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How will Arsenal cope with Ramsey injury setback?

When the Arsenal and Wales international Aaron Ramsey picked up his latest injury problem, a hamstring strain, about three weeks ago, it was originally not thought to be too bad. It was terrible news for the Gunners of course, especially as Rambo had found his shooting boots in spectacular style with that amazing goal away to Galatasaray. But the injury was supposed to be a minor one and there was a good chance of him recovering in time for the festive period.

Well we still have not seen him yet and the latest injury update from Arsene Wenger, reported by, as he talked about the victory over West Ham yesterday, is a further blow for Arsenal. It now seems that the manager will not have any more players, including Ramsey, back from injury in time to face Southampton at St. Mary’s on new years day.

Wenger said, “We have a big game in front of us now against Southampton with nobody coming back. The players who played today have given their all and now we need to recover and prepare for the Southampton game.”

And the home side will be buoyed by their battling draw against the league leaders Chelsea and a return to form after their recent slump. So how do the Gunners approach the game in three days? At least the impressive performance of Francis Coquelin yesterday and Tomas Rosicky on Boxing Day have given the boss some more options, while we do have Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as well.

Assuming all three central midfielders are fit to start, the question for Wenger is whether to go for the more defensive Coquelin or try to take the game to Southampton. The fact that Schneiderlin will not play after being sent off yesterday may just edge Wenger towards Rosicky or the Ox. What would you do?

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25 thoughts on “How will Arsenal cope with Ramsey injury setback?

    1. KickAssFan

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      1. jonestown1

        Haven’t seen or heard a single person on here say or imply anyone in your list was “world class” – ever. There was a murmur that Ramsey COULD become world class nothing more. And why the random mentions for Chambers, Welbeck and Giroud with the astounding revelation that they “will never make the first team of fellow big clubs like Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, etc”? So exactly who has the players that will walk in to teams with front-lines including Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Bale, Benzema, Neymar, Lewandoski and Muller? Or do you just like pointing out the bleeding obvious?

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      2. sevenitti

        Ramsey – didnt he make team of the year last season?
        Arteta – sure. Still offers great squad-qualities
        Flamini – same as above
        Per – combined with Koscielny, they make up the best CB-couple in PL.
        Sanogoal – I doubt any gooner has ever called this frenchie WC.
        Monreal – same as Flamini
        Jack – He is indeed far from world class, and his injuries set him back too much to ever become world class. Undoubtedly the most promising 17 year old back in the day
        Chambers – 19 years old and have less than 30 PL matches under his wings. What can you expect?
        Welbeck – I agree. He is complete rubbish
        Giroud – competes with Benzema for France, still gets alot of playtime. Maybe not World Class, but still a great player who offers many qualities to the team, which would be a blessing for Barcelona, maybe even Bayern.

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    2. Budd

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  1. muda

    New strong DM in january and cazorla can play there (box_2box) with ozil ahead of him, like this:




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    1. Champagne Charlie

      Not to take a dump in your corn flakes, but I think you’ll find our “new DM” is in fact Coquelin….

      So while we all kid ourselves creating ideal lineups we COULD see come the end of Jan, let’s just remember we support Arsenal FC where the DM position died when Gilberto moved on.

      Would love to be wrong.

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  2. davidnz

    All season players have been
    coming and going through injury.
    Arsenal are on the cusp of top 4
    without ever playing our top side.
    I don’t think it matters who or where
    they play Arsenal is coasting to
    top 4 and even 3rd.

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  3. muda

    Sometimes I use to wonder how arsenal players got injured, you can see them play the whole 90minutes and the next morning you read they are injured how??? On the bed or in there dreams??? Eg Ozil went for international duty without even a full knowledge that he (himself) is injured wtf? And then after the scan its different story, not 3days, in fact not even three weeks but 3month. Look at ramsey’s injury, almost same way as that of Ozil, chamberlain etc had the same cases. Can any one explain how does that happens please??

