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HUGE Arsenal boost as Walcott could PLAY this weekend

Arsene Wenger’s injury woes could be subsiding as the Arsenal boss prepares to welcome back a number of key players over the next few weeks. While Mesut Ozil’s injury has taken the shine of a promising start to the season, Arsenal fans have been comforted with the knowledge that the likes of Theo Walcott and Serge Gnarby are closing in on a return to action, and could even play this weekend according to a report in today’s Metro. Currently well placed near the top of the table, having important players back at his disposal will give Wenger plenty of confidence of still being in touch with the Premier League betting favourites by the time the January transfer window opens.

The biggest boost to Wenger will be having Theo Walcott back in contention after a 10-month injury lay-off. Walcott has been sidelined since January with the ruptured anterior cruciate ligament injury he sustained in the 2-0 FA Cup third round victory over Tottenham. The injury not only robbed Arsenal of one of their key players for the second half of last season, but also England had to rearrange their plans for last summer’s World Cup without Walcott. In both cases, the forward’s absence was clearly felt and Wenger and Roy Hodgson will be delighted to see Walcott closing in on a return to action.

Walcott has been one of Arsenal’s best players over the past two years, proving to everyone he is more than capable of playing in a more attacking and central role. Before suffering his injury last season, Walcott had been scoring and creating goals on a regular basis and the loss of such an in-form player certainly didn’t help the Gunners’ title bid. While it may take the 25-year old some time to get himself fully fit, Arsenal will know that having Walcott back will add a whole new dimension to their already exciting attacking unit.

More good news has come Wenger’s way as German midfielder Serge Gnabry has also returned to training after recovering from a knee injury picked up in April. The teenager burst on the scene last year and many expected the winger to go on and establish himself in the first team squad. The injury in April derailed those plans, however, and the 19-year old will now be looking to make up for lost time when he eventually returns to full training. Nacho Monreal is also back training after a month out with a back injury. The 28-year-old’s return comes at the right time for Wenger, adding some options for him in defence with Laurent Koscielney facing a spell on the sidelines with chronic tendinitis in both Archilles tendons.

Arsenal’s defence has been threadbare since the beginning of the season and hasn’t been helped with Mathieu Debucy now set to miss three months with an ankle injury suffered last month. While signing some defenders will be at the top of Wenger’s ‘to do’ list in January, the question is whether the current options available to the Arsenal boss are enough to keep the club in the title race by the time the Frenchman is able to strengthen.

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14 thoughts on “HUGE Arsenal boost as Walcott could PLAY this weekend

  1. mr lean

    AGM day let’s hope we get some answers on ,ticket price increase,3m payment to our greedy owner and why with reserves of over 170m in the bank we started the season with our squad light of a DM and Defensive cover and sold TV5 and did not replace him as Wenger said he would .

    1. NIKK

      mr lean as before it will be staged managed with will get carefully scripted answers from Mr Gazidik with emphasis more on the club making progress off the field than on!

      Not happy that Kronke as decided to close the fan share scheme…further evidence of the secretive businessman with possible hidden agenda slowly tightening his grip on the club!

  2. SUNNY13

    AFC is after Mat Hummels and Cavani as per newspapers. Total 55 mil + 32 mill= 77mil.
    If it is true, then once Debuchy is back, we can push Chambers to holding midfield.Jenkinson will be back next summer or else Bellerin.

    We must also start selling frnge players Like Poldoski =15 mil, Rosisky-10 mil, Arteta 7 to 8 mil, Cambell(If wenger not giving him any chance then no pint in keeping him)-10 mill, Coqualan-2 mil
    Total around- 40 to 45 mil…

    1. seatofthesoul

      Do you seriously think we would get £15 mil for Podolski? £10 mil for Rosicky? And £8 mil for Arteta? You are seriously deluded.

  3. SUNNY13

    Having said that, Walcott will be immense when on form.. Him a Sanchez together can make us a different team altogether. We will then have two world class wingers who are fast and scores and create goals regularly.
    Another point I want to highlight about Walcott is like Sanchez , is great in tracking back in case of counter attack from his side. These two players not only gives us more option upfront bust also makes us less prone on counter attack down the wing.
    Sanchezz is unparallel in tracking back but Walcott is also not far behind.
    The worrying thing is how we are conceding goals in set pieces.
    Our Central defence is a concern and Hummels Playing at CB, Debuchy at Leftback , Chambers as DM, while Walcott and Sanchez in the wings can make us good defensive unit

    1. DanielC1989

      our central defence isn’t a concern until one of them gets injured. even then it’s not as Chambers played better at CB than he does at RB. I feel we won’t actually buy anyone until the summer. depends how well today’s AGM goes I guess

  4. DanielC1989

    I actually beg you guys to remove the full screen adverts again. I understand you make a lot of money from them but it’s annoying as f*ck. use a small one

    1. Drew

      i feel your pain buddy lol…
      arsenal sure do have alot of attacking options with theo & serge back for us.But our defence, my god!!!

  5. ruelando

    It would be ridiculous to play Walcott in saturdays match , he needs to be gradually integrated into the squad, personally i would not even let him see the senior team for another month, he needs some practice games building from 10 – 90 minutes in, then doing the same in the senior squad.

    He is an important player, but is not needed urgently, we should take time in his recovery all players coming from injuries have fears going into tackles and been tackled, inhis case it should be a slow build up, and some more muscle training in the area of the knee

  6. jperiod

    AW …..on whether Walcott could face Hull….
    No, he will play on Friday night in the under-21s. He has been out for nine months and needs to find some rhythm in the game and some confidence to go into the contact.

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