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How Long can Wenger defend Arsenal Flops?

Arsene Wenger was obviously fuming after Arsenal were knocked out of the Capital One cup at Bradford last night. The reason he was angry, however, was because the reporter at the post match interview dared to suggest that the defeat was humiliating and the Arsenal players had not been good enough. Wenger barely managed a reply before storming off.

I hate to break it to you, Arsene, but it WAS humiliating and the Arsenal players were not good enough, ask any Arsenal fan, go on anybody. To be fair to Wenger, he selected a very strong side, much stronger than anybody expected, but that makes the abject performance even harder to take.

Wenger always defends his players to the hilt, but I think he needs to start laying down the law. He cannot let Arsenal players earning fortunes every week think that they are giving enough when they are outplayed by a division four side. Very few of the players should have escaped a blast from the manager but he refused to blame them.

“We did absolutely everything for 120 minutes and you have to give credit to Bradford.

“You feel embarrassed when you don’t give everything, I think they’ll be more disappointed and frustrated.

“It was a great cup tie on a tough pitch and I cannot fault the effort from my players. It was a typical English cup tie and Bradford got on top of us. They started stronger than us and congratulations to them.

“We played basically with five strikers but couldn’t score. You have to say they defended very, very well. In a cup tie, any team always has a chance.

“I don’t think there’s any psychological problem with the players when it comes to knockout ties. I don’t think it’s a lack of quality. We will get over this, it’s part of our job, and focus on the next game.”

Wenger suggested that the `slippery and difficult` pitch contributed to the result, but Bradford had to play on it as well. It is no excuse for poor defending, inability to pass the ball around and the filure to muster a single shot on target for 70 minutes.

It is time for Wenger to get tough and tell the players some uncomfortable home truths, otherwise he will take all the blame and Arsenal will not improve. Gervinho, Ramsey, Cazorla, Rosicky, Chamakh, Podolski, Rosicky, Vermaelen, Mertesacker and Sagna were all below par, way below par and they need to know it.

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64 thoughts on “How Long can Wenger defend Arsenal Flops?

  1. dissapointed fan

    Guardiola has said that his prefrence in england is arsenal, thats a fact. The sad thing is however, as an arsenal fan, i already know the board wont do anything about it. as much as i love wenger and would find it strange to see him leave, i think it is time for a change. Why can a club like ours never do anything amazing? why does it nearly always have to be the lesser know player that we buy (apart from podolski). For once, why cant arsenal do something that would shock and envy every other club

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  2. dom

    i thought rosicky actually looked pretty good when he came on (in comparison to everyone else at least!) especially considering he’s only just returned from an injury. i wouldn’t have placed him in that list (and definitely not twice!!)


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  3. Sank

    I tell u if walcott and giroud are not fit to play expect gervinho and ramsey again against reading.

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  4. john 3:16 the son of God

    Thumbs UP for Usmanov and Dein

    Thumbs DOWN for Kroenke and Gazidis

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  5. john 3:16 the son of God

    Thumbs UP for Wenger to resign/get sacked as manager

    Thumbs DOWN for Wenger to stay as manager

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  6. Sank

    Secret revealed-
    wenger gets a part of salaries of the players and is gone give chamakh and squillaci new improved contract.

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  7. john 3:16 the son of God

    Thumbs UP if you think that we WILL finish in the top 4 this season

    Thumbs DOWN if you think that we WON’T finish in the top 4 this season

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  8. yel

    I remember midlesborough fans some yrs bck who chose to boycott thr matches & the stands looked so empty after that decision. ┏̲¥┓ can’t we do the same? The board íڪ wack, the coach seems ineffective and most of the players are not even premier league quality. I asked b4 how many of our players would even make man city’s bench? We need to take drastic measures right now else find arsenal finishing in the bottom half of the table

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  9. leo

    @gunnerineverylife i told you about pep guardiola’s interest in arsenal over a month ago & you said that you bet ur house that this news is false 2day many newspapers have confirmed it

    Guardiola’s preference in England is Arsenal,” a source told“The club are aware he would be interested in the job in 2013.Guardiola doesn’t want to go to Chelsea. He is worried about the lack of stability. He also has a good relationship with Wenger dating back to when he started doing his coaching badges at Arsenal.”

