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Is McCarthy really right for Arsenal?

Do we need James McCarthy? by KJ

It’s clear as day that Wenger needs a new central midfielder. We’ve only got 3 proper first team midfielders at the moment and they seem hopeless together. We’ve also got another extremely talented one but he’s a crock, constantly stuck on the injury table. As a result, Wenger has been perusing the market for the answer and the reports indicate that Wigan’s James McCarthy (valued at £8 million) is Arsenal’s answer.

McCarthy is a Republic of Ireland international currently playing for relegation strugglers Wigan. He’s only 22 years old and qualifies for the home-grown rule (which is very important nowadays). He’s currently on 2 goals and one assist after 21 games but his game is more similar to Arteta rather than someone likes Cazorla. He’ll be involved in the nitty-gritty like intercepting the ball, hassling the opponents etc. If he was to join, you’d see him as the long term successor to Arteta. He’d be able to apply the pass and move to his game fairly quickly coming from Wigan (who have a similar footballing philosophy to ours).

Unfortunately, like some, I don’t really like the idea of this signing. Arsenal apparently have funds upwards of £100 million now and yet we persist with shopping in the bargain bin rather than going all out and getting a class player (like Strootman, Wanyama, Fellaini etc.). It really is disappointing that we aren’t pushing the boat out with signings like McCarthy. He may turn out good but there’s no doubt in my mind that it’ll take a couple of seasons before we see his best (providing he actually settles in). I don’t mind McCarthy providing we bring in a proper defensive midfielder (even Diame would suffice) but we all have that feeling that if we do bring in McCarthy, he’ll be the only one we bring in.

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47 thoughts on “Is McCarthy really right for Arsenal?

  1. Fabrice

    NO! WE need big names and star quality. We need Llorente’s, Villa’s, Michu’s, Biglia’s, M’vila’s. How else can we compete with teams like United and City. Cumon guys

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  2. fabulous

    A defensive midfielder and a striker is our priority now i dnt y we are going for a winger wen we got chamberlain poldoski miyaichi and gervinho, gervinho is gud wen played on his favourite position i love him on left wing he is fast dere and can pass and dribble y nt continue playing him dere and move poldoski to striking role

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  3. lhkhnkjnj

    arsenal has more money than 100m – transfers and sponspors and if you say about loans than ticket prices is more than enough for loans
    its just the board and especially Mr. stubborn and his socialist pay structure
    if messi came here he would be on 50k/week LOL

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  4. joe

    Mccarthy is exactly what we need an all round very good player with bags of potential but at the same time not too young. He has great technique lovesto pass the ball and when out of possesion he looks to win the ball back straight away. I like arteta but i believe mccarthy would be much more efficient in there sittig behind jack and santi. Hopefully we sign him cos hes a top top player and with diaby coming back and fingers crossed remaining fit for at least most of the season a long with maybe a big name signing i dont think this arsena team will be too far off if they wanna work hard for eachother and want to win every game they go into because at the minute it doesnt always look like they do

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  5. John

    We wont get any 1 of name so stop doing this to yourself. I think we now need to let mr AV do his job. It has been arsenal holding him back i no it u all do

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  6. Gunned

    Santi cazorla has pleased Arsenal to sign Fernando Llorente acc to Sunday Express. Llorente is available for 6m with 42 goals in 80 app.for Athletico. Elsewhere Spurs are in talks for MBiwa nd could agree on a deal in coming days, Man City r agreeing a deal for Isco.
    Great wenger is not yet active in the 2nd week of Jan. F*ck off wenger

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  7. Lol123

    There is a rumour running saying that Lampard will be anounced as arsenal player later today by signing a 3,5 year deal. I really dont hope it is true! If true we are practically seaching in our rivals garbage to find players. And 3,5 year? What are you thinking of Wenger? The man is 34! He isnt good enough for Chelsea anymore why would he be good enough for us?

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  8. landi



    We done need cheap players like viera,toure, bergkamp, fabregas,v.p, 🙂

    Use ur sence right now guys, arsene wont buy any big star this window, on defender and possibly turan. dont expect much!

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  9. Sebastian

    Arsenal need to bigla and liorente and David villa and McCarthy and adrain Lopez

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  10. jos

    lets get song back,after all his just being benched, it is a pitty that arsenal can’t dominate possesion this season even on small teams. arteta is good but lacks the game reading. get serious mr wenger make some good signings. love you arsenal!

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  11. Gooner Cape Town

    FFS!!! SIGN WENGER, What’s the matter with you??????????????? Once agin we will lose out on targets we really need.

