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Is Arsenal the EPL club Goretzka WILL transfer to soon?

Arsenal are reportedly keen on securing the transfer of the very highly rated and talented young Germany international star, so it could be very good news for the Gunners this week, as the former Germany striker Oliver Bierhoff who is the and general manager of the German national team let slip that Goretzka is going to move to the Emglish Premier League.

As reported by Metro, Bierhoff was talking about the talent drain involving the best young German players such as the Man City forward Leroy Sane, because of all the money in the English game from the various TV deals we get.

He said, ‘We feel that England, because of the amount of money you have with TV rights, young talented players like Leroy Sané and [Schalke’s] Leon Goretzka are moving to England and this is not good for our league but also for the quality of our game.

‘We have to pay attention and invest again and again in the education of our coaches.’

You can understand why Bierhoff is worried about this and it is happening all over Europe, but from an Arsenal point of view it could be every good news of it means that Goretzka is going to become a Gunner. Don’t bank on it, though, because other Premier League clubs including our north London rivals Tottenham as well as Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool are said to be in the mix as well.


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13 thoughts on “Is Arsenal the EPL club Goretzka WILL transfer to soon?

    1. Drew Loves Arsenal

      Hey buddy! you are hurting my feelings!
      But i can not deny that your statement is TRUE, my god!

  1. gotanidea

    He would most likely move to Liverpool, because Klopp, a German, is the manager. There are also Karius and Can in Liverpool.

    Arsenal have Mertesacker, Ozil and Mustafi, but I don’t think Goretzka would be willing to join an underperforming club, unless Arsenal is willing to pay him a lot of money. And if Goretzka is also another tall physical player with lack of mobility like Xhaka, Arsenal had better forget him.

    Arsenal need a mobile, skillful, aggressive and hardworking defensive midfielder like Kante, Busquests, Fernandinho, Casemiro and Mascherano. I believe there are few players like this in France, Brazil and Spain.

    1. BubbleBoy4

      Goretzka is everything you just said you want. Like a yaya toure type player but better defensively. If we get him I will be over the moon

    2. Ted

      Goretzka is known for his height and mobility so I doubt u know him… He ll be perfect for us. A quick and extremely strong player in midfield is what we ve been missing for some time.

    3. Ivan

      Our German contingent will be gone at the end of the season. BFG retired, Ozil off on a free and for some reason Wenger had an issue with Mustafi even before injury so he is not likely to stay either.

    4. Lance

      If cultural affinity is the sole factor for Goretzka to determine which team to join, then we have a chance. We have Ozil, Mertesacker and Mustafi. And Wenger speaks German.

  2. Break-on-through

    Manc could be an option. Liv Ars Tot are not a bigger draw than Bayern, not for a German player esp. Game time could be a deciding factor along with the paycheck. Us and Liv need him more so than the others. I’m hopeful though, because we’re still a club that younger players know that they will get every chance at succeeding/improving. Liv are a bit like that too. I honestly don’t see him choosing Tot above Ars or Liv. They will likely be seen as a possible flash in the pan, whereas Liv and Ars are two of the traditional big three.

  3. Tom selleck

    Defo not coming here .
    If there’s a Derek goretzka or a ‘Bob’ goretzka we have a shout

    We don’t dine at the big table anymore

    Happy meals and ####

  4. Durand

    Probably to spurs to replace Dembele. Unfortunately we have Xhaka, Coq, ElNeny, and still stuck with Ramsey ( lifer at Arsenal with Wenger here) and Wilshire.
    Goretzka better than all of them, but Wenger not ruthless enough to sell wilshire and Ramsey or let both walk like Ozil and Sanchez.
    He’ll be another Wenger mentions he could have bought.

  5. Vlad

    We should have bought him in the summer. He would be an ideal replacement for Santi whom we miss dearly. However, I’ve read reports that he has some kind of an arrangement with Bayern, and will join them next season. If he decides to go to EPL instead though, I doubt that Arsenal will be his preferred destination. We’re probably going to lose both Sanchez and Ozil. More than likely we’ll miss out on CL again. So what exactly can we offer to someone like Goretzka? A chance to play with the likes of Walcott and Wilshere? I think he’ll pass.

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