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Is Arsenal boss right with his subtle digs at Fabregas?

It is understandable that Arsene Wenger was disappointed to lose the Spanish international midfielder from his Arsenal team back in 2011, especially with the rumoured way that Cesc Fabregas left the Frenchman little choice but to sell his star player to La Liga club Barcelona.

But because it was a return to his former club and the one he supported as a buy, Wenger seemed to accept Fabregas’ decision and still kept in contact. And Fabregas always spoke well about his mentor and his time as an Arsenal player, often suggesting that we were the only other club he could see himself playing for.

But since Wenger decided not to exercise the option of first refusal to bring Fabregas back to the Emirates this summer which led to him joining our Premier League rivals Chelsea under Jose Mourinho, the man who has showed Wenger more disrespect than any other, our manager has not taken it well.

As a Daily Star report reveals, Wenger has not spoken to his former player since that move. He even failed to reply to a message of birthday greetings from the Spaniard and neglected to return the gesture. And when speaking ahead of the clash between the sides this Sunday, he could not help himself from alluding to the fact that Fabregas failed to some extent at Barcelona, which is the only reason he is back in England.

Wenger said, “It didn’t go as well as he imagined it.

“I felt that when he goes back to Barcelona he will finish his career there or come back to Arsenal.

“It was the fact that he left Barcelona much earlier than everybody expected. Why? I don’t know. He can explain that much better.

“We were in search of more up front and more defensive opportunities than creative midfielders – we have many.

“Maybe sometimes you get so many messages that you forget some. You cannot reply to everybody. It happens. If I did it, I apologise.

“I don’t see why he should not be happy with Arsenal or with me. The most important thing is that he is happy.

“I think Fabregas will have a great career because he’s a great player. When he looks back at his career he will find that Arsenal and myself had a very positive impact on his career.

“Nobody can dispute that.

“I have no personal animosity against Fabregas. I wish him well. He’s a great player and a person and player I love.

“Once he left us, he left us. We are all professionals and we have to accept that.”

I get the feeling that Wenger does feel badly about the way things have happened though. But I am not sure it is too wise to do anything to wind Fabregas up and make him even more determined to show his class against us. Do you?

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57 thoughts on “Is Arsenal boss right with his subtle digs at Fabregas?

  1. muffdiver

    can imagine cesc hugging mourinho like a sellout if he makes contribution tommorow.
    players are jokes.

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    1. muffdiver

      im not bitter (*punches fabregas doll and cries into his arsenal duvet cover)

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      1. muffdiver

        u sure dboy?
        seems wenger thinks different.

        seems he was in talks with chelsea in january- way before the window came and arsenal had their chance.

        in my mind fabregas let us down twice – hugely
        abandoned us for barca
        then joined are rivals.

        f*ck cesc.
        my cuisin says whenever he walks around cobham- he has this look of arrogance – its not arrogance- its just his face

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      2. Gigi2

        he left Arsenal, he screwed up by going to Barza (he never had a chance there) and then his beloved Pep left, he realized he screwed up and wanted to leave Barza.
        We have ( and I am not one of thpse) as manysay, too many in midfield, what else would we do? re buy him because he is Cesc?
        Refused is a short definition, needed to be along he xplanation to be understood.
        Yes, he was refused because of all that

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        1. SaveArsenal

          I don’t see how he failed at Barca, his stats there were good, I haven’t seen other players on the team in similar positions who outshone him.
          Barca fans simply didn’t like him for no reason I could fathom.
          I am sure that being jeered off the pitch after making an assist was mind blowing for him.
          Remember guys we are Arsenal fans and if we were playing for any other team and git a chance however small to wear the cannon we would, he did the same with Barca.
          I still can’t see a player on the team who is close to him in talent, we could have been competing for titles instead of Chelsea now.
          Another season, another player Wenger allowed to help a rival win the league.

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  2. Greg

    Fabregas made his choice! Lets get over it! Makes no sense crying over split milk! Coyg!

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          1. muffdiver

            truth is we will never know.

            i believe wenger over cesc

            so cesc: suck a lampost

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            1. Gunner T

              Did you mean:
              “so cesc: suck a Giroud”

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          2. Gigi2

            so, like his first choice after he got pushed and booed, ok, that sounds about right-

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          3. juhislihis

            You can draw a picture of the situation where your wife dumps you after 8 years for her high school sweetheart. Add another picture few years after when she wants to crawl back to you and you welcome her with open arms and (now) non-existent balls.

            Add to that, getting her back not only cost your pride but £30 millions when you already had 2-3 wifes at the time.

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            1. SaveArsenal

              … and what wife was close to the 1st one in talent?
              I’ll wait…

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      1. Gigi2

        No it was Barza.
        and then he got left out by them….and then…and then…

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  3. dboy

    I can only imagine Fabregas and ozil pulling strings in midfield. With a Proper DM behind him. Who is better than Cesc from the other AM’s we have? Besides Ozil. He could’ve sold one and brought back Cesc. Stabalised the LW, brought in a DM with the additions he made.

