points though – 1 – surely jack himself should decline (as diaby also should have) as this is gambling with his long awaited come back . 2 – maybe if wenger stopped crying so much bout stuff such as “other teams try to stop us from scoreing ” and the length of the grass and such nonsense … Then maybe – just maybe – people will listen to him with a bit more respect – cos to be honest he’s been sounding like a Lyin blubbering fool these past 7/8 seasons !

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  9. Amol

    hope wilshere comes out on top of every challenge

    coz he’s the only midfielder capable of helping arsenal land a trophy this season

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  10. the king

    his been out for 17 months.
    his played what 3 games in a row.

    he needed a brake that red card seem a good thing in a way.

    but that’s a waste he wont get a brake.

    training and even playing on Wednesday he will be tired for the big game against the spuds 3 days later.

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  11. Bouba

    What would you do at his place??
    He has no choice, but to pick Wilshere… He is the only and real creative player for England.

    Every time I watch England, it is BORING and I usually snooze most of the game…

    With Wilshere in, I can suggest and predict that my eyes will open the all game.

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  12. Salman

    wilshere > gerrard > parker > cleverly > barry.. hodgeson had no choice 😛

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  13. Chisha

    I personally blame Wenger for everything because he has led the club to be so reliant on 1 player two seasons ago he was like he will sign super quality and he brought in Miyachi and Joel or what ever that kid is called and together those players cost like 15mil plus and where are those boys on loan this is why Fabregas left because Arsenal just keeps building for the future of which those players will be sold once they in the Team. I can bet with any one here that 5 seasons will pass including this one as long as Wenger is in Charge arsenal will not win anything. and am here to be proven otherwise.
    Wenger has made us Fans to be begging for players and accepting below quality players Like Giroud who in the last game again tried to volley a ball in the box and missed whats with that guy and trying to Volley every single ball he gets so frustrating and for the money he was bought there is a decent player we would have got but instead Wenger who has made us come to forums like this to discuss a team which was once great leads me to believe that the invincibles were an accident.

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  14. stephen187

    Reckon on tuesday we should say wilshire has a cold and unfit to travel…

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  15. realist

    If wilshire needs a break wenger should have left him out on tuesday after his appearance just 3 days before.

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  16. JOhn

    Just shows Wenger and Arsenal don’t have the respect they think they have and have become the team for everyone to take the piss out of. Watch what happens if Wilshire picks up a knock, the papers will print the usual pics of a scowling Wenger and will proceed to mock him instead of defend him, Gary Linker and Tommy Smyth from Press pass will have a field day mocking Wenger.

    If Wilshire was a Man utd player this would be a non-story, why? Because Ferguson would not allow it and the media would attack Hodgson’s judgement.

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  17. abel

    @cischa joel campbell and miyaichi cost us £1m combined…where do you get your facts from.hw can u say they cost us £15m?

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  18. YK

    I am surprised people here are now calling Giroud below par players, I remember so many shouts for his name on this website before he joined us, Arsenal fans can change very quickly, amazing!

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  19. sa

    well, while i think it would be good for Wilshere, I hope he doesn’t play the full game

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  20. Henry

    You would like to think that Hodgson would use his brain and not pick Jack, all he needs to do is have a look at what has happened to Diaby. we can all see what sort of affect playing somebody to much after a long injury can do. also it pisses me off to think that Roy would even take a chance like that, its a f-ing friendly! if it was an important game then fair enough but c’mon who really gives a f**k about a friendly. Wenger should pull a fast one and say Jack has a virus!

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  21. Travis Bickle

    Jenkinson is selected for the Sweden match contrary to reports, however England are awaiting FIFA to clear him to be able to play for England….. Direct quote from Hodgson:

    “The reason I didn’t include Carl from the start is because we haven’t, at this moment in time, got clearance from FIFA but we do believe that they are going to grant that clearance within a day or two.”

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  22. chisha

    @abel welli might have mixed up the figures with the Ox transfer fee but i still say that Wenger is full of lies and keeps cotradicting himself he knows Wilshre is tired but keeps playing him n expects others not to. and where is Diaby who was only three weeks out but now two months out and we sold song for diaby what a joke song had 3 years left i am here to be proven wrong but arsenal need to change coaches soon Wenger is not compettive enough. araenal we fear no one can replace Wenger but lets be real wats there to replace 8 years no trophy

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  23. Uche

    This is always the case with national team managers. They are all users who are responsible for nothing and account for nothing. They are just thinking about the next game without considering the health of the players involved. For them, if a player get’s injured, they will just send him back to his club and choose the next in line from a long list of options. Meanwhile the concerned club have to sweat and scramble for options while still paying the injured player/s massive wages. These national team managers must be reigned in. They just cannot exploit and abuse players as they wish. As feared, we have lost Diaby now and those stressful France games had everything to to do with it. Wenger warned Dechamps that Diaby could not play for 90 minutes but Dechamps played him anyway. Where is Diaby now when we need him the most? Of course his back to his favorite treatment table.

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  24. Ayokuu

    @Chisha. Pleas do think of a possible replacement for Wenger. If you’re unable to do that, I will advice you to stop posting on this site.

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  25. Chisha

    @Ayokuu the funny thing about all of us arsenal fans we think Wenger is the best lets count Wenger has been at arsenal now how many 15 years or so right and of those years lets subtract the years his not been winning 15 – 8 years of nothing = 7years of which not every year of those 7 did he win other wins were a double in the same year, etc and how were the invincibles formed the arsenal team was filled with French team just like Barca is now filled with spain. So people might say Wenger then new which players to put in but now he has just become about making money and is that the coach you want to keep I was also like all of you saying Wenger must stay but wait 5 years from now you all will be saying what am saying now arsenal is no longer a big club Wenger’s Words before he sold Nasri saying if we sell our best players we cant convince people we are a big club but what is he doing now selling every best player and you say he should be still Manager and yes the board is not backing him but its his fault if I tell you to go steal and you go then you equally a thief as I am. So the Board and Wenger must pack up other wise this forum will just be always taking about how bad arsenal is playing all the time for years to come mark my words. you can hate my comment but the truth hurts

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