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If Arsenal get Aubameyang then should we let Giroud go to Chelsea?

The deal for Arsenal to get Pierre Emerick Aubameyang from Dortmund is dragging on and on as usual, just like the sale of Alexis Sanchez to Man United, and it will probably hinge on whether the Bundesliga club can get a suitable replacement in before the end of the transfer window.

One of the proposals included our French backup striker Olivier Giroud moving the other way, but as his wife is pregnant and not interested in the upheaval of moving house at the moment he is unlikely to be able to play outside of London. But if PEA arrives then Giroud will get even less playing time with Arsenal and will reduce his chances of getting into the French World Cup side this summer, but there is one obvious solution.

Wenger made it clear today that Giroud would only leave if ‘somebody’ (Aubamayeng!) comes in… “I want Olivier to stay. I just told you if nobody comes in, nobody goes out. Maybe one or two young players out on loan somewhere, but the experienced side of the squad will remain the same unless somebody comes in.

“I have a consistent exchange with Olivier Giroud and we speak about the situation a lot. He played many games you know, because he played all the games in the Europa League and came on a lot in the Premier League and has scored important goals for us. He is an important player here that everyone wants to stay, and there is a high level of respect for Olivier in this club. He will certainly get more games and he could only leave if somebody else comes in.”

Antonio Conte has been trying hard to get in a new striker to compete with Alvaro Morata and have been linked with Peter Crouch and Andy Carroll, and are now reportedly aiming for Edin Dzeko, but there are also rumours that the Arsenal striker is also an option, and with Giroud having oodles of Premiership experience and already living in London it would be the perfect move for Oli (and his wife!)

Would Arsenal fans mind if we allowed Giroud to go to Chelsea? Surely it is not as bad as letting Jose Mourinho have Alexis? Or (just a thought), how about swapping for David Luiz???


50 thoughts on “If Arsenal get Aubameyang then should we let Giroud go to Chelsea?

  1. McLov

    Giroud to Chelsea wouldnt matter. We can’t face them anymore and its not like we are fighting them for top 4.

    Sell him for huge fee and get Aubameyang.

    1. gotanidea

      Agree, Giroud can go to any club he wants, to make sure his spot in France World Cup team. But Arsenal has to get another tall striker that is more mobile, faster and more skillful than Giroud, because Wenger’s tactics require a forward that can consistenly beat the opponent’s defenders in the air and in one-on-one situation.

      It is okay if Aubameyang and Dortmund change their minds, because Lacazette can still work well with Giroud, but Arsenal should get a more tenacious central midfielder and a better central defender.

      When Barcelona lost Neymar, they bought Dembele and Coutinho, as a commitment for their fans. Arsenal should also get high profile players to replace the ex-Gunners, otherwise their fans would see the situation as a bad message.

      1. Sven Knows Best

        Giroud is actually more skillful than Auba. Check their respective best 10 goals to get what I mean. The problem with Giroud is that the team has to play differently when he plays because he’s one of the slowest top quality forwards around.

        1. Phil

          Giroud more skilful team Auba?Seriously?What do you base this on?No pace whatsoever.Wins less than 50% of his Ariel challenges.Goes down at the slightest touch as though he has been shot with a Buffalo Gun.One footed.Injury record up there with Little Jack.Continually slows our game down when we attack.Ridiculous comment. But he’s GOT NICE HAIR-That must be it

        2. Durand

          I admire your suport of Giroud, honestly i do.
          But that comment wrong on EVERY level. Not in real life, Fifa18, not even fantasy football does that happen.
          Giroud is fantastic coming off the bench, not starting material. He earns too much on bench; sell now don’t look back. Not sure how you think a one dimensional player more skillful than Auba.
          Perhaps try watching BVB matches to get your mind right.

  2. H&S

    If Arsenal sign Aubameyang.
    If I won the lottery.
    So much can be attached to the word “if”
    If is a word usually used by dreamers..

    1. gotanidea

      I predict the most cunning football club in the world would not get anyone else in January after getting Mkhitaryan. They have deliberately ruined their previous big offers (Suarez and Lemar), so they could use the same tactic again this time, just to fool the loyal and naive Gunners.

        1. Kenny Rolfe

          What it is with Arsenal, City United and Chelsea are given a price and they pay it. Every transfer window with Arsenal is the same. How much d’you want ? “30 Mill”, we’ll give you 10, “ok 25” we’ll give 12, “ok 20” we’ll give you 15 and so on, untill the selling club get fed up with Arsenal’s scrooge policy and pull out of the deal. Aubameyang will guarantee us 25+ goals a season, exactly what we need, put us back in the top four, and to think we’re one of the richest clubs in the world, pity we don’t behave like one.