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  4. Shankj

    Where is the so called “DIGS”??????????????? What wenger said is truth and apart from that he has shown respect toward Fabregas.

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  5. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi)

    Two players I still find awkward whenever I see in current Jerseys are Cesc and Welbeck. Cesc doesn’t look a Chelsea type and I still see Welbeck as a man u player. But I will get used to it, especially since the rate at which I am liking Welbeck and hating Cesc is quite high

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  6. dboy

    Wenger is trying quench the fire. Fab will come out guns blazing. Too late to smoke the peace pipe. I just hope he doesn’t score against us. That will be painful. The focus on Fab might also be a distraction. Than again they have so many game changers. Wenger should definitely come with a game plan tomorrow.

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  7. muffdiver

    im concerned about mertesacker. he wont know how to deal with costa.
    along with speed and strength hes very nasty and per wont be used to that.

    spitting, pinching, scratching…if it wasnt for his skills he would be doing a ten stretch

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Costa is there to occupy Kos. Then Per is ripe for the plucking…

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  8. Gigi2

    Cesc is a great player, but he never led us to anything, his atitude while a gunner was always like he was about to cry.
    I like better our atttitude now.
    ad since this is a game led by feelings from us fans, I feel better now.
    I know we can get spanked again and lose at Stamford bridge.
    but I d never trade the team we have today with that eye of the tiger look in their eyes, Cesc has only changed the look in his eyes NOW, and that look is like the Mou look, Machiavelo all over!

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  9. Trudeau

    Not sure where you get the headline from – where’s the dig? And quoting a Daily Star report that professes to have knowledge of Wenger’s personal texts, really? I’ve said it before, the only thing separating Fabregas from RVP, Adebayor and Nasri is a better PR agent. Fabregas got the move he wanted this summer and he’s taken a lot of Gooners along for a ride. Time to move on.

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  10. Tyno

    After those Wenger’s words, I’ve felt like crying. He’s actually endured a lot. What a CLASS!

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  11. Ronny331

    The manner cesc left us and how he refused to train etc I dont blame wenger for having a dig, jose would! Best way to silence jose and cesc is on the field tomorrow. Hope the better arsenal turn up tomorrow 🙂

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  12. Ronny331

    Mertesacker will likely get a chance tomorrow to show that he is finished at the top level. Against the best teams kos doing all the work and covering fpr pers misgivings wont work. We need another cb to pair with kos asap, january ideally.

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    1. NY_Gunner

      I hope Per steps up and pulls some new type game outta his azz. Otherwise, it’s gonna be ugly to watch. Same goes for Jack..

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  13. john0711

    IF a player refuses to train, fine him and stick him with the youth team for 12 months see what wants him then,
    If I had to choose between wenger and cesc
    One is at the top of his game, the other has seen better days
    Arsenal will be great again when wenger leaves

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    1. andykal1968

      Too harsh John0711. Our problrms will start when Wenger leaves. Surely you can appreciate what Wenger has done. Yes he is infuriating, yes if he had bought two players CDM and Defender we would be equipped and the inevitable would not happen again. I understand you but like many gooners disagree.

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  14. Gunner T

    Slightly OT and I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble but is anyone really expecting us to take anything from tomorrow’s game?

    You really think so? Sorry…lol
    I think so long as we don’t lose by 4 goals then its a great result for us.

    If somehow we win then I expect a lot of people to give me stick about this post.
    You’re welcome to. 😉

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    1. arselonia

      @.gunner t
      U will see then.. I can bet it we will not loss the match..mark my world.

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  15. john0711

    BACARY SAGNA !!anounces his retirement from premiership foot ball !!!!:):):):):)

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    1. Gunner T

      I don’t know about that one @Robin Vanpersie. I think Cesc is Ozil + more (e.g goals, work rate and the versatility of positions he can play). Are you still upset cesc didn’t join you last summer?
      Btw….Aren’t you supposed to be training for your match with Everton?

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      1. Robin Vanpayslip

        Cesc is Ozil + more goals?

        Don’t make me laugh. Cesc is not a prolific midfield goal scorer from midfield. Ramsey last season was a midfield goal scorer. Cesc has NEVER done that.

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        1. Twig

          Cesc scored 19 goals in 2009/2010. Did you start watching Arsenal last year?

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          1. Robin Vanpayslip

            One season? You had to go back 5 years in time to prove your point?

            More to the point, are you saying Cesc is a midfielder goal scorer in the same band as Platt or Lampard or Ramsey last season? Cesc is nothing of a midfield goal scorer.

            More to the point, do you watch Arsenal? Last time I checked, we played with Giroud up front as a sole striker and he isn’t prolific. So midfield has been doing plenty for two years.

