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Is Ozil attitude to Arsenal and Wenger actually RIGHT?

I sometimes find it hard to muster up anything positive to say about our club, with Arsenal sometimes even pushing me to the point where I do not look forward to seeing them play, so perhaps we can imagine howe the players must feel the same way at times.

Having said that, the likes of Mesut Ozil are very well paid to do their job while us fans pay to watch them or buy some Arsenal merchandise, so we expect these well rewarded folk to at least put in a shift when they pull on an Arsenal shirt and that is something that Ozil has been accused of not doing at times.

There was even a report the other day claiming that people at Arsenal were concerned that the German was not even putting in the effort in training, and a Metro report explains that the reason for this is probably Ozil’s anger at what he sees as the failure of Arsene Wenger in the transfer market this summer, when the Frenchman did break the club’s spending record on Lacazette but also made a net profit. This news does not come from some random pundit either, but from the former Gunner Robert Pires who has been working with Arsenal behind the scenes.

Pires said, ‘Ozil is a warrior who wants to win something,’ Pires told SportBild.

‘To me, he seems so angry about the fact that Arsenal hasn’t put together the team with which he can make a difference.

‘They only spent money on Alexandre Lacazette. That’s not enough to compete for the top spots.’

So not only has he spilled the beans about what has been going on with Ozil, he seems to agree with the German’s idea about the boss and the Arsenal board’s transfer failings. So is Ozil right with his attitude to the club, or should he just get on with doing what he is paid to do and leave the running of the club to Wenger?


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19 thoughts on “Is Ozil attitude to Arsenal and Wenger actually RIGHT?

  1. Samuel

    was that why he missed that one-on-one at Watford? He is one of the problems we are having. Superstars dont win games all the time but team work does. He should be dedicated enough to do what he is being paid for.

  2. jod

    When Danny Rose questioned Spurs spending policies he was fined two weeks wages and had to apologise. Ozil appears to be able to do whatever the hell he wants. One reason Spurs are ahead of Arsenal ?

    1. redmau5

      ozil is a warrior? bahahaha
      and im tony montana

      pires is right though, everyone knows the club is f’ed

      mesut was lucky wenger was in awe of him an let him take the absolute piss..our fans still chant his name lol
      can u imagine if we had de bruyne or hazard ..they could eat our pet iguanas an we would ask if they were still hungry

  3. red14

    I’m done with watching matches as long as the Fraud stays. I was the one who always watched them, no matter what. But now, ive become uninterested as the players themselves. Title gone after 8! matches. Dont care about FA cup wins, neither the players do. Would be sweet to win the EL, but im sure we wont, and if we manage to do somehow, we would be still laughing stocks for the likes of Chelsea, Juventus, Bayern, Real etc.

    Its sad, but i really hope we will finish as low as possible, maybe a 10th place will remove the Fraud from here, as the constant failings of the past 10 years have not.

    We made a PROFIT in the transfer window, after our worst season, and 10 years of failings. PROFIT! That is disgusting if you ask me. That is a spit to the fans faces, but the last spit for me.

    We complained for the last 8 years or so, because we havent improved. Now we go lower every season, and the answer for that is a transfer window with a f….n profit. Can we blame the players for little to no motivation? I dont think so.

    Utterly disgusted

  4. jon fox

    If Pires really did indeed describe the timid Ozil as “a warrior” then Bobby boy needs to visit Specsavers. The truth is we have had alarmingly few warriors wearing our shirt for a decade past. Whereas Sanchez has fully earned the right to be pissed off at the timidity of most of his teammates, OZIL PATENTLY HAS NOT. In my view, only Walcott comes anywhere near the passivity shown by Ozil, the only difference being that Walcott has done this for his entire career at Arsenal and Ozil for just a handful of years. I ask, who in the present squad could be described as a warrior, RIGHT NOW? I suggest only KOLASINAC AND WELBECK, and to a lesser extent Giroud, since Sanchez has clearly downed tools. And what manager do all these non warriors have in common! Yes, you got it; Wenger!

    1. Keagan Clayton

      bro Relax,they don’t have to say why,and you don’t have to pay attention to the dislikes.

      I’d assume Arsenal has already put you through enough shIIt…

      Go make grandma a cup of tea or give a homeless guy a pound or something instead.

      1. jon fox

        Ducked my challenge then I see, you coward! What’s up? Cant find anything to actually disagree with in my post but wont admit it even to yourself, I believe. The whole point of my first post was to flush out the idiots who still think Wenger is good enough to manage us, which he clearly is not. Perhaps you are one of these idiots, though I suspect that if todays news told you Wenger was sacked , you would be secretly pleased but pretend otherwise. If you had any real GUTS you would say clearly what you actually think and not just make snide childish comments. I therefore repeat my challenge for you to say something original of your own. If you are able!

        1. Eileen

          Come on Man. Ur irritating and need to know it but already know u will fight it. Ur Wenger only much less intelligent and capable.

