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Is it time for Arsenal to raid Swansea for Michu?

Should Arsenal do to Swansea what Chelsea did to Newcastle? by Twig

Transfer business is risky. You can buy an unknown player from Ecuador who will rise to be star; you can buy a player doing well in another club and he fails to impress and flops. However, one of the biggest shows of intent is when a club preys directly upon its rival and buys it’s best player. Manchester United did it to us with Van Persie and Chelsea has recently done the same to Newcastle with Demba Ba. Big clubs are happy to let smaller clubs scout and develop players for them. We’re a big club aren’t we?

One of the benefits of this kind of transfer is that the player needs little time to settle, and other than a change of flat, he is often able to continue from where he had stopped. You are also automatically weakening your opponent in the same move. Fergie bought off the top goalscorer in the EPL to pair him in attack with the second top goalscorer. It was a brilliant move and the 24 million pounds was well worth it.

Arsenal has done the same before, when we bought Sol Campbell from Tottenham back in those days. Sadly, Wenger doesn’t do that any more. The last four strikers he bought: Giroud, Podolski, Chamakh and Campbell are all from abroad and haven’t settled in the way Van Persie has for Manchester United for example. Michu is riding high at the moment and has scored 3 goals against us so far. I’m not sure there’s anything more that Michu can do to convince Wenger to make his move.

It is clear that a striker is one of our top priorities this transfer window. Presently, Wenger is negotiating a risky transfer for a 31-year old David Vila who has only recently recovered from injury, but that seems to be a lost cause. Wouldn’t a move for a younger Michu make more sense? One thing I like with Michu is his strength and amazing hold up play. He can lead the line very effectively for Arsenal. So what do you think? Should Wenger move for Michu or should he continue to try his luck with David Villa?

by Twig

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138 thoughts on “Is it time for Arsenal to raid Swansea for Michu?

  1. ks-gunner

    leo is just gathering information writen all over the net it helps bothering the time to read between diff sites that i thank u for dude… discuss transfer news and such is part of being a fan….so keep it up man

    Some time before i read from an Arsenalsite that scouting and choosing players from low rated teams was to much of a risk for Arsenal as the risk of the player ending up as a deadwood and not worthy enough would be to high lame excuse if u ask me……i blame the tight financial structure for comming on the short in getting bargains lately…fail after fail

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  2. ks-gunner

    jayjay…..If Wenger would get rid of Gervinio and buy Cavani i would swaer blind loyalety to Wenger and become a deluded AKB member myself lol….

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  3. Alex

    As I said in previous articles we should be looking at higuain and benzema

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  4. shahin

    LOL I don’t think we can even make a bit of trouble for Bayern with this team we have. We will look like a training team for them.
    Wenger you’ve got 22 days mate, fans are counting down for your exit. Last chance mate , no one will be willing to hear excuses after the januarty transfer window closes. Good Luck.

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  5. mr lean

    any thoughts on tomorrow and who we will be linked with next ? beckham ? xavi ?

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  6. okey joseph


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  7. ripple

    It is dangerous to set your sites on any single player. As we all know, even in the best of circumstances only one in hundreds of transfer targets ever gets signed.

    I actually happen to agree somewhat with Wenger here (and that rarely happens lately). As much damage as he has caused recently, and as weak as he has been in the transfer market, it is a mistake to make panic signings.

    If a great attacker is not available just now perhaps a good defender is. Make the most of the situation available and in the long run it will pay off. Arsenal need to rebuild for the long term, not just for the next 3 games.

    I would rather sit with the current players than end up with another disaster drawing a big salary. Would it really do any good to sign a winger only to discover he is actually not as good as Arshavin?

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  8. ekow -stikka

    just hope my beloved club becomes sane after the window closes. cos Wenger is trying his best to piss me off anytime i read a new article on this page.

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  9. craig2500

    Why would Michu join the club that always loses to his current club?

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  10. DrPepper


    I would support @Leo being given his own daily article, where all of his links can go in one thread.

    Just not always in general discussions.