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  10. jamaican gunner

    wenger is too easy on the players ,he never comes and say they played like crap and deserves to lose .hw can he say losing to a team in league 2 is not embarrassing….dark days ahead gooners

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  11. Nick

    Aside from Cazorla (second half) Rosicky and Wilshire nobody else was up for it. Ox had his moments, Gervinho had his chances which he of course flubbed royally! Podolski was absent and very disappointing.

    Gervinho, Ramsey, Chamakh are just not good enough. We legitimately have no back up Giroud. If we don’t purchase a striker in the transfer window I will be calling for Wenger to go as I’ll finally be convinced he’s lost it.

    I would love to see Pep replace Wenger but Wenger has been appointed almost inscrutable power and no other manager on earth would survive this type of performance. Thank you for everything you’ve done for Arsenal but living in the past means sacrificing the future.

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  12. Henry

    Can people please stop talking about Guardiola like he’s our saviour! He took over a Barcelona team that had Messi, Xavi, Iniesta etc… and did what everybody expected him to do! He had possibly the best team EVER with possibly the best player of all time as well! All he needed to do was spend 30mil on a striker and he was set. Then after a few years when things got tough what did he do? He quit and decided that the pressure and stress of the job was too much! Do we really want this man to come and save us?! A man who at the first sign of trouble quits! Say what you want about Wenger but at least he has the balls to stick with a team!

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  13. leo

    if arsenal fail this season to be in top 4 expect wenger to quit & pep could replace him even wenger 2 preffered candidates 2 replace him dragan stojkovic & pep guardiola
    Gazidis: Wenger will NOT be sacked acc to media expect fireworks AST ,members will target the board particulary ivan gazdis & silent stan kroenke

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  14. john 3:16 the son of God

    OUT: Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Diaby, Ramsey, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park, Bendtner, KROENKE, HILL-WOOD, GAZIDIS and most definitely WENGER!

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  15. john 3:16 the son of God

    Bradford starting line-up average wages £700

    Arsenal starting line-up average wages £60,000

    Total cost of Bradford’s starting line-up £7,500

    Total cost of Arsenal’s starting line-up £63,000,000

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  16. john 3:16 the son of God

    Reading away next. Second from bottom. Lost 3-0 to Sunderland last night. Lost their last 5 premier league games. Lots of injury problems. The smallest budget in the premier league. Can only mean one thing….. A READING WIN OF COURSE!!!

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  17. john 3:16 the son of God

    The 4,500 supporters who travelled to Bradford last night should ALL receive a personal apology from the club and have the cost of their ticket and travelling expenses reimbursed in full.

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  18. gooner


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  19. md31

    wenger has lost it all i am in doubt about his coughing abbility even fabregas said i didn’t now about football untill i come to barcelona

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  20. makon

    Arsene can’t defend the indefensible – anything he say sounds self-serving and hypocritical

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  21. truthmustbetold

    Wenger is just a stubborn and insanely proud character. Its not surprising why he keeps defending the players,its common sense really;He knows dat blaming the players indirectly signifies an acceptance by him that these players failed/are poor quality thereby bringing to question his acquisition of said players in the first place. And wenger is just too proud to admit that he has gotten so many decisions wrong;signing of so many players,tactics,substitutions….so he keeps defending the,hoping they would return d faith eventually. This was d case with Arshavin,it is wats happening with Ramsey….dats y irrespective of form or performance Ramsey will continue to make the team.
    Wenger is frigid,and once he has formed an idea he doesn’t go bck,dats wat Arshavin is suffering from! That’s d reason why he will keep playing gervinho as a striker rather than podolski or the lethal walcott.
    That’s the same reason flamini wasn’t given an xtra 5k to extend his contract,the same reason walcott can get 100k when he is clearly our best player by performance(goals and assists)-all dese bcos Wenger has a formed opinion on wage cap and can’t bend to the inflated demands of this era.
    Hitler blived in his course,so do serial killers,and terrorists and so does Wenger;and they share a lot in common i.e Arrogance,delusion,Pride blinded by passion!

