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Is Arsenal’s Ozil good enough to demand first-team Barcelona role?

Reports from Spain claim that Mesut Ozil will demand first-team guarantees in order to quit Arsenal for Barcelona.

The German international is nearing the final six months of his current contract at present, and is strongly linked with the exit door.

Manchester United are believed to be leading the race for his signature, and the latest claims will be unlikely to change such thoughts, with him supposedly demanding guarantees of first-team action at the Nou Camp.

The Red Devils links are supposedly due to Jose Mourinho being keen on a reuniting with is former player from Real Madrid, and some reports have claimed that he is equally open to staying at Arsenal as he is to any exit, and even more recent are reports that our club is actually confident of striking a deal which would see him stay at the Emirates beyond the summer.

Ozil has also come into top form in recent weeks, playing as our best player and is easily my selection for December’s Player of the Month Award, and hopefully he is playing for his Arsenal future with those displays.

Alexis Sanchez is clearly not playing for his future at the club, and I would quite happily wave goodbye to him in January and get a replacement in who actually wants to play for our club, and deserves to sport our jersey week-in week-out. Our teammates didn’t even want to celebrate his goals this weekend, and I don’t see him still being here come February.

Ozil on the other hand does appear to be fighting for our shirt, and is amongst our best players at present, but is he good enough to demand first-team role at Barcelona? Does he look like he is playing for his future at Arsenal or elsewhere?

Pat J


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11 thoughts on “Is Arsenal’s Ozil good enough to demand first-team Barcelona role?

  1. Innit

    Ozil will look world class with other world class players beside, in front and behind him.

    Wenger could have signed a TOP striker, creative midfielder and defensive midfielder the last 3 years. He played brilliantly together with the little mozart Cazorla and Alexis. We got Lacazette FINALLY but Xhaka, Ramsey, Coquelin and Eleny aren’t good enough innit

  2. Muff diver

    Ozil would fit in any top team
    As he does for world cup winning Germany

    OT…goretzka to Liverpool looks done
    A player we need more than anyone . 22 year old absolute complete midfielder an free .


  3. gotanidea

    No, he is not good enough. If you pay attention to how Barcelona first team players like Messi, Neymar, Iniesta, Xavi, Ronaldinho and Busquets played, you would see that most of them consistently make more than three touches on the ball, when possessing it.

    Ozil can only do that when there is no heavy pressure from the opponents and he often got robbed because of his ball control. Barcelona players will also try to retrieve the ball under ten seconds if they lose it.

    In my opinion, Ozil is not suitable for a tiki-taka style, but he would flourish if his team plays with quick tempo, like Real Madrid, Germany, Leicester City, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Liverpool, etc. He often lost the ball and made predictable passes, but he has nice ideas, can read the game and very unselfish.

    1. TW14-TH14

      The first time I would agree with you. In addition to your apt observations, Ozil does not mark/close down on opposition which is the most important task in Barcelona’s possession football. They have to win back possession as quickly as possible and all their midfielders are required in making that happen.

  4. Dennis

    Isiliye will thrive in any league where dribbling past opponents is considered more important than hacking players down. Specially when he will have clinical finishers like messi and Suarez in front of him.
    And I don’t blame him or Sanchez for leaving. City is running away with the league and will still strengthen. After so much ranting by conte and mourinho both Chelsea and united will strengthen. Pool is building an amazing team. While our a-hole of a manager is busy giving sermons.

  5. GB

    Yes, with the right attitude of course he would get in Barca first team and his style of play suits them. Regarding the comments about Sanchez and the team not celebrating with him, watch again, half the team went to him and the other half to Jack who made the fabulous assist. Yes there are things not right with him at present but so much false spin has been put on this one incident by the media and you fall for it. #muggedoff.

  6. Jay Dee

    Whether board or Wenger, everyone need to admit someone is seriously screwing up. They go for cheap transfer targets, we don’t perform and lose the few quality players we have, lose Champions league football and actually have to sit and ask ourselves if we WILL win against West Brom, not Bayern, not Barca, not Man City. WEST freaking Brom? And we have proved business people in the Arsenal set up, who think all of this is making business sense(ignoring the football)?? I think they are delusional. And we want to blame Oil money for expensive transfers. Get quality players on a cheap. Gorekta is going to Liverpool on the free. We still wanna insist Theo on a 100,000 salary (same wages as Zaha, Mahrez, Willian) is a good deal. Players like Debuchy want to leave yet we still try to keep them.

    I wish i could switch off some plug in me and stop being a fan. Sadly, once a gooner, always a gooner….. And thats why it hurts so bad

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