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House of Cards: The tragic demise of Arsene Wenger

House of Cards: The Arsene Wenger Story by Vieira Lynn

Regardless of how you feel about Wenger today, no one wanted to see him become such a pathetic version of his former self. At first, it affected me deeply to watch this once proud man transform into a bumbling old fool. One might even call it tragic, if it weren’t for the prominent role he willingly played in his own demise: his countless lies, the disrespectful manner in which he treated the fans, the myriad of tactical blunders, the seemingly endless barrage of excuses aimed at everyone and everything besides himself, the amount of times he literally boasted about failing to sign a plethora of up and coming stars, for allowing business decisions to negatively impact the selection process, for selecting oft-injured bench players and “yes men” as team captains in recent years, for not being able to make even the simplest of halftime adjustments, for his general ineptitude when it came to facing any of the top clubs, for allowing several key players to join our nearest rivals, for his cheeky Suarez bid, for not cultivating an environment where strong personalities could co-exist with the manager, for the shocking way in which he has mishandled player contracts the past two summers, for the utter selfishness he displayed regarding his own contract situation, for the way he used the press to undercut fan support for Sanchez before and following the Liverpool debacle last season, for his failures to replace either Van Persie or Vieira in a timely fashion and for the downright smarmy way he can look into a camera and continually spew the same tired cliches time and time again.

For those of you who still see Wenger as the honourable, mild-mannered and cerebral manager who roamed the Highbury sidelines in the late 90s and early 2000s, you are sadly mistaken. Don’t think for a second that this man was similarly duped, by the likes of Kroenke and Gazidis, and that he didn’t enter this triumvirate with his eyes wide open. Now maybe he didn’t actively participate in the public campaign, like Gazidis, to deceive fans into believing that the move to the Emirates would ultimately allow us to compete financially with the best of the best, but he clearly played a prominent role in the “shell game” being perpetrated by this club. In fact, his role was far more nefarious because unlike Gazidis & Kroenke, who may or may not know anything about the game itself, Wenger was the man who lured the customers to the seats knowing full well what was really going on behind the scenes. In this way, he was the real human connection between the new corporate Arsenal and it’s fans because there is no way Kroenke and/or Gazidis could have manufactured such a rouse without a well-positioned front man. Now that it’s been exposed for all to see we have witnessed a myriad of former players, rival managers, pundits, analysts and supporters making disparaging remarks about our manager that would likely never have seen the light of day during his heydays. Can you even imagine the public reaction if a manager of Jose’s stature had ever coined the phrase “specialist in failure” during our early days at the Emirates. The firestorm could have possibly ended Jose’s managing career, as former and current players, managers, well-respected journalists and the like would have earnestly come to the defence of this once respected man. Now turn the page, flash forward 6 or 7 years, what was the response to those exact words. Not only did very few truly chastise Jose, except for the usual “old school” industry types who see no place in the game for such disrespectful remarks, many would suggest that it was refreshing to see someone say the things we’re all thinking. For myself, this was a real eyeopener. It seemed to suggest that many insiders had known for quite some time that something was up within this club and that those involved weren’t going to be ignored and/or protected anymore.

The real issue at this club is respect, a word that appears to be entirely lost on those within our hierarchy. This is the starting point from which all great relationships between club and supporters form. This doesn’t mean that a team can’t make mistakes along the way, that’s just human nature, it’s about how they choose to deal with these situations that will determine if this relationship flourishes or devolves. In the case of our club, the powers that be sees us as a necessary evil. If they could figure out a way to take our money without ever having to deal with us they would, instead they simply gauge our concerns then manufacture an aggressive PR campaign addressing said concerns so as to sell season tickets. This is why this team doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, this is why they don’t get a pass when they screw up and this is why they don’t deserve our respect when it comes time to show them the door. In the meantime, how does one deal with such an untenable situation. Do you simply shut-up and hope for the best, do you place the best interests of those with only self-serving agendas above the collective and pray that karma eventually catches up with them, do you run away with your tail between your legs and only return when things have ultimately changed, do you keep trying to find silver linings to justify your very existence, do you lower your expectations by convincing yourself it could be worse OR do you stand up for what you believe in by holding people accountable for their actions, especially when every fiber of your being tells you that something is rotten in the state of Denmark…

Your thoughts fellow Gunners?