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  22. JustJoy

    It hurts but we LIVE. The players let us down. Especialy the penalties yestaday. Thats why we need to spend but sell the DeadWOODS NOW. God help DIAL SQUARE.

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  23. Liam Jenko

    Okay so we sack Wenger, who is really going to replace Wenger with the amount of funds we spend season in and season out? Mourinho spent a fair bit of money at real madrid and especially chelsea! pep guairdola was blessed with his team when he took over at Barcelona! So who will take over that can do a better job than Wenger with the limited amount of money we spend?

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  24. saras

    NICE ONE..
    Hitler blived in his course,so do serial killers,and terrorists and so does Wenger;and they share a lot in common i.e Arrogance,delusion,Pride blinded by passion!


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  25. sammykit

    Guardiola tells Arsenal: You’re my top choice in England
    The Spaniard, who has also been targeted by number of clubs on the continent, has made clear that he would prefer a move to the north London outfit over Chelsea and Manchester City

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  26. herecometheicebergforarsenal

    why Gervinho always plays?

    take a kid from USA who never watched football, let him watch a Arsenal game, ask him who’s the weakest player on the pitch, he’ll point to Gervinho!!!!!

    oh i forget about ramsleeyyyyyy


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  27. Zep

    I’ll save myself the heartbreak and will not watch arsenal games till next season. This is a horrible time to be a gunner. Wenger must get sacked. Ramsey , gervinho, and chamak are not arsenal quality. And for gods sake, pay Walcott and play him as a striker already! Otherwise, I’d be more than glad to watch him play anywhere else, as he shouldn’t become wasted talent in the arsenal injury room. Our club has fallen apart due to greed and selfishness.

    I’m putting my colors away to avoid hatin my beloved arsenal. I’ll be back next season to watch and support, but I refuse to support a club being run like our arsenal.

    Dortmund games are much better, and remind me of our old arsenal. Watch them, support them, screw wenger, the board, and arsenals lack of ambition.

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  28. saras


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  29. Arran

    A lot of people saying “who would replace Wenger”… I have been one for a long time. Pep would be the natural person to take over in terms of style and philosophy, Moys has done a good job at Everton with even more ltd resources. I’m not saying these two should or would, but I think at Arsenal we have all got so used to Wenger that it’s hard to see Arsenal without Wenger. Change is a good thing, there is no doubt we have some very good technically gifted players in our squad, our mid field is a particular area of strength, but Wenger is not getting the best out of them. Playing Gervinho as a centre forward, Podolski as a winger, Ramsey as a winger, TV5 as a left back. Or even keeping Walcott out on the wing, when he scores whenever he is played as an out and out forward… It’s all Square pegs in round holes. A new manager would bring the change we are in need of. Yes Wenger was a great great manager but I fear his time has passed. We need a Manager who plays players to their strengths and has the guts to change something when it isn’t working. (when did Wenger last haul off a player before 60mins other than a forced injury ?) Its time for Change !!

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  30. villa123

    right now defending wenger with examples like who will replace him? (guardiola and mourinho who spent lotsa money) ain’t helping arsenal. wenger need to be questioned and should be told that he cant take his job for granted. we fans are too good to him. he need some stick from fans. if we continue dis way we will go a decade without any trophy.

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  31. Azdarus

    @liam jenko
    David moyes doing it with everton at the moment…come on AW is not god. He can be replaced!

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  32. true goon

    didnt think Cazorla was that poor he did set up the goal didn’t he?he hit the cross bar didn’t he?he’s the only player who made their keeper make some saves.Don’t get me wrong this is the least we should expect against a 4th division team,but the fact is for us to draw 1-1 with a 4th division team tells us that the whole team under performed ALL of them.

    My only hope is that Wenger will now realise how much we are lacking in quality.i belive he must now know that

    – Gervinho cannot play upfront,how can he when he cant even hold the ball-up or score against a 4th division side.

    -Also he must now know in his mind that Ramsey is not up to standard.

