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How Arsenal is making Giroud a top class striker

There was optimism and some concern when Arsene Wenger made Olivier Giroud his second Arsenal transfer of the summer. The big Frenchman had fired Montpellier to the French title and top scored in the league, but the Gunners did not have a great recent history with strikers from Ligue 1, as Marouane Chamakh and Gervinho had both scored well in France then struggled at the Emirates.

Giroud did get off to a slow start, taking time to adapt to the English Premier league and getting over his nerves. He was playing well but missing chances, but then started to find the net and his performances steadily improved as well. In 2013, his form has been much better again and his finishing is markedly improved. The striker has been speaking about how being at Arsenal is helping him improve, and he is confident that this will continue.

“It’s all going to plan, but I know I can do better. I have room to improve, which means I can be more ambitious.

“I have matured in my mind. I have also learnt a lot, in particular with my back to goal. I control the ball more when I receive it and I read the situation.

“I am fortunate to have a coach who I can talk to and share things with. Recently we made a video and he talked me through how I can improve. On the pitch we know what we are doing. There is a trust and communication between us.”

I wonder if the presence of Thierry Henry might have helped as well. The former Gunner was training with the players, and Theo Walcott has already revealed that he had a long and very fruitful talk with Henry which has helped his game. Giroud could also have been given some tips by the master. His scoring has certainly gone up a gear since Henry came to London.

Giroud now has the belief that he can star in the Premier league, which will give him the confidence to start firing more for his country. With just two international goals for France so far, Giroud will be hoping to start and score in the friendly against Germany tonight.

“As a striker you can’t doubt yourself. In a career you will have periods of scarcity. You must be positive constantly, and I’m like that. Here it’s a requirement at a very high level.

“When you have an opportunity you must take it. When it’s not easy you have to look ahead and demand more from yourself. That’s just my motto.”

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33 thoughts on “How Arsenal is making Giroud a top class striker

  1. Walter

    Judging on the amount of goals and assist so far this season he has surpassed most of our previous prolific strikers on their debut season. Well Done to him and we hope he builds and become stronger better and fire in more GOALS for Gunners. COYG

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  2. danny

    14 goals, 11 assists! That’s 25 goals contributed.I would gladly take this ‘flop’ any day.Plus he seems to have found an understanding with Theo, Lukas and Santi as they are amongst the league’s top scorers and assists.

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  3. mighty

    He will be top class in the future I trust arsenal for that make average players to top class,(allez giroud)and also I agree with s gerad for is comment about jack he will be better and better with time infact is better than lampard gerad p schols even Gaza I love jack somuch he make me proud to be a goonner.

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  4. KickuPtheArsene

    Always said Giroud is quality. Goals are the fruit of hard work and improvement – both of which Giroud is exhibiting. Unlike Chamakh & Gervihno, Giroud is the real deal.
    Also, Walcott has shown great improvement, and he is still young. Another couple of years and he will be freakin lethal anywhere on the pitch. I am pleased Arsenal had the sanity of mind to make sure we kept the lad. I still think we could use one more weapon up front tho. But maybe we already have him – Podolski. Maybe he just needs to find his rhythm. As far as Gervihno goes, I never feel confident when he has the ball. I feel we should cut our losses early with him and look for someone else to fill his shoes on the pitch.
    Bit Giroud will become a force I think (hope). But this is football, a lot can happen between potential and the finished product. One thing we do know – Wenger is a master at turning potential into the end product ….. And then we sell them to ManUre or $h!tyy or Barca. 🙁

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  5. Kjacko

    One think I like about Giroud is his persistence.

    We all know he has missed quite alot of glorious chances and he always shows alot of frustration, but he always picks himself back up and gets another chance and hopefully bury it.

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  6. Theosrightleg

    @Kjacko Agree 100% regarding Giroud but lets not forget all our forwards (barring maybe Poldi) have missed screamers this season. Santi missed one against Stoke at the weekend, I know Walcott has too. Giroud’s persistence and self belief are exactly what we need to see out of more of our players.

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  7. mohawk35

    Wenger doesn’t get them all right – but it sure looks like he got this one right – Giroud will be a great asset to the club.

