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Is it worth betting on Arsenal to win a trophy? Yes – but only if we give them some support!

Gooners are already excited about the upcoming campaign for several reasons. They know for a fact that the manager and squad are more determined than ever to bring the silverware back to the Emirates. Despite having a difficult end to last season, the manager is devising a strategy that will help them overcome the shortcomings observed in the previous season.

The Gunners were quite disappointed with how the club performed last season as the team had previously managed to feature in the Champions League for the past two decades. This was one of the reasons why the Gooners wanted Wenger to resign. However, their faith was restored in the manager after the club’s win over Chelsea in the FA Cup final. Arsenal have now won three of the last four FA Cup competitions. Hence, there are various reasons why it is worth putting money on the best odds for the Gunners this season.

Goal Scoring Machine

It has been four years now since Robin van Persie left to join Manchester United. Arsenal have failed to replace the lethal striker who practically carried the team in the 2011/2012 season. The Dutch striker had scored a total of 37 times for Arsenal in different competitions. Arsenal tried to replace Persie with Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, but failed miserably to find someone with equal skill.

For the first time in four years, Arsenal will be beginning their new campaign with a proper striker. The club announced the signing of a goal scoring machine, Alexandre Lacazette, in the first week of the transfer window. Arsenal fans are extremely happy with this signing and expect him to do wonders for the club next season. The French striker has scored a minimum of 30 goals in the last three seasons.

While the manager and fans know it will not be easy to score 30 odd goals in the Premier League, they are hoping that Lacazette will at least score between 15 and 20 goals for them. The odds of Lacazette winning the Golden Boot in the forthcoming season are 12/1.

Early Business in the Transfer Market

Arsenal’s FA Cup win over Chelsea is not the only thing they are pleased with. Unlike the previous season, Arsene Wenger supposedly has learned from his mistakes. This season, the club has done its business early in the transfer market by signing Alexandre Lacazette and Bundesliga’s best left back, Sead Kolasinac.

However, this does not mean that the club will not make any more signings. We still expect that Arsenal will try to sign one or two quality players to bolster its squad and challenge other clubs on all fronts. Regardless, the two early signings who also participated in the preseason tour have certainly made fans happy.

Team Chemistry

Arsenal fans have all every reason to be happy going into the new season. The club waited a long time to bring in a recognisable striker who can link well with Mesut Ozil. According to the Gunners, they have finally found someone who can convert the chances supplied from the midfield into goals.

The manager is also pleased with new signings’ contribution in the preseason. Lacazette just took 15 minutes to score his first goal for the Gunners while Sead Kolasinac could only last 42 minutes due to an illness. However, he showed glimpses of what he can bring to the table for Arsenal in the forthcoming campaign.

Fan Support

Last but not least, Arsenal would want fans to support the team wholeheartedly. Even Arsene Wenger has called on the fans to get behind the club in the upcoming season. Despite failing to finish in the top four and qualifying for the Champions League, Wenger was handed a new contract. The manager believes that support and faith from the fans could be the key to the club’s victory in the upcoming season.

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46 thoughts on “Is it worth betting on Arsenal to win a trophy? Yes – but only if we give them some support!

    1. Dalinho

      The fans did start the season with 100% support and the first game was as loud as iv ever heard the emirates stadium BUT along came stoke away were the same defensive mistakes happened with a makeshift line up and were back to last season already! Wenger has missed his chance of redemption with not buying a CM & CB and has lost the fans faith AGAIN! If he really wanted our support he would drop ozil for iwobi and Bellerin for Ox and giroud for welbeck and put kolansinac at lwb for starters but he won’t! I know he won’t be coz I know he doesn’t care about the fans hence the lack of signings being negotiated while the window is still open! As for the club they wanted season tickets sold and that’s what they got they don’t care if arsenal finish out side too 4 coz they’ll combat the loss of money by not spending any on players! The real AMBITION of this club would of been sacking Wenger and getting in a new hungry manager to clear squad and buy new blood for a new era but we all know that’s not there goal, there goal is to keep a steady ship for as long as possible then sell up when the price is right! Just like any other business! It’s boring now

    2. Tas

      I’m hoping I’m wrong and that AW has already done one or two more QUALITY deal before end of the window shuts,

      I think im right in saying that everyone here and out there Arsenal supporters all want Arsenal to win and support our team endlessly, Arsenal fans are frustrated because we are always short begining of the season so we feel the season is over before we get started, and I wish the board or the management don’t come out every year and say we have war chest and we are going to buy quality players don’t, pls pls STOP THAT SHI7

      1. Midkemma

        I agree about the war chest comments from AFC, why tell other teams we have £100 million + to spend?
        If the fans was told we are only looking for 2 maybe 3 quality signings but hush about how much we have to spend then it puts different expectations out for people.

