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How Wenger will convince the Ox to stay at Arsenal?

There have been Arsenal transfer rumours about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all summer, with the England international being one of a number of Gunners who are now in the final year of their current contracts with the club. And with the end of the current transfer window fast approaching those rumours in the football media are growing.

\it was being reported last week that Arsenal had rejected a bid for the Ox from our Premier League rivals Chelsea and also that we he was about to sign an extension and get a pay rise that would net him around £125,000 a week and all was looking good.

Then we were told that Chamberlain was still not ready to sign and may well have decided that he wanted to go to Stamford Bridge and play for Antonio Conte but according to a Metro report nothing is yet certain and the player is going to have showdown talks this week as we try to persuade him to stay, so how will Arsene Wenger convince the talented, but often under-used, 24-year old that his future should be in north London?

I would say there are two main points apart from the money. One is to convince Chamberlain that he will be a regular starter and after he proved himself so useful in the new wing back role that should not be too hard. The other is to show him that staying at Arsenal will offer him trophy success and that one is going to be harder for the Boss to pull off.

Does Wenger have to prove his case by using the next week or so to sign a big name player or two and prove that we really do have title ambitions and credentials before the Ox says yes?


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39 thoughts on “How Wenger will convince the Ox to stay at Arsenal?

  1. HA559

    This years UCL is really tough one of the strongest lineup of teams I’ve seen in recent years. Even if you just look at pot 4 there are teams there that would normally be in pot 3 like CSKA, Celtic and Sporting Lisbon. Leipzig and Netherlands champion Feynoord also some of the other big names in pot 4.

    Shame Arsenal are not in it, but probably for the best we miss out, don’t make an impact past group stage.

  2. Raoh

    Nothing has changed. This squad is basically the same than when we started the summer except for 2 new additions. I understand then that Wenger is focusing on the EPL as we seem ill equipped to compete in more than 1 competition but even than I would be surprised if we challenge and win it:

    1) Kolasinac deal was probably wrapped up in January and Lacazette deal looks like an anomaly with the club shedding a record bid. With a club being labeled as a big one it is baffling. They aren’t top in the world at there position let alone the EPL to stop spending.
    2) Jenko is the 1st certified deadwood out of the club and it is only a loan!! 7 days off the window shutting we still have: Perez, Gibbs, Debuchy, Campbell and probable loanees in Maitland-Niles, Bielick & Adelaide! And if you think like Wenger add Chambers to the fray (inexplicable) and even Mustafi from the looks of his conference. I would also add Walcott which isn’t championship pedigree.
    3) Our wage bill is extremely high for such a squad: around 200m/year. It is 10m off a Man City squad that are expected by anyone to challenge and win. It is 30m off a Man U squad that fixed all there issues going into the season. And finally hate to say, but it is 80m higher than a spurs squad with 0 contract issues for there best players.
    4) We have haggled over fees (once again) for players we wanted gone as they were 3rd or even 4th option at there position for various reasons yet we put a big price tag instead of facilitating there exits to better strenghten considering there wages. Nobody wants them because commiting so much money on a player deemed as such (inconsistencies and injuries).
    5) Ultimately we gave out pricey contracts to players who probably weren’t fully deserving and we are paying for it and with the window winding down clubs know we have more pressure each day to do so.
    6) Because of all mentionned above we didn’t move quick enough to secure our main targets and now we find ourselves exactly at the same place every summer. Waiting for and wanting more.
    7) We have a need at CB with what seems more to come there as outs and with Kos injury prone and Per retiring. We have a need in midfield with Wilshere and Santi unknows and again Elneny and Coq not at that level. We have a need for a winger with Walcott inconsistencies and one dimensional play…there is options out there (Van Djik/Coulibaly; Goretzka/Seri/Carvalho; Draxler/Brandt…) yet we look to not do anything

    I wouldn’t blame a player from seeing that and not wanting to be part of it! Lemar deal dead yet Mbappe and Fabinho on or more like we are unwilling to align ourselves with the market. We go into the season with more questions than answers yet one thing that hasn’t changed is that Arsenal the club I love dearly are a club unable to address there needs properly.

