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How Arsenal WILL beat Bayern Munich in Champions League

Arsenal, as usual, got about as much luck as a man who just invested all his money into Comet and Clinton cards when the draw for the Champions league was made. Not only were Bayern Munich finalists in last year’s competition, but they are storming the German Bundesliga this season, currently sitting nine points clear at the top of the table.

All is not lost, Gooners, because the nature of a cup competition means that anyone can beat anyone over two legs, provided that they adopt the right tactics and play their hearts out. There is no way that Chelsea are, or were, a better team than Barcelona but they rode their luck and put the favourites out last season.

Arsenal, and Arsene Wenger, need to do the same against Bayern Munich. Looking at the positives, they are not Barcelona and they do not have Messi and Iniesta in the side. Arsenal fans are the team’s worst critics, but nobody really relishes a game against us. When we are good, we can be very, very good. We must be on top form in the first leg to hold a lead going into the second leg.

If Arsenal can start the second leg in Munich with a lead, then Theo Walcott can get us through to the next round. Bayern will go for all out attack, their fans will demand it. That will leave space for a well executed pass and Walcott’s pace to tear them apart. The problem is, how to get that lead in the first leg.

Arsenal cannot be too adventurous. We must try to do a Barcelona and keep the ball. We have the players to control the game from midfield, and if we are patient we can frustrate the Germans and restrict their attacking play. For me, the key to the game could be Jack Wilshere. I still remember how he made Barcelona look like Accrington Stanley (who are they?) and he has the potential to be one of the best players ever.

With Jack fired up, Theo in the mood and the defence on their game, there is no reason why we cannot surprise the bookmakers and progress to the next round.

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54 thoughts on “How Arsenal WILL beat Bayern Munich in Champions League

  1. Arsenal till I die

    Calling all gooners to sing “Walcott Walcott Walcott Walcott, sign da ting sign da ting” when he scores this coming match.

    if arsenal bring their game like how they demolish Newcastle with a solid defending, arsenal will win for sure. COYG!

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  2. leo

    arsenal have offered theo the best possible deal around 85-90/week + his contract will be upgraded in 2 years time when our new commercial deals get’s in placed lfc have offered around 8-12m while chelski have offered us close to 15m arsenal wants to keep him it’s now down to theo his agents are the problem they know a move to chelski or city will get them good money

    at the end of the day theo must decide it’s all about the money

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  3. Dan

    ‘Looking at the positives, they are not Barcelona and they do not have Messi and Iniesta in the side. Arsenal fans are the team’s worst critics, but nobody really relishes a game against us. When we are good, we can be very, very good.’

    No Messi or Iniesta. No, they only have Ribery, Robben, Gomez, Schweinsteeiger, Lahm and Neuer.

    Secondly, the Germans will relish a game against us. Its in their mentality. Look at Podolski for example, the most hard-working Arsenal player I have seen this century. Make no mistake about it, they’ll be well up for beating an English team after the Chelsea incident.

    If we want to have any chance, Wenger has got to let Bouldy sort our defence out, QUICKLY!!!

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  4. Mr.B

    By this time Diaby and Rosicky may be for and playing well. Both are massive players when on form, especially in Europe. We may have other good additions to the squad also. As far as I remember we have a decent record against German teams and our game is well suited to European football, normally, we give a decent account of ourselves.

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  5. shahin

    FCB plays very f*king solid, well said though its a 2 leg completition and its not a league . So anyone can beat anyone. AFC FTW.

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  6. leo

    the biggest problem for arsenal is trying to get rid of the players that are not part of our plans like djorou reports in italy say that juventus has made an offer of 6m while napoli too have offered around 6-8m problem is that he is on high wage he doesn’t want to leave a loan move to hamburg looks likely damn we need to clear the squad before making more additons

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  7. arsenal-fanatic

    I wish we get a DM who settles in quickly but judging from the Newcastle game, I think if the boys play their hearts out nd Wenger gets his tactics ryt, nothing is impossible, they are a team made up of humans after all…

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  8. Ricardo

    Wow , Bayern look excellent on paper.
    Back four of Lahm , Dante , Boetang and Badstubber , that is pretty solid. That is 4 serious defenders right there. And the firepower , watch out, Kroos , Scheweinsteiger , Muller , Madzukic , Riberry , Robben. between them in their league they have 36 goals. On the bench they will have Mario Gomez and Claudio Pizzaro , potent.

    That is basically a dream team of non-spanish players.

    I think the writer of this article is correct , we will need alot of luck. bucket loads.

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  9. dboy

    Defenitely I would say start the away game with a 541 system with our speed and skill on counter we should kill them.

