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How popular are Arsenal abroad? 70,000 tickets sold for Sydney next summer already!

Just in case anyone wasn’t sure how popular Arsenal were around the world, then this little story may give you some idea. The Gunners have not visited Australia for 40 years, would you believe, but incredibly the two games, Arsenal v Sydney FC on July 13 and Arsenal v Western Sydney Wanderers on July 15 — are expected to be sold out very quickly.

The games may be 11 months away, but an incredible 70,000 tickets have already been sold. And don’t think that it is just to Arsenal fans from Down Under, as it has been revealed that they have also sold tickets to fans from America, Austria, Pakistan, Singapore, Sweden, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Japan, Hong Kong, New Caledonia, Thailand and New Zealand. Surprisingly only 300 have been sold to UK fans so far, but I bet there are thousands more thinking about making the trip. If so they had better get applying for tickets very quickly! If anyone wants to bet on Arsenal while they are in Australia then check out this Crownbet promo code for Arsenal v Sydney and they will give you A$500 to bet with for free!

Apparently, the New South Wales government have paid A$8m to secure Arsenal‘s arrival, but they expect to more than double that through money earned from tourism, so it’s no surprise that the NSW Tourism Minister Stuart Ayres was gushing about the benefits it would give to the area, despite it being their winter at that time of the year. “With so many tickets sold to interstate and international fans,” Ayres said. “the two Arsenal matches are set to deliver a huge boost to the NSW economy, with hotels, restaurants and attractions set to fill with visitors next July.”

Ivan Gazidis was happy to join in the cheering for our overseas fans when he said: “Our preseason matches enable the squad to complete final preparations ahead of a new campaign, and Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers will provide a strong test for the team.

“The trip also gives our travelling squad a wonderful opportunity to see our loyal supporters in a country so passionate about football.

“It’s set to be a truly special trip and everyone at Arsenal football club is already looking forward to it.”

So that just goes to show how popular the Gunners are on the other side of the world. But the big question is whether Arsenal will be arriving in Oz as Premier League Champions, or on the other hand, who will be the manager by then….


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31 thoughts on “How popular are Arsenal abroad? 70,000 tickets sold for Sydney next summer already!

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    Question is will Alexis, Ozil, Bellerin be on the tour?
    What Wenger does in the next fortnight could determine that

    1. Twonk

      Alexi won’t for sure. I have a feeling he is off in the next couple of weeks and who can honestly blame him?

      He has the prospect of probably a 6th place finish (everyone has strengthened considerably since last season – we haven’t) He would probably prefer to train in the sun like Spain or Italy as opposed to here in the UK and prefer a manager with ambition and an idea of tactics when Plan A doesn’t work.

      He will leave.

  2. Fatboy Gooney

    Hahaha ? And Gazidis’s is already drooling at the prospect of making more money! ? Boy did he sound happy!

    I wonder if Budd has already booked his tickets?
    I’m sure, I remember him mentioning something about the clouds above Sydney, being Wenger’s thought ?

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Wenger was 40/1 to be the next boss sacked before this weekend with Betway.
        He was then slashed to 25/1 after the defeat and has since been cut to 12/1 following the fan abuse aimed his way.

        1. muffdiver

          doesnt deserve the humiliation of a sacking.
          not after twenty years

          plus the board love him like long time.

          end of this season at the earliest. will be so bizarre to see him gone.
          what the hell will he do with himself?

          1. Fatboy Gooney

            I couldn’t care less about the stubborn old multi-millionaire and since he likes taking Gambles and compares the transfer windows to a game of poker!
            I would suggest Las Vegas, as being the place for him to retire too. ??

        2. Fatboy Gooney

          David Ornstein 
          Arsenal yet to agree fee for Mustafi. #AFCconsidering Omer Toprak & Simon Kjaer as alternatives but Mustafi remains priority & keen to join
          8:08 PM – 15 Aug 2016

          David Ornstein 
          Price the issue. Arsenal want to hold back funds for possible striker signing. #AFCtransfer budget factors in fee, salary, agent commission
          8:11 PM – 15 Aug 2016

          1. Juhislihis McLovin

            So basically haggling over few mils? Jesus Christ. Only at Arsenal FC.

            As if that saved 2-3 millions would actually determine if a supposed club will sell a striker to us.

            Wenger and the idiots in charge brought even this to themselves.

            How about signing Mustafi in July? Probably would’ve got him for less than £25 mils.

  3. Roe-hahn

    That moment when you realise if we had acted early we could have signed Hummels (32 mil) or Ashley Williams (10 mil) and are now having to over pay for an Everton reject (not questioning Mustafi’s quality,just stating that he did not make it at Everton).

    1. Matt72

      He was a youngster at Everton. The reject is now Valencia captain and a regular Germany international no less. But you’re right about acting late late

  4. Twig

    There’s no quality in the market?

    ________Sanchez Ozil Mane
    _________Xhaka Cazorla
    Monreal Koscielny A.Williams Bellerin

  5. Roe-hahn

    Clubs with most debt : All fig. in USD

    Real : 750 mill.
    Barca : 530 mill.
    United : 510 mill.
    Arsenal : 320 mill.

    Chelsea has more than a billion dollars in debt which have been paid for by Abramovich. Juventus has a debt of around 230 mill and they are also building a new stadium. None of that has stopped them from signing the best players.

    How come teams like United,Real,Barca spend on players every year but we cant compete with any of them even when we have the least amount of debt. Moreover as per Forbes we are the 5th most valuable team in the world. Why did we move to the Emirates in the first place. There is money in the club but the owner,board,Gazidis,Wenger just don’t want to spend it. Is Arsena trying to tell us that if we spent 80 mil on Greizmann we will go into administration??

