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If Arsenal offer the Ox £180k how much for Alexis Sanchez?

With Arsene Wenger still talking about his hope of keeping the Chile international Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal beyond the year that is left on the striker’s current contract, you would think that the Frenchman will need to be at his most persuasive to make it happen.

He has already failed in his attempt to convince Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to commit his future to the Gunners, despite Sky Sports reporting that the ciontract on offer to the 24-year old was worth an eye watering £180,000 a week. If that really was the amount Arsenal were willing to pay a player at wing back who has scored just nine goals for us in 130 Premier League games,. imagine what the brilliant Chilean can expect to earn.

Sanchez is a much more important player to Arsenal and not just because of the 30 goals he scored last season and the 42 in the two previous ones. Alexis is the driving force behind our team and not only that, his example seems to rub off on those around him and gets Arsenal showing the sort of spirit that was sorely lacking in Stoke last weekend.

How much do you think that is worth to Wenger and the club? £250,000 a week? £300,000? To be honest I am not sure we can really put a limit on it and if we are prepared to pay the Ox £180k then perhaps there really is a chance that Sanchez could stay.


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44 thoughts on “If Arsenal offer the Ox £180k how much for Alexis Sanchez?

  1. Pop a doodle

    Sell ox if he wants to go, we can use money to get someone just as good and save on wages

    1. Pop a doodle

      Ox is not the be all and end all, he may be improving, but really all he is just a talent who has failed to meet expectations.

      Maybe Chelsea can change that which is good for him.

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    If we sell OX and sell Lucas then we definitely need to sign another player. With only a week left, I can only see Mahrez as possible (if Wenger wants him).

    1. Break-on-through

      Mahrez and Ozil cannot both be accommodated, how can people even suggest this. The stick Ozil receives because we don’t have the midfielders who can give him safe freedom to roam, and now you want to add another one. No offence but that’s a ludicrous suggestion there love. He’d be a good rep[lacement if Ozil leaves after his years up, but I would prefer someone in the mold of an Alexis who has a bit of everything including heart.

      Gilfi would have been an interesting replacement for Ozil, good in the air, creative, and takes pot shots but gets stuck in, yeah, I don’t rate him as highly as some others do but it could have been an interesting one. Mahrez, not on your nelly.

  3. John

    Sell ox ,save more on wages,make Sanchez an offer he can’t Sanchez is equal 3 ox.yes he’s that important to arsenal.

  4. Shah of Arsenal

    I really don’t understand – WHY are we selling Mustafi?? Is he that bad and I just haven’t realized??

    1. McLovin

      Remember Song? Had the best season of his career, assisting like 15 goals from the CDM spot and he was sold to Barca.

      Song later revealed the deal was a shock to him as he was waiting on a new contract and had no intentions to leave.

      Lesson: Wenger is dictating everything at Arsenal. If questions him, he’s gone.

      1. Carbon - 12

        That was a big lie. Remember Cameron’s goal keeper, Kamene? He was the first to reveal Song’s wish months before Berca made a bid. Don’t you understand why Wenger did not accept or Fabrigas for the second time?

    2. Break-on-through

      Because if we’d have signed Holding in the previous year, he wouldn’t have gotten us Mustafi. And over the next season or two Beilik will be given a spot on the bench to start with. Wenger began a season with Koscielny and Mertersacker as our only recognisable CB’s, because in his head he can use fullbacks to fill the need along with a DM player if the needs arises. Arsene 101 – shoot foot and look for positives.

      I still highly doubt this rumour all the same, but I wouldn’t be surprised by it ..and that says allot.

  5. Middle Man

    I think the board haven’t sold Alexis because they still haven’t received a good offer , the same is with Oz and if they receive a good offer they will definitely sell , Club is going through a MASSIVE change but not the change we thought , Kroenke is probably gonna sell the club so he is trying to make money out of it , we will have to go through some years of mediocrity until a new owner with a new plan comes and get us back to the top again and i’m 100% sure it will happen , Arsenal is a BIG franchise and has so many facilities and it has a MASSIVE fan base that includes one of the most important people on earth “me” ;P , so from a business perspective there will be so many billionaires trying to buy the club , so Arsenal will become strong again but we will have to wait.

