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Is Hummels now ready to complete Arsenal transfer?

Arsene Wenger spoke the other day about how he is ready and willing to spend big money in the transfer market because Arsenal are now out of the financial restraints of building the new state of the art Emirates Stadium. The manager has proved that he is willing to spend big on offensive players like Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez but now that Arsenal fans want to see that carry on into the defence and the central midfield areas of the squad.

The Frenchman also says that he will only spend if the right players are available and according to a report in The Mirror today, one of the best centre backs in the world could be available. It would take a lot of money to persuade the German club Borussia Dortmund to part with Mats Hummels, but it does now seem that the 26-year old would be keen on a transfer.

Hummels let his frustration with his current club show after they lost again at the weekend against one of the few clubs below them Werder Bremen. That meant that Bremen went above them and left Dortmund level on points at the bottom of the Bundesliga with Freiburg.

Hummels said, “It’s pretty astonishing that we are so pathetic.”

With just one win from their last eight games, Dortmund now have over a month to ponder their sorry situation as the winter break means they do not play again until January 31st, which just happens to be transfer deadline day. So Arsene, you want top quality and availability do you?

Surely there has never been a better time to go for Hummels and getting that transfer completed would prove your doubters wrong and get the Arsenal fans behind you in a big way. Could this stunning move really happen Gooners?

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24 thoughts on “Is Hummels now ready to complete Arsenal transfer?

  1. Mick The Gooner

    He better be! Mertesacker is not up to it anymore. I don’t care if it costs us £35m. If we want to compete with the likes of Chelsea and Man City, we need World Class defenders like Kompany and Cahill. Hummels is the man.

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    1. ethangooner

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      1. Mistamonn

        It’s the zonal marking that is the problem. Chambers realized that Skrtel was about to make the run for the header but he didn’t get to him on time to put him off. If we had applied man marking, every single Liverpool player in the box would have been man marked. I blame Wenger for sticking to a marking system that clearly doesn’t work and let’s us down time and time again. Having said that, the players themselves are to blame for the dismal performance which lacked confidence and mental strength. They were like a bunch of playboy bunnies running around Hugh Hefner’s garden.

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      2. Wazzzimbo

        Unfortunately for us these kind of transfers rarely ever occur in the January transfer window. If it’s a good transfer window then it’s usually purchases from a mid-table to top 4 club where the player is excelling far beyond his team mates, giving that team a better season than expected. Even then you will be expected to fork out at least double his value (which Wenger will have to do, as that was his own fault for thinking Diaby would solve our issues/Arteta would stay fit).

        The top transfers this coming January will be your Bony’s & Schneiderlin’s don’t be expecting Javi Martinez or Hummels to be taking pictures with new shirts. The best it could get is Khedira but that’s a one off situation, and Madrid will be probably risk keeping him till the summer to try and tie down a contract than sell him on the cheap. We have to be ambitous whilst remaining realistic here. Schneiderlin & Schar would be a fantastic window in my opinion, maybe even adding Shaqiri whilst loaning out Sanogo & Campbell to premier league teams.

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      3. GunnerJack

        Skrtel was marking Giroud for the most part therefore Giroud should have been man-marking Skrtel. Our defenders should mark the opposition attackers. Man marking is very easy and gives EVERY player in the team responsibility whereas with zonal marking it’s always a case of “It wasn’t my fault”. ZM is very easy to overcome – as the managers of all the top teams already know (think last season’s thrashings).

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        1. jl75

          Skrtel scored while Giroud had already been substituted. Not sure man marking was that easy from the bench! 😀

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  2. YingYang69

    Dortmund are anything but stupid. Why would they sell one of their biggest assets in jan when they need him now more than ever and will still get there asking price whenever they do decide to sell.

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  3. Ozzy AFC

    Not a prayer of getting Hummels and do you know why?
    Cos our board and Wenger WILL NOT SPEND THE MONEY THAT DORTMUND WILL ASK he may say the money is available but he also says he’ll pay what he thinks they are worth and that’s never ever gonna be the asking price.

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  4. davidnz

    Sell Podolski 10 mill
    Sell campbell 7 mill
    Buy Schar and Reid
    10 mill each.
    3 mill net.

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    1. juhislihis

      I don’t think we’ll sell anyone. Just send Sanogo on loan. And neither will we buy anyone, except maybe Mings or someone like that.

      The obsession with British core (unfortunately) is costing us. Why is Welbeck starting, on the left wing? What has Podolski done to deserve this treatment? Or Campbell? I remember when Cazorla and Özil were played out of position to accommodate Wilshere.

      If Wenger was not even going to sign Welbeck, then why is he played – stubbornly even out of position – every God damn match?

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      1. Sacrificial_Pizza

        I agree with you on Poldi, but what has Campbell done TO DESERVE any preference. Any time he has played he has been terrible. I know someone will be quick to say he hasn’t gotten game time and that’s why. I call BS. The greats snatch their opportunity. If they’re given 15 minutes at the end of a game, they impress in those 15 minutes. You don’t come out and look awful and then blame it on lack of game time. That isn’t how depth works. You don’t throw a guy out there because he had a few good WC showings in the past and hope he finds that form again…….. Still don’t know why you guys keep crying about this guy. He might need a EPL loan to see if he is up to par

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    1. Brada b

      @zulu ox wasnt fit for this match he waz forced to play #FACK AW #brainless how can a 10man tm still come back & draw wit us #AWOUT Where are the #AKB at plz explain this to me !!!

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  5. pdf

    The BFG bottled it again yesterday
    Just as he did @ Stoke
    Wenger can’t take responsibility for
    Merts lack of character.
    Turning his back time after time
    Embarrassing for us fans and team mates

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  6. juhislihis

    Wow, Alexandre Lacazette is tearing up the Ligue 1. 19 goals, 7 assists in 24 matches this season…

    Massive potential, he’s the one striker we should’ve bought to replace Giroud while he was injured.

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  7. Grazza

    Liked it Fred Hahaha !! A 10 year old CB would worry Mert right now!!

    Would take Hummels In a heartbeat ppl saying he’s slow on comments I think he would be solid beside The Kos.

    Wanyama or Shneiderlin and wouldn’t mind big Benteke to be homesy he bullies defenders between him and giroud would make a good strike force Welbeck looks to be struggling but certainly one for the future.

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  8. Dennis

    NO NO NO!!! Just like when we were calling for Klopp right, no thanks. I would prefer we poach Winston Reid from West Ham, Schneiderlin from Southampton.

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  9. JamesLeoAlain

    Why would he swap one disaster for another….if he is going anywhere it will be MaU

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