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Is Giroud v Alexis goals challenge good or bad for Arsenal?

Before the end of 2014 you would have been able to get fantastic odds on anyone beating Alexis Sanchez to being the top Arsenal scorer of the season, whether in all competitions or just in the Premier League. But such has been the great form of France international forward Olivier Giroud since his return from injury at the same time as the goals dried up for our Chilean powerhouse, the two are now tied on 13 league goals apiece, with Giroud just two behind in all competitions with 17.

So as reports, the big Frenchman is hoping to finish the season with more goals than his new team mate and has declared the battle on to the French media.

He said, “I’m not going to say something silly because it’ll be reported, but why not finish ahead of Alexis?

“We push each other, we’re on 13 goals, and I would like to score some more to help the team achieve its objectives.”

You know that Alexis will hear about this and will surely be determined to stay ahead of his team mate. Hopefully that will spur him on to get back in the goals, although I don’t see how he can try any harder. I just hope it doesn’t lead to him or Giroud forgetting that the team is the most important thing, trying to score when someone else is in a better position.

Being selfish and being confident are big facets of any top striker though and I think it will be good for Arsenal to have these two forwards battling for a bit of personal glory. Do you?

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20 thoughts on “Is Giroud v Alexis goals challenge good or bad for Arsenal?

  1. maxwell

    Another great acquisition by wenger!!!, no matter what backlash he got he stuck by him..

    ….was at emirates last time, and love how arsenal fans have taken to him.

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  2. Ted Drake

    Hey guys follow my new twitter fan accout for all things Arsenal


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  3. BarryL

    Agree with both comments.
    At last the doubters are now starting to understand how important Olivier is to the team + he continues to improve. Also you get 110% from him – he doesn’t hide.
    COYG let’s take 3 points on Saturday

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    1. vince

      why soo stubborn? do you just want a hyped name like falcao? see where that get s you. OG is awesome this season, brilliant first touch, link up play is world class, bullies defenders for 90 minutes, never hides, does not get injured, is tucking away his chances vs big and small teams. just drop the criticism, that was of last season

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        1. vince

          please, what big games? he had two stinkers: monaco, spuds.

          he scored vs everton, pool, city, man u, monaco

          not sure what more you want.
          his scoring record per game is equal to costas : .86 goals per game. that is topclass. 17 goals with three months out is huge.

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  4. fred cowardly

    i hope Giroud or Alexis hit a hattrick against Liverpool then he will probably only be 2 goals from Costa and Aguero

    if you think about it. Giroud was out for 3 months and still only 6 points behind the leaders.

    I’m so up for Liverpool match. A fortnight is too long without football. Not sure what I will do this summer. Maybe pick up a hobby

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  5. No10

    It’s not a better striker we need but a different style to open our tactical options. We have strength, power and great work rate as well as a platform to bring our midfield forward. We also need someone with pace, movement, dribbling skills and a great shot. We also need a DM to replace Flamini and keep Theo at the club in the best fitness possible. He still hasn’t return to his rightful level.

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  6. leo

    if diaby gets a new contract it’s a fu*king joke he doesn’t deserve one he will 29 next season wtf is wenger thinking diaby/flamini/arteta out schedrlin/kondogbia in

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  7. leo

    Wenger says he is “confident” Arteta (deal ends 2015) & Rosický (deal ends 2016) will stay this summer. really wenger is irritating I mean it’s okay for rocsiky to stay but arteta come on we need someone better
    8m a year wenger has the easiest job new contract to diaby while the club makes the fans pay expensive tickets fu*king disgrace

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    1. vince

      arteta is fine. he wont play a big role. but he allows us to play possesion football and tick. he is a calming presence, great tactically, what a passer and can be paired with i.e. lecoq. i do agree he isnt the best defensively. but give our CAPTAIN a break. great pro,

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  8. Redeye

    F##k Walcott the guy’s been inconsistent his whole career, except one fluke season. Lazy ass doesn’t do shit at least podolski had goals on him. I dare say sell him and he will be benched the first month in his move. We already have a replacement hos name is. Alexis

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  9. leo

    theo Walcott is currenty on 90/w asking around 130/w we don’t have money but we have plenty to pay diaby/ lord bendtner /denilson/ park who young/squallacinator etc

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  10. Jim A

    Giroud’s game is to get everyone involved especially when the ball is played to him with his back to goal. Alexis’s game is to beat players off the dribble.
    I certainly hope that neither would ever pass up a goal for the other if a pass is required. Oh 10 sorry but playing with a target is our style and probably will be for years.

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  11. leo

    Thursday 2nd April 2015 – the day Arsenal Football Club had every single senior player fit & in full training including our new signing diaby

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  12. AlmiR

    It seams Wenger is really interested in Dybala, i belive in summer it will be choice between Pedro, Dybala and Sterling, i would go for Pedro !

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  13. Iceman10

    As long as they aren’t fighting for penalties/free kicks, it can only be good for the team.

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