    1. JJPawn

      You main point is that Arsenal are competitive in wages in terms of aggregate data, and that with fewer players we should be competitive as a team vs. City.

      What you miss is the transfer cost of bringing quality.

      Man City spent more than £150 million in 2016 summer transfer window.
      John Stones (£47.5m from Everton)
      Leroy Sané (£36m from FC Schalke)
      Gabriel Jesus (£26 from Palmires)
      Ilkay Gündogan (£20m from Dortmund)
      Nolito (£13.8m from Celta Vigo)
      Claudio Bravo (£15m from Barcelona)
      Marlos Moreno (£4.6m from Nacional)
      Gerónimo Rulli (£3.9m from Maldonado)

      Man City spent more than £150million in 2015 summer transfer window.
      Kevin De Bruyne (£54.5m)
      Raheem Sterling (£49m)
      Nicolas Otamendi (£32.0m)
      Fabian Delph (£8.0m)
      Patrick Roberts (£12.0m)

      (Manchester City is made around £44 million in the sale of Edin Dzeko and Alvaro Negredo.)

      The reason there are so many players is that Wenger needed a couple of them to come through to have good enough players, especially English players. Those combined with Alexis and Ozil at the high end along with others costing less, have kept Arsenal in the top four until last year when teams with more resources threatened Arsenal, and none more than ManCity that was not really a top four club in the past. Chelsea and City are obvious with the spending, and they have joined Man U in the spending league of three. But, home grown players and sold have allowed Tottenham to also compete, while Liverpool has made a comeback.

      That is why Arene Wenger is a genius in building the global brand that is Arsenal without the resources of the other clubs clubs and while the stadium was being built. His work is what makes the club attractive to fans overseas, while his work has meant that young starts today grew up on Arsenal and want to be part of it today, if the price is right.

      So, Wenger thinks now is the time to cut the team down to higher 20s and compete on wages, especially because the Arsenal brand is appealing. If not for Real and Barca, along with PSG now, Wenger would have landed top, some what proven young talent from France, and all the Wenger haters would be lock-up in the cellar for good.

      (Of course all this will change again at the structural level of global competition when the Chinese buy more and more, as their league expands and get deeper and more institutionalized).

      1. Raoh

        I agree with the fact that we compete on wages but long term it proves costly. When we want to let go of an underperfoming, underachieving player we can’t. An even than the coach seems intent of giving countless chances for a player to prove everybody that he was/is right. Wenger seems to be thinking short term and not thinking about the well being of the club long term when he will no longer be in the dugout…that is called selfishness.

        Yes Man City is spending like crazy but why didn’t we go for Youri Tielemans that was just bought from Monaco (20m) or complete a deal for Dembélé (less than 20m) last year or Aubameyang before he moved to Dortmund or even Higuain when he was “offered” to clubs and Matuidi now. We simply lack cutting edge in making deals quickly when we have identified a target. We are missing out on Lemar who is reportedly OFF. the real reason is because the club doesn’t want to align with today’s market values and intent of following outdated methods in the meantime Mbappe (there “biggest” piece) and Fabinho are still ON.

        We can’t forever live off our past glories…we are already missing out on players of high value and we missed the UCL last year which really was one of our main arguments along with overpaying wages. You can’t expect a team that finished 5th 18 points off the champions to just add 2 players for which I have great expectations but aren’t even top 5 in the world let alone the EPL and keep the same team virtually to transfigure this squad and change its fate.

          1. JJPawn

            Wenger is the one coach who thinks longer term. He has been building, but external shocks, and idealism to support English players have hurt him.

            “An even than the coach seems intent of giving countless chances for a player to prove everybody that he was/is right. Wenger seems to be thinking short term and not thinking about the well being of the club long term when he will no longer be in the dugout…that is called selfishness.”

            It is this sort of short-sighted comment that makes you perspective invalid. Without Wenger Arsenal would not have got to level and maintained for 20 years. Only Man U has done that, and that is a bigger club. There are plenty of hit-or-miss players for every team, and so Wenger has invested in youth thinking of bringing them along for long haul. The Sanchez type players are rare, but now he has the money to buy one every year.

