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How will Ramsey injury blow affect Arsenal?

Last night was a famous and fantastic one for Arsenal fans, as Arsene Wenger and the players produced a great game to beat a brilliant Bayern Munich side. But it was not without cost, as our Welsh international midfielder Aaron Ramsey had to be replaced early on in the second half.

It has now been revealed that Rambo has another hamstring problem and although we do not know yet just how bad it is or how long it will keep him in the treatment room, it does not sound good. As reported by Sky Sports, the 24-year old is pretty down about his latest injury as the same sort of thing affected him a number of times last season and as he finally managed to open his goal scoring account in the Premier League win over Watford, the timing of this is terrible for him.

The manager said, “He is alright but very down because he told me that his hamstring is quite a tough one. He is out.”

The last time Ramsey´s hamstring went he missed three weeks but the time before that he was out for twice as long, so how will this injury blow affect the Gunners and our chances in the EPL title race and Champions League?

It all depends on who replaces him, how well they perform and whether Arsenal will be able to keep up the recent run without him. Ramsey is not really a typical wide player but he does offer a lot to the team with his intelligence, ability, link up play, goal threat and tireless work rate.

With Jack Wilshere unavailable, I assume that Wenger will turn to Oxlade-Chamberlain on the right as he did last night. The England international could do with a run of games and he can certainly have an influence. With Bellerin and the Ox we will have some fearsome pace down the right and that could prove to be a potent weapon.

Next up for Arsenal is the visit of Everton and they will be without their best left back Leighton Baines and his mate Steven Pienaar and that should help us to not suffer from Ramsey´s absence. The trip to SWansea and their possession game the following weekend and the trip to Munich to face Bayern again might see us miss the Welshman a bit more though.

How badly do you think this injury blow will affect Arsenal?

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41 thoughts on “How will Ramsey injury blow affect Arsenal?

  1. RWRW

    “With Jack Wilshere unavailable” haha. The most redundant sentence ever. When ISNT he unavailable?

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      someone needs to step-up in ramsey’s place!




      Its not easy staying away from the spotlight even while in the physioroom…….is it? L()L

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  2. dennis4ever

    Start The Ox he needs games to be more clinical. I’ve got a feeling that he will be one of the X factors for us this season!

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    1. muffdiver

      everton will want to bounce back from a crushing defeat at home to manure.

      no ramsey, no alexis, alot of our players will be exhausted after watford an yesterdays efforts an now everton -all within a week!

      saturdays gonna be tough
      i expect rotation-

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      the year of the Ox they say!



      And this makes me mad……why ain’t everton playing in Europe (europa)…..coulda been fair….. Right?

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  3. Robertthegooner

    well he plays recently on the right wing so Oxlade, Walcott and Alexis can all play there

    I’m more worried about box2box because Cazorla plays there and if he gets injured, that’s a problem

    I’m hopeful OX will step up and make the right his own but also worried that without competition he may get a bit lazy

    Anyways, I hope Ramsey isn’t out for long
    Also hope Wilshere, Welbeck and Rosicky return soon.

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    1. jermaineBryan

      Joel Campbell is ox alternative. Or pushing ozil wide

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    2. GoonerLad


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  4. Varun

    Ramsey being out gives the Ox the opportunity to shine. Theo, Ox and Alexis can be a handful for any team, and with some throughballs from Ozil, we might be on to something!
    I hope the Ox seizes the opportunity.

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    1. Budd

      To be honest, even if Ox defensive display isn’t on par with Ramsey I believe it will be good with Everton. Golloway isn’t a match for him and if we score first then mayhem will follow. I still did not forget deulofeu goal two seasons ago when Arsenal was in such a good position to attack Boxig Day football. That hurt. It was downhill from there. I want revenge.

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  5. BabyPlease

    Listen Baby Please

    Losing Ramseyyyyy will hurt us on a dailyyyyy
    because he is an exceptional player and the best Welsh player in the world. He can play on the right and central midfield and play well

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    1. Bigvalbowski

      Hes consistently the WORST player in the starting 11,

      And yes baby Ive been listening during recent games, he wont be missed

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      1. Budd

        If that’s the worst Arsenal lines up every game then I can give you right now a signed paper telling that we will win EPL, UCL and FA Cup. Somehow I smell you’re just a troll though.

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  6. Jim A

    Put Theo where he should have been all along. He is a right forward that can burn and being on the outside will give him more space.
    Does anyone remember how we got the free kick last night? OG is fighting for a possession from a Cech long kick. He actually won 3 in a row.
    Why put Theo in the middle he doesn’t even try for those goal kicks. He can do exactly what he does now by making those runs. He and Alexis both never stay out wide. Set pieces and corners are hard to defend so why not use OG for than than 20 minutes?

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    1. Budd

      Correct but they didn’t lost too often against us so that’s what matters.

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  7. Gavana

    I must admit, I was wrong with Cech. Now let’s complete the double over Bayern and send them to Thursday night football.

