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Huge move as Arsenal’s Wilshere nears Bournemouth move

The betting market on Jack Wilshere’s Deadline Day move away from Arsenal today has been erratic to say the least, and the odds have taken another huge jump in the passing moments.

The England international now looks set to move to Bournemouth on a season-long loan deal, with time seemingly dampening any hopes Roma had on luring him to the Stadio Olimpico.

The Italian’s had come in with a late bid to bring the 24 year-old to Italy this season, to team him with Wojciech Szczesny, but their efforts seem to have been wasted, with him now likely to become a Cherry for the coming campaign.

Wilshere held talks with both Alan Pardew and Eddie Howe over potential loan deals late on yesterday, and this morning he appeared set on moving to Vitality Stadium.

That deal now looks to be back on despite strong interest from the Giallorossi, with Jack keen on guaranteeing himself regular first-team action, which could be hard obtain in Serie A.

Roma boast a wealth of midfield players including Daniele Ross, Radja Nainggolan and Kevin Strootman, which would all be expected to play key roles for the campaign, which most likely has discouraged Wilshere to move outside the UK.

Bournemouth recently moved from 6/4 (2.5) second-favourites to sign their target, into a very short 1/5 (1.2) with Skybet, which was soon replicated by all the other mainstream bookmakers, you can now get a biggest priced 7/1 (8.0) on Roma to get their man.

We recently posted a big jump in the market with Roma having been backed in, but that move appears to have been because of a large sum of money being placed with one firm, forcing the odds change, but the Cherries appear to be set to land the heavily coveted midfielder.

Is Bournemouth the best place for Jack? Could there be another turn in the saga?

Pat J

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14 thoughts on “Huge move as Arsenal’s Wilshere nears Bournemouth move

  1. kev

    ArsenalGenes wherever you are I’ll forgive your naivety in the comment you made to me earlier.Don’t you even understand sarcasm?I was trying to say even the Jack Wilshere fans labelled as average and deadwood is the same player who’s receiving a staggering 22 offers all in one go.Juventus,Valencia,Roma and other good teams are in for him.This should tell you that we should value what we have.If Wilshere had left when he was showing his class in his younger years fans woulda been angry.Now he decided to stay and injuries set in and the same fans have turned their back on him then label him as ‘average’ and ‘deadwood’.It’s not like he’s even average and there are some matches after his injiry which can prove that.That’s why I suppport Serge Gnabry’s move.

    1. NY_Gunner

      Jacks brilliance is in his mind. Literally. Too bad his body is not in tune with it…

  2. HA559

    Only €6m Gnabry? He could’ve gone for more than that, but maybe in the end he wanted to go to Bremen only.

    1. NY_Gunner

      We got him for 100k. Transfermarkt had his current value at 2.5 mil…Not a bad return.

  3. HA559

    Also I think Ox and Walcott should’ve been behind Gnabry and Joel in pecking order. Why not loan Ox or Walcott, they’ve been in the first team mix for so long and still can’t stake a place. Snould moved them back and given Joel and Gnabry more chance.

    What do you reckon?

    1. NY_Gunner

      I agree. Joel was/is streets ahead of anyone, bar Alexis, we have playing on the wings. Never was that sold on Serge though.
      Ox and Theo’s wages may be a hindrance to them being loaned out.

  4. Fatboy Gooney

    It’s probably this tweet thats caused all that money being lumped on Bournemouth. (Betting)

    David Ornstein 
    Roma/Arsenal deal for Wilshere not easy. #AFC angry at Roma conduct in Manolas talks this summer. Still hope for #CPFC & #AFCB#DeadlineDay
    4:12 PM – 31 Aug 2016

  5. Compton

    Its done “Sky sources understand the Arsenal midfielder is currently travelling to Bournemouth to complete a season-long loan having rejected Roma, AC Milan, and Crystal Palace.”

    It would really be a fantastic move for Jack to prove his credentials and I also think this shows how Arsene rates Eddie Howe. COYG!

  6. kev

    @NY_Gunner your comments about Jack is so funny.Why didn’t you say Jack’s brilliance is in his mind 9 years ago? I guess like most of the fans you were waiting for a day like this to say it.Take for e.g Sanogo people have already said here that he won’t make it.So if Jack was so bad why did people like you not say it nine years ago when he was younger.

    1. NY_Gunner

      First off dude. I was never ever sold on Jackie Boy. I have and will continue to give him respect for his footballing brain. But he loses massive points for being one of the only short footballers who does not have a clue about how to utilize his low center of gravity to its best advantage, to compensate for his lack of pace.
      Maybe it’s not his fault. Maybe no one ever taught him how to, or even tried. Or maybe he doesn’t care to. He might have been coached on how to use it, had he sought a loan spell to say a team in La Liga or even ligue1.
      Can you imagine Jack with the agility of Aguero or Santi…Unstoppable.

  7. kev

    @HA559 and RSH what’s the hulabaloo about Joel Campbell.Why do some Arsenal fans compromise on the truth?If Wenger had sold Ox and Walcott a lot of people here woulda been bashing him especially if he had he sold the Ox.I’m gonna say it like how it is.In terms of potential and note I’m talking of potential Theo Walcott>Ox>Serge Gnabry>Campbell.Feel free to deny it if you want.Currently,I agree Joel Campbell shoulda been given his chance but if all are in form he wouldn’t get in ahead of them.Stop making noise about the kid because he like many of our starting players don’t deserve to be starters.It’s more of a sympathetic feeling for him than his actual quality.

  8. ruelando

    Bournemouth is the only choice i think would give him a good amount of game time, a lot of people watched Wilshere growing up at arsenal and expected great things from him, injuries and perhaps is own arrogance has caused him not to reach that level expected. During this time arsenal arsenal have move on from Wilshere, whether by bringing in talent or grooming players at arsenal to a place on the senior team.

    My major concern with arsenal is that the club has been held hostage by a selected body of players at arsenal called the “British Core”. It was to the detriment of arsenal that these players were allowed the time and freedom to develop at the club unchallenged in anyway. It affected the chance of arsenal truly competing against the best in the league and the world. Why we did not loan out these players earlier to develop in a harder environment, which probably would have stop them becoming arrogant, pampered, delicate flowers and carried them back when they were truly ready, not the little one year loan, but that is management.

    I am glad Jack has gone on loan, it will put something in the mind of other members of the GANG called “the British Core” that you are not indispensable and its not juniors alone that should make use of loans. I do not think Wilshere is concern with his arsenal place but more with being a part of the England squad trying to get to the world cup and if so it may be a plus fr arsenal.

    I wish he stays healthy and performs to the best of his abilities and return to the arsenal squad making the first 11 on merit in regards to what he offers the team, not on favoritism

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