    Mert Kos
    Sagna. Verm. Gibbs

    Ox. Jack. Santi Poldi


    We can bring in Diaby for Santi in second half.
    Home game play our usual formation

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  10. Zery

    The result against Newcastle is great but we shouldn’t forget that we played middle table team which have been heavily depleted and unable to field 9 of its first team players.We shouldn’t also forget that our fresh team played and fatigued Newcastle team who played against the league leader two days back. I appreciate all the improvements but I also hate all this naivety that try to tell us that all Arsenal problems just evaporated over night. Yes we can win Bayer and CL but we need players who can defend, create chances and score in big games.

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  11. daniel

    Dan is right, but we also need to invest in january

    ————–Szczesny—————— (Mannone)
    sagna—–merte——–ver——gibbs—- (Kos/Jenkinson/New LB)
    —————New CDM—————- (Arteta/Cocquelin)
    ———-cazorla———-wilshere——- (Arteta/Ramsey/Rosicky/Ox)
    —-Ox——————–Podolski– (Walcott/Cazorla/Ros/Gervinho/New LW/Pod)
    —————-Walcott—————— (Giroud/Podolski)

    i like this new starting 11, it has lots of pace and allows us to bring in subs that can completely change the games feel. I like the idea of 4-4-2 to change things up too, Giroud for the ox moving cazorla to the right, with two CM, slightly staggered, and then podolski subbed for a traditional attacking winger with really good crossing/pace, then we would be dangerous on the cross and also with the through balls.

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  12. LP

    They are Germans ffs they relish a game against any team in the world let alone arsenal(not undermining my beloved arsenal but you have to accept that bayern AT THE MOMENT are a better team)

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  13. temigunga

    Arsenal fans,
    Before moving to Bayern, think of how best were Newcastle! We are used to big wins but Arsenal have been very inconsistent of the past 7 years or more! A good team can win single or two goals without welcoming defeat. Arsenal can score 10 in one match and lose 3 matches in a row. If Arsenal can manage to beat Man U, MC, Everton, Chelsea and Totenham (again). Then Arsenal can reach far in the champions league.

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  14. jjoonneessyy

    as well as walcott been doing i wud not play him up top against bayern boateng is quik and will do what figueroa done so id either play a 4-5-1 and play giroud upfront walcott on the wing whos pace will cause theyre lb a problem pack the midfield and restrict schweinsteiger etc then if we cut out the midfield we can try and stop them getting the ball to the wings to ribery and robben wiv the cm of bayern restricted our wing backs can marshall the wings out of play in the middle of our midfield 3 id either play cazorla wilshere arteta or if we gonna be a bit more sterner in there take arteta out and play coquelin n wilshere in holding position and cazorla plaing cam

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  15. Chris

    I’ve no doubt we will score a goal or two against bayern. But I am a worried man about us conceding goals. I think Gibbs will be a great player for years to come, but as like the other day against Newcastle, he has a mistake in him every now and then, which is very costly!
    He can’t afford to fall asleep with the likes of Ribery and robben! believe we may need someone to push him along, or bring in baines.

    Please just give Walcott what he wants…. Still only 23, and running rings around defenders with that added touch of quality now that we have been waiting for. He will only get better in that position too.
    Then we need a solid man mountain in the defensive midfield area, just to help solidify the weak goals we let in every now and then. Unless we play a high tempo pressure game, we need someone to break up the play more.
    I personally would love another striker to add to what we have, another option maybe to add competition for places.
    And I would like to see wenger go for lescott..!! Out and out defender. Keeps things simple, strong powerful and quick. Plus he scores goals from set pieces.

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  16. gunner jack

    let’s stop talkin noncess
    we won’t beat bayern, but we need to build out team, keep our players and buy some new (striker first)
    also squit, arshavin and fabianski out in summer, and there will be place for new striker and winger(Rio back)

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  17. sube

    Bayern are from another “league”. We will need a lot of luck if we are to beat them. Honestly, I do not expect us to get anything from the matches(I hope I am wrong). But, if Bayern turn up the heat, we could be in for a hiding. I just hope we do not concede. If we do not allow them to score, we have every chance to win. But, the problem is, at least for 2-3 years to come, we cannot “shut up shop” as they say.

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  18. Twig

    “then Theo Walcott can get us through to the next round”. Why Walcott in particular? Has he become a superhero all of a sudden? :/

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  19. io

    Sorry Arsenal fans but Bayern will go to next round, this year they must win this trophy!