            Another factor most miss is that Wenger was also committed to improve the English national team and so he tried to invest in local youth. Well, we all know how self-important they are even after being unable to match the exploits of the glory days when Wenger’s team were central to the French World Cup win. The English core of Arsenal should be humble and hard working like Elneny, and appreciate what the boss has done for them.

            But, I digress.

            Arsenal cannot compete without transfer funds for the very best in the world, and if that is the case, Arsenal do well to be in the top four or five time in England, behind Man U, Man City and Chelsea, who are all able to spend more than Arsenal.

            Yes, occasionally, when others miss it, Wenger will put out a Lacazette from the hat. With Alexis and Ozil, Arsenal only needs one more player up front to be deadly. The defense is leaking, and two more signings there would tighten things up, unless the Holding, Chambers, and Mustafi play at a higher level.

            Wenger also knows that having several team at even levels gives Arsenal a chance from the outside. If Man U can be held by Chelsea, Man City and one other team, he has a better chance than when there is one great team. Let us support our team and the manager who knows this game better than anyone else coaching. We are fortunate that Wenger did not leave for Spain or Man U. He is loyal to Arsenal, and no doubt hurt by the fans betrayal with Wengerout signs.

      2. ZA_Gunner

        It’s not what ifs and what could have been that’s important or whether the market condition would suit us, we cannot dictate the free market. It’s a matter of what’s happening now and what we can do to keep up and we are not doing enough. This is the game now and that is how it’s played no point in complaining about clubs spending higher than us just because we cannot do the same. In fact we can spend like Man U, Chelsea or Man City but we choose not to so we only have ourselves to blame. Blame the system all you want fair game but as long as it doesn’t change, we should be playing within the rules and not wishing for something else and expect the rules to change in our favour.

        By the way you mention players’ prices versus players’ wages which I think is incomparable because the one is a wage price while the other is a purchasing price which has no correlation whatsoever, and their retrospective prices are dictated by their very own respective terms and reasons. A purchase price is determined by the selling club while player wages is determined by the individual player, two completely different things, hence how does the selling price of a player has in any correlation with a players wages when wages is dictated by the player himself and not the club? If you are trying to say because the selling price is high hence the wages are low then it clearly does not make sense based on my above reasoning. The reason why Man City is willing to pay those high prices is because most of them are top quality players, now you cannot say the same about the average players at our club sitting on high wages because they are not top quality and don’t deserve it. Furthermore higher price for a quality player does not mean the club will struggle to sell him on for a profit, but on the other hand an average player on a higher wage would pose difficulty and perhaps a loss for the club as it needs to cut losses. Then again my statement in the above two sentences is only plausible in the scenario whereby I’m going by your very own analogy, which I have already proven to be flawed at the beginning of this paragraph.

        @JJPawn: So next time you attempt to try and confuse or trick forum members using a fallacious argument, make sure it is logical; honest and backed up by undisputed facts, otherwise you will meet people like me who will discredit you.

        1. JJPawn

          “The reason why Man City is willing to pay those high prices is because most of them are top quality players, now you cannot say the same about the average players at our club sitting on high wages because they are not top quality and don’t deserve it.”

          Consider a better statement of the same facts you present objectively: it is because ManCity have more money that they buy better players by the half dozen. Ditto for Man U. The market provides the best players at higher prices than lower prices.

          Logic dictates that you consider the market and the salary. High wages are the price for English players Wenger was committed to develop after his French players become important in France’s world domination.

          If you are confused by supply and demand curves, I suggest you look up a basic economic text. There is a reason that ManCity rose up suddenly with oil money, just as Chelsea became consistent with the same. Now we have PSG backed by the beleaguered Qatar. (While looking at an economic text, also read some politics and international relations of the Middle East.)

          The basics of political economy suggests that Man U will win the title this year, while Man U, PSG, Real and Barca will compete for the CL.

          However, football can be weird.
          * Big egos at Man U can make things go wrong, as it has in the past for the coach.
          * The top four and Man U are also in the Champion’s League making their teams more worn out.
          * Then, with a balance of power among the top ten teams, it is possible to see a Man City unable to beat a team it should, etc.

