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Is Arteta’s return good or bad news for Arsenal?

Arteta’s back! by DN

We all know that our nominal captain Mikel Arteta has done great things for Arsenal in his time, but although I am sure he is a great example to our youngsters on the training field I don’t believe he is now capable of doing a job for the first team.

With Francis Coquelin out injured, we have been left with Matthieu Flamini as our only established defensive midfielder and with Calum Chambers as the new apprentice. Now that Arteta has returned to fitness, playing 45 minutes with the U21 side yesterday, I am worried that Wenger will include him as a possible starter in the upcoming games.

Arteta has hardly played much in the last year, and the memory of him coming on against West Brom after Le Coq got injured fills me with dread, as it must surely have been his worst ever performance in an Arsenal shirt, and I was relieved when he was taken off injured himself.

We all know that Flamini surely can’t play in every game until Coquelin recovers, but the biggest worry is that Wenger will use the return of Arteta as a reason for not bringing in another true defensive midfielder like Victor Wanyama or William Carvalho.

I hope that Wenger has realised that Arteta is now past his sell-by-date for the first team, but recently Le Prof hinted that will be brought back to the squad, albeit slowly. He said recently: “It is the same calf injury, but every time I take a gamble and put him back in he has a setback.

“This time I want to be a little more cautious and get him to play one or two games in the reserves before he comes back and plays.”

Please Arsene, don’t think about it. Use Chambers, or Elneny if he joins, rather than risking another nightmare from Arteta.


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32 thoughts on “Is Arteta’s return good or bad news for Arsenal?

  1. SoOpa AeoN

    As a member of the squad, good to have him back!

    But honestLy, i’m neither excited nor sad…..

  2. 007

    OT: With Pep available, wouldn’t we want him to take over as Wenger’s successor?

    With all due respect to Arsene who is our club legend and is still under contract but should our club pass on signing one of, if not the best manager around. Pep and Arsenal are a match made in heaven in my opinion – he lives our style of play, our tradition, I’m sure he would love to live in London. In return Pep would attract more players / sponsors with his brand / aggression and hunger for success / and he would take our club to new heights.

    This is no Wenger out campaign by any means, but should the old man win the EPL this season, I would like him to end on a good note, move up stairs and call Pep to take over. It will be a shame seeing him go another club.

    As for Arteta I feel he needs to play the role of mentor more to the lads than playing. His past it now and his injuries have not helped him at all. Whether he will still be here next season we will wait and see but lets not risk him in key matches for now.

    1. antiwenger

      The fact that some people have thumbed you down just goes to show how daft Akbs are.They love Arsene wenger more than they love the club

  3. SoOpa AeoN

    i used to think pep was the man, but i guess he’s one with a colossal and jumbo-sized ego…..and is constantly on a paper chase

    The EpL is not a bundesLiga or La Liga, where only a dominant team exist or where he could just runaway with the title halfway down the season

    he’s free to join any team he wishes to…..won’t beg for him to come to Arsenal….

    We could have a complete manager in Wenger (if and onLy if he does what’s right for this team)…..Something BIG could happen…..we are not far from achieving that…… I know we aren’t!

    1. NY_Gunner

      Well put Gooner. I think Pep is a bluff. He’s not interested in the legacy of any club, but of his own…

  4. Zulu-boy-SA

    Pep will not stay at the same club for more than 4 years but in his short stay he wins titles, so Arsenal can forget about winning the EPL for atleast the next 3 seasons if he goes to any other club.

    Yes Arteta is passed it, he should just admit it and move on.

    1. NY_Gunner

      You’re kidding, right? The EPL isn’t the Bundesliga or La Liga where there are only 1 max 3 top teams. He managed 2 teams who in reality have managed themselves.

  5. Dav SA

    BAD NEWS!!

    Arteta has seen his days, whenever he plays, he is the direct cause for conceding a goal.

    He shouldn’t be near the starting line up but should rather take up a mentoring role because he cant play anymore, too slow for EPL.

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      hahaha……..hope u find a way to straighten ur fingers if he ends up going to citeh


  6. lancy_solly

    Well, He has paid his dues for arsenal. I guess his time is up. Let wenger move him upstairs

  7. Nebs

    As long he stays on that bench, I’m happy. We can’t afford a single disaster now, and Mikel is disaster-prone.

      1. Sack-Wenger

        Oh STFU you just comment cause you like seeing your own comments, much like listening to yourself talk.

  8. Robin Vanpayslip

    To be fair if I had hair like that I wouldn’t run around flying into tackles and risk messing it up

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      @cheeterspotter ………yea bru…….. I Like d world being round……and round……… Rather than just flat

      my bad….sphericaL ! L()L

  9. Ronny331

    For Arteta I am pleased for us I am concerned.
    I hope Wenger uses him sporadically and only when needs must.
    Pep to Arsenal? No way he’s just trying to whip up a media frenzy to ensure he gets the best contract.
    Wilshire’s house on the market and he’s not looking for another one in London! Be suprised if this ones true.

    I have a good feeling about this transfer window, I hope it’s a good one.
    Elneny is a good start. Aubameyang?
    Debuchy out, Chambers on loan, Jenkinson recalled?

  10. antiwenger

    The problem is that wenger won’t do what is right for the team. He even has a much bigger ego than Pep and who are we kidding, Pep is miles better than wenger who is a fossil

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      hahaha……can’t believe we are top of the League with a Fossil (as claimed) at the head of management…..

      Can u believe it?

  11. antiwenger

    Arteta is old and finished, he should focus on a coaching role.He single handedly cost us 3 points against West brom.Am surprised wenger is still sticking with him when the likes of ljumberg, Gilberto were moved on due to their age even though they still had plenty to offer

  12. Koss the Boss

    Doesnt really matter he wasnt missed on the pitch, last time he was on we lost 2-1 both mistakes from him cost us. I like arteta but footballing wise i think he needs to either move into coaching or move on in the summer! Shouldnt be our captain either but who would you give the captaincy to? My choice when fit would be Francis Coquelin! Is a gooner has been for 8years, loves the club like its his own, his passion/commitment is unbelievable, has made the difference to our team and lastly, hes shows the fight that we have missed in years… he is my stand out leader in this team when hes playing has been for last 12months!

      1. Koss the Boss

        U think he would leave Arsenal if he keeps progressing? I dont know i think he would stay put and the we are going in the right direction no need for a move. Who would he move to?

  13. GoonerG1

    I don’t even want to see Arteta on the bench. I would rather see one of the youngsters there. Arteta should be nothing more than extreme emergency injury cover.

  14. tissiam

    im sorry i have to say this but i agree arteta shouldn,t even make the bench we need to look forwards,next year he should be moved on i hope he realizes his time is up and doesn,t make a fool of himself on the pitch,places are at a high prenium and his should go to a youngster or new signing,that,s not to say im not grateful for everything he,s done for us especially during for”difficult” years!!

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