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Is Arsenal’s Miyaichi being wasted at Wigan?

What has happened to Ryo Miyaichi? by AH

Miyaichi was promised to be something special by Wenger when we signed him to professional terms back in January 2011. Wenger said; “We’re delighted that Ryo Miyaichi has joined us. He trialled with us in the summer and has raw ability which has attracted many clubs around the world.” Two years on and he still is known as a prodigy.
Now, admittedly the 20 year old has spent his time out on loan for the majority of the time he has been with the club. When he signed, Ryo went straight on loan to Dutch club Feyenoord, where he impressed in all the games he played in his time at the club. At the end of the 2010-2011 season he had made 12 appearances in the Dutch league and scoring 3 goals and gaining numerous assists, which is an impressive tally for a player who was playing for his Japanese High school team just 6 months previous.

Miyaichi returned to Arsenal in the summer and was included in the Arsenal first team pre-season tour. He impressed and made 2 appearances in the league cup before being loaned out to a struggling Bolton Wanderers side in January 2012. He made 12 league appearances and although he didn’t manage to open his goal scoring tally in the premier league, he proved vital in Bolton’s campaign to stay in the top flight.

Now he is currently on loan at Wigan and unfortunately isn’t getting much game time. He has been out injured a few weeks back however with just 5 appearances (2 which have been in the cup competitions) under his belt its strange to see why he isn’t being included in Roberto Martinez’s side. The last we properly saw of him was at Bolton, and honestly we haven’t seen or heard much at all about his performances at Wigan. It cannot be a fitness issue or a personal issue, such as a problem with the management staff because he often features on the Wigan bench. So why is he being wasted at Wigan?

I think if it’s possible Arsenal should look to bring Miyaichi back from Wigan and loan him out to a lower league side because it’s clear to everyone he is being severely underused at Wigan and sitting on the bench doesn’t help your development as a player at all – especially at his age, when he should be gaining experience and building on his physical ability. An early return may not be possible unless Arsenal pay a clause release fee, however providing it isn’t too much, I think we should pay and recall him because the Japanese star has clear talent and it would be such a shame for him not to make it at Arsenal because he missed out on almost a whole season worth of football.

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49 thoughts on “Is Arsenal’s Miyaichi being wasted at Wigan?

  1. artillery1

    Leave Miyachi man!

    At the moment problem is, that Wenger May not start GERVINHO n RAMSEY, as Team vl b little Tired 🙁

    i vl love to see ROSICKY starting but SHITINNIO N RAMSHIT in starting line-up I cant tolerate that :/

    plz pray no shittinio no ramshit!

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  2. artillery1

    RYO is good but there is already OX N PODOLSKI on Wings!

    oh sorry i forget, GERVINHO N RAMSEY are wingers too 😛 😀

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  3. giroudfan

    totally agree,he would leaarn alot more in the arsenal reserves than on the wigan bench

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  4. Ali

    I agree, he should either be loaned out to a lower league side where he gets regular playing time.

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  5. Ali

    Or should be called back so that he starts training with the Arsenal first team and starts fighting for a place. It makes no sense for him to remain an unused player at Wigan.

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  6. Maxigooner27

    Ryo clearly has bags of talent!
    I would love to see him playing in the arsenal shirt again in the next season.
    He has immense work ethic and no opposition seems to faze him! He ran rings around the Man City and Chelsea defences.
    Love his pace holy crap hahaha

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  7. DrPepper

    He is overrated, people love him because he can do a step over.

    Nowhere near as good as Ox, Pod or dare I say Gnabry. Also nowhere near as good as Zaha, so not worthwhile as a back up – there are better players out there.

    If he was good enough he would have proved it by now.

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  8. John

    Get rid my god all this shit at arsenal are taking up good cash and as we pay for them about time we had a good all round team. We need back up players that can come on give first team players a rest and win agenst the bottom half of the prem. u all say no one better then MR AV at buying players haha look at some of the crap he has put in our arsenal over the last 5 years. Truth is it was DEAN that did the finding not him. Dont care what you all say its time for him to go up stairs and do a job there and get a new manager dont no who but time for a change.

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  9. Princely

    Wenger take our prodigy out of those who don’t his value and loan him out to a side desperate for a Wenger maybe sign zaha and give Dem miyaichi on loan would smoothen the deal and also improve our player a win win scenario

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  10. Princely

    Wenger take our prodigy out of those who don’t his value and loan him out to a side desperate for a Wenger maybe sign zaha and give Dem miyaichi on loan would smoothen the deal and also improve our player a win win scenario. Pls Wenger pls

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  11. caribbean2013

    I wonder how many of these FIFA 13 managers here have actually seen Ryo play…Its amazing how some people here judge players based on their nationality..i read her once that Kagawa wld not cut it in the primier league because he was too light weight..months later Fergi bought him..I wonder do some pple even have F grey matter…
    I think Ryo is clearly being wasted at wigan…he should be bought back to arsenal and possibly loaned to a club he can get more playing time

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  12. Ben

    This boy is rapid ….. Watch that clip and tell me who wouldn’t frighten even the most experienced full backs and then imagine what he cud b like with 12 months of game time under his belt !!!!