          So… if Arsenal just can get its defensive back three in order, fix the right wing (Mahrez?), help Xhaka to be more focused (Wenger already has called out the errors) our team has a clear run at the title… longer odds than an economics and politics logic lesson, but possible, because football is a human game, and there are more variable at play, as we saw with the Foxes under Raneiri.

    1. Kostafi

      Ox has said he wont sign the new £125k a week deal so it’s not about money. The only 2 factors are game time and position in the team.

      He got roughly 1,000 more minutes last season (across all comps) than the previous one at 2,568 and this indeed is the most he has ever played in a season for Arsenal. It seems clear the club increased his minutes either to convince him to sign or because his form improved.

      The position thing for me looks to be the issue- At CM, he is probably behind Xhaka, Rambo, Coq, El Neny, and a fully fit Wilshere. Although I believe he should be third in the pecking order.

      Chelsea might offer him £150k per week but they can’t match the Arsenal minutes or offer him a CM starting place. Even at RWB, the minutes aren’t guaranteed until he can usurp Moses.

      Liverpool remains the only viable destination with Can also into his final 12 months amidst talk of a move to Juventus. Also the Coutinho (situation) injury has forced Klopp to shift from a 4231 to a 433 with Milner the only experienced back up CM they have.

      AW needs to guarantee Ox he is 3rd choice CM as well as versatility minutes for him to stay and I think he was inclined to with the Leicester bid for El Neny apparently approved by the club.

      Off topic- AW needs to stop playing people out of position!! keep Ox on the right because he is right-footed! Play Kolasinac at LWB because that was what he was signed for!! Don’t play Mustafi at RCB when he is the tallest of your 3 CB’s, play him in the middle!!! Play Monreal at LWB or at LCB!!! You are not confusing the opposition, you are confusing the players and what you get is a disjointed display!

      Also OT- all well and good shipping Jenko and Bramall (should have kept him) but the biggest dead wood wage drains are still at the club- prioritise Debuchy, Perez (not deadwood but wants out) and Campbell who doesn’t want a 6th loan. He’s played in 3 or 4 countries, Im sure he will find suitors! Hell I saw Adebayor playing for Nice the other night- yeah him and we cant sell them Debuchy on a f*!i<ing free?

  3. mark

    Ox has probably had his head turned by the usual promises at another club. We shall see.

    I’m more concerned about our defunct defence. We seem to be shedding defenders with no sign of replacements. Isn’t our defence shaky enough already?

    We need some signings in that area.

  4. Samuel Ogungbayi

    People don’t understand the grouse of Oxlade Chamberlain. It is down to the management style of Wenger that frustrates and make it impossible to get the best out of Arsenal players.The talented young man have been requesting to play in central mid field ! Wenger refused .The Ox has been played in outside right , outside left ,right wing back ,left wing back and right full back as we saw at Old Trafford last season.
    The Ox ,at eighteen years in 2012 , dominated the central mid field against AC Milan in a Champions League match and was commended globally for his performance Wenger then said that his future position is the Central mid field. After six (6)years , Wenger is still pushing him around . Last season ,away to Southampton ,he was played in the position he loved and once again , it was a stellar performance . Why would a manager relish in denying a player his best position based on demonstrated performance for years ? People should ask Wenger this question.
    Also why should a player remain in a club where the manager wants to ruin or is ruining his career installmentaly when there are alternatives where his career can blossom ?
    That is the issue, people should not blame or misunderstand the Ox .People should ask Arsene Wenger why he does things that frustrates out good players out of Arsenal.

    1. Nebsy

      Excellent point. Wenger truly is clueless at times.
      Even when he could play him centrally, he still refused and played even more players out of their position, just so he can stick the Ox on the flank.
      I’m so going to enjoy the first season without Wenger. I don’t care where the club ends up by the end of that season, but I do know that I won’t be as frustrated with the way they play on the pitch as I have been for at least four years now, since their failing tika-taka side pass, back pass style of football became too obvious.

    2. chris

      I don’t know if Ox’s career will blossom elsewhere, he may only be used on the bench. But you can see why he wants to leave Wenger. You can see why Sanches does. Perez, Ozil. Correction Ozil may stay because not many other managers would let him laze about when we do not have the ball !

