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Is Gazidis bonus proof Kroenke is LYING to Arsenal fans?

It was the annual Arsenal AGM this week and once again we Arsenal fans have been left scratching our heads a bit and wondering whether we are living on a different planet to the top brass in charge of our beloved club. We are told by the majority shareholder Stan Kroenke that he is fully intent on bringing as much trophy success as possible to the Gunners, but a lot of Arsenal fans will think that he has a pretty funny way of showing it.

We may not like it but we cannot get around the fact that money is a massive factor in modern football, so of course it is good for a club to make plenty of it and that is something that Arsenal are good at. So I suppose you could argue that our CEO Ivan Gazidis is doing a ‘fantastic’ job as the Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick has claimed, as The Mirror reports.

He said, “It is important that all the remuneration remains competitive. Our CEO’s pay is comparable to that of others of a similar stature at other clubs.

“Ivan is doing a fantastic job and representing it in the PL, European Club Association we are fortunate to have him as our CEO.”

Keswick was responding to a question about the huge bonus of almost £1 million that Gazidis got, but do we fans think he is doing such a great job? It is all very well to make money but unless that is used to finance the team in order to achieve the success Kroenke claims is his driving ambition, what is the point unless it is to line the pockets of Kroenke and co?

So does giving a massive bonus to the man who failed to bring a new manager in as we wanted and also failed to ensure that Wenger spent anything like what was expected in the summer transfer market just more proof that when silent Stan does say something to the Arsenal fans it is blatantly a lie?


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12 thoughts on “Is Gazidis bonus proof Kroenke is LYING to Arsenal fans?

  1. xhaka16

    OT:lucas perez is banging in goals for deportivo even though dey end up losing wonder what he did to offend wenger

    1. Incarnate

      Wenger wanted Lacazette two seasons ago already, Gazidis opted for Perez simply because of his low price tag, Wenger not playing him was a matter of principle. Wenger can be a penny pincher at times but his reasons for penny pinching are quite different from Kroenke and Gazidis who do it simply for the money… Look how much Gazidis got as bonus!

      1. neil

        Will all the AOB’s and Wenger haters finally admit that the main issue lies with Gazidis and Kroenke and Keswick….. its an absolute disgrace for then to say ” If you want to know what Kroenke has to say then read the paper”…. and Keswick agreed to pay a huge bonus to Gazidis for his work last year clearly shows they are doing the bare minimum to have success on the pitch as long as it keeps raining profits !!! Wenger is still there because they know no-one else can produce what he can within a limited budget
        The issue now is how Arsenal fans can get rid of Kroenke…. only an empty stadium can do that !! And concerted effort to say Kroenke out… fans did that to wenger so why not show Kroenke the door !!??

    2. Jaydawg

      Wait what Lucas Perez has scored 2 goals this season hardly banging them in lol. Before today he scored 1 goal and today he scored in the Copa del Rey and deportivo lost 4 – 1. I think this justifies Wenger’s decision.

      Such a fool or troll lol

  2. ThirdManJW

    I’m not defending Gazidis, but he doesn’t have any power at the club. Kroenke, and Wenger are ones in control. Ivan suggested the idea of a director of football, and was then publicly humiliated by Wenger. He doesn’t have the power to overspend, or to get a new manager in.

    So glad they all got booed by the shareholders.

  3. Durand

    Kronke is who he is; billionaire who has multiple sports franchises as his playthings. Kronke is the cat, the club is the mouse, and we fans are the cheese.
    Blame the shareholders who sold to Kronke. They knew what he was about.

    Figures his sorry ass Rams would win in London; they’ll fly back to states and start getting hammered as usual.

  4. Yossarian

    Talk is cheap, which is why the Arsenal senior management so do much of it. Winning the Premier League* and/or Champion’s League is not, which is why we don’t.

    *Yes, I know Leicester won the league recently, but that’s a freak exception. They don’t exactly look like Champions now do they?

  5. Mitch Connor

    Kroenke is not just a bad owner, he is a bad man. He doesn’t respect the fans but he does love fan’s money. He also likes making money the cheap way as opposed to the Glaziers who also love fan’s money but desperately want to win Trophies and they like making money through achievements too. It’s simple as that.

    Some people may not know this but Wenger actually made money in transfers this summer. I’m not against that but we needed to get more players than Lacazette and Kolsanic (who were killer signings) but we needed to replace Cazorla with a top midfielder in Central position, another top forward/attacking midfielder and another Centre Back in order to try to win the title. Now we need even more because we will lose Alexis and Ozil, Mertsacker is retiring. We won’t be spending enough next summer to get everyone we need. NO freaking Way. Like every summer. Kroenke and Wenger have hurt our future not only the present.

    I’m very depressed about having Kroenke because even if Wenger leaves, we still have Kroenke’s cheapness and he will not sell his shares. We are stuck with this bloke for a long time

    I still pray and wish Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidas OUT. I pray to Jesus, Allah, Zeus, Buddha, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Hare Krishna, Jupiter, Led Zeppelin (Gods of Rock) and and any other God or Goddess to please help us.

  6. Colin Decoteau

    Why do so many fan’s blame the manager ,the board and the owner ? Well to answer my question ,if you know the power you as fan’s have by uniting you will understand what needs to be done to bring the changes necessary .

  7. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    The future of Arsenal under Kroenke can be foreseen in the current and past performances of his US sports franchises – utter mediocrity! The big difference is that in the US there is no relegation and promotion. Kroenke’s strategy will be to handsomely reward his “yes” men (eg £1m bonus to Gazidis), put as little money into Arsenal as possible to remain in the Premier League and screw the fans.

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