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How Mbappe injury could affect Arsenal transfer plans?

Even though Arsenal have been one of the clubs mentioned the most by the football media in connection with the possible transfer of the French forward prodigy Kylian Mbappe, because of the massive amount of money involved and with some of the biggest and most successful clubs in the world involved, we have come to accept that he will not be signing for Arsenal.

Tyhere have still been a fair few Arsenal transfer rumours mentioning Mbappe, though, and talking about how him signing for Real Madrid or Barcelona could have a knock on affect and also how AS Monaco and our own well reported pursuit of another of their stars, Thomas Lemar, could alter depending on the Mbappe situation.

Well that has all been thrown into doubt after last night’s action at the start of the new French Ligue 1 season, because Mbappe played and then was forced to limp put of the game after a heavy tackle. So all concerned will be eagerly awaiting the outcome and depending on the medical prognosis the transfer plans of a number of clubs including Arsenal could change.

If this knee injury is serious enough to stop his summer transfer then it might just make it more likely that Arsenal will be able to sign Lemar. It might also mean that our own striker Alexis Sanchez becomes a highly sought after target and that could spell trouble for the Gunners, so how do you think this Mbappe injury might affect our summer transfer plans?


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29 thoughts on “How Mbappe injury could affect Arsenal transfer plans?

  1. Jean

    Mbappe’s injury doesn’t affect us in anyway, Monaco would sell Lamar if we meet their offer. I hope at the end of all the media rumours and transfer drama we get Lamar and maybe a versertile CM, we’d be good to go

  2. waal2waal

    honestly… iv no thoughts whatsoever bout his injury. im more wanting lemar to link ozil and lacaz in the arsnal attack (..its far more realistic).

      1. Jonm

        I do not understand the last paragraph “If this knee injury is serious enough to stop his summer transfer then it might just make it more likely that Arsenal will be able to sign Lemar”. Why should this be the case?

        1. Waal2waal

          @DarkPope – the paragraph suggests that lemar to arsenal becomes more likely following injury to mbappe; i disagree, the lemar transfer nothing to do with injury to mbappe its to do with having his head turned, regardless, by arsenal’s offer(s).

  3. Eddy Hoyte

    I’m tired man.. Tired about all these linking.. I wonder how many more weeks it will take for Kev’s n Resource’s confirmed Lemar will be announced. I swear i’ll punch you both in the face if i had the chance. Till tomorrow i’ll stand by my word. What guarantee do ya’ll have that Lemar is the saviour after just one good season?? There are better players we could get if we want.. yea well, our season starts next week Friday. As for me i refuse to get my hopes high for the rest of the transfer window. If we sign more, fine by me..if we don’t sign, i’ll not be sad because i chose to be safe with my emotions, when it comes to Arsenal now, i’ll always support but i’ll always choose to stay safe when i can. Don’t blame me, blame the club for what we’ve been going through for the past 5 seasons, signing one big player and relaxing. Take out Kolasinic’s free transfer, then you’ll see Wenger made just one signing. you guys should expect signings, i’ll just sit here in my own little crib with my decaffeinated drinks by my side, waiting for the season’s ride of rollercoaster as usual?

    1. John Ibrahim

      Kev = Resources

      This guy prediction has many weeks from “next week” to the current latest “by end of season”

      1. McLovin

        Lol @ Hafiz criticizing fanatics. You’re the one who has called Wenger to spend spend spend year after year.

        Say,what you say but Resource got Lacazette right as well as Monaco signing Diakhaby LONG before there were anything on Sky.

        Keep it up Kev or Resource. There isnt much else to talk about during transfer window than rumours so its up to every individuals judgement if they believe them or not.

  4. Bryanz

    Lemar and seri would be good buys and they are the remaining pieces on the arsenal title chase board. And now that wenger has bought lacazatte, he feels the arsenal fans are already convinced. But we are tired of his laziness in the transfer market and his excuses for failures. He is always calling out experiments that have always left us short of the title push. To hell with Wenger. Wenger out.

  5. gooner4life

    It’s the same every year all this stinginess Wenger not willing to pay the asking price then other clubs sign the players they improve their squads while we just do nothing players must feel so undervalued by Arsene that they wont want to sign for us unless we are the only option left for them!