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  12. goonerT38

    Why are you all going on about strikers its the defence that needs sorting goals are not that big of a problem but conceding them is, just think about it. our goal difference is as good as the teams above but think how good it would be and how many more points we would have if we had a tight defence. And big names means big ego’s these day’s you all think you know what the gunners need, if its that easy go and get your coaching badges and see how easy it is

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  13. goonner for real from augrabies

    fellaini is the right man for the job. why dont wenger make a bid for him. if wenger dont buy someone in a weeks time, then im telling you goonners, then the following may happen 1: we will sitting without the FA cup, 2: someone will get injured, something we must avoid if we want to play champions league next year, 3: we as goonners won’t be too please. so MR wenger make things happen. get fellaini please. just make an attempt, who knows….

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  14. Alex

    Simple answer no if we are a big club with ambition and yes if we are an average club looking for below par players

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  15. goonerT38

    You all say how much you love the club half of you muggs would bankrupt the club within a year

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  16. Twig

    Maybe Wenger subconsciously wants to fail? For whatever reason. James McCarthy is not an Arsenal quality player. Pass.

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  17. mwenyeji

    I think the consensus is Arsenal needs a mid field enforcer. a tough tackler, ball winner with long passing range. probably big and intimidating. Thats why Diaby is such an asset to Arsenal even when people call him a light weight. his size is intimidating plus he got skills. If i was Wenger, thats the kind of a player i would be in the market for.

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  18. Awesome Gunners

    McCarthy will be a brilliant signing. He has talent. I think the people who comment on this page dont watch any premier league games. I have watched him and he looks brilliant.

    Just to let you guys know that it is not how much a player cost that makes him good but how he will fit and gel into the team.

    I want us to buy but please think of the players to buy carefully. Splashing loads of money will not mean success.

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  19. Polite_Gunner

    M’Villa, Strootman, Wanyama & Diame; better options than McCarthy plus a proven goal scorer will improve our team & perhaps take a trophy.

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  20. yunng gunner

    wenger is really pissing me off now,mcCarthy,eduardo vargas(who da f**k is he) biglia?? same thing every season,linked with average players,…..he knew we needed players from back in november,or especially after the bradford loss,We r now past the 1st week in jan n still no1,..chelsea has done business,even liverpool has,….i can’t see us signin no1,wenger will say we have a strong enough squad n he has confidence in his players blah blah blah etc……………diaby is like our new signing!!!!!! its obvious we need 5 players,but many arsenal fans will b happy with 2 why????????? CB,LB,DM,proper winger and a FW
    we even need a new keeper,sagna has been playing shit,so basically wee need a whole new team,with a new manager!!!! f**k arsene knows best!!!! wenger out!!!!!!!

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  21. Rasta

    1. Lucas Biglia is below average. it isn’t even funny. have you even seen him play. watch anderlecht games. he isn’t even their 5th best player
    2. Fellaini is effective this season because david moyes moved his position. he doesn’t defend as much as last season. thats what Gibson does for them now. Doesn’t exactly solve the holding midfield problem. as a holding midfielder he isn’t it. Thats why this is his breakthrough season. cos he’s been told to use his strength to score more goals.
    3. whilst i like mccarthy and I’m impressed with his versatility. i feel he is a summer signing. one that needs time to learn how to play for arsenal.

    Arsenal needs a Gilberto/ edu. to replace Arteta really as the second holding midfielder. welsher has all the qualities to be the Vieira type player in the midfield we used to have. Like Flamini who sat back whilst fabregas did his magic. I feel arteta isn’t that because he isn’t naturally defensive. he doesn’t have the instincts. Like against swansea. for graham’s goal, a defensive minded player would have at least thrown himself in front of the ball when it was at grahams feet but he just watched and tried to get his hands to his sides as fast as possible. thats what offensive midfielders do.

    i really don’t care who it is. it could be coquelin for all i care. Just get someone who can defend from the front and whose first instinct is to tackle. Its not encouraging that our holding midfielder is justifiable by his distribution and not his interceptions and tackles that break the flow and start counter attacks. our game has always been built on devastating passing from counter attacks. we need to get the ball back faster and you will see results. Diaby can do that but he is injury prone so get someone who can do it. simple.

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  22. 7

    Lads, forget about transfer windows!!We are not going to sign anyone,sell maybe yes.This trend should be crystal clear to everyone after all these years. Wenger just says exceptional because that sort of player is never available in the market and if they are, too pricey for us.His hands are tied,its the Board that calls the shots for every major departure and signing(if there is one,that is).