    Get him back wenger !!!!

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  13. Greg

    Bring back Ryo from wigan!he is too much of a great talent to be wasted there!he can be fitted into our plans use him on the flanks instead of gervinho!I’m sure we will get more productivity and variety from him!

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  14. TRM

    Long term injury set him back, Martinez continued planning working on his squad with the players available, with the availability of Miyaichi there would be no way you could suddenly expect to play!!! Fitness needs to be build up.

    He is not wasted at Wigan. Shame he got injured. Simple as that

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  15. k

    Miyaichi is quicker, has a better cross, better decision making, better dribbling, and better skill. The only thing he lacks is experience. Once he gets a season or two under his belt he will be unstoppable.

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    JOHN! Wenger out ya? What planet u on bruv? There is not another manager in world that could have done what AW has done 4 us over his time at The Arsenal Let alone since we’ve moved to the Emirates which by the way he single handedly put us in. Keeping us competing at the higher esherlongs of the EPL & CL! With both hands tied behind his bk. Regarding the money spent. So do us all a favour & keep ur anti AW jibes to ur self coz us proper Football fans ain’t intrested. Coz were not AFC fans for 7yrs were AFC fans for 70+yrs!!!

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  17. k

    Arsenal future

    If everyone improves as expected in a few years Arsenal will dominate every competition they enter.
    Fastest attack possible, Miyaichi skilling his way down the wing, Chamberlain driving past defences, Walcott tearing the opponents defence to shreds.
    Unstoppable (assuming we don’t sell everyone…)

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  18. joe

    wigan dont play with wingers, they play with their full backs being the main source of attack down the wings, miyaichi doesnt fit that

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  19. ks-gunner

    Ryo has immense natural talent….all he needs is playing time and experience…and he will become a monster of a player…take gareth bale as an example 3 to 4 years he was unnoticed…these days he is valued at 40mil…or gibbs and jatkinson who improved just by playing football at Arsenal…so bring the kid back and let him improve and learn the arsenal way…

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  20. atid

    i reckon he is an excellent replacement for gervinho, bring him back then loan him out again when gervinho returns unless he is doing better than gervinho, then loan him instead!

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  21. JONNO

    Send him to Palace on loan as part of the
    potential Zaha transfer perhaps?
    Or Southampton for Shaw rransder? At least he’d be
    playin week in week out&then he can come bk
    to us next season ready to fight for a 1st team
    squad place.

    Hopping for a positive performance today.


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  22. Bouba

    Another Wenger’s coup and a waisted talent.

    Ryo should talk with the uppper management and ask for a resiliation of his contract… He is waisting his talent being part of the Arsenal set up.

    Other players have realised that and have managed quite good career after they left… Well, as a matter of fact, most of them have won trophies.

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  23. ken

    So then, if Arsene bought him back (which he should by the way) and put him in the first team squad along with all the other BRILLIANT youngsters we have, what do you think the headlines would be?

    Wenger lies again…fed up with aall the promises… nine years without a trophy…board and owner taking money out of the club because we havent signed estabilished players…bring in Usmanov…bring back Dein…sack the board…sack Wenger…the end of the world is nigh!!!!

    What we gooners have to decide is simple really…do we trust Arsene to bring this club he has been with for 16 years forward…OR…do we continue to live in a dream world where everything the club does is seen in a negative way and changes are needed.

    Me?…I believe Arsene loves this club as much as any of us and if he ever leaves their would be a stampede for his services…we havent won a trophy since the buying power of Shitty and Chelsky kicked in and Arsene has done a fantastic job keeping us where we are.
    Remember we actually finished THIRD last season, above Abramowitch (spelt correctly) and his bottomless pit of money.
    Finally, I would love to see Arsene bring in more British players to form a core of the future of Arsenal, along with the brilliant talent he unearths like Corzola, Podolski and Giroud.
    In Arsene we have a brilliant manager, not a Messia. He makes mistakes like everyone else…we all name the bad signings, so why not be positive and be thankfull for the brilliant players this man has bought to the club?
    Just remember what JackWilshere said about him and then appreciate exactly who we have as manager of our famous club. Surely Jack knows more than you doom and gloom merchants doesnt he??????????????????????????????????