  6. Font

    Eddie Hoyte
    Take out kolasinics and we have only signed 1 take him out of where the squad the club the team
    The country the universe laser him so he no longer exists when the team sheet comes out get your rubber out and cross him off every time he receives the ball put your hands over your eyes
    And say la la la

  7. GunnerUp

    Since the day pat rice left, arsenals beautiful style of football has been on a downward trend and last seasons was pathetic. So we had the best play & passing in the league, but we seem to have even lost that. With that gone & trophies long gone. We are left with nothing.
    We need to replace that irritating face of our medic on the bench and we need a proper coach to come in and actually coach, & scream at players from the touchline, and adjust tactics etc. And wenger can manage and handle transfers which is all that he is currently doing.

    1. Charlie

      Trophies long gone ??
      Are you serious?
      Three FA Cup wins in 4 years is hardly, “trophies long gone ” , you idiot .

      1. GunnerUp

        It’s a figure of speech moron.
        I’m not happy with 3 happy FA cups, and don’t forget the emirates cups. Looser

        1. Dee23

          “Trophies long gone”

          “It’s a figure of speech moron. I’m not happy with 3 FA cups”

          Still trophies though, bro. Maybe you should specify by talking about the premier league trophy when referring to our drought.

          As far as consistency goes, we only finished out of the top 4 once whereas Man U haven’t finished in the top 4 since Fergie left and Chelsea have finished out the top 4 at least twice during Wenger’s tenure and their fans weren’t as salty.

          We often get criticised of having some of the most “entitled fans”. Comments like that only fuel the stereotype.

          1. GunnerUp

            The consistently we had in top 4 is well done to wenger. Chelsea fans can’t be salty because I’m that period they won 5 league titles, 4FA cups, & champions league. I was fine with Arsenal when we were playing great football and not winning all of that.
            My point is now we are not even playing well, with that obviously no importnat trophies. And the problems are clear but we go into each season foolishly optimistic. Few weeks or months later majority of fans going wild on here. I wana deal with it now before the season starts.

          2. GunnerUp

            And I am not excessively salty about it. Did not once come on here saying wenger out, but I see other solutions to give us a more realistic optiomism going into the season.
            Injury problems every year.
            No coaching during games
            No tactical adjustments
            Not choosing players for game based on opposition players and probable gameplay of that team.
            Late substitutions
            Same thing every year!

  8. JustJoy

    The Media link us with 100+ players
    Fans link us to 50+ Players
    Rumors links are Uncountable.

    And plastic and real fans Believed. Maybe for reading sake.

    1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

      Wait for everybody to get who they want and then check out whatever is left over

  9. Jonm

    Wenger consistently says that signing more than three players causes problems with integrating the players in to the team. He may buy more than three but they would be players to develop for the future or peripheral squad players to cover for injuries.

    We have Kolasinac and Lacazette so it is one more first team regular at the very most and if we are very lucky.

  10. Alie M. Bao

    I see no nexus between Mbape and Arsenal transfer, because, Arsenal are not and will not compete for a player of such magnitude…

    As it stands now Arsenal have no official bid the young star… let’s listen carefully and watch for big spending teams not Arsenal

  11. Cheadle

    Which transfer strategy is the best?
    – Tapping up
    – Spend a lot of money on several players to fill different positions?
    – Buy one or two players for A LOT of Money and buy a couple more at mid range to low
    – Buy low cost and mid-range players develop them and sell them to big clubs
    – make only bargain acquisitions, sell your star players to big clubs and take loanees
    – Buy only expensive superstars sell fringe players to smaller clubs
    – Buy who you can afford and take players on loan
    – groom players and sell them for big money and always buy cheap
    – Buy only the players you need
    – Buy outside Europe
    – Buy NO ONE
    – Use some other strategy we don’t know about

    If you are at the helm, you will probably have the best knowledge of your strategic plan and how to play the transfer market I.e. In-house development, scouting, loans, acquisitions and sales either bargains or big money deals, unearthing the next gem, dealing with agents……. wheeew complicated!!

    Every Coach has will hit gold as well as land a flop, they must manage them as best they can.

  12. Akan

    Lets face it Arsenal Fans some of you / us are quite happy and satisfied with mediocre players finishing fourth getting knocked out of the champions league by February and winning the FA every so often. In fact some of you have been so conditioned and brainwashed by this new brand of inadequate bland run of the mill state of the club, you believe fourth place is like “a trophy” and go around bragging that we have been doing it consistently for twenty plus years. Say Lacazette gets a long term injury keeping him out (not wishing) on the first day of the season at this point in time we would be playing with the same set of players that bombed out at the business end of last season and the season before that and the season before that. WE NEED CHANGES and a lot of them coz these guys and the manager are loozers. I for one, am not happy with mediocrity. Are you?

    1. Dalinho

      Akan! I think u win the award for best post congratulations on waking up its a beautiful day

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