            But if you say so, yeah we have Sanchez, Walcott and Ramsey so yeah let’s have a period of how Ozil from. 10 isn’t going to get enough goals even though we have the majority of our goals come from outside of our striker.

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            1. Twig

              Well, I wanted to get you his stats at Arsenal, which is quite sometime ago. Fabregas is no Lampard in terms of goalscoring, but how many midfielders are? Despite that, he’s more prolific and a better all round player than Ozil, get over it.

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                1. Twig

                  Fabregas has a better assists + goals average overall + greater work ethic. Get over it.

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                2. Robin Vanpayslip

                  Yeah and our GK doesn’t make enough runs down the left wing and our LB doesn’t score double figures and our striker doesn’t receive enough balls off Per and be the pivot. They were all doing their job so ignored those aspects just like Ozil plays a no. 10 and delivers assists. Its not his job to score goals, he delivers the final ball. Get over it.

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  16. Ronny331

    Factually I expect us to get nothing, a two nil loss. But if we can remain super disciplined, work hard and all players on on their a game we could sneak a draw or maybe even a slim win. My heart tells me our back line wont be good enough.

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  17. Ronny331

    Pers job tomorrow should be to cable tie himself to Costa for the whole game, is that allowed? As hes not quick or mobile he might as well do his best to hinder costa and wind him up. Be pleased to see costa lose it tomorrow and get his first red.

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  18. Ronny331

    Harsh on villa they’ve worked hard but you’ve got to credit city’s persistence.

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  19. rlowgunner

    Im hoping for a exciting 2-3 battle to the gunners tomorrow. If not that same score something abit more but the same outcome. If wenger plays hes cards right this is going to be anyones game if not more to our hands. I believe the same team that played vs gala plus jack and minus per then we have a good chance. If wenger goes for 4141 formation we are fryer tucked! Sit back. Patients. Control. Support. Composuree and abit of luck is key to winning tomorrow. Think I personally would rest ozil tomorrow or bring him on as a sub. I think podolski might start, with those goal scoring stats a goal is almost imminent.. and diaby should start to give him abit of time and control on the game. COYG

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  20. Mistamonn

    F**k Cesc! We’ve got Ozil. Forget loyalty to Arsenal, how about loyalty to Wenger? If Cesc was so appreciative of all Wenger did for him, he shouldn’t have agreed to play for a manager who refered to the man who “made” him as a specialist in failure. I think that’s what hurts Wenger the most.

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  21. andykal1968

    There is only one reason Cesc did not come to Arsenal. He wanted £200K a week. The option was merely a token. If we agreed a fee with Barcelona then we could not have agreed his personal terms. simple. Wenger knows this and so does Cesc tha’ts why it was agreed in January. No matter what Cesc says this is the truth of the matter. I have it on very good authority from within the club that this is the case and not one person in the media states the obvious. Yes he is a great player but of all the clubs he could have gone to {and particulalry that despicable manager} I am disgusted with him for going there. Chlesea will win tmorrow unfortunately, they are a machine and will grind us down. I hope I am very wrong but it will be men agianst boys. Up the Arsenal.

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  22. SAGooner

    I am so sick and tired of all you a-holes that keep bashing Cesc and RvP and Sagna and, and, and… These guys are PROFESSIONALS!! Why do you not bash Chambers, or Sanchez for leaving their clubs, or Sol Campbell who was captain of Spurs when he came to Arsenal?? Top players move from club to club in search of what they believe is a better future (and more money, of course). Sometimes such a move proves to be a mistake. But, as they say, it seemed a good idea at the time (naturally encouraged by the agent who only sees $ signs in any event).
    Cesc went back to Barca where he always wanted to end up – today we can speculate whether that move was in his best interests and worked out as he wished. But don’t criticize him for it – he grew up there. Then, when things did not work out, he certainly would have come back to Arsenal if Wenger had said yes. Don’t let anybody fool you – if Arsenal did not already have Özil, Ramsey, AO-C, Wilshere, Cazorla, Sanchez, etc etc, an abundance of midfielders, Wenger would surely have taken him. So, thanks but no thanks. Now he’s at Stamford Bridge, and good luck to him. He’s a great player and I wish him well. AND SO SHOULD ALL OF YOU!!
    The money that would have been spent on Cesc is surely better used to get a hard-as-nails defensive midfielder.

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    1. Robin Vanpayslip

      He chose to leave. A lot of gooners show him the same loyalty he showed us – zero. He has the respect of a lot of arsenal fans and that is for sure. But he isn’t an Arsenal player because he chose not to be. That is a fact. While respect is one thing, a lot of people seem to forget that loyalty is completely another. Wenger showed him the same loyalty that he showed Wenger. I most certainly do not hold that against Wenger and never will – even if we didn’t have Ozil.

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