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  24. Gunnerineverylife

    Bring him back,use him on right wing/left wing when Ox or Podolski need to rest.Our front 3 will be very versatile except Giroud,I think Walcott can play on the left wing as well,he can just cut inside and slot it past the keeper,Podolski can play on the left wing and as striker,Ox can play on the left/right wing.Miyaichi obviously has more pace and better finishing than Gervinho.Just imagine this front 3 against a slow defence,Miyaichi-Walcott-Ox.

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  25. Tiko

    He should go on loan to a championship winning side e.g. Carddif or Crystal palace where they can really use him and he can get a sense of winning something which he can thrive under to push our team foward


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  26. Gunner

    Sounds like many know he is injured and that will set a player back for sure!
    Someone made a great point about Wigan using full backs to cover the wing threat in their team more than wingers.
    That could make sense because struggling teams often need players to do 2 jobs, or simply cant afford wingers out wide all the time unless the individual is exceptionally good at defensive work. Wigan work overtime to keep opponents out and likely need players who are especially strong on team defense and counter punch since they are under pressure constantly.
    The other reason is ‘bias’!!! Players are clannish and clicky like most people!!! If the ‘schoolyard’ click is already in effect at Wigan then it might be hard for a Japanese player on loan to get past such an obstacle, that is why players behave that way, to stop other players feeling comfortable in the new surrounding!!!
    English players click with guess who? english players!!! Spanish players etc. etc.

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  27. Invincibles nice (1)

    I think it would have been better to loan him out to Spain or France for two or three years, so to hone his skills as he would have allot more time on the ball, gaining great confidence. Then maybe loan him to a lower league side in England for one season, so to learn how to use his skills when having no time on the ball, it could/would toughen him up and ready him for stern opposition

    Wigan looks like the worst poss pick for him, he would have gained more by playing in our capital cup side, also training with our players rather than just training with there lot. Get him out of that rugby town and give him to Bolton, atleast he’ll get games and an education with the wanderers, only have to look at the confidence they gave Jack to know it a much better suit

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  28. Gunner

    Again lots of reason’s, explanations,possible solutions too!

    Ergs is right in one sense though!!! How good is he???? Many ‘say’ he is good because of this that and the other!!

    Wilshire was loaned out and came through, others were loaned out and didn’t come through.

    I would add one thing, many players don’t make it for many different reasons. Being not good enough is not ‘always’ the reason a player fails to make it!!!!!

    Like trying to get any job, players need help from others, they need luck and good fortune, not only quality!! Or else they ain’t getting it, full stop!!!!!

    I don’t care how good a player is naturally, if he does not have help from other people, and an unfair dose of good luck, he is not going anywhere. That’s reality Erg you have to agree!!!!!

    Talent or no talent!!!! It isn’t going to matter!!

    In order to make it a player has to be privileged in many ways!

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  29. No more excuses

    These young players wenger brings to the club 90% of the time flop and never sustain a place in 1st team . Just more blind allegiance and overexagerated praise from wengerites . Most times they actually go backwards , get paid for many yrs in the hope that wenger will be proved right … Major backfire . We should maybe sign southamptons training staff !

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  30. Ergs

    Agree! you wrote what I couldn’t be bothered to.
    I did it in 1 sentence, having lods off ability doesn’t make your decision making good or mental toughness or give you Physical power If your face don’t fit with 1 manager it might with another.
    Realistically he’s a good prospect not a wonder kid!
    He could go both ways.
    People keep raving about eisfeld same with him good prospect not a wonder kid!
    Even had some fool on here saying eisfeld was already better then ox Walcott and Ramsey laughable statement!!
    Wonder kids are rare wilshere bale Walcott Owen Rooney messi fabregas to name a few
    There’s not many players who are brilliant at 17.
    In saying that I’d rather fill our bench with hungry teenagers on £10-20k a week then big time high payed losers!

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  31. frenchgoonerfromparis

    Ryo is just injured (ankle). Ludicrous statement. As soon as possible he will be in the starting 11.

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  32. Manoj

    Guys, we are a club that promote youth, but we are surely wasting Ryo’s talent… he might leave us soon if not given a chance, I am sure he is more enthusiastic than the older boys in the main team

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  33. SA Gunner

    Just watched the video, I know its just highlights of his best, but I’m excited to think what this kid could becomes with the help of someone like TH, damn he could be devastating!!! Bring him back..

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  34. ME Gunner

    still 20 years old but only sitting on the bench? I think Arsenal have to bring him back and Wenger should more often to play him in the squad! Ganbatte Miyaichi!!

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  35. Jaques

    What are you lot on about? He’s just been injured, not wasted.

    They brought him into the game yesterday against Everton, probably too early. Let’s hope his latest injury isn’t too serious, or Wigan will be wasting him again according to some people,…

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