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Is Schalke star a done deal for Arsenal?

Lewis Holtby is a German international with an English father who is one of Arsene Wenger’s top transfer targets for Arsenal. The 22-year old midfielder is out of contract with his German club Schalke at the end of the season, and so will be in a position to negotiate with other clubs about his free transfer in the summer. The other option will be for Schalke to sell him in January in order to recoup something for one of their star players.

With Liverpool and Arsenal believed to be the two Premier league clubs that have spoken to mhis agent, Holtby’s recent comments seem to tip the balance heavily towards North London. His father is an Everton fan and Holtby has previously stated that he became infected with the Everton bug, and knows it would hurt his father if he ever played for Liverpool.

“It will be a decision of the heart. I won’t play around with the club. The opportunities are there. My agent has received offers. I am waiting to make a decision.”

If it is a decision of the heart, you know that it won’t be Liverpool. After starring for Schalke in the Champions league, you can also be sure that he will not go to a club that is unlikely to qualify next season, and Arsenal have an unbeatable record at that. Holtby spoke to the BBC recently and his words, for me, remove any doubt that his next stop will be at the Emirates stadium.

“For me it was always a dream to play in the Premier league, and it was always a team like Arsenal that I would like to play for.”

Obviously, Holtby cannot announce his decision until the negotiations are done, but inside he has already made up his mind. He is likely to remain with Schalke until summer, as they are doing well in the German Bundesliga and the Champions league. If he joined Arsenal in January, he would be ineligible to play in Europe for us anyway, but we should learn about his future in the new year.

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35 thoughts on “Is Schalke star a done deal for Arsenal?

  1. the gun show

    He actually stated in another interview that he wouldn’t have a problem with playing for Liverpool, regardless of the fact that his dad is an Evertonian

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  2. Joe

    I refuse to believe anything until he is wearing an Arsenal shirt. Is no way near a done deal. Arsenal fans have been lied to in the past. At the moment we need to keep theo. If they are serious about this guy then pay a bit and get him in January. It wouldn’t take much ar all for Shalke to accept as his contract ends in the summer.

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  3. mani_gooner

    would be a bargain deal if v get him.. awesome player with immense talent.. 🙂

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  4. Travis Bickle

    A great prospective signing, but lets not get excited. Arsenal are always linked with players and nothing materialises. It does appear that Arsenal are active, whether it is early scouting for the summer, or for the January window. Of the names mentioned so far, Holtby is the one I would be happiest to see happen and the more likely (KEEP WISHING FOR CAVANI, IT WON’T HAPPEN).

    As all Arsenal fans should know, Wenger has never liked the January transfer window. He rarely makes any real moves in the window. I am being very reserved by the speculation.

    Interesting to note the WAVE of German players getting into Arsenal’s team and scouting.

    Eisfeld, Gnabry, Mertesacker, Podolski, Leander Siemann,

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  5. Laurentkboi

    I often think we’re would he play in our deep midfield? But then I see he is so much better then Ramsey for now!

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  6. Dave

    Where would he play in our team? wont get past cazorla or jack. we need theo or ox for pace on wings and can’t see poldi being dropped

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  7. Invincibles nice (1)

    Dont like putting our own players down especially ones who have bled and broke bones for our cause but imagine if we had Holtby along with Rosicky Eisfeld and Diaby to come in for Jack and Santi when needed, these would surely push for places making our CM very competitive with alot of strength in depth

    Me think it best for Ramsey to go out on loan and Holtby looks a good replacement, my preforation would be Goetze but cant see it happening as hes well in demand and is arguably as good as any we have if not better (just my honest opinion) so couldnt envisage himself Santi or Jack playing second fiddle to anyone

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  8. craig2500

    WE all moan about the players we sign, is this guy a player we really want?, the next Pires?, if not then i think spend some cash on world class winger.

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  9. Richard

    Ivan will be shopping at the pound shop in january and unless he meets him (Holtby) in there it is unlikely that we will be seeing him playing at the “EMIRATES” unless its for someone else. That is unless AW is standing up to the Board and putting Arsenal first instead of the “Lone Ranger and Tontos’ desire for profit.