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  20. geirge

    Just random comment, podolski has been accused of underperforming by some, but he has 9 goals and 7 assists in all competitions for us whilst playing out of postiton

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  21. georgegooner

    I’m confident, and have been since the draw, i really think we are going to beat bayern and not just by a goal over the two legs. Yes they are a very good team, but their only tactic is to attack, and if we can get Jack, Arteta and Santi on their game, not losing the ball and have Theo able to bring others into play like he did last night, im confident we can get a win by at least 2 goals and with the defense shored up, we shouldn’t concede

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  22. rawther

    bayern or arsenal can win this matches …but i bet on bayern …bayern is one of power house in this europe ..hehe

    if arsenal want to beat bayern ,dont do silly mistakes ..and watch for robben left foot ..nobody can stop him ,when he try some cut inside .. trough the ball …more dangerous when he does pass the ball so !!

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  23. jerry

    hi gooners sometimes when i read some articals i get annoyed coz some pretends to be gunners but critisize the club too much..die for ur team true gooners.! remember SANTA IS A GOONER!!

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  24. Nick

    Must do the business in the first game at Emirates. We can’t go into it the way we imploded against AC Milan last season & expect to come back when the second game is away at the Alianz. I still can’t fathom how Bayern lost the Chelsea in what was a home match.

    Breaking down their defense is key and not letting Kroos, Robben, Ribery & Muller stretch our back 4. Our back 4 play will lose the game if they aren’t disciplined and play too forward.

    Bayern are an excellent team and we’ve got our work cut out for us. I think we can do it with Theo, JW10, Giroud, Podolski & Santi all playing their best.

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  25. adamjersty

    i would start game with ak47 formation-kidnap robben ribery gomez neuer,

    it works ask gaddafi

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  26. benny

    its OK to assume that if our midfield are on top of the game we can win. but they have dangerous players on the counter atack, Robben, Mullet, Ribery and Gomez only needs one half chance and its a goal

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  27. YoungGun

    It’s too early to be saying we will win, let’s wait until the game that come before to see how our form is

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  28. Jarhusanthegunner

    I think Arsenal can win Bayern munchen if they use a really good formation that they do not know . Below is a squad that will definitely beat Bayern:

    Sagna Vermaelan Gibbs
    Arteta Wilshere
    Gervinho Cazorla O-Chamberlain
    Podolski Walcott
    If we sign new star players I’ll try to make a new squad

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  29. philthompsonsnose

    It’s all about momentum and luck over 2 legs
    If we are honest with ourselves.. realistically, Bayern will be too strong and create too many chances for our fragile defence..
    Gibbs needs urgent coaching if we are to stand any chance..
    His overall defending is his forward play..
    2 goaals were his fault.. saying that if we pushed Vermalen out left and played Mertesacker and Koscienly in CD we might have half a chance??
    We desperately need Diaby in Midfield as Arteta will not cope with Bayern Mid..
    At their place it will prob be 4-5-1 and hope for the counter attack..
    But, if we can keep it tight at the Emirates and sneak a 7-3 who knows……………………………..ha ha…

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  30. Neil Guravaya

    Honestly d crap that our very own supporters post makes me sick. Wen we play shit n lose , everyone is scrwaming fire wenger.wen we play shit n win, we say not gud enuf. Wen we fukn demolish sides …we still dam complaining. Wat do u want feom arsenal. Be a true fukn gooner n quit complaining. Man u concede goals almost every game, they play crap footie but still win. Do u hear their supporters complain like ours do. Judge each game as it comes. It doesnt matter if u win by 1 or 10 its the 3 points (or in this case) the win that counts. Look at our bloody side in paper…wat other player could actually bolstwr this squad? Another striker? Theos go 14 or so this season.giroud got 6 odd so does podolski n carzola. Do u fans want to be a team that relys on one striker to get u goals?. Which def mid can pass a ball n dictate play from mid like arteta can? Wen abou returns arteta will havw back up. We prob have the best left back in england , in gibbs, we only need cover for him. All we have to do is belive in this current crop n I can assure u …we can fuk the crap outta any team out there on any given day….bring on BAYERN….

    Gooner for life.

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  31. Bayern Fan

    I’m a Bayern fan and an Arsenal neutral. I think that, when it is a 2-leg cup competition, and the 6th FIFA-ranked team is playing the 2nd, it is going to be close, decided by form on the night and, possibly, individual errors. As some have said, Arsenal’s best chances seem to depend on a Walcott or Giroud counter – counter-attacking play, at any rate. Without meaning any disrespect to Arsenal, I would expect Bayern to have the majority of possession and attack constantly in both legs. Last season, several teams shut Bayern down like Chelsea did in the CL final. Against Bayer’s strengthened squad, those teams haven’t been able to do it this season; Bayern have scored in just about every game this season. I think it will be a great tie, played by two very entertaining teams, and should be far more interesting than any of Bayern’s group games.

