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How Arsenal sold a whole First Team in just three years (for £145 million!)

Arsene Wenger is always going on about how much he likes to build a team of youngsters into a Championship-winning side, but his five-year plan is continually dragged off the rails because all of our best players leave.

This has heightened now to the fact that he has sold a complete First XI of Arsenal Players in the last three years! This is by no means every player that has been sold, but they have all been crucial to the side at some point or other.

First of all in goal we have Manuel Almunia, who really should have left a little earlier, but as Arsenal don’t really buy keepers that position is redundant. He left for free after picking up £50,000 a week for doing nothing for 18 months…

In the back four we have lost the ex-captain William Gallas, Kolo Toure, Gael Clichy and Emmanuel Eboue for a combined price of £25 million. That line-up wouldn’t be much worse than the back four we have now….

The midfield was the biggest money-earner for the Arsenal Board, with the sales of Samir Nasri, Alex Song and Cesc Fabregas in the last 18 months, which has brought in a coooool £65 million. I wonder how many Arsenal fans would say we have replaced them with a better line-up right now? Wilshere, Arteta and Cazorla anyone?

For the two wingers and centre-forward on the sales list, we have been a little creative, but if Van Persie, Adebayor and Eduardo were all at their best it would certainly be a formidable line-up, don’t you think? Anyway they are not here any more, and Arsenal collected £55 million from their sales.

So, Arsene, how’s the team-building project going????


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77 thoughts on “How Arsenal sold a whole First Team in just three years (for £145 million!)

  1. Dave

    What’s the point of this article? How many times do we need to mention all these players that have departed. I’m sure everyone is aware by now.

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  2. Dave

    And also, all those players were supposed to be part of Arsene’s ‘2nd generation team’ (his first being the invincibles), however, they repaid him with greed and left for the money. This wasn’t how Arsene planned it.

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  3. k

    Now combine the teams:
    Van Persie

    Not bad right? Unfortunately this isn’t our first team and we actually have players like Gervinho and Ramsey getting games due to the board being greedy f*cking twats.

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  4. leo

    @jamaican gooner i will tell you all the money well most of it went to stan he recently bought a ranch for 80m the rest i believe went to gazdis for his vaccation

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  5. k

    Van Persie left and now he is top of the league with Man U
    Nasri left after being beaten 8-2 by Man U and went on to win the league
    Fabregas joined Barcelona
    Clichy and Toure won the Premier League title with Man City
    Eduardo left because he had a horrible injury and lost it
    Song left to join Barcelona

    Now tell me. Do you blame them?
    If you ask me they made the right move. Now you’re probably going to say “but if they stayed we would have a great team”. However, surely if we had any ambition we would have made sure to replace them with equally good players.

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  6. leo

    enough is enough it’s time to kick the greed out stan & gazdis has to go usmanov in now heard from AST members that there is 180m as cash reseves in bank wenger hasn’t been allowed to touch that greedy board

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  7. No more excuses

    If this happened at utd we’d be pissin ourselves laffin . Can anybody do the calculations to see how much money arsenal haemorrhages out every wk payin squid , santos , park and all the other players who get money for nuffin ? Well gazidas , hillwood , kronke and the great economics wenger – how is that good business or sustainable ? So we have had our team stripped …. But we are an advert for business ???? Really ???

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  8. Gunned

    This shows dat We The Fans deserves a big change.
    A change in SQUAD.
    A change in BOARD.
    A change in MANAGEMENT.
    And this change must happen soon rather than later.

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  9. Dave


    Yes, I agree that if the likes of Hill-Wood and Gazidis weren’t total twats at their jobs (notice how all these players started leaving after 2007 when Dein left, bar Vieira) we would have a far more ambitious club, and these players may have stayed. I also agreed that they made the right move but the bottom line is that they all wanted more money, excluding Fabregas who had a legitimate reason to leave, no matter how much they “wanted to win trophies”, it was down to the money.

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  10. leo

    and you can add theo walcott to that list as well If Theo was staying he’d have signed the contract by now. He’ll be in the shirt of another top 5 team by next season i don’t think it’s JUST about Theo not playing as a striker. He wants more money, it’s blatantly obvious

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  11. Segun

    Pointless article. We should be talking on how to improve our squad and new additions this January not players we’ve sold. pfft!

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  12. k

    If you was a footballer what would you choose?