    2. Judith Le'Strange

      I believe that Wenger or Arsenal really don’t want Aubameyang, because if they did they would stump up the money and be damned. I also believe that if he arrived he would bring a whole new dimension to the team. Okay it’s gonna cost a bundle of money to get him, but so what Arsenal can afford it. And also Wenger is being very possessive in not allowing Giroud to join Dortmund on loan, we would be getting £1.5m as a fee. Arsenal have the resources to stump up the £60m, so go for it.

  3. ThirdManJW

    Of course we should! He’s had over 4 years as our first choice striker, and he didn’t score enough. Not really his fault as Wenger rarely bothers to play to his strengths, but Giroud isn’t WC. What’s the point of paying a third choice striker (should we get Aubameyang), over 100k p/w to make an odd appearance for 20mins?

  4. Shortboygooner

    HELL NO!!!. look giroud is a decent player. Chelsea we should not be selling to direct rivals. Unless they stump up 40+ for him jog on. Lets be a ruthless club. Giroud is not my fav player but I still think he is decent. Unless the player is garbagge we should never sell to city liverpool utd chelski or tottenham. Unless the price is right. And if it is and exceptiinal player this should be done and no cost


    1. gotanidea

      If Aubameyang comes (which is very unlikely), Arsenal will have four strikers (Lacazette, Giroud, Welbeck, Aubameyang), whereas Wenger likes to use only one as the starter. It would be better if Arsenal can use Giroud transfer money to buy a central defender or a central midfielder.

      1. Shortboygooner

        Welbeck is used as a winger these days. So there will be 3 strikers. All who can play on the wings also. Giroud is a good plan B or just a different style. 3 strikers is a great headache selection. We also cannot play auba in the europa at the moment. If we sell giroud as I said we need good profit


        Lacazette, Giroud and Welbeck, Strikers is that what they are put the 3 together and you still won’t make a good striker. Arsenal haven’t had a good Striker since RVP. Never replaced with a Quality Striker. Again penny pinching from Wenger and the Board.

        1. Sven Knows Best

          No. Lacazette after first half season is about as good as RVP was at a similar age (2009/2010), and it’s Laca’s first season in English football. Laca’s strike rate is roughly the same as Lukaku who played more and more regularly. In fact you compare Lukaku’s first 70 minutes of matches he’s worse than Laca, who at that time usually gets subbed.

          The boy’ll be good.

  5. Shortboygooner

    @admin please bring back the thumbs up or down button. The discussion is what makes this website great. And being able to show approval even after 20 people have commented really made this website great. Please bring it back

    Thumbs up who wants to see comment ratings return

    1. gotanidea

      The admin got offended when one of his comments got thumbed down by dozens of people ? . That was why there is no more thumbing system, the admin is heartbroken.

      1. Admin Post author

        Haha! Every single ONE of my comments got a million thumbs down…….
        Lucky I’m not easily offended lol

        1. Shortboygooner

          Admin you do a great job of keeping many of us interested. I k ow alot of time goes into editing and filtering content. Please bring back the thumbs uo thumbs down system. It gives your page that extra edge.

            1. Admin Post author

              BREAKING NEWS! The Thumbs Up are on their way!
              I have bought a new uncorrupted plugin, but now I need to update lots of ther stuff to make them work….
              Give me a day or two please….

          1. Admin Post author

            BREAKING NEWS! The Thumbs Up are on their way!
            I have bought a new uncorrupted plugin, but now I need to update lots of ther stuff to make them work….
            Give me a day or two please….

            1. Sven Knows Best

              Too bad. The herd mentality will prevail again. And on and on there’ll morons criticizing Wenger even when he does something right.

  6. andcliff

    Why on earth would Chelsea want Giroud, Crouch or Carroll? All three of them are average players and past it. Something strange going on at Chelsea if true.

    1. gotanidea

      To score from set pieces, ala Mourinho. Because Morata seems to be unable to score from open plays and cannot score from set pieces either.

  7. gmv8

    I seriously don’t get it – the club are spending millions building more club-level seats, who are going to buy these when there’s no incentive? Even the normal seats aren’t selling at the moment, and everyone knows that big players are a draw, and we’ve just got rid of a major one, so unless there’s a replacement, there’s no way the seats will be filled. I predict people giving up season tickets as well, unless the situation changes.

  8. khitb77

    Absolutely not.

    We shouldn’t sell Giroud at all, even if we do sign Aubameyang.

    We’ve sold Alexis and Walcott, both of those players were goalscorers.

    If we do sign Aubameyang then we’ll still be down one goalscorer, therefore we need Giroud.

