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How Schalke slump could affect Arsenal

There is no chance of Arsenal meeting the German side Schalke in the next round of the Champions league, the draw for which is made tomorrow, as they were in the same group stage. The team from Gelsenkirchen could still have an effect on the rest of the season for the Gunners, however.

Despite topping their European group, the manager of Schalke, Huub Stevens, has been sacked from his job and replaced him with Jens Keller. Keller had been in charge of the under-17s but has been moved up, Stevens got the chop after six league games without a win left his side seventh in the Bundesliga.

Arsenal have two of Schalke’s best players on their transfer target list apparently. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, the 29-year old Dutch international striker, was widely expected to join Arsenal for a small fee in January as his contract expires in the summer, while young Lewis Holtby has longer on his contract but has stated his intentions to move to the Premier league.

It remains to be seen whether the Schalke situation will help or hinder Arsenal in their pursuit of these players. Keller may insist on Huntelaar seeing out his contract in order to help them climb back up the table. The new man may want new players and may sell to pay for them. The Bundesliga does not resume until late January following a winter break, so the players will have no time to see if Keller can turn things around. I would not be surprised if one or both of them was at the Emirates by the end of January.

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42 thoughts on “How Schalke slump could affect Arsenal

  1. Hafiz Rahman

    Huntelaar was a big FLOP at both Milan and Real Madrid….signing him will be a big risk and gamble…….

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  2. Gunnerineverylife

    @Hafiz Rahman Thats true but his finishing has improved lot more than before.

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  3. mrinal

    no huntelaar i afraid he become a loss for arsenal
    i would say walcott sign the contract .. then falcao or cavani
    then strootman to replace arteta

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  4. ross

    @mrinal falcao and cavani? Shall we put Messi or Ronaldo on that list for you as well?

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  5. Arsenal till I die

    I think huntelaar, holbty, ba and diame is likely to join us in the winter transfer window. 2 strikers should be coming in because of chamakh is leaving and NY red bulls won’t allow Henry to play.

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  6. artillery1

    Out Of Topic, But Important!

    I saw Banner about Wenger to elave Arsenal at MADJESKI STADIUM!

    I Love Wenger But Recently I thought about his sacking too!
    But I think we will b fool to do it!

    ***Wenger is brave man, People says When KRONKE took over, DIEN selled his SHARES to USMAOV bcox he knws KRONKE is not good man. Dien era, no 1 enter his last year of contract, right??? So its Board Responsibility For Contracts n Wage etc etc!
    DIEN sensed danger n Left, Wenger is sensible man too, he also sensed Danger But Never Left… Cox he knows that If He leaves ARSENAL, KRONKE will sell ARSENAL for his Profits!
    Oke, Board is getting Much Profit but at same time, Wenger is not letting us Go From 4th spot in such tight circumstances! MAN WE NEED TO WAKE UP, WENGER HAD MUCH MUCH BETTER OPPORTUNITIES to Leave ARSENAL but he NEVER DID, COX HE LOVES ARSENAL! n its TRUE! ALL Football Experts knws that he has no support From Board, But still he manages to reach 4th spot for 16years, n Big Clubs want him, like PSG at moment!
    What U think, Wenger is Hungry for His Position or Money???? come on fans, dont b silly!

    If Wenger start talking against Board, Board will Fire Him… Then From Where U vl Bring ANOTHER WENGER????

    I think WENGER is Brave man, Fans Want him out, If He never loved Arsenal, He left Arsenal n get some other good Job, than Fans Realize, how stupid we were…. At moment ArSNEAL is very difficult job wid This Board, we dont knw whether there is 50m thy Will Give Him to spend or Not!

    Just Wait, about 17months from getting RID of EMIRATES loan, n we will have deep pockets too!

    N Once this Board is Out, Wenger will Built Invincibles again!

    sorry for my poor english!

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  7. artillery1


    Dont call him Flop :/

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  8. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Gunnerineverylife

    true to that which is why its a big risk and gamble to sign him….

    Torres finishing was good too but hasnt score much since his move to chelsea….

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  9. 1nil2theboys

    Are these guys the top quality signings we need?I don’t know.Sounds more like we’re still bargain basement shopping to me.Unless they arrive with other reinforcements as well.I just hope these two and the zambian fella aren’t all we go for.Was hoping for better.COYG

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  10. Hafiz Rahman

    @ 1nil2theboys

    how do you judge quality???

    is quality based on players performance or price tag??

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  11. artillery1

    @hafiz REHAMN:

    Jenki is about 20 years old, right???

    So ALVES will b good buy!

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  12. Hafiz Rahman

    @ artillery1

    yeah but whats the point of selling 29yo sagna and sign 29yo Alves??

    Barca clearance old stock…Xmas and NY clearance sale…

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  13. Gunnerineverylife

    @artillery1 better to retain Sagna by giving him the contract he deserves rather than buy that swimmer

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  14. Prithvi

    @mrinal USMANOV has not taken over yet so you better stop dreaming about buying falcao and cavani…….

    @ross nice one…..LOL

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  15. Prithvi

    @artillery1 how can you even thimk of buying alves here we are not even ready to pay are best performer walcott 90k……how are we going to pay a 29 yr old full back 200k……..

    @HafizRehman i think artillery has gone nuts………we are not even paying sagna 70k…..

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  16. MDOwn

    No point in talking about Falcao and Cavani. Their wages will be ridiculous, and I would rather we stuck to some of our principles when it comes to spending and not just spending millions on players because their current form is good, or taking the Man City approach buying stars instead of making them.

