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Is Fabianski finished at Arsenal?

What do Arsenal do with Fabianski? by TS

A keeper’s place is often the hardest to replace. Once a goalkeeper starts a match and performs well, chances are that he could retain that position until he proves otherwise. You could argue that all positions in football are like that, and you would be right, but in my opinion, none are as extreme as the man between the sticks. The reason why is because goalkeepers in a squad often explore the extremities of quality which is often very small or simply too great.

Case in point, Mannone and Szczesny- two Arsenal keepers who are fighting for the number 1 spot. Good performances by Mannone will keep out Szczesny, who on paper is the better player. If Mannone does well, he will keep Szczesny on the bench for as long as fate dictates, which potentially could be as long as the Italians career. What that essentially means is that Fabianski now becomes a permanent third choice keeper. The chance for him to earn his stripes, now suddenly dissipates.

Even at the tender age of 27, Fabianski’s career looks to be over with Arsenal. The Gunners have far too many young, upcoming keepers to challenge Szczesny and Mannone for a starting place. We already saw the likes of James Shea get a chance to occupy the bench against Montpellier. Fabianski isn’t a bad keeper. He’s agile, holds onto the ball when needed and distributes the best between Mannone or Szczesny. The problem with Fabianski has always been his decision making. Too often he would rush out of the goal or freeze up when he needed to come out.

Everyone has been saying to get rid of deadwood at the Emirates and not once did Fabianski’s name come up. Why? Because he isn’t deadwood. He’s a solid third choice keeper but he’ll be considering his future now that Mannone has taken his spot. I think Arsenal have enough potential coming through the goalkeeping ranks to keep Fabianski out.

Should Arsenal keep Fabianski or opt for a sale in January?

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17 thoughts on “Is Fabianski finished at Arsenal?

  1. No more excuses

    Can’t see fabianski cutting it at highest level in any league . Unless he drastically improves I’d rather he just moved on .

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  2. Gunners4life

    He should prove himself at any given chance he will get, maybe probably at the training ground.

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  3. Somtee

    Competition brings out the best in you so No way his still has a point to prove for Arsenal

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  4. Chucky

    a good keeper. a bit like De Gea of ManU. excellent reflexes but not the most confident coming for crosses. He is probably the best shot stopper out of the 3….

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  5. ButtFlaps

    you finish Flapinanksi you over. We even sign new goalkeepers deadline times. HELLO

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  6. realist

    Im pretty sure i read that his contract is up in june 2013 and mannone in june 2014 with martinez shea charles-cook iliev vickers and huddart all proving themselves at various levels you have to wonder where fabianski fits in. perhaps its his experience or rather his age that he.has in his favour. but to be honest it would be something refreshing for a club to have half a dozen keepers all under 25 fighting for match time.

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  7. Dan

    Fingers crossed he’s finished. A really experienced keepers to show Szeseny the works would also be helpful. He’ll be a top keeper but he still needs time.

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  8. me

    Arsenal have so many good keepers, their 3rd choice keeper will probably be a starter for a mid table club. Arsenal also have martinez, Shea, and that other guy who was brought in this summer. I feel bad for Fabianski, he is actually a good keeper, he just has some mistakes that will easily go away with experience.

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  9. ichele aki

    He is a good keeper, too good to be 3rd choice. He should leave at the end of the season not january.

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  10. S.H

    It just takes an injury to a keeper and he’s back in the team. Just like Mannone, who got a stroke of good-luck through timely injuries.

    I’m hoping Wojcieh gets the start against Man City as I believe he’s accustomed himself to big games. Mannone could be in better form in terms of results, but Szcszney is a more agile and confident keeper. There’s no better time to prove he is Arsenal’s no.1 over Mannone and I hope Wenger can exploit this, knowing the big Pole will be on his best game to impress

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  11. Reymond810

    Third choice ??
    I think he is too good for third choice. The problem is that the GK is a position in which a player can play almost everyday and still not complain about being tired. So, there really is no point in keeping three very good keepers.

    Mannone and Szczesney are both better keepers and that is why Fabianski does not have that good a chance to play. The problem with him is that even though he is too good to be third choice, he is not good enough for second choice if the team wants to win titles.

    I think it would be best for HIM if Arsenal let him go.

    Arsenal for Life !!

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  12. jermaine

    idealy this means we can afford to loan fabianski should in january

    alternativley a swap deal with adrian could be a good move as courtoise will be back at chelsea and athletico risk loosing adrian for free

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