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How Arsenal can beat Everton

Three keys to Arsenal getting all three points against Everton by SE

Wenger’s men travel to Goodison Park on the second weekend of the 2014/15 Premier League season, as they plot revenge for that 3-0 reverse they suffered in April. However, if they are to reign supreme at the end of 90 minutes – and pull off a potential six-pointer – here are the three key aspects they need to concentrate on:

Don’t concede an early goal
Being an away side, it is academic that you need to be a little circumspect and not fall behind the 8-ball early on in the game. Conceding early goals can raise the pressure on you even more, and Arsenal wouldn’t want to make it cumbersome for themselves by chasing the game.
Keep it tight at the back, and defend well for the 90 minutes. Big games are not won by outscoring your opponents; its diligent defending that will do it for you.

Crystal Palace game last weekend was a classic example of how Arsenal got frustrated, over time, and the effect it had on their, otherwise, slick passing and incisive movement.

The Gunners need to show big match temperament, and just wait for a sniff or two. Everton, having relinquished their 1-goal lead twice during their draw against Leicester, looked a bit shaky defensively, and Arsenal need to wait for their moment of magic.

Play Campbell or Chamberlain on the wings and Sanchez as No.9
Surely Wenger needs to introspect himself, and assess what Giroud is rendering Arsenal. The French striker has looked woefully out of touch, and Arsenal aren’t benefitting from his profligacy. And, by playing Sanchez as No.9, Wenger doesn’t tinker with his system or style of play one bit. It’s just about filling different areas of the pitch with different personnel. Campbell and Chamberlain are due for their opportunities, and let’s get it straight: non-performances don’t warrant a regular starting berth.

I wouldn’t play Sanogo, either, instead of Giroud. Everton will not make it easy for Arsenal’s strikers, irrespective of who leads the line, and you want the industry of Sanchez to pose some questions for that Everton backline.

Final thought
Arsenal are a great price of 13/8 to win this game and could be the first money-maker for Arsenal fans this season. Before you place a bet though check out to see all the best betting apps reviewed. You must have your fingers crossed that Wenger would have learnt from last season’s failures, and just puts the aforementioned aspects in his players’ ears.

Defend, be patient, and play Sanchez up top!


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57 thoughts on “How Arsenal can beat Everton

  1. arsenalman365

    Arsene Wenger should take your advice because you have way more tactical knowledge. There is no point because Arsene Wenger said that he learned to ignore social media and people on the internet in Japan. Funny how Arsenal were gonna challenge for the title after winning our second trophy in weeks and Giroud were underrated then a draw against Besiktas later we hold no hope, Wenger is clueless, Giroud is the worst striker ever, Arsenal had 6 strikers (Giroud, Alexis, Sanogo, Walcott, Podolski, Campbell) and overnight 4 of them disappeared and Giroud and Sanogo were our only strikers. After 4 goals in a friendly people wanted him to start against Palace and suddenly Wengers a joke for fielding him. Support the team, best summer in year and some supporters make me wanna smh.

    1. Kataza Markleon

      @arsenalman 365, calm down mate, in Arsene we trust. I bet he’s got a plan. We once got frustrated of a certain Morrocan in the names of Chamackh and he finally got benched him for vanpersie.

    2. Nawras

      Lol you are talking like SE is the guy who won us the golden premier league.
      Giroud isn’t useless, he made over 30 contributions last season, including the fantastic assist in the FA CUP.
      Giroud is still not match fit and isn’t sharp, yet you and some others keep blaming him for mistakes that OTHER PLAYERS commit. Why not blame SANCHEZ for not scoring the chances he had? If Giroud took these shots you guys would go and murder him. Sometimes you have to look at the big picture and, instead of blaming, start supporting your team..
      Yes, he has made some mistakes. But you guys are seriously mad. The lad isn’t fit, the season started one week ago. And as they say, judge in May.


      1. TheRealYusuf.H

        What are you even talking about giroud not being sharp
        This is giroud at his sharpest. When has he ever created a goal out of nothing in a premier league match. When has he really shone like a real striker and scored a hat trick and single handedly deatroyed a team. Giroud is not the striker we neeed. He is to sluggish, peter crouch has more technical skill.

            1. jonestown1

              I read that and was firstly depressed you could not be bothered to spell the names of 3 of strikers correctly and then I realised there was a bigger problem – I didn’t have the first clue as to what you are talking about. Absolute gibberish – I’ll be kind and imagine you are pissed.

              1. Ks-Gunner

                If you are used to listen to likes of Santi and other you should pretty much understand this dude. Long story short, he is saying that Giroud is an untalented Donkey who belongs in the French second Division, and that Peter Crouch could beat him in a fair fight.

      2. th14

        What chances did sanchez not score?
        And were 2 weeks into the season and hes had alot of training sessions and has about 200mins of football under his belt. At this stage regardless if hes not 100% there is no way we should be seeing performances like tuesday.

      3. chenrob2

        It’s high time we stop making excuses about Giroud not being match fit. Giroud played high intensity games at the world cup, played 45 minutes at the emirates cup and against Palace, he also played 90 minutes in Turkey and I’m sorry but he looked listless in all the games, if match fitness was a legitimate excuse there should have been a gradual improvement from game to game, but there haven’t been any improvement. Don’t get me wrong I like Giroud and by no means think he’s useless, but again we are suffering form a hint of naivety by thinking that we are sufficient upfront with Giroud and Sanogo.

