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How long will it take Arsenal to become an Elite club again?

It could take at least 5 years to start moving forward again by Konstantin Mitov

So, we won in Belgrade in a game lacking much quality, but in the end another wondergoal by Giroud saved the day and we’re looking like we’ll cruise to the next stage of the Europa league with 2 of the 3 remaining games at home.

The Europa league is not the tournament you want to be playing to be in the Elite, but Arsenal is no longer an elite club. We used to be elite mediocrity, but even this is a compliment now. So Europe’s second competition is where we deserve to be, but there are a few positives from playing there.

We give young players a chance like Nelson who looks more like a senior player than half of the squad that played at Watford did, but also we gave a player like Wilshere a chance to play and with our current sorry excuse of a midfield I am just baffled as to why Jack doesn’t walk back into the starting 11?

The only reason I can imagine is called Arsene Wenger. Arsenal is his plaything and he’s crashing the ship hard. Arsene didn’t want Ozil and Sanchez sold in the summer, but it turns out both could be sold in January for peanuts. It’s all about the money here, but even so, you make a decision, either keep them the whole season and lose them for free or sell.

We made the worse one. We keep unsettled players who don’t really care and that disrupts the rest of the team. Honestly our captain is sinking with the ship, but the crew members are going every man for himself. Alexis and Ozil are already gone, but next up it’s Welbeck and Ramsey and there is no way if I’m one of these players that I’m signing an extension right now.

I honestly feel so sorry for Lacazette and Kolasinac for being tricked to come here. Who are we going to bring in January if we let both our star players leave? Then how do you attract any sort of top player to come when he’ll have to play with Xhaka and a bunch of players with not enough mentality to kill off a dead Watford side?

Arsenal is somewhat like a necromancer. We reanimate the dead. We let United beat us with kids and basically started the career of Marcus Rashford. We let a dead Everton team beat us last year and on Sunday I’d be less than surprised if we crumble to the pressure again and lose.

We’ll finish between 6th and 8th with the way we are playing and this is not even the main problem. The results are something Arsenal takes as it comes. 8-2, 5-1, 6-0 whatever it is, it just happens. Our manager hasn’t felt pressure since 2004 maybe. The players are also easy off the hook. Responsibility is a word that is only accountable to when it comes to count the profit from the season and this is where Arsene always delivers, thus so is never sacked.

Mentality is another word that’s banned from our dictionary. We die the moment we concede. When we pick the ball out of the net, we start playing like our players have never seen themselves before. The worst problem of all is though, that despite the clear fact that players don’t care about the club and don’t play for the manager, the board is willing to sack all the players to keep a dead man walking at his job.

So how can this mess be sorted out? The only way things will change in the near future is fan impact, which is impossible. Last season Arsenal fans forgot years of pain in the flash of an FA cup. For years we’re ignoring the real issue of how the club has been going backwards while others have put out clear examples how you can compete at the top without breaking 10 banks, like Atletico, Dortmund and so on.

I don’t like agitation, but how much more years of failure and top players leaving are needed for people to demand change. We are the football club, more than anybody else, including Arsene, but until we learn this concept, we can either wait for a miracle or do something about it. In the 15 odd years I’ve followed this club closely, only a miracle can change something.

So what kind of miracle is that? One is if Wenger decides to leave by himself, but I see at least 5 more years before he’s gone, because there’s no way in hell he’ll let his favourite toy go in somebody elses hand. Another way to change is to get a new owner, which despite being the most likely of the 3 miracles it’s still a long shot, but there are 2 billionaires who’ve put Arsenal on their wish list.

Will one of them make it happen? Highly unlikely, because the amount of money Kroenke would have to receive will be too high. And Silent Stan is here for the long run. He’d take us to the championship if that means profit for him. Just look at the sports teams he runs in the USA.

The most possible way for us to start moving forward is for Wenger to call it quits and we actually appoint a good manager, but we’re killing any sort of chance for this to happen. If this was 3 years ago, we could’ve had any top manager, but now who will come to this wreck?

