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Is Mane injury bad news for Arsenal as well as Liverpool?

It was not too lo0ng ago that Arsenal went to play Liverpool at Anfield and got our backsides handed to us by Jurgen Klopp’s team. It was like boys against men that day and so you can understand why all the football pundits were writing us off while making the scousers out to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Like I say it was not that long ago but it sure feels like it, because the tides have turned significantly for both teams since that day and it is the Gunners who are sat in fifth and are level on points with fourth placed Chelsea while Liverpool are languishing down in seventh after a poor run of form.

I reckon a lot of their recent struggles have been because they lost Sadio Mane for three games after that red card for the challenge on the Man City keeper that everyone was talking about. The Senegal international seems to be crucial to their side and so the news reported by Metro this week about Mane being ruled out for weeks with an injury from his international duties should be welcomed by the Arsenal fans.

It would be as well if it was not for the fact that we have already played them but their next opponents are Manchester United. Arsene Wenger would dearly loved Liverpool to take some points off Mourinho’s Mancs but without Mane it is going to be a much touggher task, so will this injury hurt Arsenal as well as our EPL rivals from Merseyside?


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5 thoughts on “Is Mane injury bad news for Arsenal as well as Liverpool?

  1. John0711

    Apologies I thought I was on a site for Arsenal fans, times must be hard if you have to try make money from other teams posts

  2. Ack77

    Injuries have rarely been our friend, its more often our key players would get injured before big matches. But utd and Chelsea have many times seen opponents key players injured or suspended before playing them. Their luck and our bad luck l.

  3. Jide

    It’s realm bad news for Liverpool. I wish they had Sane so that they can give Man U a test, but they have to deal with it. Injury is part of the game.

  4. Vlad

    I don’t care if he plays against Utd or not. It’s their problem. I do care that he’ll probably be back for our game against Pool in December though. Would have preferred for him to be out until after Christmas/New Year’s fixtures.

  5. Clive

    Why should we celebrate injury to an opponent?
    D last time some body wrote an article celebrating an injury to Cante and Morata,d next day Mustafi got injured.
    This article is meaningless.

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