        1. josh37

          or his assist to Ramsey vs dortmund, or his massive part in both our goals vs napoli, or as far back as a week ago when he helped set up the eventual winner vs Palace…


      Sanogo is a prospect all fans should understand that how had can that be ,his the 4th striker sanchez the 1st walcot the third the question is now who will be the second striker remember we only real need 3 strikes which is why walcot and sanchez as winger strikers makes the 4 strikes happy imaging if we only had 3 stikers all good un of the winger strikes of coz two of the wonnt be happy. why I left out Giroud and poldosky is because of the following reasons it all depend on cambel,sanogo,sanchez and walcot seasons really weather we need to release and buy a strike or just release /that and buy a left winger strike or giroud and poldosky show they worth coz in france giroud looked the part a also thought and poldosky was an immediate solution to the loss of RVP. BUT like most of us I know 2015-16 we will here the end it .MAYbe this site like every gooner site will not be as interesting for show .go to other site of opposition all you here is yes this the best from comment one to 400 if its big game or 1-5 weather its big game or not if they lose its yes still best team or they just say sack the manager and al a in one a code its boring arrhh

      1. jonestown1

        I read that and was firstly depressed you could not be bothered to spell the names of 3 of strikers correctly and then I realised there was a bigger problem – I didn’t have the first clue as to what you are talking about. Absolute gibberish – I’ll be kind and imagine you are pissed.

    4. th14

      No 1 thought we needed a ST until we saw giroud and sanogo both start ahead of sanchez as a ST.
      If sanchez is our first choice ST then fine but there is no way we can go into another season with giroud as our first choice striker.

      1. chenrob2

        I agree. I’ve been a Giroud defender for two years and still think he offers a lot, but after watching the three games he has played I’m very worried that our season will yet again be hinged on Giroud and sanogo to get the goals, they may well get those goals but from what I have seen so far something else is needed upfront.

  2. davidnz

    The way to beat Everton?
    May be if we score more
    goals than Everton.
    Crazy idea but worth a try 🙂

        1. Twig

          What would make the scoreline even more special is that it would be Giroud’s first ever hattrick for the gunners 😉

          1. vijaygunner

            forget giroud the last time an arsenal player scored a hattrick was walcott (arsenal vs newcastle 2012 dec)…

  3. Twig

    The only significant shift for this game is likely to be Sanogo for Giroud. Otherwise, expect an unchanged Arsenal.


    when in every match the keeper of the opposition is as calm as szczesny/neun when GIROUD is playing and they defence is calm to it says a lot about the striker as a first choose .

  5. jaws09

    Playing Alexis as our striker with Ox & Joel on the wings means we lose that height from set pieces. Wenger would need to play Chambers as our Dm and Kos & Mert at the back to help us during set pieces.

    Makes sense to try Chambers in this position today seeing as Arteta is out injured

    1. jonestown1

      I am dying to be proved wrong – but I worry for JC. Seems many have the hots for him and are pinning a shit load of hope and expectation on the guy. The sooner he gets a couple of games the better then we can lower the hype-levels – he is a bright, tidy player and has a good attitude but the evidence for him being a game changer or new saviour is patchy at best.

  6. cardo87

    Looking like Podolski could be off, Juve favourites. The only way I’d be happy with this is if it’s part of a Pogba deal. If not I’d much rather keep him.

  7. nikkogunners

    Been wondering about this too. in my case i also hoped Wenger can tinker with the side alittle bit and i was proposing a system.

    here is what i was looking at: Szczseny in goal . My four man defence is Debutchy, Martesacker, Konsienly and Flamini (Yes Flamini in the LB position instead of Monreal who had a nightmare outing against Lukaku last season) Middle, Chabers as DFM, Ox as AM and Ramsey as second striker operating from the advanced midfiled position, Sanchez is my RFW, Campbell in the LFW and Giroud/ Sanogo in the center to form a 3 forward unit… i would predict 2-0 for gunners with such a line up

  8. mike1977

    Today’s game will be totally different to the Palace game. Everton love to attack under Martinez thus giving us a huge advantage should Wenger deploy pacey players to catch them on the counter. With Ox and Campbell in the starting 11 i can see us winning 2-0 or 2-1. Still be a tough match though.

  9. SirKnight

    A lot of people calling for Campbell to start, I am too. He needs to start a game and now is the perfect time to do it…

  10. Ks-Gunner

    We need to play as smart as possible. The times Arsenal played also for the eye are long over. Arsenal needs to stay focused during the whole match as the last year has shown that Everton are pretty equal to us.

  11. Afrigooner

    This could be our strongest line up (today):

    Szczseny in goal..
    Debuchy Chambers Koscienly Monreal
    jack will Aaron Ramsey
    Oxlade Santi Carzola Ozil

    1. muffdiver

      jack who? come here and say that!! an wheres the ox!!

      popeye’s reaching for his spinach right about now

    2. th14

      Jack as our dm is not a strong line up. We all know he sits on the bench stop trying to force him into the team.

  12. deanolovesafc

    I personally can’t see any more big signings until we confirm our CL status,Manolas may come before then but any big names like Khedira,Carvallho will not come until it’s done.
    As for the Cavani rumour I can see it happening but not involving Giroud as far as I understand he’s now cup tied in the CL so PSG would not want him now,Khedira looks a done deal just waiting for the CL confirmation then we will get him,Maureen believes a deal is already in place so isn’t bothering to try after speaking to the player,Real have even dropped the asking price so we can pay him the wages he wants just to get rid of him

  13. mike1977

    If Wenger is serious about getting Cavani then why not offer both Giroud and Podolski in the deal. It doesn’t look as though Podolski will get any sufficient game time this season so it makes sense to try our hand at this at least.

  14. deanolovesafc

    Not sure if PSG need Poldi plus it looks like we can get £12-14M for him not bad business for his age,I understand the Giroud link but if he’s CL cup tied can’t see PSG wanting him either,all will be clearer this time next week,I would prefer Carvallho over Khedira just because of age and wage,he can also play CB so is more versatile as well,Reus maybe Poldis replacement (mouth watering ) and Manolas for CB cover

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