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Is Gabriel transfer to give Chambers an Arsenal lifeline?

It is fair to say that the Arsenal career of Calum Chambers has so far been a disappointing one, despite the former Southampton academy star coming to north London with a great reputation and being known for his versatility which has seen the young Englishman play at right back, Central defence and even central midfield.

Many football observers and Arsenal fans in particular thought the defender´s time as a Gunner was close to an end, though, with some reports claiming that Arsene Wenger was happy to sell him during the summer transfer window, but with less than two weeks of it left that is looking less probable and the transfer of Gabriel from Arsenal this week makes me think that Chambers could be about to get an Arsenal lifeline, according to a report in The Mirror.

Unless the boss uses the transfer market to sign another centre back then we do not have too many options, especially as both Mertesacker and Koscielny have fitness issues and are not going to play every game.

Also, the new formation of a back three does seem suited to Chambers, just like it is with the other young England international Rob Holding, who does seem to have the edge over Chambers in Wenger´s plans but that could change and any injury could mean that Chambers is needed.

Do not forget that he is the main man for the England under 21s while Holding gets the odd game, so have we written the former Saint off as an Arsenal first team player a bit too soon?


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14 thoughts on “Is Gabriel transfer to give Chambers an Arsenal lifeline?

  1. muff d

    joke that never gets old ..
    bad enough he has messed up every transfer window in what a decade
    but now playing players in wrong positions, sticking with players who dont warrant a place
    its embarrassing to watch ppl like jose so obviously fix holes in there team, an not even with astute signings obvious bloody ones, doing in two what we cant do in 12 years

    1. Frank

      Mate we are two games in and it looks to be a long season.
      I said that we need a defensive midfielder and a world class centre back. That game yesterday showed that Arsenal will not win the league while Wenger is in charge. Wengers formation, playing players out of position and his substitutions were amateur at best.
      Welbeck is nothing but a bench player, he is terrible in front of goal.
      Why won’t Wenger buy a defensive midfielder? That goal was terrible. A defensive midfielder would have been there to make a tackle and from Xhakas poor pass to Özil, no one was between the defense and midfield. Disgraceful.
      Just a shout out to all you Özil fans. What did he do yesterday? He could have tackled Jess on his run to goal. Where was his assists? Any shots on goal? Pathetic. He is so overrated, possibly the most overrated player I have ever seen. Hazard, Coutihno, De Bruyne, Erikson, Sigurdsson, Mkhitarya are so much better. Fabregas is so much better, Arsenal should have tried to get him back.

    2. Arsenal_Girl

      That’s happened to me 3 times
      I type “LOL” at the top and all that appears is “L”

  2. J GOON

    who makes these topics?
    no we have written off too soon, awful.

    man its getting boring now, what has wenger been doing for the past 10 years! The amount of people who follow blindly. OPEN YOUR EYES FFS.
    Should never have got an option for an extension. The sentimentality at arsenal will drag us to mid table.
    I’d be surprised if sanchez kicks a ball for us again, cant really blame him. our squad looks god awful.
    Here’s hoping someone with a bit of passion buys us out and has an almighty clear out.
    wenger and bould first.

  3. john_gatal




    please typical arsenal fans,dont agree my comment..oo,please..

    1. Alex

      It’s not early when he didn’t learn from the first game and repeated the same mistakes. It’s pretty obvious from the first game that the makeshift back three didn’t work.

  4. Sam 111

    I don’t see how it makes any sense to sell Chambers. He’s young and English u21 – how much do they go for nowadays?? Also in my opinion he has been good when he’s played for us, good last season at m’boro, and just not really been given a chance

  5. Yossarian

    As soon as the 2-year contract extension was announced, we knew it would be more of the same. Well here it is… More of the same…. *Sigh*

    Why can’t Wenger play people in the right positions????? It’s bewildering!

    Yes, Chambers could definitely be useful during the season as a centre-back in a formation using 3 central defenders. Well, if Wenger starts playing all central defenders in central defence that is.

  6. Arsenal_Girl

    No we need to sign a top CB if we are to play 3 at the back.

    Van Dijk, Koulibaly, Verane, Godin, Carvalho, Bonucci, etc.

  7. Phydo Amate-Adi

    Chambers should be retained in de squad. William Carvalho will galvanise our central midfield if sign.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      Chambers and Holding are future centre backs for Arsenal and England and therefore should be persevered with. That doesn’t mean that an experienced centre back is not required to improve the defence immediately and for them to learn from.
      Also Mertesacher retires at the end of the season and Kos is aging.
      Chambers may also succeed in midfield.
      Wenger has lost it since the season where Cech was his only signing with no infield players transfered in. Compare Arsenal’s dithering in the transfer market and changing player’s positions with Manchester United identifying and rectifying weaknesses in the squad and entering the new season with settled playing positions!

  8. amb98

    I actually like Chambers and feel he would do quite well if he was given a run in the team at RCB but it’s obvious Wenger doesn’t rate him. Hasn’t been in the squad for the first 2 games. We need a no nonsense CB. VVD/Koulibaly/Manolas/Tah/De Vrij/Sakho would all suffice.
    Alongside this we need two central midfielders, one creative midfielder to replace Santi like Seri/Kovacic and another more defensive midfielder like Danilo Pereira/Carvalho/Nzonzi.
    However I would be surprised if we signed anyone. Wenger will just use the excuse that our squad is too big and that Wilshere and Chambers were out on loan last year so they are like new signings.

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