Even if Thierry Henry, a guy who will demand nothing but success comes, he’ll have a squad full of average players to play with, and this will require the steel of Simeone to make something happen, but he’ll hardly be interested and he’s already declared his desire to manage in Italy.

So when will we actually start to move forward? I don’t know really. I feel like it will be at least 5 years, before our dead manager decides to call it quits. Until then it’s pointless to talk about the “footballing” side. And if you don’t believe me. Wait until Sunday to see how we’ll bottle it against another dead team.


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24 thoughts on “How long will it take Arsenal to become an Elite club again?

  1. Not Vanpayslip or that other guy

    Well forget about it as long as Wenger is in charge so not for a while yet

    1. Xxnofx

      Hector. Boss. Mert. Tank
      Santi. Jack.
      Iwobi. Sanchez
      Now if I was mr boss man and all was fit that would be my team . But I’m no football expert

    2. dragunov763mm

      You mean the board ultimatum was fake? I still believe that this will be Arsene’s last season if he don’t manage us to win the league. There’s no way he can escape from boarding evaluation now.
      As for time to be elite again, I don’t think it’ll take more than 2 years. Spuds succeed overhauled their squad in 2 years under Pocchetino. We could do that also with the new manager in charge.

  2. AndersS

    As long as Wenger is in charge, we will see no real improvement. But the way it is going, we could actually be sliding backwards so fast , it will soon show in earnings as well, and then it is another matter. Wenger could be out and our recovery can begin.

  3. gotanidea

    Actually Wenger’s decision to keep Sanchez and Ozil was applauded by most of the fans, including his decision to buy Xhaka. Now most of the fans condemn him for not selling Sanchez and Ozil, and blame Arsenal for buying Xhaka.

    Wenger might be not a brave manager, reflected by his team’s tendency to always play safe in the field. But we should not follow his attitude, we should admit our misjudgements and push Arsenal to be better.

    Regarding the required time for Arsenal to become an elite club again, Wenger and Kroenke must leave first. It would take more than five years until both men leave Arsenal for good.

    Then there would be a long and hard transition time, like what happened to Manchester United. So unless Wenger is fired very soon and a new manager with Guardiola’s managerial level is hired, I highly doubt Arsenal could show an elite football show again.

    1. AndersS

      If Wenger had done his job, we would never have ended in a situation, where the choice was either to sell Ozil and Sanchez or to let their contracts run down. He has had so much time to sort it out, but he didn’t. He has totally lost it, but on the field and off it.

  4. Bane90

    Arsenal needs to go, everyone is agreed on that point. No need for a undignified fan led purge, but the sooner he is gone the sooner the rebuilding can commence. (Obviously if Kroenke continues as usual and deliberately hires a like for like coach then who really knows)

    Otherwise, looking st the squad:

    Players over 32/33 years of age: Koscielny, Mertesacker, cazorla, Čech, Monreal

    Players who have expressed a desire to leave: Bellerin, Giroud and mustafi

    Players with a year left on contract who have not signed: Ramsey, Welbeck Akpom, Čech, Ospina, Monreal, Walcott

    Players leaving this summer (unless deals reached): Ozil, Sanchez, Wilshere, cazorla

    Now, some will sign and stay, hopefully Wilshere gets offered soon. I think Ramsey will run his down and see his options next year. I would be surprised if Welbeck did not sign but along with Giroud and Walcott he might go to get first team football.

    Will Čech call it quits? If not will Ospina stay? Undoubtedly we are losing Özil and Sanchez, at least one (hoping Sanchez) for free in the summer. If we keep Bellerin and mustafi, which is a must, will both be happy to remain? It’s easy saying tough luck but then we get an Ozil situation.

    That is one hell of a rebuilding job! No champions league or Wenger to attract to players to the project. Five years could be optimistic with how well our rivals are doing!