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  4. optimisticgooner

    Dis whole season platers hav been getting injured, coming back, getting injured again. Just take d case for arteta ramsey and koscielny! Dese guys have been regularly in and out of d team. It makes me think DAT Shad Forsythe has had a positive impact on d injury situations. Players are recovering faster from injuries but only to come back in the team nd get injured again. I didnt expect either of koscielny and OX to start agaisnt west ham, but both did .

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    1. BarryL

      Arsenal are not alone. Man City currently without a forward line (though they’re bound to recover for match on 18th) and have been without Kompany and Toure. Man U have also had problems – Falcao, De maria, Shaw, Smalling, etc

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  5. SUNNY13

    The question asked by the admin is how do we play the Saints.
    I think Wenger will go gor same approach. he will play both Coqulan and Flamini.
    We may see walcott start in place of OX as the OX has just suffured an injury

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    1. admin

      Speaking on December 23, ahead of the QPR game, Arsene Wenger said: “Ramsey has a chance to be fit for Southampton.”

      Apology Accepted!!!!

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  6. Invincibles49

    Coquline – Flamini in the Midfield when it should and could have been Fabregas – Carvalho. What a statement Wenger is making for the trophy challenge ! #WengerThePerfectTroll

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    1. Invincibles49

      Everything and everyone associated with this club is misleading. Right from that Billionare board to Wenger to players to media to this justarsenal page. God Damn it!!

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    2. jonestown1

      Mourinho has found out for himself that Fabregas cannot play from a deep-lying position in front of the back 4 in any big games. He pushes him 10 yards up and stations Matic and/or Mikel behind him with Oscar/Willian covering his arse further up the pitch. Fabregas is more like a quarter back at Chelsea with protection that would make an NFL team blush. Santi or Ozil would have hit double digit assists with that platform. And if you have watched Carvalho for the past 12 months rather than hop on a bandwagon you will know he has been pretty poor in a pretty poor and uncompetitive league. If he was available for £10-12M then maybe worth a punt and see if he can come good – but a £37M buy out clause – do us a favour.

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  7. goonergaz2000

    Arsenal have had the biggest amount off injuries in the last few season out of the whole premier league.According to sky sports it something that arsenal training staff are doing so wrong.There must be an answer to this major problem.Is it because
    The same players are played time and time again.
    Is it because the training sessions are to strenuous.
    Or any other reason.
    Or is it just down to pure bad luck.
    I personally think the problem is at the moment we have not got the best squad we could possibly have in a few positions we have not got quality to replace quality with that where we have fallen short on the title a few times in the past

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  8. atid

    I think as long as we continue with 433 we have plenty of options. When required the midfield can be a mixture of a Dm, a B2b and an attacking mid. It can be 2 Dm or even 3 dm if needed.

    Just add one more (a carvalho, schneirderlin etc) to cazorla ozil wilshire rosicky ramsey coquelin arteta flamini and u would have 9 players competing for 3 positions.

    Up front stick with sanchez Walcott giroud chamberlain Welbeck podolski gnabry akpom campbell again giving us 9 options for 3 positions.

    In defence I would just bring back jenkinson, but if not add a top centre back (preferably left footed) giving us again 9 options for the defence.

    With the 3 keepers we would have a 30 man squad. That’s more than enough to play out the last 5 months of the season.

    Send sanogo and diaby out on loan.

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  9. jaweant

    I wouldn’t mind if Coquelin turns out to be a good DM, but we still need someone else. It will prob be Coq and Flamini with Santi above them. I hope Ramsey can get fit and back to the form of last season. He was amazing. Maybe Ozil will come back a new man as well?

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  10. frogarsenal

    If we have to play 2 DM’s then I’d love to see Coquelin and Chambers play together and leave Flamini and Arteta sitting…

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  11. fred cowardly

    I’d like to see Walcott, Rosicky and Podolski start, but Wenger is a stubborn man

    Alternatively, Sanchez up front and Campbell on wing, if Wenger is dead against Podolski.

    Wish I knew what Podolski did to Wenger. If I were manager Podolski would have to sleep with my wife in order to get my wrath like he is getting from Wenger. Podolski is arguably our best finisher

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