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Arsenal set to play reserves against Bayern Munich

There has been a lot of discussion about Arsenal giving up on progressing in the Champions League in favour of making a sustained challenge for the Premier League title. This view was given credence when we saw Arsene Wenger pick severely weakened teams for the first two Group matches and keeping our First XI fit for the weekend League games.

Now Wenger has given his clearest indication yet that he may continue playing his best team against Watford this weekend, and using some rotation for the midweek clash with the giants of Bayern Munich. He was asked on if he would pick his team on Saturday with one eye on the UCL match, and he replied: “Not at all. For me the most important game is Watford because the Premier League is the most important competition, with the Champions League. I would say the Premier League is the most important competition for us.”

It is hard to disagree with him really, and the fact is that every League game is draining to the team, so expecting our players to turn up fresh again to face Bayern three days after the Watford match is a bit hopeful to say the least.

Many readers have pointed out on JustArsenal that, in all honesty, the Gunners have little or no chance of lifting the Champions League trophy at the moment, so would Wenger be right to play his reserves against Bayern Munich?

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15 thoughts on “Arsenal set to play reserves against Bayern Munich

  1. Incarnate

    maybe both teams would send in their UEFA youth league teams anyways lol

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  2. arsenalman365

    Another click-bait article here. Wenger said that he wouldn’t rest players in the premier league, not that he will play reserves against Bayern. Players are capable of 2 games a week. Wenger always plays his best team in the Champions league, even after a hopeless first less loss.

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    1. admin Post author

      …..Wenger always plays his best team in the Champions league,…..

      What! Like he did against Zagreb and Olympiakos? Do me a favour…

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  3. Robertthegooner

    We may need to win one of the two matches to qualify. If either Olympiakos or Zagreb win both of their matches then that team will have 9 points. Even a win and a draw by either will put that team on 7 points. If we lose both matches to Bayern, we will need to beat olympiakos and Zagreb just to get the remaining 6 points.

    We need to play super hard to beat Bayern at home and play our best players

    For Bayern @ home


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    1. Renoosenal

      I’d play Gibbs, if i remember correctly, Monreal was a target for Bayern and it worked out for them.

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      1. HA559

        Gibbs is a high risk defensive liability. Monreal knows when to attack and when to defend. He will get caught out in defence at most once a game. Gibbs gets caught out of position so many times. Most of the goals we concede from counter attacks over the past couple seasons, Gibbs is out of position for a lot of them and he doesn’t come back most of the time or is to slow to recover.

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    2. HA559

      Ox is not good enough, he will give you a good 10-15 minute a game that is it., Debuchy will get caught by Costas speed. That side will be easy access for Bayern if we play with these two players.

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  4. HA559

    I think you made some nonsense out of what he said there. Yes Wenger is a stingyman, but he thought the team set out against Dinamo and Olympiakos we’re good enough to win if they had performed, and that is true, but their performance wasn’t there. I’m confident the first name you will see on Tuesday evening will be Cech on Tuesday followed by the rest of the first team.

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  5. tk09

    Rest Alexis and Walcott against Watford and play our best team against Munich. I’d play Ox instead of Sanchez and Giroud instead of Walcott tomorrow. The team should still then be capable of beating Watford.

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  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    It will be a criminal breach of trust of the highest order by Arsenal to sacrifice their Champions League campaign on any alter of their wish. I have said it without number that Arsenal wouldn’t know if this is their ordained season to win the Ucl with them also winning the fifthruple as well. Therefore, the Boss and the Gunners must NEVER sacrifice any title for another one under any whatever reason. The Boss and his squad MUST do all that which are necessary at all times this season including doing rotation to compete credibly in any competition.

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  7. muffdiver

    This title is quite ridicolous.
    I would laugh…but after watching human centipede 2….i have no humour left

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  8. bhagalpuri

    arsene never said he would field a reserve against bayern how can u even say this, it seems u have very easily forgotten the spanking of 2 seasons ago it shows complete disrespect to one of the best teams in world this is our only problem complacency we will field our strongest team against them and then we will se for now concentrate on Watford one game at a time

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