    -And most crucially he now must realise how poor his tactics and coaching now are,seein as we can’t even breakdown a 4th division side.

    must be a watershed.To be honest i don’t really care about the league cup,Daglish won it an still got sacked.The reason why this is the worst result of wengers rein imo is because barring a couple players this was our first team.

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  33. gunnerfan

    I’m starting to think that wenger doesnt deserve to continue as manager any longer. If he really care about ARSENAL FC, then leave.

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  34. Tristan

    AW actually defended for himself. He picked up his players. Ramsey, Genvinho, Chamakh, Squillaci shall never play for Arsenal. Would rather give those opportunities to younger players, who need to grow and will be backbone of the club in future.

    AW somehow destory players’s confidence by giving them too many chances. everyone has highs and lows. if players are in bad form, AW shall leave them in bench for a while instead of ‘trust’ them. they will self-adjust their form. Arshavin was a great player. when he had his bad time, AW still used him until AW loose all his faith in AA23. Now even if Arshavin’s picked up his form, AW will not use him again.

    Stubbon AW must wake up. AW do not need to prove he does everything right. Even he made mistake, he is still one of the greatest managers.

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  35. Martin

    It’s pain a lot we can express our feelings when you see a team like arsenal play like street team. Poor performance, player they walk in pitch like they come in part. One man cannt couse much pain like this to million of people all around the world and to let him do whatever he want. This is dictatorship even God himself he can’t accept that

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  36. FrenchGun

    Guardiola isnt a great manager. It is fair to say that he won evrything in 3 years but he had the right team to do the job. Just look how Vilanova are doing better than him with a less stronger team. If Wenger had to go, i prefer Martinez from Wigan to fill the gap. He is doing a great job with Wigan and when Rodalega(their main man) was feeling bigger than the team, he benched him

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  37. gervinho

    its guardiola dat bring up iniesta, xavi and messi frm second division before pep came it was deco and dem ronaldinho, wen he came in he bring out messi and iniesta and xavi so he created d team ok, the team was not already created

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  38. sperez

    Not only Satan Kroenke should be out but Wenger as well. He is complicit with our greedy board and has been a complete clown (mis)managing our team.

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  39. highbury44

    Its not the players who are the flops but Wenger.When he first arrived he used to buy good players and turn them into great players.Now he buys good players and destroys them.Its pointless on buying more players and to continue playing them out of position .The only way this club is going to improve is to sack Wenger,which they will never do.We can only hope they will not renew his contract in 18 mths time

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  40. sperez

    FrenchGun I respect your opinion and my first option is Klopp but I know he is not available now. But Guardiola has merits. He instilled a work ethic in Barcelona and revigorate the team. He knows how to make the players work their sock off. It’s something that Wenger is not capable of accomplishing.
    However, as I said many times, Guardiola or any other manager will face difficulties working with the shower of shite Wenger assembled. A new manager will need at least two seasons to clean the mess Wenger made.

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  41. Henry

    @ Gervinho…I think you will find that Xavi made his debut for Barcelona in 98 and then was made Vice Captain in the 04-05 season. In the same season Iniesta played pretty much every game and Messi made his debut in the 05-06 season. So how did Guardiola make that team exactly considering he only became manger in 08? yes he bought Alves and Pique in his first season but most of team were already there!

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  42. true goon


    if you really know what your on about and you’ve studied Barca,you would know that messi didn’t start to score a whole load of goals and raise his consistency until Pep came in.Also you should know that while they played good football under Frank Rijkaard it doesn’t compare to what Pep evolved it to.Xavi an Iniesta were good players b4 Pep came but like Messi they reached new heights under Pep.

    Tito isn’t doing better than Pep the defence is shaky,an he’s sidlined Villa,he was Pep’s tactical guy so he’s just continuing wat pep started.