  9. Marc

    NO! Chelsea is a direct rival competing with Arsenal for top 4. To strengthen them by allowing Giroud to sign for them is crazy. If he wants to stay in London and get playing time, go to Crystal Palace or Watford but not ateam we are competing with for top 4. Yes he has been a good servant but if he wants to get playing time there are plenty of places to go outside of the other top 5 teams. If he is so specific on his request that it has to ne Chelsea than he can stay and provide squad depth.

    1. Taiwo

      Spot on mate!
      We tend to be missing a sitter here.
      *Sign PEA at all cost
      *offer Giroud to Chelki and get David Louis plus £10m/£15m.

      How I wished Nemanja Matic still wears blue, I would have strongly suggested Giroud for Matic

      Oooh! I just pinched myself, waking up rudely. It’s Arsenal FC and Arsene Wenger is still in charge.

      Wishes aren’t horses and dreams still come true. Waiting to see Auba in Red and White on January 31st

  10. Nothing changed

    we should get Aubamayang at all cost also if it includes sending Giroud the other way. However, if Giroud is not part of the Aubamayang trade, we should try to keep Giroud. He is very useful as a sub IMO.

    Aubamayang can play wide and next to Laca and both should be starters IMO, Giroud should never start and be used as a sub in the right situations.

    (I don’t think the Aubamayang deal will happen – this is vintage Arsenal)

  11. andydale

    i said as soon as the rumours started we were never going to sign him.Wait for the words from Wenger we tried to get Aubamayang, Or in a couple of years we could have signed him, Arsenal are all about profit get used to it, Will always be a Gooner have been for 40 years but will not spend a penny on them till Wenger & board gone.

  12. gmv8

    Maybe Wenger should show just how much he loves Arsenal and the fans … the difference is £10 million … the same as Wengers annual salary …… would be great PR for him …..


    Arsenal will not pay any more than they offered for Aubameyang. Wenger are back sitting on the Cheque book. Giroud will not be leaving. Arsenal are finished in this Transfer Window it was all smoke and mirrors about Aubameyang. It the same old story with Wenger and the Board they just won’t pay that bit extra for the Quality Players. This is why Arsenal end up with SXXXX.

    1. David Rusa

      Why should Wenger be blamed even where he is not involved? We know the Chief executive Ivan Gazidis is the one who went to negotiate with Dortmund. Is it Wenger who controls Gazidis? Let’s be real here. Gazidis and his team have power to conclude the deal if they are convinced about it. Is it Wenger who has told them not to conclude the deal?


    I fell like we are not gettin Aubemeyang and Mesut is not renewing his contract. We are really screwed… Wilshere I guess his love for Arsenal would make him stay. Please surprise me Arsenal!!

  15. GB

    No, he should not go to Chelsea cos they play with wingers and he would score shit loads of goals! But who would want to go there anyway? Certainly not Elvis Costello, he even wrote a song about it ?

  16. sol

    Asking for Aubamayang for make up and landing unknown xxxgfffr player from lower leagues. Wenger said “It is possible we will recruit someone else but I won’t give you a name”. Aesenal the sixth richest club fails to fulfill the demands of BIG players….emmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  17. mark

    If I were a betting man I’d say that Aubameyang ship has sailed. Too much chin scratching over the price (as usual) and he/Dortmund will pull the plug.

    So no, Giroud will be staying with us….IMO.

  18. Midkemma

    Wenger has not been in Dortmund and I doubt Gazidis has been calling Wenger up and saying: “My Sith Lord Wenger, can I pay what BvB are asking for?”, who would be so naive?

    Gazidis is over there with Sven and Huss.
    We have all read how Mavrop was Svens signing, nice and cheap so Gazidis prob jumped at it.
    Sven wanted Mkhitaryan and Gazidis prob jumped at getting Svens target for a player who Wenger wanted to lose for free at the end of the year.

    Sven wants Auba, now this will cost money and hmmmm

    If Wenger was the cause for the low ball bids that a lot of supporters claimed then why is it happening when Wenger is kept away from the transfer and we have made a profit in this years transfers so far??????

    I hope some people who ignorantly blame Wenger for everything will wake up and realize that the low ball bid pattern came at the same time Gazidis 1st start of season and continued year after year including this Jan when Wenger has not been over there to mess it up.

    Wenger has his faults, not saying he should stay and I am not saying he should go. I am asking if it is not yet time to actually blame Gazidis for the business failings of AFC? Or is everyone going to ignore this and continue to blame Wenger for low ball bids?

  19. Mikekobi

    If arsenal can sanctioned £90m for Thomas Lemar last summer, why can’t they sanction £60m for a highly rated striker like Aubameyang❓
    This was just to fool us as usual

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