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How Arsenal attack will look for Hull and Barcelona?

After Danny Welbeck enjoyed a dream return to the Arsenal team with a goal after less than 10 minutes and an absolutely crucial and well taken goal as well, I have been seeing various reports suggesting that the England international is set to be rewarded for his role as super sub against Leicester with a first start of the season against Hull on Sunday.

The Evening Standard goes even further and talks about the changes to the Arsenal starting XI as though they have been granted special knowledge from Arsene Wenger himself.

Along with Welbeck, the paper says that Wenger will hand FA cup starts to Theo Walcott, Mohamed Elneny, Mathieu Flamini, Calum Chambers, Kieran Gibbs and David Ospina but I am not so sure, especially about the shape of our attack. The report claims that Danny is set to start in place of Giroud with Wenger saving the Frenchman for Barcelona but would it not make more sense the other way around.

Against Hull we are going to dominate the ball and have a deep defence to break down and this is where Giroud’s strength, aerial ability and link up play come into their own. Against Barca it will be Arsenal defending for our lives and hoping to hit them on the counter attack which is where the pace of Welbeck and Walcott could be crucial.

I do think that Wenger will save Alexis Sanchez to face his former club and with those three up front and Ozil to feed them we have a chance. Against Hull I can see Arsenal starting with Campbell and the Ox on either side of Giroud and with Alex Iwobi in the number 10 role. That would give us some pace but also good technical ability mixed with power.

Is this how you would line Arsenal up for these two matches?

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14 thoughts on “How Arsenal attack will look for Hull and Barcelona?

  1. Iffybright

    I will prefer to see Wellbeck, ox and sanchez starts as d attacking trio against barca because of their pace, and their ability to beat a man with ease unlike Walcot… I hope Gabriel will recover in time to face barcelona, Arsenal wont escape barcelona onslaught if mertesacker should start.

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    1. Goonsquad8

      I don’t understand this I really don’t why do people keep saying this about per? There is not another defender in world football who Id want when we are pinned back in our own 18 yard box. Besides terry, mertesacker is the best defender in the world when we have to play deep NOTHING gets by him he’s a wall. If bellerin keeps his shape and coquelin/Ramsey cover the vacated spaces on the wing when bellerin pushes up or gets beat, then Mert can stay disciplined and position himself to clear anything that comes his way

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      1. don99

        Heheheh, Mert is the best? let’s see how best he is against Messi, or Neymar, or Suarez. Mert is super slow, best for may be standing, but against dribblers and fast attackers, we need Gabriel.

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      2. almostawinner

        “nothing gets by him he’s a wall”: i remember him flinching on when in a wall and literally allowing the ball to go right thru.

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      3. mkgooner

        I agree about the BFG.
        VS HULL:
        Ospina (keep him happy and fresh, Cech could get injured)
        Chambers Gabriel BFG Gibbs
        Flamini Elneny
        Ox Jeff. Iwobi
        Vs Barca
        Bellerin. BFG Kos Nacho
        Ramsey Coquelin
        Theo Özil Sanchez

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    2. GoonerLad

      Seriously ? Ox ? Have you not seen the amount of mistakes he makes ?? One bad pass and MSN will cut through our defence.

      Strongest team :

      Sanchez Ozil Walcott
      Coquelin Ramsey
      Monreal Kos Mert Bellerin

      Say what you want but Mert/Kosc partnership was the one of the mains reasons we won most points in England in 2015 and they were also the main reason we kept a clean sheet against Bayern at home.

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      1. GoonerLad

        I added Welbeck because he’s a big game player, knows we need to win against Leicester and he scored, he also scored against United and scored against Madrid for United.

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        1. almostawinner

          ox gave away the ball again versus leicester. also doesnt take shots and instead passes the buck. he needs to work on his confidence (long term ,i believe in him) but not versus barca.

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        2. almostawinner

          sanchez,ozil,walcott [ox too raw]
          hull: (this is actually not a bad team)
          elneny [told to take plenty of shots fr outside box]
          [maybe ox at cam, and iwobi on LW? who’s our cam backup?]
          who’s our RW backup?

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    3. muda

      But Walcott is faster and more clinical.
      As for per it won’t be as bad as you think since we are to defend deep, he’s actually good in such a situation.

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  2. arsenalkid1970

    Put the best team out at the weekend as this is the only thing we can win. Get the players to play to hit some form. Midweek game could be bad game coz I don’t see anyone in the world winning against that team. And Peter should be in gole all the time as its not like he needs a rest

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