    1. ThirdManJW

      Maybe true, but we’ve already gone through the years of mediocrity (9 years without a trophy, 13 years and counting without a league title, 23 years and counting without European success), and the fans have had enough of waiting. We’ve had to be more than patient.

      The protests need to start in earnest, and they need to be bigger and better than before.

    1. Jay Dee

      300k for Sanchez when average players like Ox (Just found form)are looking for 200k?? Sounds like we have become as frugal as our manager. If we are offering Sanchez anything less than 350k, we not serious, if we give Ozil more than 200k, we are mad and if we meet the Ox demands, Arsenal is the name that would be put in dictionaries as definition of IDIOTS. Ox, no more than 150k , Ozil, wouldn’t even offer a new contract (love his work sometimes, but in this new EPL era, he is more of a liability) and as for Sanchez give him 400k and make it a 2-3 year contract. No bumper 5 year. They should have done that when he came in, like we did with Kolasinac. We wanted Lemar and he was coming at a wage of 100k. The Ox might be in form, but in my opinion, he at this moment isn’t worth as much as he is valuing himself. Love the guy but he has no bargaining power. Sanchez on the other hand, cant understand why we haven’t tired him down with a big contract and a new CM to make his job easy.

  6. Durand

    Surprised if that git Kronke considers selling club. Kronke doesn’t mind mediocre teams its the profit that excites him not trophies or titles.
    He got huge money in tv deal, selling players, and only net spend of around £30 million so far. Great con by him, board, and Wenger with all the jive talk about competing with new stadium.
    LA Rams he moved when things got toxic in St Louis; he doesnt care what fans think at all.

    Fans are nothing but open wallets to him; a few lies to keep revenue stream going, then big middle finger. Here in the states he has a team in every sport, they all suck, and pattern always repeats itself.
    Spending money dries up, best players leave, no adequate replacements, fans rebel. Seen it with his clubs in 3 sports here, coming soon to a stadium near you in London.

    He has to go, however whatever it takes. New owner needed stat!

    1. ZA_Gunner

      Kroenke knows that it is near impossible for fans to unite because everyone is dispersed and are of differing opinions, that’s the beauty of democracy. But it is also a weakness because it can be exploited. How well the club is doing is of little significance to him because at the end of the day, he gets paid his share. We are also a London club with an expansive fan base around the globe, so from an investment standpoint there is no rush to sell as the club will keep its own value down the line. There just isn’t an incentive or indication that the club will lose its value even if on footballing terms the club is not doing well. People need to wake up for the sake of the club, the football and the fans, because it’s not about the few men who gets to pull the strings and manipulate to their own liking.

      1. Break-on-through

        Pop, Mert is going next season, so that would be great if it happened. It’d be great to have a really tall mobile player who’s great in the air. We haven’t had a defender like that in a very long time. Giroud is the closest thing we’ve got, or Holding, but he still has loads to learn and he wont learn it from Wenger and Arsenal. VVD would be great for Holding and Arsenal. It’d be the proverbially glass slipper.

  7. BigStick

    Kroenke is the problem. Someone push him in front of his big limo and get it over with. Bring in the guy from Africa, fire Wenger (great old man but it’s time to retire from Arsenal) and then make Arsenal bigger then Manchester United. Kroenke does ruiin teams. Look at Colorado Rapids in the MLS, sitting at the bottom of the league and he could care less.

