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How Welbeck and Ozil will make Arsenal awesome!!

Can Welbeck and Ozil Be Arsenal’s Costa and Fabregas? by AT

Looking back at Arsenal’s rather comfortable win against Aston Villa, I noticed that two Arsenal players really stepped up to the plate and answered their critics. Mesut Ozil conducted the orchestra to great effect and came away with a goal and an assist, and so did Danny Welbeck, who led the line brilliantly.

However, what gets me most excited is the way they worked together, there was certainly some chemistry there. Apart from the two well-taken goals, there were plenty of neat one-twos, lay offs and both players knew when to run into space and get themselves ready for a pass from the other. While all the efforts didn’t bear fruit, the co-ordination between the two really is a positive sign for Arsenal.

Another advantage of having Welbeck lead the line is that the Englishman is very capable of running the channels and making space for midfield runners like Ramsey and Wilshere to get into the middle with lesser attention from opposition defenders. Not not mention, his pace also enables him to get on the end of through balls from the likes of Ozil and get in on goal, something Giroud really struggled with.

While his finishing may not quite be there yet, he certainly has the confidence in his ability and we can be quite sure that he will improve on that aspect of his game as well. Personally, I really like the combination of Ozil and Welbeck and I firmly believe that with a little work, they can replicate for Arsenal what Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa are doing for Chelsea.

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19 thoughts on “How Welbeck and Ozil will make Arsenal awesome!!

  1. Hafiz Rahman

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    1. ArsenalGenes

      Hey man.. try to enjoy these moments, rather than getting sad about the disasters going to happen in the future.. I bet you are miserable all the time.

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      1. whiterun_guard

        No he is a troll trying to piss us all the time i bet he is a chelsea or man u fan

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    1. Goonsquad8

      I know I could give a flying f*ck about those 2 i think fabregas is so overrated have you guys seen him play? He looks so slow and he cant dribble, tackle or make his old runs and how did the writer not mention Sanchez?

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  2. ruelando

    i actually like what i saw too, but i was not thinking Fab/Costa, it is more like a rough version of Berkamp/Henry, add a ox/sanchez or a walcott/campbell out wide and we could have one of the most fearful quartet

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  3. alejandro1301

    A confident Ozil can make a combo with ANYONE. Just wait and see, lads.

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    1. Goonsquad8

      I’m so excited to see ozil play with Walcott welbeck AND Sanchez we can have the deadliest attCk in the prem

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    2. almostawinner

      when ozil joined last year, he tried these thru passes to giroud but they just went into open space as giroud had no intention/idea to run behind.
      good to see welbeck running behind.

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      1. Goonsquad8

        That’s unfair to say giroud had no idea to run in behind he’s not an idiot. That’s just not his game and he lacks the pace

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  4. dilla

    Ironic that all the pundits slam us for only having 5 recognized defenders and call us weak at defending. Yet Everton lose and concede 3 goals at home, Chelsea concede against 10 man city, Liverpool lose 2 in a row conceding 4 goals, and my favorite one of all–UTD are leading 3-1 and go on to lose 5-3 against leicester. Meanwhile we beat one of the few unbeaten clubs in Villa 3-0. lol clearly our defense is in shambles.

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    1. Colin

      Please don’t forget the contribution Szczesney made in the game, He was worth 2 opening goals for Villa.

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      1. Incarnate

        But Szczesney plays for Arsenal and is part of the defence, he makes a save or koscielny makes a tackle, they do it for the team, right?

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  5. SUNNY13

    Welback can defiantly improve his finishing ability under Wenger’s guidence. Look Walcott.
    He will be great for arsenal.
    Next 3 to 4 matches will tell us more. One match is not enough.
    Home win against Sothemton and Tottenhum and in CL and an away draw at chelsea is what we want

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  6. TJ

    Spuds lost to West Brom and look all out of sorts…looking forward to next week.

    Chelsea didn’t look that flash vs Man City – we could get a win out of that game. They don’t like speed running at their backline (well who does I guess). Walcott, Sanchez, Ozil, Welbeck…should give them a whole nightmare. Moanrinho will park the bus and try to hit us on a counter…

    Man U – looked good going forward and they will score with the firepower they have….but jeez, Blind is no holding mid and that backline is a shambles. Pool in a bit of disarray as well.

    Unfortunately we only get them Nov 22…same with Pool – we don’t play them until Dec 20th.

    Much to look forward to…

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  7. TJ

    going back to topic…i really think it’s a whole lot more than just Ozil & Welbeck….we are just 2-3 players away from a truly world-class side, but let’s not ponder that for now…it’s more than just those 2’s Sanchez, Rambo, Jack, Ox, Walcott, Chambers, BFG, Kos, Debuchy, Szsc, Ospina, Diaby (dare it say it!!!!), Campbell, OG, Santi, TR7, Gibbs…

    these guys will make Arsenal awesome!

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    1. almostawinner

      i just hope wenger rotates more .
      most of our players were so tired coming off manc, i really hated that roziscky/campbell/ox and cazorla didnt start v DORT.
      that would have added a zip/energy that ozil/sanchez/ramsey/wilshire didnt provide in that game.

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