    3. Joseph Paul Saleh. Aussie Gooner from S.A

      No trophies for The Arsenal this year. We won’t win the league as long as Kroenke is our owner and Wenger our manager. Look at what Usmanov’s old Arsenal business partner is doing at Everton. They couldn’t get a seat on the board here so Moshiri cut and run and invested elsewhere and look at what he is doing. When was the last time Arsenal invested money in the squad like that. Try never.
      I only hope Alisher Usmanov doesn’t see what Moshiri has done and do the same himself we need him to buy out this Stupid Yank .

  1. Me

    Not this season or any season with Wenger in charge.
    Sixth place is where we will finish with no trophies and Wenger will be rewarded with another contract extension and the cycle of failure will continue…

  2. Dom

    Yes of course, fan support is the 12th player in any football team. It is vital, otherwise you might as well play all your matches away from home. However trying to make a certain type of Arsenal ‘supporter’ realise this, is something else.
    The majority of Gunner fans probably do get behind the team but there is a hard core of unhappy people that just want club, manager and players to fail unfortunately.

    1. Me

      Everyone gets behind the team – they have no say on how the club is run and managed.
      And the manager?
      Lets say he actions are not conducive to gaining support from the fans – he is arrogant and ignorant to the problems faced by the club. He lacks ambition and places economics before the success of the club.
      I am not happy to see him fail because if he fails then the club fails but I am very happy to see him being assassinated by the press and booed on the terraces because quite frankly he deserves nothing better..
      And yes I would love to see him go…

    2. Dalinho

      Dom! Did u let this article brainwash u or are just delusional with the memory of a gold fish? Not to be to brash I can’t believe there is still fans out here that think it matters if there loud or loyal when we all know Wenger is the master of turning a good team into a mediocre team and loves diminishing there confidence by playing them out of position or drop in them if they have a great performance unless it’s his favourite players like ozil, Ramsey etc did u not see the emirates in the first game? It was electric and we scrapped a win and knew what problems had to be solved but wenger is not brave enough to do it and is to busy trying to keep everyone happy and u think the fans can change that or u think the fans should pretend to be happy about that and cheer them on while loss the ball evey 30secs and concede a goal every time the opposition has a shot? We can’t even cheer while thinking “it’s ok coz a cm coming in or a cb” it’s just same old and stuck in a rut

      1. Dalinho

        This is the new excuse BLAIM THE FANS! Lol


        I’d try that if alexis ain’t playing but wenger would be to scared to drop certain players

  3. Mr pat

    Fan support is vital to any team either in winning or losing unfortunately arsenal fans are loggerheads to the point of being a civil war and you know who to blame the spineless board and the manager, I’m not advocating being nasty to wenger but should have insisted on certain parameters being met, it’s OK he did well on keeping the club on good financial level when we moved to the Emirates and then should have moved him upstairs 2-3 years ago and that would have cemented his legacy but now things are just stagnant and desperately trying to find a way out

  4. AB

    First of all this looks like an old article as it has nothing related to the first two games. I would like the author to explain what makes them feel that the manager wants to fix the problems. Our midfield weakness has been out there in the first two games. There is no sign of any additions in that area. I also feel that every fan wants success for the club but many of them have lost faith in wenger and the board. Does the author or other wenger faithfuls feel that we have a compete team with the two additions we have made. If yes, then what results do they expect from the club – top 4, winning the league, balancing the books? And when would they be willing to question the manager and players. Would this change if we loose Alexis which is quite possible given our recent transfer history.
    I am not a fan of wenger anymore but I would like to know what will make his faithful think otherwise. For me the success criteria is winning the league which I don’t think can happen with this team. But as I said in my earlier I am interested in listening from people who don’t share my opinion but not blind faith statements but more concrete grasps through the season and at the end of it rather than saying let’s wait for end of season.

  5. citrenoogeht

    Cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face, is a saying that springs to mind when I think of the current situation between Arsenal and it’s disgruntled fans. Whether we like it or not, Wenger has signed a two year extension deal. It is extremely unlikely that he will be removed from his position during the next season. Therefore, what should disgruntled Arsenal fans do for the best?

    For me we should get behind the team or at least give it a chance to gel before we become hyper critical.

  6. bran99

    I think most fans support the team, people will smash Wenger and everyone else in here but they either attend matches, watch them on tv, buys merchandise (it’s one way of supporting the team as well), what lacks is the outcome from the team and Wenger..

    Wenger says players are so expensive nowadays, he forgets the price of our tickets, he forgets it’s 2017 and not 97, he has all the tv money and still can’t add 5m or 10m to get a player we desperately need.