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    1. GoonerLad

      Question : if we draw against Bayern, what do we need to qualify for the next round ?

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      1. admin

        We still need to win the other two, and Bayern has to beat them both as well…..
        Its not going to be easy!

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        1. Yoe_its_Moe

          Have arsenal ever done things the easy way? “If we somehow beat Bayern and Dinamo somehow beat Olympiakos, that will make for an interesting final 2 round of games” signed Yoe_its_Owen

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  8. Twig

    It wouldn’t affect us much (unless if one of Cazorla or Coquelin goes down). Everyone knows Ramsey isn’t the best fit out wide. The OX certainly can play there as can Walcott (with Giroud going up front). Heck, even Bellerin can play there with Debuchy tucking in behind him. When in Welbeck back meanwhile?

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  9. BabyPlease

    Listen Baby Please

    If we can beat one of the best teams in the World it’s not impossible for us to qualify and win the whole thing or the Premier League

    We should not get carried away but our belief should be strengthened baby please

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    1. G-Rude

      Do you have to put that bloody saying in every post. We will read your comment but don’t paronise us with those childish words. Please Baby Please!

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  10. lucia

    my take on yesterday’s game: cech world class.that is the difference between having a great and experience keepee.
    bellerin: for someone his age to play like that imagine when he is reaching his prime..i say give him 10yrs contract and buyout clause incase those catalan team come calling.
    per:just 3 words calm organised and leader..was that him or somebody else..won most header..well done
    boss:well there is not much to say if he is not in the team of the season this year or best defender in epl then fa can aswell f*** out..who would have thought he would turn out like this when he class boss.
    monreal:i havent seen any player underated more than nacho..the guy is not only consistence but reliable and solid..take a bow at that pin point cross to theo..he deserves every credit and he needs to let muller out of his pocket because the match ended last class
    coq carzola and ramsey was superb and they were up for the fight..
    ozil:special praise to many yards did he sprint to make up the ground in time for the tap in..well done and he was marking and chasing i think thats the ozil we want to see even from his celebration you can see what it means to him…well done lad.
    alexis is tired..wenger should rest him already he did all he could but at the ended he was jaded..
    walcot was good yesterday…but he needs to do more he is taller than sanchez but sanchez can win the ball in the air more than theo does..
    giroud the game changer..boateng couldnt handle him..fouled him to give away the free kick..just magnificent offencively and defencively…
    Ox for some reason havent improved for me i just dont get his inconsistent play…did little but gave his all defensively..
    gibbs too little too late..but gave us the defensive shield we needed for the last few mins..
    wenger motm…
    people saying we are doomed because of ramsey..
    i disagree with that..Ox can play there and lets not forget we have campbell who for some reason people on here dont rate..i say if giving chance he will come good..the only position and worried now is carzola and ozil. if carzola go down it is a problem because we dont have direct replacement. since rosicky is injured. and ozil i could say the same..but every other position we are covered. since flamini and arteta is back our dm position is covered for now. and our attack and defence is covered..everton game i would like to see either carzola or ozil rested..and also rest koss because he just came back from an injury and play 2 difficult games..

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    1. Krish

      “Who would have thought he woulf turn out like this when he signed… top class boss”
      I know who knew it: the prof…
      Arsene knows best

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    2. Krish

      “Who would have thought he would turn out like this when he signed… top class boss”
      I know who knew it: the prof…
      Arsene knows best

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    3. smd8902

      Funniest thing was when muller finally got a ball after a long while the commentator sarcastically said oh there’s muller. i went to bed smiling

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  11. DKR.Gunner

    Real shame for Ramsey, hope his back soon. I think this is the Ox’s chance to make his mark.
    If he works on his composure in our own half and defensive duties his a top player. COYG.

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  12. Invincibles49

    Ramsey is like the balancing cog in your MF machine. A non-stop work rate. When we have the ball, you will find him making aggressive forward runs towards the box and when we are without the ball he makes an even more faster run to help our defense back. May be he is not that clinical nowadays but hey, with so many goalscorers in our team i think i can let that pass for this immense contribution to the team. A contribution which largely goes unnoticed by noobs and haters who thinks if you are not scoring or assisting regularly , you are not worth it. I would anydays feel a lot better with Ramsey in our starting 11 than Wilshere or Ox. So hell yeah! It is going to affect our team.

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  13. Santi19

    I think it is his best chance for the OX to outshine. Remember last season Bellerin has used the same chance (Dibuch’s injury) so did COQ.

    Lastly, have you ever seen a player whose is mostly underrated than Nacho? I think he is the most underrated player in the PL if not in the world

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    1. joezwa

      I agree about Nacho tho, no one ever mentioned him as a hero even after he done so much for the team….very underrated player indeed.

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  14. sanmi.marvellous

    His (Ramsey) injury paves way for AOC as starter and Campbell as a fair and often substitute now.

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