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  23. jonathan

    please wenger we need a defensive midfielder. give us another flamini.hleb,song and fabregas for the sake supporters

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  24. Simon

    Lampard?! I dont believe that at all, the guy has Chelsea in his body. Besides he’s too old (34).

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  25. dude

    @7 – it’s as much as the old miser wenger’s fault , he’s a control freak ever since dein left and the pr*ck gazidis is a useless tw*t.And now AFC has become a plaything for that miserly fool wenger for his socialist experiments.

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    1.Giorgio Chiellini
    2.Marouane Fellaini
    3.Daniele De Rossi
    4.Miguel Pérez Cuesta(Mich)

    according to Darren Dein and Pini Zahavi who are both staying at the same london hotel,deals will be completed by the end of january.. with a higher wage structure reaching £120k for these new players, once T.W. has signed his £85k a week deal..wenger wants all existing players tied up in long heavy contracts, before he uses funds for new players, which will make them the highest paid…??

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  27. Pan

    If this is true i will give up hope and accept we are a mid table team and just hope we have good cup runs and forget CL football

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  28. Smithy

    should have signed holtby lost out on him zaha to Will most likely join spuds to! Ffs why is wenger dithering make a signing to boost the squad! Do ya job or stand down and make way for gaurdiola!

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  29. Gooner Cape Town

    The answer is simple….Fellaini, then Arteta can play a more attacking role, Jack can do his thing and Cazorla will be the gem that he really is. Done, midfield sorted.
    Get striker of quality, my call Dzeko.
    Versatile defender- Yanga Mbiwa.
    Done deal!!!

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  30. John

    WE WANT A DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER ? How about a A back 4 that have DEFENSIVE skills first. They are just not good enough

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  31. Silent Stan

    I’ve had the fortune of seeing him a few times. He got my attention early on this season when I heard an interview with Martinez. Martinez was worried he wouldn’t be fit for a game coming up and was saying he is ‘our most vital player’. I thought ”meh…plays for Wigan…so what?”.

    His comment stuck in my head though and I did watch him from then on.

    Trust me guys, maybe he’s not called Jamaniao Mcartinio, but he looks a good player to me. He actually looks like a leader as he can play almost anywhere from what I’ve seen. I’ve seen him as an attacking midfielder, a defensive one, on both flanks and even as a centre back in one game (I think vs Utd but that went wrong for him and he moved back to DM).

    So, from what I’ve seen he is versatile, can tackle and is good on the ball.

    He’s not short on confidence either and seems to demand the ball. In fact if you watch Wigan, they are always looking for him despite the fact he is so young.

    So, I would actually welcome the lad.

    Good thing about him is that he is so versatile that it would be hard for Wenger to fluff this one up by playing him out of position. Unless he puts him in goal of course.

    Good player, trust me.

    He may our DM/box to box answer?????

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  32. gooner srg

    I think we will buy in Jan but if their mentioned we are not buying them so this is a no no.
    25m for Walcot seems a good deal because 2-3 years down the line he will sell for bucks.
    I think all the names which have a no against them ex villa and the likes will come.that’s got wengers style all over it you think their not coming then arsenal anounce 3 signings in one day.

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  33. Hashim

    I dont see any point in signing him. better we prmote Eisfeld from the reserves.

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  34. APC

    hes very good and alot better then wigan i think he could improve/ id like us to sign him and one more. hes a busy player. 10mill max id pay

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  35. Gwin

    Arteta is doing a good job but he is not cut out for the dirty job,thus, we need is a proper defensive midfielder. When I say defensive midfielder I don’t mean a midget, rather I am talking of someone that can match Fellaini and Yaya Toure for strength and height. That way, our back for can get the protection they deserve. Wenger I know you know this, so let common sense lead you this transfer window.

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  36. isu

    guys cant u see z difference between times when diaby was playing and now.we were solid defensively and out smarted every body in the midfield area ….. yaya toure can testify that.its not because diaby is a defensive midfielder but he complements wz arteta very well and gives z much needed balance.
    now we need a cover for the back 4.why dont arsene give frimpong a chance………..

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  37. JohnW

    Is Wanyama a top player! is Strootman one anyway? Both those players are average, to say the least. I also want to draw your attention to the fact that most of the Arsenal signings always come ‘from the bin’, as you put it but end up being exceedingly good(please don’t think Cygan, Chamack or Squilaci).

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  38. Rizal

    Please sacked wenger before we losing top four again without new signings this month, 7 years trophieless hope new sheikh to take over this club….

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