Vieira Lynn

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42 thoughts on “House of Cards: The tragic demise of Arsene Wenger

    1. Joseph Saleh Australian Gooner from S.A

      It’s a shame I used to love the man and all would be forgiven if he came out and said the owners and board have tied my hands , they are not making the funds available to me to take this club to where it should be and I’m walking away. If Arsene did that all the respect I have lost for him would come back, instead he is part off the problem cause he is happy collecting his £10.5 million a year and knowing full well that we can’t compete . He lies through his teeth and expects us to believe it. Time for all fans in London to make a stand . Kroenke/ Gazidis/Wenger need to go and go now .

      1. JJ Pawn

        “…if he came out and said the owners and board have tied my hands , they are not making the funds available to me to take this club to where it should be and I’m walking away.”

        That was what he said to them in private, likely. That is why he was able to keep Sanchez, and buy Lacazette.

        You think that somehow all decisions, tactics, and strategy should be pubic! If Wenger said there was no money, then would Lacazette have come to us?

        We are not going to win the EPL, realistically. If anyone thinks that this possible without spending some 200M, then they have to be delusional.

    2. Vish

      Amazing how ” Arsenal fans ” are so quick to instigate discord and create further turmoil for the club and fellow supporters by posting articles of this nature after we’ve won a game which could POTENTIALLY help inspire Arsenal to go on to have a good season. Makes me wonder if the people posting on this site are Arsenal fans or supporters of rival clubs like Spurs . One would think after the trauma of a fortnight ago all fans would rally together now and help motivate this team to do better . Far from it, all I see on this site is an increased intensity in creating discord , so are you all really Arsenal fans or are you Man Utd , Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea fans who are merely posting to further rile other fans in the hopes of destabilising the club further .

      Get over it people , I’m not fan of Wenger or of Kroenke , Gazidis or the board but we can’t do anything to oust them . Unless us fans are to band together to stump up 3billion to prise the club away from Kroenke then perhaps instead of moaning lets start looking good for the positives and help motivate our club and players to do great things .

        1. Vish

          With fans such as yourself , Arsenal will never win anything. Stop complaining about things you have NO CONTROL OVER , you can however help the team by encouraging them over the line and inspiring them when their backs are against the wall .

  1. ThirdManJW

    Fantastic article! One of the key points was what you said about respect, or lack of it from Wenger, and the club. The lot of them couldn’t care less about the fans, and Wenger is often disrespectful towards us in his interviews, and yet so many fans say we should respect him! Shouldn’t respect go both ways?

    It is a very sad demise watching Wenger these days, and how we play football. I watched some highlights recently of lots of different games from the Wenger early days, and honestly cannot believe it’s the same person! The quality of football, types of players being used, the style, the aggression, the power, it was like watching a completely different team. It’s hard getting my head around it, that Wenger was responsible for that!

  2. ljgomez

    I was to young to remember wenger’s glory days
    In my time as a true gooner I’ll remember Wenger as a very good coach, who believed in youth and playing good attractive football. but ill mostly remember him for being so close to making arsenal a top club again but because of his stubbornness, pride, and cheapness we’ve stayed the same.
    He refused to adapt, and it’s cost us.
    and sadly change wont come till he’s gone.

