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How Fabregas could HELP Arsenal to keep Bellerin!!

The Arsenal and Spain international Hector Bellerin turned 20-years old 10 days ago and as well as celebrating that event, the young Gunners has plenty of reasons to be happy about the season so far. The right back has grabbed his chance of impressing in the first team after the shoulder injury picked up by Mathieu Debuchy and his performances have garnered widespread admiration.

So much so that he was called up to the Spain under 21 squad during this international break having already earned 20 caps at other age levels for his country. But as much as all this is good for Bellerin and well earned, it has also reminded his boyhood club Barcelona, where he spent eight years in the youth system, of his ability and with the departure of their Brazilian defender Dani Alves on the cards, Bellerin´s name has started to be mentioned as a possible replacement.

A report in The Mirror shows that Bellerin has no regrets about coming to Arsenal, as he feels that he may not have got the opportunity to play and progress had he stayed. And he seems to love playing in England as well, but you never know what might happen if Barca do come calling.

Arsene Wenger declared a few weeks ago that he would be offering the Spaniard a new long term contract and it will be a big relief if he signs it before the summer. This is where Cesc Fabregas comes into it, because Arsene Wenger should use hi9m as an example and suggest to Bellerin that he would be better off playing and being appreciated by the Arsenal fans than sitting on the bench and getting jeered by the Barca fans.

What more reason could Bellerin have for signing a new Arsenal contract?

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16 thoughts on “How Fabregas could HELP Arsenal to keep Bellerin!!

  1. Mick The Gooner

    No think Bellerin is a really good prospect. He still makes a lot of mistakes, but you expect that from someone as young and inexperienced as him. He’s very good going forward and isn’t bad defensively. I’d like to see his defending improve a bit, but he’s got the look of a really good player.

    Debuchy is our first choice of course, when he’s fit. I like Hector as our second choice, but then what happens with Jenkinson and Chambers? How we’ve ended up with four right backs when the rest of our defence was skint I don’t know..

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    1. Goonsquad8

      My suggestion is to loan jenkinson for another year where he’s playing week in and out, let him gain more valuable experience and leave debuchy and hector as the Rb’s with chambers as the utility player wherever he is needed.

      But problem for me is I really want us to loan chambers wher he will be playing week in and week out as a cb. Wenger has a lot to do this summer

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  2. Greg

    Bellerin will only get better with time, as he is young and still learning! But definitely is one of my favourite young players that i would love to see at arsenal with years to come! He has a future as a gunner! Coyg!

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  3. SarsfieldNY

    1. I believe Hector will be world class in 3 years
    2. That will be perfect timing with an older Debuchy
    3. Chambers is NOT a RB, he is a CB or maybe even CDM before RB (he gets torched on the flanks)
    4. We will sell Jenkinson for around 6 million (great heart, but not Arsenal quality)

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  4. davidnz

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  5. Hafiz Rahman

    when Debuchy returns he will be sitting at the bench and only play a handful of league games and the FA and league cup games if we do not get KO…..

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    1. Mesut O-healed

      I don’t know if it’s the hair, the tattoos, or the French swag, but when Debuchy is on our back line, our defense looks twice as strong. I remember when he got injured during our first Man City meeting, the whole dynamic on the pitch changed for us. Okay, maybe it was the ugliness of his injury, but Buch is first choice RB for France for a reason. I can see AW obviously grooming him onto the field, but you don’t leave a man of his caliber on the bench.

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      1. Hafiz Rahman

        the same thing happen to Jenkinson when Sagna return from injury….

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      2. Goonsquad8

        Well said debuchy is definitely the starter no questions about it. People are so quick to jump to conclusions

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  6. Mesut O-healed

    Cesc ran out of Barca faster than Mo Farah, so I guess we can thank him to some extent for Hector extending his contract. But Dani Alves is nearing 50 and Montoya/Douglas are having trouble finding first team play. They may get a more developed RB when the ban is lift to fix their short term problem, but don’t count out the possibility (or a least rumors) of this happening in the long-term. Especially if Hector develops into the player that we all know he is capable of becoming.

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  7. Mesut O-healed

    Btw, all this RB talk… remember when we were worried about Sagna leaving?

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      we are still worried…Debuchy is injury prone and hasnt played much games….

      Bellerin is inexperience and hasnt proven much…

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      1. vince

        an unfortunate injury and getting pushed into a wall doesn’t make you injury prone.

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