    1. Roe-hahn

      Striker options
      Atletico Madrid : Gamiero,Griezmann,Torres,Angel Correa,Vietto(out on loan,will be back next year),Raffael Santos(out on loan,will be back next year)

      Juventus : Higuain,Dybala,Simone Zaza,Mandzukic,Coman(out on loan,will be back next year),Pjaca,multiple other strikers all out on loan to various clubs in Serie A.

      I say we bid 70 mill. for Dybala or Griezmann. Even if these players don’t sign for Arsenal it would show our intent to players like Ozil,Sanchez. That way maybe they will sign new contracts and maybe next year we can go all out for Aubameyang,Griezmann.

    2. jonm

      Roe-hahn, i think when comparing debt it is important that the debt is measured in the same way. For example, is the debt measured as the amount the club owes the bank. Does it take account of the assets of the club, do those assets include the value of the players. Is it total liabilites. In other words it is a minefield with the usual media hype, sensationalising things.

      For example, whilst arsenal have large debts they also have large cash reserves. The difference or net debt is £5.7m. I think you will find that the debts quoted for RM and Barca are total liabilities which includes, wages, tax due and greatly overestimate the debt.

      There is an article which compares the debt of rm, barca, arsenal and manu. If you type “The swiss ramble The Truth About Debt At Barcelona And Real Madrid” in to google you should find it. It is dated 2012 so is out of date now. However it does explain a lot of the issues and in 2012 it indicated that the debts of rm barca and arsenal were fairly comparable but manu debts were much higher. The financial position at arsenal has improved over the last four years. I would expect manu debt situation to be a lot worse since SAF left, barca and rm I have no idea about.

      With regards to the forbes valuation, that is another minefield, if you look in to it.

      A good source of info about arsenal are the financial reports on

      1. Roe-hahn

        “I would expect manu debt situation to be a lot worse since SAF left.”

        So how can United still afford to pay 89 mil. for Pogba and we can’t pay more than 30 mil. for Lacazette..Everton paid 30 mil for Bolasie, Palace willing to spend 30 mil for Benteke..And I thought we moved to the Emirates so we could compete with the likes of United,Real,Barca when in reality Palace,West Ham,Everton are all able to out spend us.

        1. jonm

          united, real and barca have huge income, everton have a new owner who is putting money in and west ham have sold their stadium for development and renting the olympic stadium for a peppercorn rent ( subsidised by us taxpayers in other words).

          But I agree that arsenal could spend more money on players coming in.

  6. ArsenalDave

    Kronke will be wanting to move the team over there for the extra season tickets he could sell

  7. tweety

    money, money, money that is the board’s menu 24 hrs a day. poor arsenal and poor supporters. is evans good for example mr stubborn? he is british and knows the game well – go for him before the Leicester game pls – goner for ever

  8. Twonk

    Well he has lost this season ticket holder this season. Still a member but will probably chuck that in next year. So tired of the fans just being treated as nobodies. Been going to Arsenal since 1980 and have seen some brilliant times and some awful ones. Difference back then was even in the awful seasons you could stomach it as it is a social thing firstly and secondly tickets were heck of a lot cheaper. You could say to yourself ok we lost, but it hasn’t cost me a small fortune and had a good laugh with your mates and perhaps next week we will do better. You cannot say that now at nearly 100 quid a game including beers etc. If they play badly you actually feel in some ways you have been ripped off, especially when the club seems to not care either way, even some of the players couldn’t care less.

    It is very hard to justify spending so much money when you know us fans are just being treated as cash cows. The atmosphere at the Emirates is now like a library, with people looking at you like you are mad if you want to chant. The hardcore fanbase have all been priced out of the game nearly.

    We have been turned into a corporation, soulless and bland.

    Might have a few visits to my other boyhood local club Brentford for a
    bit to see if it is just an Arsenal thing or perhaps in general the Soul of Football is being lost. Perhaps that might bring a bit of perspective.

    But I for one decided not to re new this season and I have to say I have appreciated the extra big amount of cash and do not regret my decision one bit.

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Quote ” Might have a few visits to my other boyhood local club Brentford for abit ”

        ? Oh dear, Hey muffy!
        I think your suffering from Wengeritis, mate.
        It’s either that or you need to put that pipe down ?

      2. Twonk

        Not anymore mate…..born Isleworth so Brentford as a young kid….used to alternate Arsenal and Highbury when they played at home and Brentford on the weekends Arsenal were away. That’s when I was too young to travel of course. Then as got older Arsenal home and away….but at the moment they are making me a little peed off.

        Also got kids of my own now and would like to not have to take out a mortgage just to take them both to a game.

        Just frustrated with them like everyone else and it had occurred to me I have in my recently started letting effect me so and its for me personally because it’s getting a very expensive and frustrating pastime as opposed to the good old days.

        1. muffdiver

          mate same here spent 5 years in isleworth rest in brentford.
          thats why i asked

          my old stompin ground 🙂

  9. NIKK

    Wow! The first ones to get a glimpse of the new manager, big new signings, new style of play etc etc…one lucky so and so.


    This has to be Wenger’s best excuse ever for loosing to Liverpool he is blaming the Euros 2016 on getting rolled over by Liverpool. Look in the Mirror Mr Wenger the guy looking back at you is to blame. Open your Cheque Book and buy a few quality players.

  11. Twonk

    What is with all our injuries though? Ramsey played his heart out at the Euros and first proper game back for Arsenal and he is injured. Likewise all our other injuries? There has to be something wrong with our training methods….it has to be that as our injuries are a joke and it can’t be coincidence.

    We never had these injuries way back when. Why these recent years are they dropping likes flies? It has to be training or there is something at our training facilities that is causing muscle stress and fatigue.

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