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How Arsenal can find consistency lacking in past?

We all know that Arsenal can produce football of the highest order, just as we did in the rout of our previous tormentors Chelsea in the Premier League on Saturday. At times the Gunners under Arsene Wenger have been about as good as you can get, but the problem is that those times have not been consistent enough.

Just look at season for an example, when poor performances and bad results like the home defeat by Olympiacos in the Champions League cropped up in between the Premier League thrashing of Leicester City (5-2) and Manchester United (3-0).

As well as some fantastic games and results, Arsenal managed to drop points against the likes of Sunderland, Swansea, Stoke, Crystal Palace and West Brom and we paid the heaviest possible price for that inconsistency, as the more consistent but less talented Leicester City swooped in and took the Premier League trophy.

So can Arsenal find the consistency we need this time? And if so, how? Well I think a lot of it comes down to focus, attitude and concentration plus not allowing our old enemy complacency to creep in. This is as much the responsibility of the players as of Arsene Wenger and the coaching staff.

It is simple really, if they want to win they have to put in the effort in every game rather than just some of them. Another way I think we can be consistent is for the manager to learn from Leicester and try to keep the same team on the pitch as much as possible.

Arsenal have the ability but can we show it on a consistent enough basis?


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10 thoughts on “How Arsenal can find consistency lacking in past?

  1. Budd

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      1. Budd

        That may be, but I’d rather come with an argument instead of calling names. You know, like any intelligent form of life would do. If you are one, that is. If not, my apologies. Thought I was addressing one.

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        1. Wilshegz

          Coq is out for just 2weeks and even if he wasn’t, Xhaka is obviously better than him.

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  2. HA559

    Elneny and Xhaka provide the same balance as Coquelin and Cazorla just in a different way.

    1-3, 1 being most attacking and 3 being most defensive, 2 being half and half.
    Cazorla – 1
    Xhaka – 2
    Elneny – 2
    Coquelin – 3

    Xhaka and Elneny are not true DMF but if you pair them together they can still patrol the defensive the midfield even if required to play deep areas. Elneny has high short pass accuracy and Xhaka has great long throughball, so we will still create chances.

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    1. Budd

      Funny thing is that by looking at the stats, Coquelin is the one covering the most ground. What does that make him? Only B2Bs have such stats. Ramsey used to nave the same numbers before. Elneny is Ramsey equivalent today. Runs his lungs out but unlike Ramsey he’s not entering tough tackles. There’s work to be done for him here.
      Cazorla is a special case this year. Already dropping deeper than before but not fast enough to come back like Coquelin. Unless Wenger comes with a solution to this I will still be worried about Coquelin’s injury. Hope is not anywhere near by the 10 weeks suggested in the media. Not sure how they have it anyway as the scan results supposed to be today.

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    2. Wilshegz

      in the few games prior to Chelsea game (Hull,PSG) Coquelin much to my dislike operated higher up the pitch and left the defence xposed.
      Xhaka is a whole lot more reserved and even the goals he scored are from his DM-role.
      he is also a way better Passer and better technically.

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  3. kamn288

    I still feel that cazorla is not offering anything and was just passenger in the squad. In the 2nd half players were far more attacking and the 2 central players no where to be seen. Arsenal need to hope that Coquelin returns so that Cazorla can leave the place.

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    1. Wilshegz

      you for real now? im sure you are one of those Ramsey fans… Cazorla is the most important player in Arsenal’s midfield. last season when he was injured our title challenge literally got injured too.
      he is the engine room, what u saying is like saying u never saw what Gundogan does or what Xavi did for Barca/Spain.

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