    Playing for Arsenal and winning the imaginary 4th place trophy
    Playing for a more ambitious club, winning real trophies, and getting 3x the money

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  13. edward alaka

    I caught up with David Dein on a radio show in Nigeria yesterday, he promised wenger is definitely gonna buy big in january. He said he’s got the funds to acquire any player of his choice. I sensed he had always had the money but have been reluctant to spend just to justify his silly youth project but he’s been ordered to spend it this time. SPEND THE FRIGGIN QUID WENGER!

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  14. maka

    Most of those players mention are not as good asthose we have now. How can somebody compered gallas,toure,clichy&eboue with our current back four? Please people should to talk with clear mind. Don‘t put baias.

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  15. Gunners

    Ok we sold them off. The fault lies in replacing them with cheap, poorer quality players like gervinho, giroud and co. when we sold fabregas we shouldve gotmata but chelsea offered like 1 million more than we did and now look at chelsea he is their best player in my opinion.

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  16. leo

    “I was once fined £5000 for calling Tottenham fans wa*kers, best £5000 I ever spent” – Ian Wright lol legend

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  17. PaddyGooner

    According to one of the newspapers, (express i think) Arsenal’s wages last year were £143mill, £50mill more than Spurs. We pay enough in salaries, but not in the right ratio.

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  18. Sureli

    Yeah blame it on Wenger like he deposited the money into his account. You are blind to see that the board is the one that is selling the players. How in the world did Wenger kept all the players when Dean was here, and yet now he wants to sell all of them?

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    WHAT IS THE POINT? We all already know this same bullshit different day I say.we need something solid and that will not be coming as long as Kreonke is in charge ,I read today that Wenger backs the board 100% and that he is the one man stoping Usmanov getting a seat on the board. the change will come once the board and Wenger have gone.

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  20. k

    The problem is like PaddyGooner said.
    We are run in a communist like way, the board controls everything and everyone gets paid equally regardless of effort or contribution

    What we should be doing is allowing Wenger to have freedom to buy, if he doesn’t he gets fired. Then pay our actual good players a high wage and those who do nothing (Squid, Djourou, Chamakh, etc) get whatever is left over.

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  21. Twig

    I’m presently unsure if keeping my TV off on Monday night, would do my heart a world of good. My head says, ‘don’t bother, you can always watch the replays’. My heart says, ‘wenger can turn things around, go cheer the boys”.

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  22. gunner

    Never look at what you have lost. Always look at what is left with you.

    TODAY I AM SAD, when i saw united fans on tv with a t-shirt that had” WE DON*T NEED BATMAN WE GOT RVP” it is sad.

    for me we must forget the past and live in the includes, players that left, and the manager record in the past. He mustprove us he is capable of winning something and if he fails to do it this year. he is a legend but time to look for a better manager with ambition to win.

    what is that wenger is proud to play UEFA cup for 15 years in a raw. but he hasn’t won 1. he has been 16 years and won just 3 epl cups.


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  23. Dave


    You make a fair point mate. Obviously I’m going to choose the other teams. This wouldn’t be the case if H-W, Gazidis and Kroenke weren’t at the club. I feel that Wenger is blatantly being used as a scapegoat here for Gazidis’ contract negotiation failures and stan’s restrictions on funds as Wenger is too much of a genuine person to speak out and blame someone, so he just takes the heat.

    Let’s be honest here, stan does not give a s**t about the Gunners, he doesn’t even know the rules of football. In Arsenal, he sees an investment opportunity, he couldn’t care less if Arsenal don’t make top 4, I’d be surprised if he even knew what the Champions League was. He’s a businessman.

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  24. That Gunner

    Sell the club so we can get football lovers and ppl who really care,d rass a gwan? Bring back Dean mon..

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  25. green gunner

    @ k
    That starting 11 is dynamite. We would be challenging on all fronts with that squad. Makes me livid thinking how bad things have got.

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  26. erny


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  27. Graham

    For those of you that believe Arsene is at fault you are wrong. The man built a good team to replace the invincibles and possibly eclipse their achievement, unfortunately the shareholders decided to sell to asset stripping stan. The team of 2008 were good and were unfortunate not to win the league. If we had kept them together and added a few I am certain we would have won the league by now. Instead we have board members selling the club on the pretence of paying off the stadium debt.

    Arsene is hurting as much as we are. Unfortunately Stan is an infection that will not go away anytime soon. No antibiotics can eliminate him.