  5. Godswill

    If we have been fast in the market we would not be begging the Ox.
    We could have gotten Lemar before majority of Monaco players left. Now they don’t want to sell.
    Mahrez is as good as Ox if not better, yet he’s available.
    There are many we can get but Wenger is in another market other than where other big teams are.
    Another long season for we fans.

    1. JJPawn

      “There are many we can get but Wenger is in another market other than where other big teams are.”

      Really? Which one is that? [Ozil, Sanchez, Xhaka, Mustafi, Kolasniac, Lacazette… are not good enough?]

      Arsenal major problem is having too many English problem children who are mediocre with the final ball: Theo and Ox are over paid, over-hyped players.

      Best to sell Ox for 40M and sign Mahrez the better winger with a superb final ball. The right winger slot is really an issue now, and the speedy Mahrez would create changes for both Alexis and Lacazette the way he does at the Foxes.


  6. Nebsy

    He can only convince him by giving him more money. There’s nothing else at the club he should stay for IMO. Arsenal really is the same old same old year in year out.
    On a personal note, I’ve stopped getting upset about Arsenal finally.
    Don’t care where they’ll finish on the table, don’t care who’s in, who’s out, I’ll occasionally tune in to see a big game yell “we love you Arsenal we do, oh Arsenal we love you”at the telly and continue with my life.
    I do hope that Dangote buys out Kroenke in 2019 or 2020. That is the only change I am waiting for.

  7. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Wenger plays him in too many positions and has his favourites in the position he actually wants to play on. He is a decent enough player so he would be crazy to stay a strong a utility player to suit Arsene’s team selection game to game.

    I’m not surprised this has dragged on. He is justified in thinking that at this stage he is better than what Arsenal are offering him in terms of playing on the pitch.

    1. Segun

      Pray. Who do you figure Ox should replace/displace in Arsenal’s midfield, on a consistent basis. He is a good winger (right midfield) and won’t cut it consistently at midfield, unless on an ad hoc basis, when we play teams which he can do well against. I recall he did well in midfield against AC Milan and recently too, when called to do so.

  8. Middle Man

    I don’t think people in this site are actual Arsenal Fans , i think they are rival fans who want to see the downfall of Arsenal , Look how everyone is defending Ox and putting the blame on Arsenal that he wants to leave !!

    Arsenal have waited so long for this player to grow and suddenly when he is good he wants to leave ! why ? because Arsenal is not in the CL ! Juventus went to Serie B and their loyal players stayed with them !

    You people want to put ALL the blame on Wenger ! , sure he has some issues , but none of them are related to the loyalties of the players ! you guys always say the you are fan of the club not Wenger ! well guess what Ox is not insulting wenger by refusing to sign the contract ! he is insulting Arsenal and you guys are defending him , which shows you are not against Wenger but you are against Arsenal ! Pathetic.

    1. ZA_Gunner

      Give the Ox a deserved pay rise, I mean he is on 65K while Walcott is on 140K and I’ve always rated Ox higher than him. Then Wenger must promise him development and ensure he is always starting games as well as not being played out of position, as in a bit-part team role. Unless he is inured or out of form, he should always start because he is so much better at taking players on, is direct and is always dangerous in attack. But if all of this still isn’t enough to persuade him to stay, then I’d say rather let him go and recoup whatever money we can from him. Like Middle Man said above players should at least feel a bit of loyalty to the club that has given the opportunity and showed faith in him.

      1. JJPawn

        I agree Theo is overpaid… but he scores goals. Ox’s final ball is most useless, unless he is crossing it on the fly.

        Sell both for 70M and buy Mahrez and a good CB for 90M, and things will improve.

        Wenger is interested in selling the Ox… for 40 (?) and seems to want Van Dijk for (50?). That would be an excellent outcome. Theo is still the connection to the past… and he can score, perhaps useful squad player.

  9. Segun

    What makes us think Wenger wants so desperately to keep the Ox. Sometimes, you bluff to get the player value up. Let’s stop for a moment and reason about the career of the Ox. I like him but for all the club has done for him, patiently waiting for him during his yearly injury travails and accommodating his many errors leading to goals against us, I feel he should be signing the recent offer on the table. Last season was the one where he has played the most games because he remained fit longer.

