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How’s this Arsenal XI after Wenger completes 4th summer transfer?

The Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the Turkish international midfield star Arda Turan were quite understandable after his current club FC Barcelona moved to bring back Denis Suarez from Villarreal this summer and Turan had struggled to break into the first team last season.

Just as his technical and creative ability make him the typical sort of Arsene Wenger signing, however, they also made me wonder why Arsenal would need another player similar to the likes of Jack Wilshere and Mesut Ozil. It would not be the first time that our manager signed a player that most Arsenal fans and football journos thought was surplus to requirements though.

Even the transfer of Mesut Ozil was questioned at the time as a proper defensive midfielder and another striker seemed to be more needed. But we did lose the services of a Turan style player in Tomas Rosicky this summer and you can never be sure how much football we will get out of the injury prone Wilshere, while Turan at his best could walk into almost any team and Metro is reporting that Wenger is ready to pay the cut price fee of £20 million that Barcelona are supposedly ready to accept and add the name of the Barca star to those of Granit Xhaka, Rob Holding and Takuma Asano.

arsenal xi with turan
The theory is that Wenger is planning to use the Turk on the right side of an attacking midfield three and when you see the Arsenal XI that this would provide it does look pretty tasty. Maybe I would put Ramsey in one of those central positions and would be happier if Arsenal were to add a top quality centre back with more pace than Mertesacker but I have to admit that I like the look of this Gunners team. How about you?


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23 thoughts on “How’s this Arsenal XI after Wenger completes 4th summer transfer?

  1. RedLondon

    It’s nice but it’s not quite PL winner material

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    1. AidanGooner


      What it needs is some Danny Drinkwater, Shinji Ozakaki, and Danny Simpson.

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  2. Uzi Ozil

    I admire Turan but do we need another midfielder? No..

    And I don’t see Wenger starting Turan ahead of Ramsey on the flank…..

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    1. AidanGooner

      I’m pretty sure he mostly played on the right side of a front 3 when Atletico won La Liga.

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  3. atid

    People are so desperate for a signing that they are believing turan is better than ramsey, cazorla and wilshire.

    Well I am sorry he is simply not better than any of them.

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  4. SoOpa AeoN

    Let me be clear on this

    WE DO NOT NEED TURAN for anything

    it’s a proper wing and a striker or nothing

    Digest that!

    I for one will be mad with anger to see another midfielder arrive at arsenal….. Enough is enough…. Stop linking us with every bull

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    1. Ezat

      While every team have2 to 3 good 3 strikers up front we have Lamp post Giroud every season !!!!!nothing is charged Arsene is the same stingy stubborn one !!!!!

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  5. SoOpa AeoN

    Zero expectations is what you get going into a New season……….

    When there’s zero inactivity in such a window as this!

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  6. funkyrith

    We lost 3 mid-fielders, Arteta, Flamini and Rosisky, signed Xhaka. May be losing Campbell. Who is taking the 2 slots in the squad? Dont tell me they are ‘promoted from within’!!!

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      1. jamaican_gooner

        Just found out my fellow countrywoman shellyann fraser-pryce a goonerette and had a visit to the Emirates today.
        Hope wenger can get her to give giroud and mertesacker some sprinting lessons lol

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    1. jonm

      Why may we be losing campbell. He recently stated how pleased he was with last season and looking forward to next season. The report that wenger had told him to look for a new club was clearly made up media rubbish.

      Has something else happened which suggests campbell is leaving?

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      1. funkyrith

        mate, I was more talking about 2 free slots, Elneny, Coquelin were there in that squad already, not in terms of replacement personnel

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  7. ras911

    Lol if we ever buy Turan i’d know 100% Wenger isn’t fit for the job anymore. I’d currently choose Iwobi over Turan, even Campbell and Ramsey over him! What the hell is going on at AFC

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  8. Juhislihis McLovin


    Turan is way past his best

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  9. arsenal-steve

    Sorry but I don’t rate the team as being much stronger than last season. Giroud is the problem. He is a good player but not top class. Without a top striker we cannot win the Premier League. If you look at the teams who have won the Premier League they have something in common. Real quality strikers. We don’t have that.

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  10. jonm

    And his agent, Ahmed Bulut, has backed that up, telling Goal: “No, I haven’t heard anything from Arsenal. Arda will be staying at Barcelona.”

    More made up media rubbish.

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  11. Bartender

    Wenger said 3 new players Asano,Xhaka and Holding…there’s nothing to expect now.

    Lets just get behind the team and make the most of this coming season.

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    1. jonm

      In May of this year wenger said “We want to keep the squad stable over the summer while strengthening where possible,”. “You want the group to be stimulated and to believe that we have improved the quality. “I must say, we want to combine technical stability with players that we know want to play and know our game. Maybe bring in three players for example. That’s the right level for me.”

      It seems he was talking about three players for the first team and this is consistent with what he has said in the past, that integrating more than three players into the first team is difficult.

      However, bartender, I share your concern, he said three, he has bought three, job done. I hope not!

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  12. Raoh

    Not a fan of a Turan deal…not that he isn’t a bad player but I rather get a Mahrez or a Draxler in if it’s to play Turan on the wing!! For 1 he is better in the middle a place where we are wealthy enough. 2 that money spent on him could be better used on other player. Personally it wouldn’t be a smart business!

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  13. jperiod

    A more relevant question is which 11 will start tomorrow against Lens, and then who will travel to the states for the game against MLS all stars. Also, I thought Gnabry was with the German Olympic team. Is he in camp?

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  14. jperiod

    Here is my starting XI vs Lens

    Debuchy, Mertesacker, Chambers, Monreal;
    Coquelin, Elneny;
    Chamberlain, Iwobi, Reine-Adelaide;

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