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How good are you at predicting the footy results? Free competition!

Pick 6 Football Betting Game

If you’re a keen football fan and fancy a little free punt, check out the new Pick 6 Football Betting Game from FanBet. The game is based on traditional Pick 6 games but instead of guessing the exact scores, you only need to predict the match results, including the Arsenal game this week.

FanBet has released this Pick 6 game in a very simple demo mode to start. They have done this to determine the demand amongst fans before rolling out a full-featured version, complete with leaderboards, live pick tracking, hot streaks and status levels.

The Pick 6 Football game is free to play to anyone above eighteen worldwide and all winnings are paid directly into your PayPal account. In the event there is no winner in a given round, the jackpot prize money will rollover to the next round, much in the same way a progressive slot machine jackpot works.

FanBet has also said they will increase the jackpot prize money as demand grows for the game, so once you have played share the game with your friends on social media. After all the game is free to play and who doesn’t like a little extra bonus cash.

In addition to this Pick 6 game, FanBet offers sports betting and casino reviews, popular daily bets and new player welcome bonuses.

If the football version of the game proves popular FanBet will add additional sports and perhaps even a daily betting game for ongoing action.

For more information on how to enter, when prize-money is paid and other game rules, see the info section below the weekly matchups.

FanBet has been built to work best on mobile devices so you can play the free game wherever you have Internet connection. Visit to get started.

I’ve just entered. It’s simple and a nice easy layout. Predicting an Arsenal win was a given, but who dowe want to win between Man United and Man City?


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4 thoughts on “How good are you at predicting the footy results? Free competition!

  1. Fatboy Gooney

    Utd v City looks like a draw and so does the Liverpool v Leicester game ? The other 4 games look pretty straight forward.

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Mourinho’s face is already sour! ? i doubt that I would be able to tell the difference… As for the game itself, it has draw written all over it! ?

    1. Arsenal_Girl

      I don’t know. I know its a derby which are always tight but I think United will win it
      City are without Aguero
      Ibrahimovic And United supporters will help them through

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