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Injuries to Craig Eastmond and Sanchez Watt destroy Colchester

It is not just the current Arsenal team that is troubled by ongoing injury problems, it seems that the up-and-coming youngsters are also suffering this season, and the two Arsenal players on loan at Colchester United have destroyed the form of Joe Dunne’s team.

Eastmond had to return to Arsenal this weekend after breaking his metatarsal in training on Friday, and Sanchez Watt earlier returned with a serious hamstring injury. Dunne is extremely angry that the team is useless without his Arsenal loanees.

Colchester were toothless in the 2-0 defeat at home to Oldham this weekend, and Dunne’s anger turned into a rant at the U’s team. He said: “We’ve lost Craig for good.

“He’s fractured a metatarsal. He twisted his foot in the ground at the very end of training.

“Craig’s out for six weeks so he goes back to Arsenal.

“As I said to the players at half-time – are we really just those three loan signings (Eastmond, Watt and Jabo Ibehre) team?

“Is that what we are, just a Craig Eastmond type midfield and a Sanchez Watt type attack?

“It shouldn’t come to that. It shouldn’t just be down to three players to come in and shake up a whole system.

“But it really does look like that now, doesn’t it?”

So, although we should be unhappy that two more promising Arsenal youngsters are out injured, I guess we should be happy that they were having such a positive impact before they were forced to return…..

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20 thoughts on “Injuries to Craig Eastmond and Sanchez Watt destroy Colchester

  1. k

    Bad side-Injuries
    Up side-Shows talent we have in youth

    Think we should play mix of expirience/youth for Bradford


    Give szczesny a day off. Jenkinson a start and rest Sagna, Vermaelen to help Miquel and Meade progress. Arteta and Rosicky to add experience, control the game and help Eisfield. Walcott deserves his chance. Chamberlain should get a game. Arshavin has earned a chance.

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  2. QiwjeHdjfkfl

    Great youth academy that’s why we need to thin the dead woods and bring a few world class players

    I’d much rather see a youth player in capital one cup match than squillaci and co.

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  3. NIKK

    If a talent like Henri Lansbury are discarded by the club than what chance or future have this two got at the club!

    Wish them speedy recovery.

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  4. Coyg

    ***********PLEASE READ************

    We as arsenal fans have always been led to believe that we as a team have been built to succeed as a team, investing in youth, build for the future and all the rest of it. If our future is so bright and successful why hasn’t anything happened apart from a carling cup loss in the past 5 years! I mean even that was a very hard pill to swallow.

    I was looking at facts and in sure people who read this go by facts now in the past years since our move to the emerites the following players have been our best as they have turned out on the pfa team of the year:

    04-05 a cole Henry 05-06 Henry 06-07 n/a 07-08 sagna clichy fabregas adebayor 08-09 n/a 09-10 tv5 fabregas 10-11 sagna nasri wilsher 11-12 rvp

    Now you might see a trend year on year we’ve sold the best to allow others to become stronger and only 2 have fled the country 3 still remain and 1 is on the brink of leaving as well.

    If we as fans don’t do anything now, the so called bright future that we are building is going to vanish in thin air, hence why wenger himself has said “I won’t be here when you finish 15th”…act now for our future, unite for change against the board, drive gazidis and kronke out with a chairman and board member who support and loves the club other wise we won’t see another team in our life time that will lift the league or any cup for that matter


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  5. Coyg

    @leo them scalfs fuel protest yes and the glazers haven’t left but at least they acknowledge the fans voice and still pump the team with quality players year in year out. If we don’t act now we won’t ever get to compete for top honours. And in the end you and I as fans will feel resentful as we have for the past 8 years.

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  6. leo

    what’s the matter with our players youth/senior are they made of plastic elastic definetly not looking fantastic we need to sort out our medical staff got to start a prtotest against them as well diaby could be out for even longer medical staff wtf do you do wtf do you do

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  7. leo

    @coyg the fans needs to act as well stop going to the games stop buying their merchandise that will teach them a lesson still i feel this jan we may change there will be signings

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  8. Caribbean

    I wish them speedy recovery…By the way i believe Lanbury should have been kept at Arsenal and Ramsey sold…
    I am now reading that Inter is interested in Huntalaar…Why does Inter always try to hijack Arsenal transfer moves..Remember Alvarez???
    I really dislike that team..

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  9. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Carribean

    cant help it Arsenal brings the best talents to Emirates and developed them to super stars

    Clubs like to monitor Arsenal movements and hijack…Mata, Silva, Ronaldo, Alvarez, Di Maria etc….just to name a few

    which is why Wenger always makes his signing either very early or late…to prevent any hijacking…..

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  10. Bob Dylan

    Defanately no important players shud play vs bradford its carlin cup and its time for the houth to shine
    Jenk squid monteiro meade
    Coquelin ramsey
    Eisfield arsharvin ansah

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  11. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Bob Dylan

    then why did he make him injury prone and keep getting injured again and again???

    makes no sense

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  12. Rasta

    i would be all for giving szeszny a game off but realistically he had nothing to do against west Brom. I say start him.

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  13. S.H

    Watt is like another Welbeck or Daniel Sturridge. I really don’t think he’s anything special. I don’t think the timing is right for him, he’ll be better off playing for a smaller epl or championship team.


    Yes highly agree. The big Pole shpuld start as he is in great form. Keepers don’t exert nowhere near as much energy as the other players on the pitch. You can understand why Man Utd supporters are always complaining about their regular GK changes. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! Besides, Mannone is such a pussy for a big bloke! The guy lacks heart. I’ve always doubted him and still do. His positional play is shocking. He prefers to stay in goal. He doesn’t read the play as qucikly as Szczesny to come out and challenge the striker. Wojciech is more aggressive and this is what I like about him. He gives the crowd more confidence.

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  14. S.H


    You’re praising to deaf ears. Your comments just reaveal how very little you know about Arsenal. Sounds more like a sob story than actual facts.

    Got an issue? Boo-hoo, grab a tissue!

    Stop being such a weakling and whinger and support your team. Man up, adversity always tests our resolve. It’s how we handle it, that defines us!

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  15. r1j021d98o5w

    To talk of a another youngster… I am still in awe of Jenkinson. My jaw drops when i see him play. He is most definitely a future star of Arsenal. If not already!!
    P.s Sanchez Watt is great on Fifa?!

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  16. Coyg


    Well you clearly don’t care. You obviously are an individual who supports arsenal as a business not as a football team. If you did the later you wouldn’t make such comments as its keeps us stationary as a club and team. We were supposed to be about a club moving forward and competing against the biggest in Europe, we can’t do either properly and yet fans like you rather support this very static movement.

    With regards to me not knowing football…..clearly you’re no Arsene wenger.

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