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  11. goonerbri

    Im sick of this website slagging off our club. For all those true gooners, thumbs up to all of you who have thumbs downed those guys slagging our club and our policies. I don’t always agree with our board and our manager. but ffs if you all don’t like it, do a nasri and go elsewhere. I for one will support my arsenal thru thick and thin. we are a massive club, and we will be back. even if its 3/4 years, I will always take up my seat in the north bank. cos im a true goner and I love the club. trophys come to those who wait, and I will wait, thumbs down me all u want. but I will not slag off anyone who pulls on that red an white and plays for our team

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  12. LiamBrady

    If you think really hard, I’m sure you know the answer to that one ????

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  13. ken

    yes my fellow gooner and I will be with you in my seat at the south bank…and you know what?
    There are 60,000 plus who think just like us…nice to know that eh?
    Keep singing your heart out for the greatest club in the world and let these trophy hunters go elsewhere!!!!!

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  14. goonerbri


    go to wales an support Swansea then. he would wanna join us, cos we are THE ARSENAL

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  15. liam

    goonerbri we know its you wenger stop posting on this site with a different name

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  16. proudgooner

    yes we are playing bad and yes we don’t have much consistency but look at liverpool they have been going through the same sort of crisis with form and consistency but every time that song “you’ll never walk alone “plays at anfield there is no other club that has that kind of passion they sing until their lungs are damaged thats the kind of support the arsenal players need and look at them now they have closed the gap on us to 3 points arsenal fans are becoming the new real madrid fans it pisses me the fu*k off.if any other top 5 team offered him a deal he would go because he would make more money, possibly win more cups, be at a club where the board knows where they are and what they are doing, be at a club where the fans will not want him to leave when he gets injured or doesn’t perform and be with a club that spends money on quality and not on players like chamack and djourou and squid.

    gooner 4 life show more support guys….. and girls

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  17. DrPepper


    I’m (shamefully, used to be clockend at highbury) a west lower gooner, but you can’t win here.

    For every sensible argument out there (and there is some, lets face it we can’t all always agree) – there is a tonne of sh*te that just love to attack the club.

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  18. Mr.B

    Plastic fans and glory hunters, lol. A few seasons ago, how many people said “just one good defender and the title is Arsenals”, EVERYBODY!!! Just 10 million on a good defender would surely have made a difference. There have been a few other times when a good purchase would have made a great difference to the team but skin flinting is default mode. How many transfer windows of disappointment and the same lines being trotted out before you feel like a MUG. “We will buy players, transfer window will be busy, we have war chest, we will only buy players if they improve the team, bla bla bla” then nothing, broken record. Nobody can argue about what he’s achieved in the past but his decision making is getting progressively worse, seriously, who can argue with this. He won’t spend £15M on an established player but will spend the same on an unproven teenager. So, how much of this £40M+ war-chest do we think we might spend (net of course). They are not serious about winning, end of.

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  19. Mbk Ibn Isa Abk

    Wenger wants to just finish Arsenal by not signing any player. And to me Michu is the kind of player that can easily adopt to the pattern of Arsenal. But I know Wenger cannot buy him as if he worth 15mil.

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  20. goonerbri

    @dr pepper

    I was an 8yr old going wiv my dad in the late 70’s thru to the late 80’s. I loved my club then, and I will continue to support them thru good and bad times. only the fickle fans moan and leave. well let them leave! let them moan! I believe that AW has arsenal in his heart, and is doing all that the board will allow him to do. so therefore I will continue to support him. Gooner till I die, no matter wot.

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  21. DrPepper


    I think that is the difference. Very few people that slag off the club have been lucky enough to go to games. There may be some, but they are definitely in the minority.

    A lot of the opinions spouted here would be shot down fairly quickly if they were shouted on the terraces.

    It was only Wigan away recently, someone got hit in the stands for negative banner about Wenger. Who I also agree loves the club as much as any fan does, and to say he doesn’t is wrong.

    Its easy to criticise, if you have never felt the thrill of a home win or away day travel.