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  32. philthompsonsnose

    I love the blind hypocrisy of some fans.
    They come on and slate genuine fans that want the best for our team and can genuinely see flaws in our side..
    If everyone was so blaise about the teams problems we would be passionless morons…
    I hate it when illiterate people come on here every so often and think they have the divine right to citicise other people’s comments..
    Everyone has an opinion…and remember that is all it ever will be..
    Our team is far from brilliant..we beat an average side and you expect us to believe that all is well??
    It is alot better than 4 weeks ago.. and if a player or 2 is added then we can start believing in our chances..
    I for one believe AW will get it right but if you understand football you can’t argue we are still short of a player here and there…

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  33. Neil Guravaya

    Slate genuine slate genuine fans? Genuine fans dont criticise every move or performance of their beloved club..they stick with them thru thick n thin. A genuine fan u will find in me, that travels , as a working clss man , from south africa to london twice a year to watch his beloved arsenal. I have evry right to my opininon, whether agreed with or not.
    Being critical of their performance and the players that don the jersey week in week out is not passion. If u read my thread u will find similarities in our opinion. I did mention that we need to bolster in certain areas of the squad. To make our good squada great one….
    U mention that we beat an average team and we shudnt gloat, but isnt our inability to put the average team to bed have cost us dearly in past seasons. Lets be honest here..we can match any team in world football that actually come to play football against arsenal. We struggle with sides that play directly against our victories against the average toon army and the less that aveage royals added to the away victory against wigan should be cheered and not jeered.these are the very games that cost us in the past. For the record…wen I posted I did not read ur post untill afterwards however it coincided with your comments. We have a common ground in terms of the club we support. We shud be sticking together and support our beloved arsenal shud not be taking swipes at each uda..bottom line.

    As for our chances against bayern..they do afterall play in an average league compared to the epl..just because they are running away beating average teams doesnt make them favourites against us in my books.afterall u saw wat we did to an average team yesterday 🙂

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  34. Invincibles nice (1)

    One thing in our favour is knowing the Germans, who will believe themselves far superior with an heir and an arrogance about them, they just cant help it, hopefully they didnt learn lesson from last seasons loss.

    We truly will need to be on the top of our game all throughout the park, our only chance will be a clean sheet and hopefully one or two goals in the home game. If they get any away goals we will have to win the game by atleast two goals, even then that may not be enough as those away goals are killers.

    Diaby may be available and in form, another bonus is he’ll be fresh. The break we got on boxing day should help a bit, they got two weeks off but a week off is better than none.

    I just hope that especially Wilshere doesnt pick up any knocks, which could easily happen as he’s not long back and certain teams will target him as they have done with Cazorla, right now without Diaby Wilshere is our best and only driving force from CM, Rosicky can be purposeful running from that area but not as consistant and has hardly played one game this season.

    I dont know much about this Bayern defence (except that Badstuber and Lahm are top players) so i couldnt say who i think are our best suited front lines, if we are on a winning run using the same players well then i think you should stick with them. Im not sure but i think our defenders will prob prefer playing against Gomez as opposed to raw pace, Gomez is good but hes no Drogba. Mandzukic is a tricky player and like other good Croatian players, has pinache. There wingers are the ones we must most neutralize, they create huge numbers of chances, possess abilities in scoring all sorts of goals. Schweinsteiger is a tipical German of old, very focused determined and holding all round attributes, we also have some very useful CMs.

    Really looking forward to the game, i werent suprised that they seemed confident and relaxed when we drew them, now i hope they rue the day. Hopefully Poldi and Sacker will have great to know knolledge on there lot which will come in very useful indeed.

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  35. Bayern Fan

    @ Invincibles

    Badstuber may have recovered from injury by then and, if so, is likely to play. He is not rated that highly among current Bayern defenders, however. Lahm is still considered world class, and will probably be RB. Alaba blossomed last season and has won Austrian player of the year for the past two years, and will probably be RB. Dante, signed from Gladbach in the summer, was unsurprisingly voted by Kicker magazine as the Bundesliga’s top central defender for 2012, ahead of Hummels. The other central defensive position would probably have been filled by Boateng, but he is suspended for two matches. Van Buyten is likely to fill that place – probably ahead of Badstuber. I rate Van Buyten quite highly, but he has made errors in big games at times, and probably must be considered as the weakest link in the chain. Behind them is Neuer who has saved 85% of on-target shots this season.

