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Is Ranieri just having a dig at Arsenal’s recent title failure?

Arsenal may be one of the most successful clubs ever to play in England, with only Manchester United and Liverpool having won more league titles and nobody ever winning more FA cup trophies than us, but Arsenal fans are all too well aware that it has been a long time between drinks in the Premier League.

We are all hoping, and starting to believe as well, that this season could be the one as Arsene Wenger seems to have added the experience and fighting qualities that many see the lack of which has been the cause of our recent struggles.

It is not just Arsenal fans who are aware that this is an issue and might just be a weak spot though, and that is why I think that Claudio Ranieri’s response to Wenger’s recent comments about the points needed to win it this year may well be a sly dig at us and our manager.

As reported by the Evening Standard the Italian has politely chosen to disagree with Wenger’s talk of 86 points, but his comment about deferring to Wenger as the expert sounds to me like a gentle reminder that Ranieri’s team Leicester City have won the title much more recently that Wenger and Arsenal and they did so last season with 81 points.

He said, “This season I think there are so many teams fighting for the title. When there are so many teams maybe the total can go down.

“He’s an expert on the Premier League, if Arsene says 86 he’s right. I believe a little less but he’s a boss.

“He has more experience no, 20 years. Me only five… There are so many teams who are fighting for the title, there will be a very good battle until the end.”

What do you think Gooners? Am i being too sensitive here or was this a dig?


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3 thoughts on “Is Ranieri just having a dig at Arsenal’s recent title failure?

  1. pubgooner

    No malice. No dig. This is just his Italian accent. He respects Wenger a lot!

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  2. DennisTheMenace

    A very straight answer to a very straight question… not sure why this is even a story

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