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Is Ramsey’s Arsenal form affected by Wales internationals?

This will not be the first time that an arsenal fan has suggested that our midfield star Aaron Ramsey may be slightly more motivated by playing for the Wales national team than he is when he pulls on an Arsenal shirt. Rambo certainly produced his best for his country during the Euro 2016 tournament after being pretty poor at club level both before and after the tournament.

Recently Arsenal fans have been seeing the 26-year old in good form for the Gunners, but arguably his least influential performance came in our last game, and I personally think that the Welshman already had one eye on the two World Cup qualifiers coming up over the next two weeks.

Wales are on the brink of qualifying for another major tournament, or at least of securing a play-off place, but it could swing either way. They are currently second in their group but are just a single point better off than the Republic of Ireland, who they play in Cardiff next week after an away game in Georgia this Friday.

So it is a tense time for the Red Dragons, especially after they lost the Real Madrid star Gareth Bale to injury. Ramsey could now be their key player and he knows it, and perhaps this affected his game for Arsenal on Sunday. It may not be right but that does not make it the truth and I am worried about how failure to get that place at the World Cup in Russia next summer might affect him. Are you?

Do Arsenal need Wales to win these two matches to make sure that Ramsey comes back to north London and performs at his best?


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13 thoughts on “Is Ramsey’s Arsenal form affected by Wales internationals?

  1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Ramsey is a top top player. Unfortunately, due to a leg break and Ozil favouritism, his career has been hampered by factors beyond his control.

    But now that Wenger has realised that Ozil is overrated and is at fault for everything that is wrong with Arsenal it is a positive not just for Ramsey but for Wenger. Ozil has slowly destroyed this beautiful club of ours but since being dropped in favour of Ramsey we have been unstoppable and in scintillating form.

    Despite this adversity, fortunately Ramsey is at the age where he is approaching his prime and that can only be a huge boost for Arsenal. He has already surpassed Gerrard (virtually no trophies) and can see him being better than Lampard. With Xhaka to support him he could actually be the best player in the EPL for the next 5 to 7 years.

    1. Redmau5

      Ur trolling is amazing

      Ramsey has surpassed Gerrard …

      Why stop there u shook one

      Xhaka has surpassed iniesta
      And elneny has outdone Andrea Pirlo already


      1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

        Mate, can’t believe you actually get it!

        If you liked this one then stay tuned for why Brexit will help propel Walcott beyond Messi, how Amazon Dot has helped Wenger mellow and why PSG will pass on signing Sanchez so that they can secure Wenger as the manager that finally deliver them champions league glory

    2. Arsenal_Girl

      I have a problem with a few things you typed.
      1st agree with above. Ramsey hasn’t surpassed Gerrard. I would still prefer Gerard in his prime.

      2nd. Ramsey may have more trophies but Gerrard won Champions League. How many Champions League trophies have we won?

      3rd Ozil “is at fault for everything that is wrong with Arsenal”. I agree he is overrated but that comment is quite harsh. In 2015-16 we finished 2nd place and we can thank Ozil’s 19 assists and 6 goals for that. He was 1 goal from Henry’s assist record. He also helped us get 3 FA Cups. So yes he is overrated and there are better CAMs but to say “he is everything that is wrong with Arsenal” is very unfair and inaccurate

      1. Arsenal_Girl

        Sorry meant to say “he was 1 assist away from Henry’s assist record” and 2 goals from breaking it

        1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

          He reached within 1 of that record by Christmas. Not bad for half a years work.

          Plain lazy if you ask me. How about working all year around!!!!!

  2. the barrel

    Which form are you talking about. One game on, the next game his passing was absurd. You call that form. Please just stop there. Ramsey, Ozil, and Giroud are where they are because Wenger gives them more chances that any other Arsenal players

    1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

      Ozil and Giroud I can understand but Ramsey has been out of this world since he replaced Ozil. It’s not his fault that Arsene decided a pre madonna like Ozil was more important than a genuine talent like Ramsey.

      If Ramsey was the only one then I would understand. But let’s look at facts – Wilshere has been sublime. That’s the guy you send to Bournemouth while you keep Ozil at your club! That is a joke. This is not about apportioning blame but we need to get away from this culture of ignoring our talent while ignoring the deficiencies of big money signings. To be frank I am disgusted that Jenkinson got let go. He cost £1m so he is not good enough!!!!!!! Imagine we would have done that with Holdings……..we would have missed out on the next Tony Adams.

      We need to get our own house I order. And first step is to let Debuchy go and being back Jenkinson.

      1. GunnerJack

        You seem to live in a very strange world where reality is neatly put aside so you can indulge your flights of fantasy.

  3. Andrew Elder

    So now Mesut Ozil is to blame for not only destroying our club but also for Ramsey not performing.
    Apart from one season (out of nine), he has been inconsistent and fairly average and definitely plays better for his country and usually gets back to us totally knackered. I honestly wish that Wenger sold him along with Oxlade Chamberlain with perhaps Theo. Ramsey better than Lampard, Gerrard & Ozil, really? A fit Jack Wilshere is different class to Aaron!!

    Ramsey would not even make the bench at Man City. So let’s stop this anti Ozil campaign because we are playing right into Mourinho’s hands. He’ll get him for free next summer and we will deserve losing a class player who deserves better.

  4. Goonerboy

    The question at the end of this article is so funny to me….

    What business has that got to do with us??
    You even said maybe he didn’t play well because he has his eyes on world cup qualifier…really???? Smh…

    Having said that, I support all our players in their respective countries and hope they progress….

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