    HW will be no use as he’s probably asleep under his blanket in a corner dreaming of more ways to insult the fans.

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  10. bergkamps other leg

    nuri sahin was supposed to be a done deal too. thank F*ck that didnt pan out.

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  11. Travis Bickle


    The deal was complete, however it fell through due to him being rejected a work permit.

    Sahin was also completed, however Wenger stopped the deal at the last minute because he believed he lacked pace for the EPL. Sahin subsequently went to Liverpool, where he has scored 30+goals in….ahhhhh I’m only messing, Sahin has hardly played for Liverpool.

    I will get slated for this, but I would like to see Gourcuff at Arsenal. There is no doubt this player has IMMENSE ability, if Blanc can unlock it (like he did), Arsene can also. Arsene has tried twice to sign him and failed. He has been injury prone this season, but if Lyon are willing to sell (which they are), he could be a very very good player indeed. With regard to injury proneness (if that is a word), RVP was injury prone, but there is no doubt of his quality and as with RVP, one can get over injuries.

    If you haven’t seen Gourcuff play, youtube him, he has some wonderful compilation videos. Comparisons to Zidane are justified, he just needs the right club and manager to unlock his talent.

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  12. ERG

    Would like to see a player like holtby at Arsenl he reminds me off Owen Hargreaves in the way he plays.
    Top utility player.

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  13. ned

    @ Travis

    I agree with you he could be great but i could not stomach more players out for 75% of the season

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  14. Patrick Ssekatawa

    He would be a wonderful addition to the Arsenal squad. He is quite talented and a very hardworking midfielder. He would be a massive step forward from the likes of Ramsey (who slows the game to a snail’s pace and then lose the ball to opponents), and Diaby (who appears to be permanently injured and so useless to the team).

    However, I also feel Wenger should give playing time the impressive Eisfeld. The young German is a real genius with intricate runs, late arrivals into the opposition box and a great eye for goals, as he showed in the Far East tour, and in the U21 league. He deserves to play.

    The arrival of Holtby, I hope, would not stifle the progress of the young maestro with goals, assists, dribbles and class wrapped in his locker!

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  15. ArsenalsF

    Anyone know anything about Joel Campbell? He seems a quality young player.

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  16. jibber

    if anything, Holtby is not gonna come until summer.
    by January, we should know realistically if we can actually compete beyond 4th place. If we do, we might get him for a cazorla backup/diaby replacement. If we don’t then we’re definitely not gonna buy him.

    but even IF we do look strong, the midfield is the least of our concerns as of now. a good natural leftback should be top priority. With santos more than likely sold, vermaelen is our only back up in the spot. The next comes ignasi, and Meade. Both of these players have yet to prove themselves, and from what i remember, Meade is a left midfielder, Ignasi is a centre back.
    we need one who has lots of energy, hard working, and most important of all, a great cross if we need to fill in the void.

    I don’t think we’ll sign a striker at all if we’re gonna keep walcott. What wenger will do is probably play walcott as 2nd /3rd choice striker after or before podolski, and then Gnabry promotes to bench, the Ox starts more regularly.

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  17. Lol123

    Offload rosicky and buy holtby as a replacement. That doesn’t Sound as a bad deal to me

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  18. vickie

    Well, here is the shocking new:::: Walcott has put up his house for sale and i guess he did that for thesame reason RVP, Fab; Song and co did. We love you walcott but Liverpool loves you most. Adieu.

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  19. Rishab

    Arsene should buy SOMEONE BETTER not SOMEONE EQUAL OR BELOW comparing to our squad. Hes not better than arteta or cazorla or wilshere or any of our wingers! Arsene should go for FALCAO! Lol

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  20. Hafiz Rahman

    Germans for Arsenal..its the German fever..

    Per, Pod, Gnabry, Eifled, Holtby…

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  21. Gundam

    Sounds German, looks german, talks german, plays like a german… pretty sure this bloke is german… who cares if his father is english

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  22. chambala

    bring him he might be better than Ramsay! i dont know why Wenger still believe in Ramsay is poor ever see in midfider and every time Ramsay is cost us if people dont know.

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