    What support do they need from fans?? Should we sleep at the emirates to show we support the team?

    1. Midkemma

      Wenger being tight fisted BS came around after Gazidis arrived and the 1st summer transfer window was 1/3 of the season before when Gazidis wasn’t at AFC.

      Gazidis is the CEO, not Wenger.

  7. Arsenal_Girl

    Everyone gets behind the team
    And even the ones protesting weren’t protesting the players or team but Wenger and Kroenke
    Also, players and team performs poorly even at home where they get the most support. We are cheering and urging them on and sometimes we play poorly or even lose.

    When Wenger blames the fans or talks about fan support, it’s just an excuse

    The fans love this team. That’s why we spend money on tickets and merchandise. That’s why we are on this website every day commenting

  8. Simon says

    Seriously I have not laughed as much as that for a long time reading that!
    Of course every gooner supports the team meaning the players on the pitch, but I will not blindly support Wenger and the people who make the decisions at the club. Some might say that’s not helpul and I should support Wenger no matter what, I really don’t care, I was watching arsenal along time before me fraud came and I’ll be watching after he’s gone, he’s paid a fortune to manage OUR club so when he doesn’t of course he will be questioned. Wenger Out

  9. Midkemma

    I think a lot of people seem to miss the point, support is SUPPORT, not a hinderance.
    Booing at games because you love the club isn’t support, it is showing displeasure and that is it.

    I do not think the author was questioning peoples love for the club but to support the club and how we go about it.

    1. bran99

      Trying to maneuver the language so we support you, hahaha! We know what support is and what love for the club is, you support and love Wenger but we support and love Arsenal, two different things there buddy

      1. Ivan

        Well put bran99 exactly right. From other posts in other threads I have seen Midkemma seems to have a love for Wenger above and beyond the club itself. Hilarious!

        1. JJPawn

          Love for Arsenal means supporting the team through thick and thin. Only fair weather “fanz” attack the coach and players.

          The team does not do well at home compared to other top teams as the “fanz” are admirers of other teams, just think they know more than the man who put this club to compete with big money.

          Those who support Maureen think he is greater than Wenger. Sure, Maureen is good at spending money and buying a team, so he goes to rich clubs after his Portugal days. Can Maureen work at Arsenal? Who would he buy with 100 million?

          When “fanz” tell us real fans of Arsenal who they want for a manager to replace Wenger and what the budget will be, then we can take them seriously. Pep or any of the “big” managers will not come to Arsenal without a transfer budget of 200-300 million.

          1. DANDY GUNNER

            But all we have had for the last few years is the thick as in a thick Manager with a thin wallet.

  10. Raj

    Why this article doesn’t talk about our defence which has leaked 4 goals in 2 games against mid table teams.

    1. JJPawn

      The article is about backing Arsenal.

      There is plenty about its problems else where.

      Are you with the team, or just a moaner?

      (Defense: Koz out, Per hurt, Mustafi just in, Holding out of form, Gabriel hurt and just sold, Debuchy to be sold… etc. We all know the issues, but we all know that Koz will be back, Per too, while Mustafi and Holding will return to form, while new boy Kolaniac has a role. Do we need one more player, yes. But it has to be one better than all of the current backs, and how much can Arsenal pay for a top 25 world class defender?)

      1. Raj

        Did we realise that some defenders were injured on August 11th? No , we knew this already but what did we do rectify it we played players out of position and look where we have reached. Don’t blindly support the team.If you can’t take criticism , you are just another Wenger in the making.

  11. shark

    It’s ok for me if we score more than we concede. The real problem is that Arsenal doesn’t play aymore that beautiful football and that Wenger lie to us for more than 10 years.

  12. ArseOverTit

    “Despite having a difficult end to last season, the manager is devising a strategy”


    Made my day. Thanks!

  13. fc arsenal the best

    Wenger goes to a shop.
    He wants to buy a pizza because very hungry.
    At the shop he finds the pizza too expensive.
    He ends up buying a 10p sweet because it is cheaper but expects the sweet to do the same job to his stomach.
    This is what is going on for years at arsenal football club.
    We support arsenal, the stadium is full at any match day so how much more support they want????

    1. JJPawn

      Wenger goes to shop… at the high end French restaurant. He sees Maureen, etc., having full course meals… and then looking at his wallet, he realizes that he cannot afford it.

      He then sits down in a dignified manner, and looks only at the main course, choosing carefully to get the best deal.

      1. ArseOverTit

        But instead of using a fork to pierce and pick up food he uses the spoon and the thing he was trying to pick up falls on to the floor, which in turn, a waitress slips on and this results in her fracturing her skull in 3 places and enters a deep coma for 3 years.