  3. Arseneout

    some fan will now say we win the 3 points with fashion. but do u know what i see, we just beat a team have not won a single game away in more than 10 games. we will be thrashed by chelsea with this old fool. we need change , we must be the change ARSENE OUT

  4. David Rusa

    What is the purpose of this article? I doubt that many people are really interested in this kind of stuff. How many of us care about Wenger’s mannerisms and temperament unless they relate to the team’s performance? I really that many of us are involved in a vendetta against Wenger. Many of us are realists not romanticist. When our team wins we are happy with the manager and players. When we lose we are sad and dejected. That is why today the atmosphere at Emirates was euphoric. We can’t allow the melancholic elements to dictate our situation. Football is not a religion or ideology. Neither is it war or conflict. It is a game which falls in the realm of entertainment. When you support a team you develop some emotions about it but to a well balanced person this should not be an obsession. A true supporter of a team should also be objective and accept the existing realities. We should not unduly engage in vitriolic attacks and character assassination. We should be civil, tolerang and respectful towards others.

    1. Akan

      Well well well David,,, What arse licker you are. Regardless of your sycophantic rant the man is ruining my football club and I want him out.
      The disrespect he has engendered upon himself has also been reflected negatively upon the club and we are now considered within the sports hierarchy as a joke organisation, a laughing stock.

      Yes it is “just a game” but if you are really happy and comfortable within yourself to be associated with second rate looosers go and support Tottenham.

      1. JJ Pawn

        When you and your ilk, including the author of this “story” stoop down to dribble and insults, we all know that the real problem is the quality of mind and level of retrograde culture in Britain and elsewhere. After all, are we not living in the era of Trump?

        David Rusa’s point is well made.

        I have ceaselessly made the point that without money there is no realistic Arsenal run at the EPL title. What is stunning is that Wenger has delivered three FA Cups in spite of being outspent by dubious oil money.

        In most of the pathetic ‘thinking’ I am disgusted by the lack of any grounding in hard economic data. Economics (or politics) does not feature in any understanding of what has transpired. What has replaced serious thinking is just a serious insults at various levels, bordering from the childish to the venomous.

        Ah, the internet. It has led to the birth of mediocre and thinking:

        “Regardless of how you feel about Wenger today, no one wanted to see him become such a pathetic version of his former self. At first, it affected me deeply to watch this once proud man transform into a bumbling old fool.”

        There is nothing foolish about a young French footballer such as Lacazette coming to Arsenal to play for Mr. Wenger in front of the brilliant German Ozil. Nothing foolish about that Frenchman Giroud staying on to fight another day. Nothing foolish about Frenchman Wenger trying to lure an even younger player next.

        It is also very realistic that other teams are worried about Mr. Wenger, and seek to hoard those young players, for example, at Man United.

        What is ironic is that Vieira Lynn offers no critical analysis (or even a tiny thought) about how some teams buy titles, while Arsenal cannot really do that. Even worse, Lynn offer vicious dribble without considering how brilliantly Mr. Wenger offloaded Chamberlain to Liverpool for a cool 34 million pounds.

        1. waal2waal

          @JJ Pawn – well argued, with the exception being we as arsenal support are suffering at various levels which is why at times certain criticisms are vented unrelenting or at times acidic. i think these responses are all deserved by the arsenal hierarchy for putting our fans through the anxiety they have while simultaneously expecting unequivocal financial support and offering in return little when replenishing the side.

          I remember when he arrived there was a synergy between wenger and the players, him and the fans he clearly was not the distant character that he’s morphed into today. I see that Viera Lynn takes issue with wengers transition over the years to a corporate lackey and having done so he is deserving of any mangerial failures aimed his way.

          On the point of this or that ones “ilk” or kind i think as an arsenal fans we all differ our idea of how the club ought to make marked progress, BUT regards “ilk” then essentially we all form part and parcel of the same fanbase and support?

      2. Dom

        No, unfortunately Akan, by your language and by your occasional appearances on Untold, I think you are the one that is without doubt totally servile to the slime of the gutter press, a good example of which, we have served on a plate, by ‘Vieira Lynn’. Gobble this type of rubbish, these so called journalist love you and your kind, you make loads of money for them. And talk about ranting…you’re a joke ! Ha ha ha ha

    2. Otunba007

      @ David Rusa.. To you football might just be an ordinary game but to some of us it’s LIFE and either we like it or not it reflects in our day to day life.. it’s better I am obsessed with football as a kid than been obsessed with drugs and doing crime.. so you see we all have our own views and interpretations of football and we all have our reasons of falling in love with our beloved Arsenal, I have been hurt by the team performances a lot of time but I still couldn’t see myself sharing the love I have for Arsenal with any other club..