    He’s been part of the years we have failed to win the EPL, so those dressing him up in “winner mentality garments” on here are off the mark.

    I have a theory on him: the club didn’t trust him enough to offer an extension in 2015/16 because he hardly played; he felt betrayed and vowed to do well (and did), then make the club sweat as soon as he enetered the ‘protected period’ of his contract. He needs more money to keep that new relationship with the pop star going too, by the way.

    He is one player I won’t bat an eyelid if the club were to sell him, if he still refuses to sign an extension. He has potential, and that’s all it is.

    1. Vlad

      Well said. He’s exactly what’s wrong with Arsenal lately – mediocre players thinking they are all that. I don’t care what anyone else says – Ox is a bum. An overhyped, overpriced, overpaid, injury prone bum. Watch him lose the ball, then try to track back, only to fall on his arse in pre-season game against Chelsea – sums up his Arsenal career perfectly.

  10. Adam Criniti

    Pretty simple answer, He won’t.

    I get the impression that Ox and his old man have grown tired of Wengers and the clubs failed promises. Much like Nasri, RVP, Clicy, Cesc, Sagna, etc before him perhaps the young Englishmen prefers to play for a club with GENUINE title aspirations and a manager that will ensure his career development takes that necessary next step.
    Fools gold, possibly but I don’t personally blame him for being excited about the possibility of change when he’s certainly not content with the status quo at the club.

    If he turns out to be extorting the club for money and signs for $125K a week than he’s played Wenger and the club and they deserve each other in futboling purgatory. Lol

  11. Roachie

    If Chelski had offered us £35m for the ox 12 months ago we’d all be laughing all the way to the bank. Yes he has shown some improvement at the end of last season and the beginning of this one mainly due to changing to 3 at the back. But remember how many times he starts to look promising and then picks up an injury. I feel he should leave but the problem is finding a replacement before the window closes.

  12. COYG_CA

    My educated guess would be Sanchez might just sign a huge contract extension, however, to get his buy-in, there would be a clause (promise) stating he could leave if the club does not achieve CL play next season.

    Ox? Well, not sure on that one. I find this scenario very interesting since I honestly do not believe he could walk into a starting spot onto another top club, to be honest. Moreover, I do not believe he is worth the $$ being discussed. Although some more positives than Wally, I still believe the situation/player very similar when Wally was being asked to stay with big $ being offered . . . . why? You got me, maybe to keep the domestic quota? So it could be Wally and the Ox at 265K a week combined? Wow . . . .

    1. COYG_CA

      Remember when Wenger was trying to get Wally to sign a new contract? He played Wally in a different position and often, once the contract was signed, boom, right back to old times. Same scenario with Ox, he knows it too. He just needs to decide if he wants to be a Wally and take the $, or if he really wants to play every week. If he does want to play every week, he’ll have to go to a mid-table or lower club. Seriously, I mean which clubs are making ACTUAL solid bids for him . . . . ? ZERO so far, just media BS so far.

  13. Simon

    Ox would be a total retard to move- or not sign. He’s now a starter – and no other quality team can guarantee that

    Would he really risk not playing in another team, for a small increase in wages


    We stuck with him, through some poor seasons. Time he payed the team back with some loyalty

    1. JJPawn

      That is a proper fan comment, Simon!

      Basically, the English is not that good. If he stays, he should accept what Wenger gives him and play with heart, giving his best every day not matter where he plays.

      He does need to learn about his final ball and field awareness. That is a head issue, and I am not sure it can be fixed as long as he thinks he is better than he is.

    2. ZA_Gunner

      I agree that Arsenal is his best option to be able play regularly and to improve on his game.

