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Is it too late for Wenger to ‘read riot act’ to Arsenal stars?

Arsene Wenger is claimed to be in line to give his Arsenal players a huge telling off ahead of the upcoming Premier League match with Bournemouth, but will it work?

The Frenchman appears to have lost the respect of a number of players in the dressing room, with a number of stars pushing for the exit door amidst tough times at the Emirates.

Alexis Sanchez, Shkodran Mustafi, Hector Bellerin and Mesut Ozil have all expressed their wish to leave apart from the latter, who has simply refused to sign a new contract and appears unwilling to do so.

We also have Mathieu Debuchy and Jack Wilshere in our playing squad, who have had their issues with Wenger previously, and both have been strongly linked with an exit, and their futures remain up in the air. Jack also only has a year left on his current deal, and looks likely to leave before the start of next season also.

Reports that Arsene Wenger is set to read the riot act to his players after a disastrous loss to Liverpool, which was shortly after a 1-0 loss to Stoke City, may not go down too well in the dressing room.

The squad most certainly needs to be addressed, and the players need to be motivated to play for the famous red shirt they should feel blessed to wear, but I feel like the aggressive approach being talked about may work against the long-serving boss.

Certain players in the team will have to be shuffled around, with player’s lack of playing time forcing them to buck up their ideas, especially with the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, who will be eager to play in order to make sure of their place in the World Cup squads for next summer.

Would reading the riot act lead to losing more respect in the dressing room? Does Wenger have it in him to give the hairdryer treatment? Is it too little too late?

Pat J

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17 thoughts on “Is it too late for Wenger to ‘read riot act’ to Arsenal stars?

  1. gotanidea

    Wenger still has more power than the players. If he wants, he could destroy their careers by benching them and use the youngsters instead.

    I really want the players to come together to force Arsenal take a drastic movement, like replacing Wenger. But I also want Arsenal win against Bournemouth, so it is a dilemma.

    Since Wenger has been at the club for more than two decades, I think he knows most Arsenal’s rotten and hidden secrets. Maybe that is why Arsenal could never fire him, he could use their rotten secrets against them.

  2. chris

    The younger players may think Wenger is wonderful. The experienced senior players clearly do not. Nor do certain Directors, nor do many of the fans, nor do most of the journalists and pundits. It is really down to Kroenke who knows nothing about football but does know about cash flow. He supported Wenger We continue to be doomed.

    1. Ivan's_ dreadlocks

      What does it matter?
      Stan will yield a billion
      in profit when he sells.
      Wenger is paid 8 mill per year
      regardless of results even if he is sacked
      he will paid out his contract in full.
      The players will remain super rich regardless of results,
      even if they make a 91st minute cameo they will still pull 70-120k per week.
      Even if they spend all season in the medical room
      they will “earn” their 90 k per week.
      Thats why the Wilshere’s the Diarby’s the Debuchys
      the Sanogos the Wellbecks are so hard to shift.
      To be fair this situation is endemic through out the league.
      99% of the money fame opportunity privilege and power in football
      concentrated in the hands of .000001 % of the people.
      Seems fair don’t you think?
      Well Stan Arsene and the players think so.

  3. AB

    Its wenger who needs a dressing down first; unfortunately there is no one the club to do that. Players are guilty too but wenger and kroenke are the real culprits.

  4. Barry Bowels

    Wenger has nothing to offer. Regular and as far as the supporters are concerned – anticipated – poor performances against our top rivals is no coincidence. Players come and go. There is only one at Arsene FC who has been there throughout it all and that is the god of Arsene FC finances himself, Arsene Wenger. He has a choice, to walk or get hounded continually.

  5. gmv8

    Kroenke (so say) said he wants us to win trophies, but we can’t compete with clubs like Chelsea in the transfer market, and he’s not going to contribute a penny. This really annoys me, because we have 2 shareholders, who between them own over 97% of the club, and each INDIVIDUALLY are richer than Abramovich. Not Usmanov’s problem, because he has said he will invest .. Kroenke need to move aside .. maybe he even reads this forum, because someone has thumbed down every criticism of Kroenke. If you are Kroenke, get out of our club, if you aren’t please explain why you want this leech continually holding us back. It makes NO SENSE to have people like Ozil, who you expect to defend because you don’t want to strengthen in midfield. He is NOT a defender, he DOESN’T defend – look at him playing for Germany, where they have strength in midfield, he scores and has assists for fun, because he doesn’t have to worry about running back and defending which he is cr@p at. Wenger’s purple patch came when we LEADERS in the team, Tony Adams, Patrick Viera et al. Now Wenger appears to be stopping people from expressing their ideas … Bouldy quiet, Jens Lehman up in the stand, and is not actively recruiting LEADERS on the pitch, because he doesn’t want to be challenged. Even ex legends are coming out and saying it was Adams and Viera amongst others that kept them in line, NOT Wenger.

  6. uk

    I think it’d be more effective if the players instead saw Wenger self flagellate, that’d be putting the blame where it belongs. If I were a player in the team and he came to dish out the hair dryer, I’d say “why u look at me coach? I’m not responsible for picking the team or tactics”

  7. Andrew Elder

    Arsene Wenger reading the riot act is like being savaged by a dead sheep (Dennis Healey’s legendary comment in the House of Commons). It’s too late anyway the players will take no notice.

    I think they need a break from each other, it’s just gone stale over the past few years.

  8. Nothing changed

    This question, IMO, fails to identify the problem at Arsenal. The problem is not the players. If Wenger wants to start generating results he has to start with himself.

    1. He has to start playing his best players in their preferred positions and stop trying every player in every position. (no more Bellerin as left back for example or no Monreal in the middle of a back 3 whilst Mustafi or Mert or Chambers are available).

    2. He has to start to focus on defending and positioning. Arsenal is a shambles without the ball and often undisciplined with the ball with even DM’s pouring forward leaving the gaps to be easily exploited. Since Wenger doesn’t know how to defend he should allow Bould to manage this process and he stops to forbid the use of film to improve defenders and players in general.

    3. He should stop to play favorites where no matter what the performance certain players remain his pets. There should be consequences for bad games (Ramsey keeps making the same mistakes, Ozil doesn’t always put in an effort, Giourd went 500 games without a goal a few season ago yet they are or were more or less automatic starters, whilst Perez couldn’t get a game whether he scored goals or made assists, not unlike Campbell)

    4. He should learn how the 3 at the back system is supposed to be played and decide whether that is what he wants. You can not play 3 at the back and at the same time want to play attacking football in the way we did before. 3 at the back requires a less sexy more ruthless and disciplined style. He should study Chelsea.

    5. There should be consequences for bad games.

    6. He should give more PL game time to some our youngsters IMO.

    7. He should make himslef less available and stop being a father and friend to the players. SAF would not even run every training but was a figure of fear. Wenger should learn from that.

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