  5. David Rusa

    Correction. There was an omission. Line 5 last sentence should be “I really doubt that many of us—-“

  6. Ivan

    An interesting assessment of where we are at.
    I think it is worth saying that we heard some good news today in hat that one of the clubs problems, Dick Law, is going to leave us. Hopefully we get a better negotiator going forwrd.
    I’m really interested in reading the minutes of the Arsenal Supporters Trust meeting with Gadzidis today as I think he is a massive problem too and I would live to see him gone as well. As for Evil Stan even if he was a good owner, which he is not, I would still like to see him gone because of his despicable morals.
    As for Wenger I too think that his day as a manager should have been long gone. It is true that we do not have the money of the two Manchester clubs or Chelski but we are the sixth richest club in the world so should have the occasional competaive season in the league and we have not for 13 years. His poor organisation of the team is often embarrassing. I do think that he still retains a good coaches eye for a player so if it was up to me I would like to see him as director of football and for us to get a much younger, more progressive coach who is more versed in the the modern tactics and formations. There are half a dozen in our league (excluding the big 3) that would get us much tighter at the back and more incisive on the attack.

  7. Mr pat

    Well said Rush what’s the point when your team wins you still abuse the players and manager at the same time you want quality players to come to arsenal, I just don’t get it, when we loose have a go if the players didn’t put in a good shift and if we win appreciate it not this svengali attitude of fans especially from this site let’s be objective people and give praise when we win and moan rightly so when we loose, Arsenal For Ever!’!!!!

        1. Ivan

          I really don’t think he did and his statement is no more lacking in data than in any other posts and is not containig any made up facts ike many of your own which are frankly laughable.

  8. waal2waal

    Perhaps like many others you share the opinion that wenger needs to step-aside or better still we can give him a golden ladel with which to stir or ladle soup for fans possibly in an emirate stadium corporate kitchen.

    i trust wenger would serve fans better [*out of harms way preferably dispensing soup] than taking the reigns of another transfer window and disappointing expectant fans or promising arsenal side is going to win another title. some tasks in football have proven to be beyond his scope and vision. Its time for somebody in touch, by that i suggest someone different.

  9. abiola gunner

    what a boring piece of note there…. story for the gods… I taught we are talking about finding our rhythms as early as possible and create a good atmosphere to our team with our support?????? why crying over split milk???? for how many years have u been complaining over wenger out… please go and sack wenger then we will all be happy with you

  10. Break-on-through

    Not thinking much besides how or why a supposed Gooner would liken the greatest PL powerhouse ever, to a woman. Vera Lynn, is there something I’m missing.

    1. JJ Pawn

      Nicely done, Twig!

      I think the players are learning that they are better of when nasty fans stay away. It is great to listen to fan support at the Emirates… too bad they cannot emulate fans of most other clubs.

  11. Steven Rose

    Admin’s article is little more than a rant. Where is the evidence to support his accusations? How has Wenger lied to the fans? When has he treated them disrespectfuly? What excuses has he come up with? For example, after the debacle at Liverpool he simply said that our performance was unacceptable. Where is the evidence that he has allowed business considerations to affect team selection? Which team captains is Admin referring to when he describes them as yes men? Adams? Vieira? Fabregas? Van Persie? Arteta? Mertesacker? I think we should be told. Where is the evidence that Wenger used the press to undermine Sanchez? What possible reason could he have had to undermine a player who he was trying to persuade to sign a new contract?

    Mourinho’s reference to Wenger as a ‘specialist in failure’ was disgraceful. But the fact that Mourinho was not generally condemned for his remark does not prove that he was right, merely that journalists and pundits are largely cowards and bullies, fawning on those managers enjoying success at the time and eager to denigrate those going through a relatively lean period.