        Wenger tells anyone that will listen that it wasn’t his actions that caused this but the slippery floors, that were a result of the restaurant staff not cleaning it to a sufficient standard.

        1. JJPawn

          Wenger then gets on eating in a the dignified manner he is known to… but, there are several “fanz” outside and inside gwaking at Muareen’s plates.

          The “fanz” make up stories about forks and knives, not understanding that a civilized Wenger from France knows just how to use them just so. In fact with Wenger’s main courses looking soooo good to other coaches like Maureen and lil Pepe decide to copy him.

          Except, they get more main courses than Wenger given the vast amount of oil money available to them, and thus out-Wengers Wenger. Maureen, for example, can sample an expensive dish, if he does not like it, he can throw it out, like he did with the Lukaku dish, and then when that dish got better, he paid even more to get it back to his table. Wenger of course could not do that as any mistakes he made with dishes could not replace due to lack of money.

          The economically illiterate “fanz” meanwhile are blind to all this, as they have no idea where money comes from. (Some “fanz” believe that each teams prints money like T-shirts… then the “fanz” go around attacking Wenger every where for not spending more.)

          As a result, these “Arsenal fanz” have become secret moaning fanz of Maureen, and no longer true Arsenal fans.

          Real Arsenal fans want fake “fanz” to become ManU fans, lil-Pepe fans, etc.

          1. rkw

            when I see a post by JJ porn with the words French and civilised included in the script I just have to wonder what kind of movie I am likely to watch … and it lived up to expectations!!!


        But by the time Mr Wenger makes up his mind to what he wants the Restaurant is closed. This man sits on the fence at every Transfer window he is a didder and he will never change.
        He looks at a Player can’t make up his mind and before he knows it another Club comes in and snaps the Player up. Then a few years later he will tell us I was going to buy him.
        Well Mr Wenger Coulda, Shoulda means SXXX.

  14. jon fox

    The rightful and endless frustration we Arsenal fans have felt for around a decade now is almost entirely because we see younger, more dynamic, pro-active and hungry for big trophies managers at all our top seven rivals. Mourinho, Guardiloa, Conte, Pochettino, Klopp and even Koeman are all hungry, highly organised and you feel their clubs are on the up with owners and boards backing up ambition shared by fans. All we have is fans ambition, our owner, board nor manager shows the slightest real hunger to put right the constant and long term holes in our squad. No one is in charge of contracts that run down and frankly we are amateurs in trying to run a world class club, by comparison with all those rivals. These are widespread beliefs among the majority of our fans and nothing changes The farce of our year after year inability to keep players fit -far worse than our rivals for injured players and long term like Cazorla,(still out till God knows when!) Wilshere, Welbeck and in the past Rosicky and Diaby all point to a manager out of his depth. Yes, we are now stuck with Wenger for another two sesons and so all hope of a serious title challenge is gone , at least to the realists among us. This is dismaying and only young and inexperienced foolish optimists without much head but a surfeit of hope even give us a remote chance of a serios title challenge. Most, if they are honest with themselves – but many let heart rule head all the time- do not think we will finish even top four this season and the present set up is just drifting further and further away from a serious title challenge. We need complete change of all those in charge from top to bottom and the sad reality is that until that happens , things will continue to drift more and more away from the top rivals. I always THINK carefully and do not listen to what I actually want but instead,to what my considered brain tells me. I speak as a fan since 1958.

    1. JJPawn

      In a few more years, Arsenal will not make the top 10 given the number of rich owners coming in… when the Chinese buy everything, that will be the end of even most top teams in Europe. Bottom line is this: fans pay to see the best players, and the countries with most of money will pay them more. China is just beginning this game of buying the best football players…

      You can choose to enjoy Wenger’s teams now for what money can buy, as things will only get worse in the future. “And a £300,000-a-week salary has been offered from China.” If we believe the news. That is what Arsenal will offer Sanchez, but if lil-Pep offers 250K/wk and CL along with a run at the title, then why stay are Arsenal?

      Money matters. Even for millionaire Sanchez, who actually uses his money to uplift his family. If each poor kid in Chile or Brazil, etc., can make millions a season, why not take that money and do some good with it?

  15. henry

    which support? Arsenal has the most patient fans among the top five cubs in epl. the club must stop demoralising fans by putting up lukewarm displays on the pitch and messing with transfers

  16. Turbo

    Making that bet now would be like investing in cocoa as a commodity, wild and unpredictable. Ask me again about that bet in 9 days. What action we take (or not) within could be huge. So many players with contracts running down, so many rumors, so many fringe players going out on sale or loan recently. Hope it’s not just repeat of recent years, 1 or 2 big incoming moves and that’s it, Arsene telling us how “tough” it is to find quality players, but that the recent clear-out means something big and positive is about to happen.

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