  5. Vlad

    Title: “How long will it take Arsenal to become an Elite club again?” … fast forward through the usual garbage to the last paragraph “…so when will we actually start to move forward? I don’t know really.” – sums up Konstantin and his posts perfectly. Lots of usual fluff heavily papered by hate and negativity. Don’t quit your day job (if you have one), Konstantin, because journalism is clearly not your forte. I’ll even give you a hint as to why it (your writing) sucks so bad. You let your feelings get the better of you. Put your hate for Wenger aside, and for once think with your head. But you can’t do it, can you?

    1. Bond 007

      People throw the word HATE around too much these days. When someone has different views from yours, you term it HATE. That’s very childish.
      If you don’t agree with Konstantin, just say you don’t agree…and leave it at that. We’re all Arsenal fans for crying out loud.

  6. arie82

    Still not understand, why a very senior manager like wenger, keep playing players out of his natural position.

    Sancez………… iwobi/nielsen
    …….xhaka coqelin
    Kola mustafi boss bellerin
    Giroud, walcot, ramsey, welbeck, wilshere, nacho, elneny, per, holding,chamber,.
    Dude, on the paper, that is so awsome line up dan sub.
    But somehow, wenger make it so average, out played by watford….

  7. Romeo

    It’s when wenger is gone that we can be on the path to be considered elites. If we lucky we can rebuild in 2 seasons but at the moment arsenal is in shambles and it’s not been a sharp decline…’s been steady over a couple of years.
    Hate to say this but so envious of the unpredictability tactical formations spurs can play with different players….433 the weekend 442 at bernabeu 343 occasionally.
    We just a mess nd struggling to grind results. We don’t even hope for a 4-0 scoreline no matter how bad the opponent is.
    Our most important decision is how soon wenger leaves. He’s killed us.

  8. Bekele

    Forever …we are not even a biggest club in north london …thanks to ass. Wenger and his supporters

    1. Mobella

      Chelsea had sacked Jose twice. On both occasions after a tittle winning season. Liverpool sacked Rogers when it was cleared they ain’t going anywhere with him. Manchester city had hired several coaches and spent tons of money because they to belong. Everyone know how much money Manchester united spent last transfer season so that they can become champion. We are still hating and blaming Wenger for everything in every article as if he is our problem. Sorry to break it to you , he can’t sack himself, he can’t spend his money to buy needed players, he is not responsible for the running of arsenal. If you and i can see his flaws and complain bitterly about it and yet Stan gave him additional two years then he is the problem. To me talking about Wenger is a waste of time because he can’t give me the joy i want, only the club can..

  9. Bane90

    Although, credit where it is due, if it was about money they would have sold Özil and Sanchez in the summer (by all accounts Sanchez’ replacement would cost more than double what we paid for him)

    It was a bold move but it was th me right move from Wenger. And Kroenke did not force the issue one way or the other so perhaps criticism is harsh.

    Now, what would be insane would be to sell in January. They already made the decision to forgo financial gain by keeping them into their last season. Özil and Sanchez, when on form, can get us into the top four or even win Europa. Fingers crossed they pull the finger out and decide to go out with a cup or two to finish their time here.

    Selling in January makes no sense. Prize for getting top four is more than we will get for selling in January. We could have sold Sanchez for 60 million, why keep him for 5 months to sell for around 20?
    Arsenal do not really struggle this side of the season. We fall apart after Christmas so I literally cannot see any logic in selling (at least Sanchez) in January.

  10. Sue

    OT Merson has just said Deeney’s comments were disrespectful, and that any of the man city players could have said something like that after they thrashed Watford 6-0!! But they didn’t.
    Deeney you bell end

  11. summerbreez

    Arsenal is a club where mr wenger contributed to a top four finish for 21 years in other words stability and consistency, now take look at the mix and match squad that played on Thursday that juiced out a win , to be honest when i first looked at the squad i thought we are going to be hammered yet we won why is that?
    Far to much money is being invested in the premier league . English clubs are becoming the playing field for the rich the sugar daddy’s the question here how much sweets will they be prepared to give? How much money is invested on English players and football in England ???

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