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  28. Gunman

    There are many good managers out there (my favorites are Guardiola, Klope, and De Boer) Do not forget that Arsenal won the league in 89 and 91, FA Cup and League Cup in 93 and Cup Winners Cup in 94 and the Cup Winners’ Cup final in 95 Wenger came to the club in 96. I am very fond of Wenger and grateful for the work he has done and especially from 1995-2006. But time is up now, sorry.

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  29. leo

    @dave,@graham,@erny,@sureli good to see some sensible fans who don’t go around blindly blaming wenger unlike @shahin & @gunnerineverylife they can’t see anyone beyond wenger wenger is made the scapegoat while the board hides behind him last season the board paid some fans to display anti-usmanov posters that’s how low the board would stoop

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  30. green gunner

    RVP just scored against Sunderland. No doubt utd will win today(and. possibly the league)

    F*** YOU BOARD. F*** YOU!!!!

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  31. leo

    & down goes sunderland hope they get relegated over rated manager martin o’neill everytime he has opened his moth he has crticised arsenal & arsene wenger & some idiots like piers morgan want this over rated trailer thrash manager to replace wenger at arsenal he is not even worthy enough to lace wenger’s boots let alone replace him

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    The board have been cashing in and dismantling our team since the invincibles starting with the sale of Viera and Henry….great players are replaced by poor quality players that we pay 50k per week to warm a bench or worse still to play for us….the damage to the Aresnal brand has been incalculable..,,thats why Arsenal got £150m sponsorship deal for the emirates and Man City got £400m… We are seen as a brand in decline …that means less sponsorship and less money to spend on players ….which in turn accelerates our decline…great business plan.

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  33. leo

    15m taht’s what martin o’neill paid for steven fletcher jerk & in 2007 river plate offered him falcao for 7m & this clown signed heskey lol

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  34. Steve

    Stan kroenke is only interested in the money. Usmanov is a billionaire so he just have to make a proper offer and silent Stan will sell his shares. And everybody is happy, with Dein given the full power.

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  35. leo

    Yep, feels like I’ve strained my vag*na, this keeps happening. Thanks for all your support I’ll be back soon.

    lol/lmfao/pmsl samir nasri on twitter after getting injured 2day during their match against newcastle

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    Gazidis and Kronke would sell their mothers and poket the money if they could…

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  37. usmaNOW

    Ahhhhh no match today….what a relaxing stress free saturday its turning out to be!

    KGB Mafia OUT!

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  38. jumper

    wait let january come and u can put walcott in place of eduardo that ll be a perfect lineup

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  39. Gooner

    In these 3 years Arsenal spend around 100 million. Plus Arsenal gets profit excluding transfers of about 40 million each year. That amounts to around 170 million. And still the board is talking about balancing the account. Where does this profit go?

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  40. Invincibles nice (1)

    What some people fail to realise or conveniently do, is that our youth policy is in fact set in place for us to make money, spend some time having very talented players to choose from, as opposed to buying twente five year olds who are good at best or maybe afford one worldy but not take in any money from sales.

    This plan was an integral part of our transition.
    I just think that our owners have gotten to comfortable (for lack of a better word) with the large sums of money coming in and expecting Arsene to start all over again.
    They (owners) have taken it a couple of steps to far as im sure the club was in a safe standing for a season or two now, they could so easily with the flick of a pen have repaid our faith/patience by holding on to some of our big names instead of selling every last one.

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  41. Invincibles nice (1)

    You say one thing but mean another

    You say you dont want to argue by starting one

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  42. Invincibles nice (1)


    Is it really four hundred mil, if true id say that etihad being the owners has everything to do with it.

    If i or anyone else i know owned a company wich i took my salary from, it would be the absolute maximum allotted.