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  43. philthompsonsnose

    So sad sooooo very sad..
    Did everyone see the OX sat totally devastated at the end of the game last night?
    He wasn’t only sad that Arsenal had gone out of the cup to a lower league side ( although it wasn’t good) he gets paid handsomely we all agree, and he wears the red and white with pride, but his dejection and hurt runs deeper than that..I wonder if he’s thinking..’did I sign for the right club’
    Did you see his anger at chamakh..? what was Chamakh thinking…? Chamakh is about as much use as gervinho’s fringe..
    How can the other players anticipate runs or passes etc if forehead himself hasn’t a clue what he’s doing…. it’s a lottery everytime.. the Ox’s frustration is evident when that constipated spider gets the ball, has a shot at goal or try’s to find a pass,it’s erratic and damaging to the confidence of the future talent within our club…
    You can see it in the others: Gibbs, Wilshere, Cazorla and rosicky…they don’t know what’s fluidity, no direction no hope…I used to think Ramsey was the next Cesc but since he’s been back it’s like the chef has taken his place and AW likes his cooking?? FFS..
    Podolski doesnt resemble a confident German international.. he looks like a lost boy in a playground..
    Mertesacker and Vermalen have about as much defensive understanding as an italian Tank..

    Wenger is partly to blame …HE BOUGHT THE SHITE!!! We can say what we want that the board this or the board that but AW and HE alone buys them so he must be to blame!!!
    AW defended them (like any manager would) and said they gave everything!”!!!!
    If that is everything then they are NOT good enough..
    It is soooooo blatantly obvious why is AW getting away with it?????????????????????

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  44. FrenchGun

    @true goon. It s obvious that Messi Xavi and Iniesta evolve because they are good footballers and with time they become better. Why did Guardiola hasnt help Fabregas, Zlatan to settle in well in Barca if he did it with Xavi Messi and Iniesta. Concerning Vilanova, he suffer from a cascade of injury in defense. Despite that, he managed to make the best season’s beginning of the season ever.

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  45. FrenchGun

    It s a new club and country for Podolski. I think we must give him a break. Moreover, he s not playing in his natural position. Mertsacker was awfull last year but he improve this season.

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  46. true goon


    no its not obvious that messi,xavi and iniesta would become maybe the 3 best players in the world.Maybe Messi,but even him,how many Argentinians have been called the new Maradona,from Ortega to Aimar but none have made it.You can say it was obvious thats a matter of opinion,but what is a fact isthat it happenned on Peps watch and that Pep is the most sucessful manager in Barca’s history.And its also a fact that his Barcalona played the best football i’ve ever seen along with juve in the late 90’s.
    Concerning Tito we will know at the end of the season.

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  47. philthompsonsnose

    This sums it all up…

    AW ” I don’t think it’s a lack of quality we couldn’t convert our chances tonight…”

    Well, Mr Wenger.. in my humble opinion it IS A LACK OF QUALITY YOU STUBBORN PR*@*K

    Why else can’t we challenge for the top honours anymore? ? ? ? ? ? ?


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  48. nchem_

    Dear friends,
    I used to dread the day Arsene wenger will leave #Arsenal……but now, i eagerly look towards it. I pray it happens sooner than later. We’ll be better off without him. I’ve never seen a man meticulously destroy his legacy as Arsene is doing to his, he just has to be stopped. SAACK HIMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #wewantourarsenalback

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  49. ArsenalMike

    So many reactionary posts…hurts the head. Put it in perspective by asking this: Where are the other “Top Tier” clubs for the League Cup? Granted, some are still in in, but many others are not. It is clear Arsenal did not approach this game (after three days rest)as they should have to win it. The squad that was appointed was not up for it…obviously.
    Wenger appointed a squad that should have won the game easily. It all boils down to a lack of focus. I am ready to say Gervinho needs more training and coaching before he wears the Arsenal colors again. He shows moments of glory 10% of the time, the rest…well, we know. Chamakh has no confidence and doesn’t get any game time. If we won’t use him, let him play elsewhere. Ramsay requires more focus and training/coaching. If we aren’t going to do those things with him, then he needs to be released also.
    I watched the game yesterday; we were not awful. Arsenal dominated long spells of the game. We lost for the want of good finishing. Unfortunately, Wilshire, and Cazorla weren’t able to win the game from 25 meters out. More often than not, the opposition had 10, highly motivated men behind the ball. Arsenal SHOULD HAVE won it soundly, but we weren’t up for it.
    Wenger should not be released because of this particular game. He will be judged by even his most staunch advocates by the end of season results. It would devastate to let him go mid-season. We are not Chelsea.
    I support Wenger, obviously. However, I would like to see him let go of some players that he seems to have too much sentimentality for. I support Wenger, but I think it is obvious that quality needs to be brought back into the starting 11. Imagine how wonderful we all would have felt if Wenger had a selection headache between Podolski and Nasri. Or between Fabregas and Cazorla. Or knowing if Van Persie couldn’t notch it in, we had a tall, beautiful Gaelic warrior to help.