    Which is also why we should not buy Huntelaar, who is playing in a league easier to score in than the EPL, at 29 he is in his prime but how much longer will his form continue? Holtby would be a good purchase, a talented YOUNG lad, who is yet to reach his prime, and can develop the way we need him to, but I would perhaps look closer to home, there are better players in EPL and Championship in this position for maybe less.

    A good CDM would be nice, e.g Diame or one of the Newcastle lot, one with EPL experience even better. A bit of a gamble but I do like Fellaini for this he is good as a CDM and a CAM/CF.

    AND PLEASE just sign up Walcott, he is a bigger part of this team than the board seem to believe, and he is just getting better and better.


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  17. AJ

    Keep Sagna. Simple. Most experienced guy in our side right now as an Arsenal player. Does not talk crap, does his job well. Committed unless we force him out.
    We are defensively quite shaky, and bringing a pseudo forward in dani alves will only be harmful.

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  18. AJ

    @ MDOwn

    Cavani is on 25k a week basic right now (and until 2015). He said if he wants to move his criteria won’t include salary.
    Just think about it, Djourou, Ramsey earn twice that.

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  19. leo

    dani alves is on 130 a week at barca & arsenal have opened talks with schalke over huntelaar the player wants £100 a week david villa/llorente also an alternative

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  20. leo

    dani alves is on 130 a week not 200 messi was said to be around 250 a week there is no way alves would earn anywhere that + last season zenit were offering him around 150 a week so how come he take a paycut from 200 to 150

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  21. leo

    i think the striker we are going to sign acc to most sources would be from spain hope it’s not adrian lopez soldado/llorente/villa would be perfect

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  22. Sank

    It is realy difficult to choose from –

    i would prefer BA above all after proper medical check.
    he has 2 yrs epl experiance. scored all types of goals, loves arsenal and is a bargain.

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  23. merkin

    I just watched Schalke v Freiberg which Freiberg won 1-3. It is shocking how poorly Schalke played. It has to be the manager, there can be no other reason unless the entire team has the flu. Huntelaar was sent off with two yellows. The second one was a travesty, Huntelaar was being held and pulled down.

    I won’t be happy with Huntelaar signing with the Gunners, for some reason I am really negative about Dutch strikers right now. I can’t remember why but every since this summer…

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  24. Simon Kinywa

    Dear Mr. Wenger,

    Congratulations for the win against Reading. The players showed good football and above all were strong mentally. I hope there will be consistency in the team.

    About Walcott try your level best and retain the young man. You have brought up this kid, please see him to maturity. He has proved he can be a central striker. About his pay why not pay him 80M first year then 90M thereafter so that you have time to balance your books. Engage him seriously but if and I say if you have to sell him please not to Man U. You should not be building an opposition team after selling Van Persie there.

    Watching past games, it is now clear that we now need a DM, a striker and above all another Carzola. We have not so far replaced Fabregas or Song. A fearless attacking midfielder who is a player maker to feed the strikers and boost Carzola is highly needed.

    Kindly do not buy Alves, Nani or Lampard because they were good then but not now. They are now on downward trend.

    Ooh Mr. Wenger I miss the fast quality high possession Arsenal football of yester years. This can be redeemed if only we buy quality players to boost confidence. Currently we do not need another GK maybe until the end of the season. Your no.1 GK is currently doing very well.

    On a light note the fans are stakeholders of the club and if we point out any mistakes for correction, we are doing so for the sake of the club.

    Yours faithfully,

    Simon (Always Arsenal)

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  25. alby

    I’m actually getting wary of the fact that we are in talks with almost every player available this jan.we the fans cant even make a collective choice as to an exact player we should buy come this i’d rather we left it for the man who bought Rvp,Henry,Cesc among others.lets not forget the form of some of our flops prior to their signings.some picking golden boots among others.we’re all craving for wenger’s head but we all know it wont happen.

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  26. Segun

    NO! I’d did rather see Ba who’s proven EPL quality and much younger than Huntelaar the flop!

    He’s had the most missed clearcut chances in Europe!

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  27. Gunner from augrabies (RSA). I Love Arsenal..

    No hunterlaar, if that’s the news. No holbty if that’s the news. Then sissoko and ba. I watch that game againts spain, france, sissoko was the man. And we know ba. If we sign him it will be a bounus. Trust me. A true gunner from augrabies.

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  28. arsenal4eva

    i agree…Huntelaar is a flop at Madrid and Milan!!!dun get carried away guys…he’s aging too…i think Wenger shud target more proven and creative CAM…our game is lack of creativity rite now…we shudnt entirely rely on Cazorla…pls bring in creative player!!!

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  29. kizwalo

    Wold suggest the offloading of Chamackh,Squillac,Djrou,Bendtner,Arshavin,Denilson,Santos.
    Promote Eisfield,Meade and Gnabry and sign Ba,Strootman and Yanga-Mbiwa then arsenal will be perfect.

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  30. RT

    I think these signigs (we wont get Holtby) would just be a way to buy in the window but to hide the boards reluctancy to spend decent money.
    Yes, Huntelaar scores – Reading proved Podolski’s just as good at poaching though! And he’s 29 fgs we already have 1 slow striker we don’t need him!
    We need Theo to sign and Ba/even Villa/Adrian -plenty more out there than this washed up stiker!

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