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  43. Kinghenry

    Guys just red bout us getting 150mil sponsor and city getting 400mil would u like to no y? Bcoz eithad is owed by one of the sheiks family who paid 400mil so that when the financial fair play kicks in in 2015 they wil use that money as revenue so that they can buy big players stil!! For me wenger says he trusts the board.. Board say they back wenger money to spend blah blah blah.. If so.. The fans r hurting wenger is hurting.. Now and I mean January is the time to show it.. Alright giving wenger big money may b a big risk as he has spent a lot on deadwood u all no who I mean.. But remember guys he has got us in the champions league every year including last year with these deadwood.. So January we need to sell sell sell and replace them we proven players not young wiv potential.. Not so much in January but in the summer we need to build the team around whilshire cazorla ox and theo.. Boys we need to keep him!! Sign theo PLEASE.. I have a few suggestions in who we need sign.. LB Gibbs wil b a great left back for us but y has wenger not signed proven cover to compete wiv Gibbs to fight for that shirt.. I’m sorry guys but this is our I mean wiv our whole squad there is no competition for places the 1st team picks its self if those players play bad they don’t really care coz they no if they don’t play we’ll they stil get in the team!! And r told by father figure wenger don’t worry put it behind u remember we only wana get 4th.. It’s true boys open ur eyes!! Which equals lack of AMBITION!! So back to my players LB it has to b baines.. 15mil.. CD kos and mert should b our squard players like we have djouro and squid.. Them to have to go.. Keep verm 1st choice he ain’t playing great but he is buckling under the pressure of the capt armband.. Ppl say jack for captain but I don’t he not ready yet.. We defo need a new CB mayb this guy from Montpellier but mayb subotic as alternative.. DM is a big problem for us and I believe this to b our biggest concern.. We need muscle and height Diame is a good choice mayb mvilla.. Wenger also needs to decide how to play his front 5 bcoz at the moment it’s all over the place.. Who r our strikers and who r our wingers? Wingers I believe should b ox and theo right wing pod and ? Need to sign a winger arshavin gervinho Ramsey jus don’t make the grade would even have them as back up so sell them.. Would like to c zaha but if u go wiv him u gotta get someone else ppl say navas I no he has his homesick thing but surely cazorla would help him settle in last leaves CF I no Henry is comin which is great hopefully help wiv coaching and morale.. We need a big signin here ppl say huntelaar (not big enuf ) falcao (out of our league me thinks) llorente ( would take ages to settle in as giroud is finding.. I feel our best option is cavani he bin a little of the boil this season wot a signing he would b.. Yeh i no he would cost 30-35mil and prop 150-160k a week but if the board say we r financially secure go and prove it.. Give wenger and the fans the belief that u do care and let’s hope wenger can do wot he does best and get us out of this mess and challenging again!! G.T.I.D

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  44. saras

    our good money is spend on deadwoods and the injuries.. more money in means more profits for the board that means more problems for fans.. i hate our managment right now….

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  45. Gunner

    Keep up the good work – cant wait to get my daily dose of hatred tommorrow 😉

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  46. stephen187

    I would never want us to splash like man city but recently I saw an article that man citys commercial revenues have double in the last year…surely success is a better way of raising funds then selling players?

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  47. Darule

    Yes Arsenal only sells stars we now have a whole bunch of unwanted players on our wage list. Either they prove themselves so we can sell them soon and make a profit or you remain with Arsenal on a 60k weekly wage. AW is in the business of making and selling stars.

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  48. LoCkAy


    That is just extensively wrong and ridiculous and a total absurdity.


    The shareholders, the previous and current owners as well as Wenger ( he had a substantial increase in his wages ) and Gazidis made significant benefits and graciously filled their pocket, when we had to afford expensive seats for a pathetic spectacle.

    Thanks Wenger you can go… Take Gazidis and all the deluded fans and people who are still supporting your madness… WE HAD ENOUGH OF THE LIES AND FAKE EXCUSES.

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  49. LoCkAy

    There is no secret in business dealings when it comes to make significant and rewarding benefits.

    At Arsenal we make profit by erasing and destroying the core and the soul purpose of the entity.

    Yes, we have qualify for the CL several years in the row… Woopi f***king doo!!! WE NEVER WON IT !!!!

    What we’ve won is millions in CL participation and rounds…

    Where is the money gone???
    If we were reimbursing our stadium debt with it we would have finished and closed the payments long time ago…!!

    So again, WHERE IS THE MONEY GONE?????

    Wenger, apparently, will have a £50 to 70 millions pot only for January.

    We have heard the same song for more than 2 years now and Gazidis has even emphasised that he was tired and annoyed to always said the same thing.




    Useless Wenger, totally useless.

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  50. the king

    and the point is …..they all left and all won something in there first year after leaving us….and v perise is probs still the best playing in the league playing for united now…..the board just take us fans for mugs….8 years of exuses for years and years wenger said he was building a young team and look now he all those young playes left got sold… one can blame v perise or even walcott if he leaves now.