          Know that I don’t know u or the content of ur ideas but this much anger and indignation makes u what I described above.
          Keagan was nice enough to calm u but u did not take it. Here is a shove…

  5. Eddy Hoyte

    If truly Ozil is angry at the club’s lack of ambition, then to an extent I’ll give him my support. But not to the extent of him not taking the chances we’ll get like the chance he blew against Watford. He had the chance to win the game for us and blew it. you’re angry fine!! So is Sanchez, so are we fans but we won’t blow away the little chances we’ll get, Sanchez wouldn’t blow that chance away. Being a leader involves knowing when to hold on, when to move on and when to walk away!! Leaders take the fall and drag people along with em not by force but by their own actions and hearts.

    The situation Ozil finds himself in, Bro if the chance comes. Take it!! Lead by example and pour out your anger after you’re off the field.
    And stop being like the idiot who chose to hold on to a glass cup of water for a whole day just because the cup ain’t heavy.
    It doesn’t matter if it ain’t heavy, the issue is holding on to it for a whole day. You’ll turn numb and feel the weight.

    Drop that sh!t when we’re going on to the field, take a break from it and move on.
    Then you can pick it back up when you need it

  6. Not Vanpayslip or that other guy

    Ozil a warrior? More like a cry baby because someone tackled him. This guy has never managed to stay on his feet after being tackled.

    Get out of Arsenal you big baby

  7. Break-on-through

    This is Pires trying to push Ozil into performing and trying to stress to Arsene that more needs to be done if we’re gonna have any shot at catching the big three anytime soon. Look how much utd have been spending, and only now they are making strides, Mourinho might have allot to do with it but without that money being spent even Mourinho would be left in the other Manchester’s dust. That goes vice versa. Then there’s us bringing in a striker, phew! ..finally, but only with Gibbs replacement. And last seasons striker went out to make room for a striker that we’ve needed for almost a decade. This is not news, I know we all hear it enough but at some point that madness definition must stop. Spurs done well assembling a team on their budget and by the selling of players. However, I expect the nucleus of that team to be stripped over the next two to three seasons, they’ll lose their spine, GK and their left back.

  8. Incarnate

    Yes Ozil is a warrior, Wenger is a genius but both will NEVER achieve anything meaningful under Mr. Shylock Kroenke who drains the life and creative energy off everything Arsenal. Creativity wants what it wants, it is obsessive, it doesn’t make conventional sense… Guardiola sold an excellent shot stopper in Hart and first brought in Bravo, a shitty shot stopper but excellent with the ball, then another splashing on Eduardo less than twelve months later which is finally paying off for them. Kroenke will have a heart attack! Wenger will probably want the same thing as Guardiola but then he will probably be frightened by the price tag, Dein will typically ask “but you think it will work, price tag aside? ” Wenger says yes, we get the player. With Gazidis, even after Wenger goes after a “more affordable ” Lacazette two seasons ago, bastard goes even lower and brings in Perez, hence why Wenger refused to play him even complaining about his over reliance on his left foot.

  9. Arsenal#7

    @jon fox

    The major thing we agree upon is that Wenger is the common denominator and problem.
    Screwed us last year by playing games whether he signed a contract or not and the team played under uncertainty. Screwed us again this year and we are out of any race/top 4 after 8 matches because he can not take a f.. stance for once. Now he wants to take a hard line and not play Sanchez/Ozil to make a point? He already said he was not going to sell them. So why not play them and try to get the group together to perform? Bullshit manager head games produces results like Watford over and over again. How many times and when does it stop?
    There is no accountability on the part of the club yet we expect these players to perform at a moments notice. Not happening. Even the best players are going to miss a sitter considering they are thrown in and their head is never straight. Get the club stable and then look at the players. Do you know another club in EPL or European football now that has the uncertainty that surrounds Arsenal?

  10. the barrel

    The duty of Ozil is to play, and get paid for it. If he wants to be involved with the transfer market, then he chose the wrong career. If he is not happy, he just have to leave in peace.Its always Ozil in this articles, is someone trying to justify anything?

  11. Nomad

    No wonder that AW is glued to the Arsenal job. Arsenal fans don’t even understand what is going on.

    Have anyone of you saw the clip that Ozil, Montreal and Sanchez are walking towards the team and AW?
    – Montreal and Sanchez are both exchanging jokes and look happy.
    – Ozil is gloomy and not participating in the conversation yet he shakes AW’s hand when they approach the team. There is no glitter of joy on his face when he is doing this…
    – Go an check what Sanchez does….. AW tries to shake hands with him and it clearly shows that there is no harmony in Arsenal…….. Even PM tries to gesture to Sanchez to shake hands with the boss….

    A very sad situation and you are still blaming players………

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      One simple question; would any of the current Arsenal squad including Ozil, make the Arsenal team Robert Pires played in, or any team managed by George Graham or Don Howe?

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