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  22. philthompsonsnose

    I feel that alot of people on here although raise some very good points, are actually blinded by the past and AW’S achievements… It is true that AW has developed a new ethos within our game (one which has never been seen before) and the invincible side was a freak of nature that I HOPE never happens to any other team EVER again.. but….
    The current team is nowhere near good enough and this is why there is so much frustration going around these forums of late..
    I will try and educate those that are still wearing AW goggles..

    Lehmann Scezeny
    cole Gibbs
    Lauren Sagna
    Toure Mertasacker
    Campbell Vermalen

    Ljunberg Arteta
    Hleb Cazorla
    Flamini Wilshere
    Bergkamp Ramsey
    Reyes Gervinho
    Henry Giroud

    What about Silvestre, Denilson,Bischoff, Fran Merida,Fabianski,Cygan,Squillaci

    If you take one or two of the previous names and replace them with Fabregas and RVP and a couple with the current squad Chamberlain and Theo you will realise that on paper there is quite a gulf in quality ( if you know your football)
    I don’t want to start a debate as to who was better here or here but I just want to highlight a trend that has not been rectified… The players AW is buying of late are not like for like and if you exclude Nasri from AW purchases I am struggling to find another decent player..
    People can say oh, we haven’t been beaten since November and oh, we have the 4th best defence in the league..and we are still in the FA cup and CL but the matter of fact is we are going backward and this is the gripe of most true fans..
    Please someone show me evidence of how we are going forward since 2006 irrespective of the stadium and financial implications???
    I have genuine respect for AW since the moment he arrived and feel he has transformed our club to a new level..I feel he tries to be fair and run the club according to his beliefs….he is a lover of justice and sleeping bags…. but for once in 16 years I believe it is time for fresh ideas..
    I don’t know..maybe his role should be to move upstairs and be director of football?? or maybe retire altogether and let a new hungry manager in??
    Listen, Fergie and Man utd will NEVER in our lifetime happen again It is a true one off that he has stayed so long! Where else in the world can he be compared?? nowhere!!!!
    AW will never have the legacy of that TWAT FERGIE,
    so MR Wenger I don’t know the answer but should you consider your own legacy if and when our season peters out… again…

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  23. goonerbri

    @ dr pepper

    it just hurts and annoys me that these so called arsenal fans say we are a shite club. we are ARSENAL. never will we be in my eyes a Shite club. they are my club! and I for one will support any player who pulls on that jersey. I admit, I want new signings, I want the best to come to us. but I will never ever talk the way I see ppl on here. its a disgrace to my club. I just wanna tell them to f off and go support Chelsea, man shitty. basically if u don’t like our club, f##k off!!!!

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  24. John Barnes

    As if sawnsea would sell michu in january when they just brought him?

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  25. SlengTeng

    Honestly dont know if Michu is that good a player…I cant deny he keeps popping up to score but other than that everything points to him not being a good player. Time will tell if he can keep it up

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  26. Dafton nyondo

    Arsenal for ever please bring 90min player not 45min player eg Gervinho Ramsey Santos(out) Falcao, Michu and Mbiya (in) then we will be talking for trophy

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  27. peter

    This blog writes so much utter sh*t, f*ck off, arseblog is much butter. Everyone that comments is not literate in English and the articles are garbage. Bye.

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  28. aussie gunner 247

    Don’t think michu would want to come here. But use big money to get him

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  29. S.H

    I find it ironic that fans wanting Michu are the same ones that keep saying Wenger needs to spend spend spend – That only a big amount spent will guarantee added quality. Michu is the perfect example of why Wenger looks for value. Very few have had the responsibility of handling millions of dollars to understand the magnitude of risk and assessment involved. Sometimes you find a gem, sometimes a dud, but the fact remains, value always prevails. Carroll, Henderson, Downing, Torres, Adam anyone? What happened to these so-called big purchases? So think before you question guys like Lopez, Vargas etc.

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  30. cade

    does this window not seem like that last lack of real news/bids ect its just the same when arsenal were doing nothing just sitting it out if we were going to add we would have done so imo lack of injuries means no signings imo and what players really want to come to arsenal they are starting to pick the spuds b4 us now life as an arsenal fan will only get worse that is the biggest imbaresment of all we are now a team below the dam spuds…were will it end…

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