    We need a top level defensive mid. A top quality left back who can give width to attack and defend. A striker who is top, top quality. Keep Walcott. Top level keeper. We know what Wenger does when he has top players. Put this manager at Real Madrid and they win the Treble.

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  50. Hafiz Rahman

    Wenger should be judged at the end of the season….let the man finish the job peacefully

    if theres no champ league and trophies then he should go…..

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  51. down but not out

    These are real bad days for the loyal fans of this club. As much as we love Wenger we cannot allow the club to drift in the opposite direction for prolonged periods. We fans know how it feels to lose a game and when it happens with a second league team it hurts even more. RVP was dear to all of us. We hailed him as captain fantastic now he is away from us sniffing at the silverware he always wanted to. Losing Wenger will hurt us the same and the thought itself is dreadful. but someone please put sense into is head that you cannot win games by fielding Gervinho, Chamakh and Ramsey. Girvinho has been missing sitters and still you persist with him this is what is costing us games. the games that could have been easily won are being drawn or lost. In a league like EPL you rarely get chances to score and when you miss the opportunities to score you are a dead duck. We all support the idea of experimenting. I think it’s high time our coach tries with Podolski or Walcot upfront. end of the day we can say that at least we tried and lost rather than conceding defeat without trying… Gunner4life

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  52. Gunning Tye

    I think that the shitty, below par, below shit players we have, with the fortune we are spending on them is totally and utterly a waist of our clubs (Board+fans) resources.

    Arsene should wake up and realise that him just defending his players publicly and what he says in the changerooms has an effect on the players. If they play like shit , make it known to them and the public that you think they were shit – shit happenned when you lose to a tier 4 side. Stating something like this every now and then will just enhance your own reputation Arsene and will show the fans that you do want a little change at our club.

    The games Arsene is playing with the public and the players is unfair to everyone.

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  53. davo

    a lot of good comments, but sadly all to no avail…what i cant understand is why oh why are we keeping the likes of Schillaci, Chamake, etc etc etc? is it because we want more money than their worth? i say offer them up for free? get our wage bill down, and pay the likes of Walcott what he wants to stay!!! then with our wage bill less we can afford to buy some real quality players instead of cowboys!!it is so frustrating to see Arsene talking up some excuse as to why we have lost, can he not see what we can?!!!it really is time to get Usmanov and Pep in and build a team that will fight tooth and nail for the Gunners Badge! i miss the likes of Adams, Henry, Bergcamp, Wright and Viera, their quality and skill have never been replaced, its sad where we are heading, but maybe its what we need to start afresh…

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  54. Paul

    It is no good at all to bring in pep if kronke is still running the club. Kronke must go and wenger must go as well.

    Keep away from the emirates until both the board and wenger are gone.

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  55. Gary

    Arsene Wenger never makes mistakes he has told us this many times before

    Who are we to question his judgement when he has managed so many games?

    Who are we to say if a result is embarrassing or not?

    We are the fans, we are the people who wear the shirts, watch the games, pay for season tickets or pay for sky tv (which gets fed back to clubs as part of the enormous tv deals)

    We are the fans who will know Spurs fans, we are the fans who will get abused by spurs fans.

    We are the fans who used to hold out heads high and knew we could compete with anyone on our day and over the course of a season we would always be in the mix for something.

    Now we don’t hold our heads high, we have won less over the last 8 years than Chelsea, Man U, Man City, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Tottenham and Birmingham.

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