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  51. theo

    guy what you need to understand is that its nit our manager that needs to change its his philosphy that needs changing. arsene wenger needs to start spending. you guys are right 150 million will do us the job, we need to buy a world class striker like falcao pr cavani. giroud is shit, with him we wont get anywhere. we need a world class striker and defender and a defencsive midfielder. personally if wenger keaves we should get guardiola, however i do question his ability. he could overall be a calamity away from arsnenal becoming like liverpool. if anything arsene should be upstairs with the board whilst pep manages us. hopefully we can get back to our old ways, we just need to start spending. COYG and good luck

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  52. Petie

    Correct me if i’m wrong but i’ve noticed that since 2005 when i started taking note, Arsenal F.C have not announced a loss on yearly returns. Money has been made via high ticket sales, champions league qualification, player sales, sponsorship deals e.t.c. Now, the amount spent on players brought in or wage bills are nothing comparable to what has been made. Now her’s my opinion, i blame some section of stakeholders (fans and journalists) who take alot of crap from members of the board and wenger at press conferences. It really hurts to see “IN WENGER WE TRUST” during matches. Arsenal are not going through crisis due to “fate”…this is self inflicted. I’m not pointing fingers to any particular person but i’m saying that the problem is from within and fans (especially those in London) must begin to demand a change!!! Honestly, if i were in London, i probably may have gotten arrested cos i wouldn’t be able to keep my cool. That which was once the passion of many has suddenly become the family business of a few.

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  53. Chowdhury

    Wenger has to take some criticism as along with profit seeker board, if boards wants sell the good players in terms of money, Wenger should have stop them.

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  54. Bum

    I’d like to meet some of the haters on here. You guys must be super successful right? Or maybe not? You’re like ‘rich people eat caviar so why don’t I spend all my month’s wage on a bit of caviar and feed myself for a day’ right? Because Man C can spend and spend we should too right, and so should you. Lose your house, have your family leave you but at least you’d have had that caviar for one day

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  55. ken

    CharlieGeorge..please dont keep comparing the £400milion for shitty with £150million for Arsenal
    Shitty’s owner also spomsors the stadium and its a way hw can get round the ffp rules.
    Compare Arsenal to others in premier league and you will find that Gaz has done well (the only thing he has done well)
    Leo.. what are you going on about the ranch for You know Kronk and his wife are worth billions and please PROVE that the £80million came from Arsenal money..if not you are doing a diservice ti the good points you sometimes make

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  56. Arsenal1Again

    Pointless article since none of the sales were optional. Not one of them. Players wanted to move. Impossible to keep them at a club where they can decide not to contribute at all on a playing field. Others left on a free after milking the Arsenal cash cow, like Almunia.

    Arsenal cannot offer the wages given by Man city, Man United, Chelsea, Barcelona.

    I would be embarrassed if I needed this to be pointed out to me.

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  57. Johnno

    Nasri was only really good for a six month period. Before that he was solid but not like Csec. Csec is by far the best, most influential player we’ve lost, most so than RVP.

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  58. browndogg

    lets weaken ourselves whilst strengthening the competition, the already best team in the league……great business model you plonka’a!!! i wont even get started on the wage structure! makes you wonder how these turkeys got all their money in the first place!!

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  59. SadGunner

    There is only one way to bring a change…….Stay off from Emirates Stadium….When it becomes empty the board will change automatically………

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  60. Ricardo

    Scehczny will be worth a fair bit in 2 years time.
    We can make a killing off Gibbs as well ,as he is sort of in the England squad, Wilshere will be worth a mint if he can get through this season un-injured. Jenkins too. Who else, frimpong , coqulein etc.

    This youth training center we built is certainly paying off big time. We have so many good young players. We will make so much money from developing and selling young talent in the next few years. which is excellent if you are a businessmen.

    lets get real and face the facts. AFC melt down is no big surprise. The amount of money and effort spent on building the youth training center and player development, is a business strategy of a selling / feeder club. The writing has been on the wall for many years, and Wenger has done so well to get us this far.

    Our main objective each year is to make money , not to win silverware!!! So lets all just enjoy our shiny new stadium ,being in the top half of the table and wait until all the debts have been paid off. So the money from this youth project is re-invested into the club. Then we will be smiling 🙂

    Come on Wenger, there is only one thing left for you to do, which you havent done already. Win the Champions League this season , because we might not be in the competition next year !

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