      Though I would contest that players need to show loyalty to the club. I’ m sorry to say gone are those days where players feel the obligation to repay the club. It’s a matter of needs and mutual benefits these days, if a player does not feel the club he’s at and working for can satisfy his needs or that his ambitions is aligned with the vision of the club, then it in his own right to look for employment elsewhere. The notion of mutual sentiments and loyalty is flawed for both sides because either of which are in for the gain and profiting. Hence there is no reason and obligation for a player to show loyalty to a club, ie: Neymar

  14. jon fox

    If I were Ox and been treated the way Wenger has mistreated him over his six years stay, I would be demanding to leave and nothing could persuade me to stay. OX though, has many faults too; lack of concentration, lazy so often, gives ball away in dangerous positions and very few goals or assists. Ox does look to be on the verge of a breakthrough but we have been there before and more than once. If we had a decent manager I would wish to keep Ox but Wenger does his best to ruin all promising players by constantly playing so many out of position; by lack of motivational skills and by being so far behind modern football winning methods. No shape, balance or moviivation will not compensate an ambitious footballer for having to put up with Wenger and his stale methods and a club that lacks ambition from top to botton , for another two seasons. I do not see him signing and even if he does that shows a lack of ambition , so he can’t win either way. Nor can our club , with Wenger!

    1. COYG_CA

      I agree to an extent; I just don’t believe th Ox is (a) a starter for a mid-table higher club, (b) nor worth the amount of weekly wages being bantered around. He IS the perfect player for Arsenal right now, as a player, he basically personifies all that is wrong and messed up at the club. The entire organization from top to bottom needs a swift kick up the arse and upside the head . . . .

  15. damigunner

    have been reading all posts and it seems all arsenal fans want run run run with little football brain chamberlain stay at arsenal… instead of you guys to be praying he gets off our wage bills…. do you think Chelsea will buy that sort of player.. a player that his end ball is as poor as my grandma’s… or do u think he is better than Moses….you must be joking if you think so…. this ox case reminds me of Walcott case some years, ago when he wanted that bumper payrise and he got it and see what we get in return… a deadwood on high wages… in short players like Walcott Ramsey welbeck cocqlan mertesacker Gibbs Wilshire etc… and even wenger should be off this club… the more we continue with them the worst for us…and if u check most of this players are British…. British players just don’t cut it… sell these, ones off and give the youth guys a chance… with a new coach though…. that’s the way forward….

    1. JJPawn

      “in short players like Walcott Ramsey welbeck cocqlan mertesacker Gibbs Wilshire etc”

      “British players just don’t cut it… sell these, ones off and give the youth guys a chance…”

      Agree with these statements!

      I disagree with the Wenger outers: his issue was that he tried to bring England a world cup, and thought the could cultivate a British core… we know the rest.

      Wenger is done with British players with no skill, but he is also facing an impossible task as other clubs have copied his ways, and have more money.

      Man U will be difficult to stop. CL might be Man U vs. Real.

  16. Vlad

    So let me see… the guy who had 6+ mediocre/injury plagued years with the exception of a couple of decent performances all of which came towards the end of the last season needs convincing to stay on $125k per week? He can suck my wally first, and then F right off. Unreal. The manager had stuck with him through sickness and in health so to speak, gave him chance after chance, and this is how he repays him and the club/fans? Sell this mofo to Pool or Chelsea, I don’t care which. In this case we’re not strengthening our opponent, rather we’re making them worse. He’ll be injured in week 3, let’s see how much loyalty Klopp or Conte will show towards this bum.

  17. Turbo

    If Ox can be persuaded to stay AND sign a renewal prior to the window closing and we don’t wind up paying utterly stupid money (the rumored 125K is already pushing it, that would be my final offer) I would certainly welcome it. He’s been much better at RWB than Bellerin so far this year and still has a lot of potential if he/we can improve his strategic thinking on the training ground. If Wenger plays him regulary at RWB or even experiments with him in the middle again lesser Europa League group stage teams or EFL cup (or Caribou/Elk/Deer cup or whatever the heck it’s called now) I would be all for it. If he’s going to stick him on the left or sit him on the bench behind someone playing less well then it’s all kind of moot and yeah then just go ahead and let him leave.

  18. Turbo

    p.s.-LWB should be Kola’s to own if he plays well and can adopt a bit more positional discipline. Monreal can also step in as needed for rotation.

  19. Turbo

    Just read a rumor (of course can’t be sure what is true or not) of Ox being given a final offer of 180K and still turning it down! If so, there’s the “utterly stupid money” I referred to a couple posts up. No way is that merited! Again, if true, ship him off immediately as it couldn’t be any clearer he doesn’t want to stay. Bellerin can return to form. Nelson can also be groomed to be ready soon hopefully.

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