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  8. bozekie

    Put the ball in the box you would not regret, he is a big strong striker. i like it when he is on air,untouchable. once a gunner always a gunner

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  9. Farid

    naaaaa na naaaaaaa na naaaaaaaaanananaa naaanananaaaaaaaaaa

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  10. andy bishop

    Top class strikers anticipate…. Giroud is still reacting. He is still to do it against the top clubs but is improving

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  11. tobi

    One thing i know is that Giroud will be great at arsenal. I dont think fans realise that yet but the team will be built around him.Walcot will be better playing on the wing with OG12 in the box.OG12 will be the giant 9 in England in the years to come and he will score goals that will lead us to victories…The whole team right now needs DETERMINATION and BELIEVE.Never let opposition teams put you on backheel . Arsenal glory days fast approaching.Check the youth squad too

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  12. mudah

    Last season it was weda RVP score or nobody score, but now its who scores? Theo, giroud, poldi, santi, or who scores, see the difference??

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  13. Mateega

    We need to give time to new players so that they get familliar with the premier style atleast for 1.5 seasons. Transformation requires patience.

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  14. sunny

    Giroud is very good. But we have to keep in mind that at Arsenal, as a striker you will get pleanty of scoring opportunities.
    He just needs to take all of them to become world class.
    There are still a lot of areas where he can improve. I like to see him score more goals with his Head on top of what he has done with his left foot and the he can work on his right foot like RVP developed while at Arsenal.
    Same goes with Walcott. If walcott beocmes stronger with his right foot and also aerially, the we will have the most dangerous attack in the world and these two can score goals for Fun with assist from the likes of wilshare, cazorla nd Podolski.
    Credit goes to Wenger but once gain he left us just behind by not adding world class in Defence.

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  15. Big Gun

    I’ll admit I was very skeptical about him, but he has shown fairly quick signs of fitting in. The thing I like about him the most is his aerial ability, it adds so much more to our attack. Let’s see how he goes against the bigger clubs now that he is settling in.

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  16. Pedro

    Giroud is gelling really well with the MF’s as pointed out above. Add to that the work ethic he exhibits, be it tracking back when the opposition is trying to break or defendig set pieces. One can very easily see that the guy wants to win any duel he is involved in. That’s the sort of attitude that needs to be instilled in some of the dead wood. Hoping he is the massacre in chief for the team from Munchen!

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  17. landmind111

    I’m looking forward to see how he finishes the season, and plays next season, I think he could do damage.

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  18. tamerAFC

    jus reading a article on giroud talking about van persie and everyone getting mad coz they think he was saying hes better than him and it shows how twisted the media is, he was merely comparing himself and probably had no real intention in what he said just a comment that get over blown, but i think he has more to his game than van persie so we’ll see, it will take him some time to get to that point of confidence in the this league coz is only been 6 months, van persie took 8 seasons took get to where he is, being a bit disappointing for the first 6 due to injury and temper but giroud has just started in the prem and is doing well so we’ll properly compare in a few season but i can see giroud being a goal machine just check his season stats for the last couple years, every season he scores more and more. and i see him trying a few bycicle kicks lol

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  19. vishal

    Giroud gives arsenal that extra determination like wilshere. I believe with one good defender next season is ours!!

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  20. Neil

    He can be our Drogba if he works hard enough.

    He has a great shot on him and I would like to see him try his luck from distance a bit more.

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  21. john

    i think with this lad we need to build a team around him so he gets most chanties and then buy 2 more strikers for our number 2 team kind of. we need to rest players and things like cup games we should have the kids out playing but for a few seasons no first team out with a few changes thats it until
    we win a cup or 2.
    its a few changes thats all and mr AW knows this as do most real arsenal supporters not the boys that call for his head all the time.

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  22. mark

    He’s done well, it’s only because we want more goals that everyone is so hard on him, but the stats don’t lie, he has been a really good signing, and will hopefully improve even more.

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  23. Gunner Down Under

    The problem with G is that this big improvment of late has only come against the weaker teams. He is still missing a lot of very good chances, and his record against the top teams is still not good. So lets not judge him until the end of the season, when we can assess how he went against the top teams too.

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  24. GUNMAN

    Remember when Drogba first came to the prem from League 1…he missed loads of chances and looked clumsy at times.

    Lets hope that Giroud will take a similar route and have the same effect on Arsenal as what Drog had on Chelski!

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  25. willy

    The boy has tremendous mental strength. To come to such a physical league and have to try and fill the boots of RVP, class act!

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