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  36. philthompsonsnose

    Bayern are top of their respective league whereas we are 5th currently 16 points of the top. 13 if we win our game in hand. Bayern are an efficient team tht do average tasks very compentently, rarely do they make mistakes and usually punish teams if they get a chance..
    Dortmund are 3rd or 4th and look what they did to Man City and Real Madrid.. so to call the German league average is way off the mark!!!!
    I agree that we should all get behind our team and support them irrespective of individual performances..I was merely pointing out inadequacies within certain individuals and that if when we play Bayern, we play like we did against Swansea, Wigan, newcastle etc we will be Murdered..
    This is why as a genuine AFC supporter I want to see Arsene strengthen the LB and maybe one or 2 other areas where we are clearly lacking and if we do we will have a genuine chance to compete and not look (at times) like a mediocre team!!!
    We do have a chance against Bayern, as machines sometimes breakdown..lady luck could be on our side like it was with Chelsea..who knows..
    One thing is for certain..when the game comes around..The Gunners will DEFINETELY be up for it which will make for an incredible atmosphere and one in which the hairs on the back of our necks will be on end for..!!!

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  37. Invincibles nice (1)

    @Bayern Fan, thanks for the info, after reading your views i believe i may have mistaking Badstuber for Hummels. Id wish yiz good luck with the game only i hope we trounce yiz, hope its a good game all the same.

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  38. 7-3 Yes¿

    Lads ive watched the majority of the Munchens games this season and tbh i can see them grabbing at least 1 away goal and at home they will dominate. THE KEY IS THE GAME AT THE EMIRATES WHICH I PREDICT TO BE 4-2 TO US AND AWAY I RECON IT WILL BE 2-1 Munchen thats if we have no injuries walcott and diaby starting or else if we are not prepared we could be up for a thrashing!

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  39. kman

    i think it would be good if mueller use the word “manageble” as we get motivated in a positive way there is one thing participating in EPL and bundesliga which
    is not related to the form in UCL.”Bayern put a sock in it”

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  40. Ricardo

    Do Arsenal know how to defend, what if we do take an early lead? can we shut them out? I dont think we know how to.

    Can you imagine if Wenger’s Arsenal decide to Park the bus ?? i kind of remember us trying to do that last year or so against Barca , we got owned.

    Forget defence, all out attack is the key.

    Wenger, buy 5 more strikers and 2 more Santi Cazorla’s , those that turn out to be dud’s we can always loan out !! Ala Bendtner.

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  41. Ganaz

    As usual Bob you are dreaming and few of your type of fans.
    We cant knock out the Bavarians with this squad if we dont add on positions.Dont forget that our winning run comes by defeating weaker sides.Newcastle having won six (6)points in their last 10games does not give us confidence of defeating Bayern.Wenger must bring in true striker who can score even in a match that no many chances created,Dm and versatile defender

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  42. s is the name

    let bould get the defence sorted.arsenal has being is being overlooked by arsenal,s tremendous attack.there was almost no man marking in the newcastle game.we seroiusly need to improve our defence.

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  43. donal de burca.

    yeah , i suppose after the wonderful newcastle result we will win the league and the champions league and the fa cup . this took a while to surface i must say , i thought one the gunners got a win everybody would have us down to do the treble , pathetic article as usual .

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  44. Arsenal1Again

    You speak like Arsenal needs luck to beat Bayern. Why? We have the team now that can beat anybody if they all collectively put the shift in, but they rarely make the effort. If they all do and we have no injuries, I would say Bayern are very much the under dog. This is before any players we buy before then.

    Podolski has hattrick written all over him and don’t doubt for a moment he has not pointed out weaknesses to Wenger. Our Wingers are better than Bayern’s, so are our full backs. Giroud scored more goals than any of their players last season and he’s finding his form (almost a hattrick in 15 minutes against Newcastle) and we have the trio of Arteta, Cazorla and Wilshere in the centre.

    Why do we need luck? Mertesacker knows Bayern very well too and their style plus Vermaelen can on his day cut out the attack of any team by himself.

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  45. dieroten

    “Our Wingers are better than Bayern’s, so are our full backs”
    Well said bro..
    About the full backs?
    Did you see cristiano got owned by lahm and alaba last year?

    About the winger?
    Well, when robben and ribery are in form, i could say they are the best compared to all wingers in all European leagues combined

    Arteta, Cazorla, and Wilshere?
    Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Martinez, combined with Robbery

    I, as a bayern fans, have a three advice for Wenger..1. DM, 2. DM, 3. DM
    If you look closely how our bayern ended treble runners up last season, you will realize the importance of versatile DM and the reason we bought Martinez for 40M pounds


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