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Is FA trying to hurt Arsenal with fixtures after Europa games?

Well what a surprise that is to see! Arsenal have some long trips to make in our Europa League group this season and would obviously have liked the following Premier League fixtures and the scheduling of them to not put too much a strain on our players, but as usual we not only do not get any help, but it feels as though they are actively trying to make things as tough as possible for the Gunners.

The longest distance that Arsenal will travel is to face the Belarussian club Bate Borisov, which will be the second of our group games and will take place on September 28th. At least UEFA have given the game an early kick-off time but our own football schedulers in England have been less kind.

Not only do we play away that Sunday, against newly promoted Brighton, but the game will start at midday. Cheers guys, nice one. But if Wenger is forced to play a second string Arsenal team in Europe we will be accused of showing the competition a lack of respect.

Almost as far for the lads to go is the away game against Red Star Belgrade and guess what? That’s right, another away game, this time at Everton, and another early kick-off at half past one. We do not yet know what time the game away to Burnley after our trip to Cologne will kick off, but no prizes for guessing, as not one of our Sunday games after Europe has been given the later 4pm start time.

Am I being paranoid here, Arsenal fans, or does something smell a bit fishy?


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16 thoughts on “Is FA trying to hurt Arsenal with fixtures after Europa games?

  1. Quantic Dream

    The FA nevers helps anyone if we are to be honest so nothing fishy there. I think we should play our strongest team possible and win the trophy like Man utd did…we have no hope of winning the league and even top 4 looks a bit bleak.

  2. Middle Man

    This is unrelated but it is still bugging my mind ! Where is Mathieu Debuchy ?
    Is he trying to use Arsenal’s money to start a business or something or has he been abducted by aliens ?! i heard he has 2 more years on his contract ! how is that even possible ?! is he a con artist hired by Kroenke ? i think we should ask Stoke police to find Mathieu Debuchy instead of Ozil !

  3. Middle Man

    Also for the article , i think Arsenal has an above average B team for Europa league that probably can handle the group games , a team like this :


    Chambers , Holding , Mert

    Nelson , Coquelin , Wilshere , Nacho

    Walcott , Giroud , Welbeck

  4. John Ibrahim

    Judging by the way Utd and City play…top 2 is beyond reach

    Utd has the firepower

    City has the referee

    4th spot is our realistic target….

    Fans should not complain during season when we lost games to the big 5

  5. Omonaija

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, a soap opera that refuses to end. Infac I can predict next season Arsenal position as long as Wenger is still in charge.hmmmmmmm.

    1. Freddie G

      And a new owner
      With Wenger still at the club,we shall always have more of such complains,bad referee,biased FA,etc.Winners never complain.I dont remember seeing such complaints in our unbeaten season

  6. Nothing changed

    I have said all summer that the Europa league is harder on your PL campaign than the CL. I still hope we prioritize the PL as long as we have a shot at a 4th place finish. Let’s use some of our talented youngsters this year and give them a bit more playing time than the odd appearance in the League cup.

  7. James Simmonds

    I agree with the article, all you guys saying it’s luck of the draw have no clue how fixtures are generated. even though the fixtures are randomly generated via the input of curtain parameters by the FA’s fixture system software.

    This system assumes all fixtures will be played every sat at 15:00 and manually amended by the FA for deviance like TV contract requirement, postponement, cups and European fixtures.

    The matches days and times of those games are sold to tv companies and allocated by the FA. I won’t go into the complexities but the FA tell BT and SKY which games to air there are obviously the big derbies and top six games are garanteed to be televised and worth more money.

    The FA like to have minnows against the top teams aired and the so called shitter matches for the benefit of the fans of those respective clubs. I seem to remember the Mancs and Spuds having more Monday games last season following Europa commitments.

  8. gooner4life

    Why are so many talking about 4th place Has Wenger brainwashed you all to. think that 4th is acceptable?I WANT TO WIN.

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