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Is Ozil demanding more from Arsenal than money?

Is money the only object stopping a new contract for Mesut Ozil?

There’s been no decrease over the amount of Mesut Ozil contract talks in recent weeks, with almost every rumoured change managing to make its way into the reported media. After weeks of silence from an official capacity however, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has finally spoken out regarding the current situation, according to an article found on the manager social index.

Arsenal’s German international star is rumoured to be demanding a new £250k weekly wage to stay in North London and although the rumours seem to suggest that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes that Ozil doesn’t need convincing, the Gunners may still need to break the bank to keep him!

Speaking to the media after a fantastic performance for the star, Arsene Wenger commented: “I don’t think he needs convincing. He wants to stay here. But if you have a good bank, call me. It’s not just money,” Wenger continued. “Arsenal can win titles of course. But that’s what we have to show. We are in a league where Man City, Man United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea everybody fights and you cannot guarantee that to anybody.”

“We keep that (negotiations) discreet. At due time we will come out with that. We want to keep our best players, of course. But the more I say that, the more he is in a stronger position!”

In my opinion I believe every word that Wenger has to say on the matter, because I can see that Ozil is a big fan and believer in this club, but as Wenger says – It’s not just that! He can’t guarantee the title and I’m sure Ozil wants more to add to his collection. Of course the money issue is a problem, because although Arsenal are in a financially strong position, to shell out almost a quarter of a million a week to one player, is a very large sum of money!

Arsenal are financially capable of paying that sort of money to the club’s best player, there’s no doubt about that. But to offer Ozil big money on par with the worlds very best players, it demolishes our clubs wage structure. It opens up a new limit of what Arsenal are financially capable of offering their players and this is what could be the issue for Arsene Wenger in his negotiations.

In my opinion Arsenal need to do all they can do to get Ozil to tie himself down for a new deal. At 28 years old, if he is to sign a new long term deal, it’ll more than likely be the last large contract he is awarded with in professional football and so as a result he’ll want to get the most out of what he can get. As one of the worlds best attacking midfielders, Ozil has every right to ask for a similar wage package to that of his colleagues on the world scale, but are Arsenal willing to break the bank to keep him?

Or is Ozil waiting to see if we are good enough to win a trophy before re-signing?


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11 thoughts on “Is Ozil demanding more from Arsenal than money?

  1. rengew

    Just negotiations. Arsenal will try to get it low, øzil to get it high. . Current contract til 2018 i think, drag it out, and the 250 demand will be 210-220 000, with titlechallange as persuasive measure. There is a title-push now. And every week on 130 000 saves money for the new contract. Could get another 6 months for half price.

  2. Dennis

    I think if we win the league Ozil will take close to 200/210 to resign with us but if we DON’T win the league he’ll be wanting way more to stay with us. This is why a trophy this year is important to keep a hold of the likes of ozil/sanchez.

    I don’t know where I read this but apparently wenger is deliberately keeping Ramsay and Giroud giving them a full pre-season then they should feature in November. Maybe just a rumour but I think it has a ring to it, I don’t think Giroud specially needs to be out for this long, I know he’s not indestructible but he’s never been out this long.

    ps: Sanchez needs immediate rest man, seriously he looked like a half a tank against burnley and less than that vs Swansea. We have Perez back now, so let’s play the guy.

    1. MrBrook

      Agreed rest Sanchez tonight and play Pirez, give Giroud and Ramsey some time to get fit slowly. We have a ton of easy games now on paper until Spurs next month : Luds, Middlesborough, Reading, Sunderland, Luds, if we can’t rotate the team with these matches then I don’t know when.

      I’d like to see more of Ox, Pirez, Gibbs, Jenkinson and Holding over these matches to get some game time and to rest the others. Wellbeck should return at the perfect time. For once we look like we the a good squad and if we can play it right maybe we can peak at the business end of the season for once.

  3. Budd

    Who can guarantee a title in EPL? City? Chelsea? United? Liverpool? Leicester? And wait until next year as the money will be even more a commodity in EPL.
    A, ok if you speak Germany then there is only one option: Bayern. Spain is pretty much done and dusted for Ozil. He will finish his contract when he will be well into his 29. I can see only these options on how this will work out: Arsenal pays a decent 200-210k (think we have lots of players who are actually playing good football and earning way less) and Ozil signs for a 4 years extension. Instant legend, everybody happy. Or, if we can get a good 80 million or more (ffs Higuain went for 100 mils at 29) in EPL then so be it. Or finally, we hold onto him until he is 29 almost 30 and then leave him on a free. Firstly, he deserved it, secondly maybe we can convince him anyway to stay. I am quite happy we had him at his peak.

  4. Ozone

    Greediness from a player that can’t defend. That’s why he was shipped out of Real Madrid. Let him play out his contract. He needs to put in a shift like Willian. We all work hard and we don’t get what they earn in a week!

  5. Jansen

    You can not expect to keep (or attract) the world’s best players by paying them below market value salaries.

    For me, you keep Ozil and Sanchez at all cost. This includes trying to sign them before we are eliminated from the PL race. It is a gamble to think we will win the PL and thus make signing these guys easier.

    Without Sanchez and Ozil, we are not only a lesser team, we will also have even more difficulty attracting world class players in the future.

  6. Wilshegz

    this is one of the problems of Arsenal, always penny-pinching.. DeGea earns 220k, Pogba earns 290k, Kroos new contract ll pay him 300k, these are players not even in the class of Ozil.
    Madrid,Bayern,PSG never mind City would be willing to pay 300k or more per week for Ozil.

    1. gotanidea

      De Gea, Pogba and Kroos are not in the same level as Ozil? So why do they stay in big rich teams that won a lot of Champions League trophies like Manchester United and Real Madrid, whereas Ozil was sold by Real Madrid when he is at his peak age?

      1. Jansen

        TBH playing for a big team doesn’t mean you are world class. If I remember Mata was sold by Mourinho and Man U bought him. Just because Chelsea sold him didn’t make him a lesser player, why else would a bigger club buy him from them? Real selling Ozil didn’t mean he was a lesser player.

        Man U sold Pogba, didn’t make him a lesser player either.

        Ozil is world class IMO and could easily earn, and is worth to Arsenal in the £200’000+ range.

  7. tissiam

    as much as i love ozil and think that he deserves a pay rise and that we should try to keep hold of him,he should not forget the situation he was in when he bought him (or rescued should i say)the reason that he,s been a star player for us is that he is happy living in london and that the club provides everything for him to just concentrate on his game also wenger gives him the freedom to express himself on the pitch,he should take all this into account when he makes his choice the grass is not always greener on the other side even if he could definitely earn more money somewhere else,as long as the club shows enough ambition to win titles he should be grateful and not hold us to ransom!!

  8. jonm

    Summer 2015 we only bought cech and there was inadequate cover for key players.

    2015/16 season we had numerous chances to get clear ahead at top of PL and blew them. The title was there for us to take. If we had won it I expect we would now have new contracts with Ozil and Sanchez.

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