  8. ZA_Gunner

    These are all signs of desperation from the club to keep important players, because all these players are most likely looking to leave. There is just too much negativity and ambiguity at the club at the moment, not only do the fans feel it, I’m sure the players feel it themselves too. You cannot deny the fact that the whole management from top to bottom has proven to be incompetent and it is reflected in the player’s behavior whereby the players are showing frustration, grievance and for a player like Perez, dispute. Our transfer policy haven’t been a success of late, even players like Ozil and Sanchez were acquired through a reactive motion to their availability on the market than a proactive stance. Management has not shown transparency and coherence in the words they speak and have many times failed to live up to expectations. A club of Arsenal’s stature should really be pushing on from what we have built on to reach higher targets and ambitions but as long as Arsenal Football Club is managed by a bunch of men that don’t have the will nor the ambitions to succeed, then soon will we find ourselves falling further and further away from the lead pack. If Arsenal want change and be successful then the policy and structure will need to be rewritten to accommodate for that, and hence the obstacles that prevent it happening will need to be removed. Kroenke, Gazidis, the Board, and Wenger himself are those obstacles, but especially Kroenke because he has the final say and has the most stake in the organisation. If fans desire change, then they need to be proactive in their endeavors instead of reacting, because we have long past the reacting, now it’s time to put our action where our mouth is.

  9. Paul P

    Wenger can’t keep Sanchez, he doesn’t want to play for him. And can you blame him? Sanchez wants to win things – he wants at least to be challenging for the top trophies. Sadly he won’t be doing that at Arsenal. The club’s in a terrible mess. To improve it needs changes at the very top. This includes Wenger. The man is in a world of his own. No manager in the world would have been allowed to get away with what he has. How many embarrassingly heavy defeats has he had inflicted upon HIS teams? The 8-2 to Man U was unforgivable, yet he went on to mismanage how many more? When is enough? When will that line ever be crossed? God, it’s not as if the football is even that good anymore!
    Wenger is a law unto himself and I for one have had enough.

  10. AngryGunner

    We should design the biggest protesting plan that the world of football has ever seen , we should show the world that even in the era that money and billionaires are trying to corrupt football , fans still can take control , when we don’t buy tickets or any merchandises the board wont profit , Emirates Stadium should be filled with very few people all holding banners with “Kroenke out” written on it , we should use ArsenalFanTV to destroy Kroenke , we have the tools , we should just use them in the right way and then we will defeat Kroenke , from last season i stopped buying anything Arsenal related and just watched Arsenal getting trashed by teams and it just made me extremely sad !!! but it’s enough , no more toying with our emotions , we will take control ! #KroenkeOut

  11. Crispen

    Paul P there are 19 other teams in the Premier and many more in other leagues…. Support one of them.

    1. Paul P

      No, I’m an Arsenal fan, have been since the seventies – been through the good and the bad – going through the CRAP now, though! Don’t like the truth, pal? Tough.

    2. Joseph Paul Saleh. Aussie Gooner from S.A

      Who do you think you are telling Paul P to support another team. KROENKE NEEDS TO GO AND GO NOW. Why don’t you go support another team , fans like you Crispen are the problem with this club. You accept mediocrity. Guys like me and Paul P don’t we want to stand up and do something to change this crap.

  12. Henry

    I worry for us this season.. nothing has changed we have let contract renewals drag on all summer.. once the window closes and no new signings made everything will turn toxic again and I can assure u it will be worse than last year..

    All I can say is usamov made an offer to buy kronke out and it was refused.. why did he not make another offer? Kronke only sees money and if the right offer was made he would sell.. he doesn’t care about players or fans or winning titles he cares about his bank sheet.. and has a stale old fool acting as his puppet to take all the flack.. I’m a worried man and the only direction i see us is going down..

    Oh and if Liverpool beat us tomorrow which they prob will.. if we sell Gibbs mustafi ox Perez Wilshire in next few days and not sign anyone which is wot Wenger is saying we don’t need any new signings.. we will be lucky to finish 7th

  13. Ronny

    Sorry to do this but off topic MU I’m so damn jealous! 🙁
    I’ve just heard they’ve resigned Ibra and their bench today has the likes of herrera, Rashford and lingard there starting side today is so fierce now they’ve sorted their spine with matic and lukaku.

    Oh and also their players aren’t all trying to jump ship they’re on the up whilst we appear to held together by sticky tape. How the fook did this happen?

    MU will win the pl this year.