    What is so disappointing about the article, supposedly written by a fan, is that it follows a brilliant performance against Bournemouth today. Admittedly there will be a far sterner test next week when we play Chelsea. But to get something out of the game the team needs the support of the fans. Article should like this one simply sap the team’s morale.

  12. MrMosh

    While most of y’all are busy castigating Arsenal’s greatest coach todate….. I rate this article as the worst ever piece of bollox i’ve ever come across from a thing that pretends to be a “FAN.”

    Here’s a club that just brilliantly won a game immediately after two very bad results including an unlucky loss at Stoke but all you could come up with is the negative bull about a man that found this club with only 10 EPLs after 100 years? WTF were the other coaches doing before him?

    I thought football fans were supposed to also be there for the club through good and bad times?

    And when do you ever blame those overpaid adults that turn out and play like headless chicken in games like that unfortunate Liverpool debacle?

    Why choose a night after a fine result with two of our main supposedly better off rivals with supposed better coaches faltering to spew all this worthless drivel? What’s your intention, to get a pay rise, get a hug from fellow #NegativeDimWits or completely kill the morale of the players if they happen to read this nonsense?

    1. Ivan

      No EPL’s for 13 years and not only that but not even competative for the title. You are supporting the man of 13 years ago not the old man who runs the team now. You insult people who have a different view from you but it is you who is the gullible thicko not them.

  13. Dom

    I think some people here don’t realise that criticising Arsenal, the board, the manager and players on a constant basis is a game for some disillusioned and illuminated people. It’s not being played solely by Arsenal fans. Other supporters, the media and a minority of unhappy Arsenal fans are not happy when we win…it doesn’t serve their purpose.
    Do you know who is or not a real Arsenal fan on here?

    1. Ivan

      You are happy with the board? Unbelieveable! That makes me question whether you are an Arsenal fan.
      There is a big debate on whether Wenger is good or bad for the club which seems to divide a lot of people but I thought all fans were united in understanding that Gadzidis and Kroenke were ruining the club.

  14. GB

    Let’s hope ‘Vieira Lynn’ has run out of words now and we never see another article from this ‘person’.

  15. Adeyemi Royalman

    When am I going to be happy as an arsenal fan, arsenal lost am not happy, arsenal wins am suppose to be happy but some fans turn my joy to moaning with there rioteous article n post. I need happiness mate, don’t ever spoil my winning day joy again

  16. Kieran Daly

    A great article that perfectly sums up Wenger.
    I too squirm when this hypocrite lectures fans and the media about honour , respect, love of the club.
    He is nothing but a lying, smarmy fraud

  17. Lexynal

    Needless article. I find the title also disrespectful and unwarranted.I am a big fan of Wenger and a bigger fan of Arsenal. I believe AW needs to do a lot more and i do believe our club is DEFINITELY NOT where she ought to be. Despite that, AW doesn’t deserve derogative words even if we ALL want him out. In the meantime, support your beloved club…we have just won a match. If we had lost it…Arsenal fans will still be all out moaning…we won a match as expected…we are still moaning all the same. Guys…..Chelsea lost against us last season and went ahead to win the EPL. This season, Liverpool collapsed just because a striker was sent off…if that were to have happened under AW, we would insist it wouldn’t happen to Klopp! Wow….Arsenal fans, lets rise and support the club regardless!

  18. arsenal#7

    the point is that if you support a club you want that to RESPECT the fans as they are your paying customers.
    Wenger has long enough disrespected the fans and in a larger sense they players and game itself.
    One thing all managers have in common is their self interest. BUT that has to align with the test interest of the TEAM and if the club is successful then so be it. In Wenger’s case that has not been the case for a while and the myopic vision of winning a game or an occasional FA Cup and thinking that is ok has to come to an end. The article highlights very well the way Wenger has morphed the club into his “possession”

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