  14. Ronny

    Ps we need to have some pride in the badge and think years away if need be.
    Sanchez wants to leave and we are like ‘please don’t leave us!’ Begging on one knee.
    The guy wants to go as he know longer feels right in red and white then ta ta I say!

  15. Trudeau

    If someone had told me in June we would have kept all our key players, improved on Monreal\Gibbs and finally signed a proper striker, I would have bitten their hand off. So I’m trying to process why I’m so disappointed – probably because half of our best players seem to want out , too many contracts left to wind down and too slow in shipping out the excess players. It’s one thing to see Spurs outperform us on the field but even more painful to see them outmanoeuvre us off the pitch.

  16. deleny

    ahahaha! See the way peeps keep using those languages u just cant find anywhere near the new edition cambridge dictionary. I wonder what they wld say when #arsenal starts firing in all cylinders.

  17. Vlad

    Who do we have that is making 180k per week or more? If this offer is real, it will cause a major problem because we have about 8 players who are better than Ox, and who will demand more money. Ridiculous. Sell this bum. He is totally replaceable.

    1. Mobella

      Don’t believe everything you read on justarsenal. They are just being selective to provoke fans reaction which is good for the administration. I have read,100k, 125k, 180k and even 200k on several blogs and dailys. Take your pick and think about how much you think arsenal can real offer him.

  18. Ronny

    Also on the ox of we are offering180k this is either sentiment from arsene, (he’s not your son arsene it’s business) or shows that we no longer have any ability to get top players to come to us obviously even worse this year due to lack of cl.

    1. Mobella

      Do you think he won’t take the 180k if that is what on the table. I read Chelsea is offering him 150k.

  19. Leon

    Its not about money with Sanchez.
    Its about winning the champions league and the premiership and he has absolutely no chance of that with Arsenal.
    If you think Arsenal are challengers then you are as delusional as the moron who is paid 10.5 million a year to fail.

  20. Jack reacher

    Ox if true is doing wat they all do half good season now I mean good as in he runs with da ball gives u bit power and pace but end product not great maybe will get better now fact is he owes us and wenger and arsenal football club but my guess is he’s been tapped up because he wants play midfield I see he’s point but he wouldn’t be good enough but for Sunday play him in midfield, wenger should say prove it to me want I can do we need lift so prove it play ox in midfield with Chaka and play Ramsey instead ozil drop ozil to da bench that way Ramsey can help out in midfield ozil won’t we can’t afford lose even this early pressure is on after stoke my team would be Cech in goal, 2 wing bks right side bellerin and left kolosinic 3 def holding, kos and mertsaker. Midfield xhaka ox and Ramsey ahead in a diamond upfront sanchez and lacasette

  21. samz

    have you seen man united they scored 7 out of 10 goals after 70th minute for a good season you should have a strong bench
    after 70 mins we bring in iowbi wolcott welbeck is this a team that wants to win league?
    i dont know about others but nowadays being arsenal fan is a real shame
    the teams that finished above us have spent more then 200 million each and we have nothing compared to them
    look at barcelona even they are spending to compete and you think holding mert iowbi welbeck is going to win you league
    we are not a team we just gift our players to other teams

  22. samz

    the manegment is just making fools out of us
    monaco has sold 8 players till now including 5 of first team and they are still going to sell mbappe and fabino but for us the doors are closes this itself shows our power as a club
    if ox wants to leave sell him
    and get draxler he is 10x better then ox
    what i want our team to do is
    get draxler gelson martins seri
    and line up with
    sanchez draxler ozil gelson
    seri xhaka
    kolas mustafi boss

    with bench having
    ramsay wolcott grioud bellerin holding
    we have a long season
    let welback iowbi wilshere play fa cup and then we can use them if their in good form

  23. Adega Olatunji

    As for me I am developing interest on tealmadrid.. Look at asensio and look at welbek, look at Vasquez and look at Walcott so phurny. It’s only asene Wenger and his board perhaps some arsenal fans believe this team can do something great with kind of players. These players should be playing in Hull city

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