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Is there anything Arsenal´s Cazorla CANNOT do?

Although Arsenal were not at our flowing and fluent best away to Crystal Palace on Saturday, we did manage to hold on for the winner and there were some impressive performances from the battling Gunners. I personally would have given the Man of the Match award to Santi Cazorla, although I can see why our own KJ gave it to Welbeck and others like the Daily Mail gave it to Olivier Giroud.

But Cazorla was once again a strong contender and showed us once again that there are so many aspects to his game. Arsene Wenger started the Spaniard in an unfamiliar ddeper position in central midfield. That would have set the alarm bells ringing in either of his first two seasons with Arsenal but not I am not sure if there is anything Cazorla can´t do on a football pitch.

After his amazing game away to Man City when he fought, pressed, harried and generally made himself a proper nuisance to the home side, Wenger clearly has no problem asking Santi to add the dirty work to his great technical ability and creative talent.

Check these Santi stats out from Satuday: 4/4 tackles won, 4 clearances, more touches and passes than any other Gunner and just one foul given away but three won. The really amazing stat for the 30-year old was the fact his 10.4 kilometres covered in the game was the third best, just bettered by Calum Chambers and Jordan Mutch.

So is Cazorla better than ever now for Arsenal? And what will Wenger ask him to do next, DM?

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30 thoughts on “Is there anything Arsenal´s Cazorla CANNOT do?

  1. Mick The Gooner

    For some reason he can’t score goals from open play.. Strange because he’s very composed and has a good shot on him.

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    1. fred cowardly

      That’s true. In fact even though Ozil has scored a few since returning, he isn’t known for goals either.That’s the main difference between them and Fabregas, who scores as well ad assists.

      But that’s not a big deal anyway because as long as Cazorla and Ozil delivers great passes, thats all that matters.

      I reckon Ozil could become the best creative midfielder in the PL especially if we got a top striker like Lacazette. I think he had scored something like 25 goals in the last 29 games. Amazing talent and future Baloon d Or winner.

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      1. muffdiver

        Is there anything Arsenals Cazorla CANNOT do?

        *grabs basketball, throws to santi

        “come on santi, dunk!!”

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        1. Mesut O-healed

          haha but I’ve seen him win headers, Santi has hops. You never know….

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          1. KickAssFan

            You’ve seen Santi win headers??? Oh, please!!! More like the ball fell low enough for him.

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            1. Mesut O-healed

              hash well there’s only one way to find out: @kickass, you gotta ask him to play you 1v1… on the basketball court

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        2. KickAssFan

          Of course, I know just what it is that Santi cannot do: grow an inch taller.

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        3. NY_Gunner

          Santi laces up his Jordans, palms the rock(ball) 2 step dribbles and leaps towards the rim, spinning in a 180 slam dunk, shattering the back board. Then looks up and shouts through his rabbit teeth “I just owned you mitches”

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      2. Phenomeno9

        to think that Cazorla were a better player than Ozil is just absurd. This has nothing to do with price tags. Ozil is a major contributor to Germany’s 3rd spot in the WC 2010, the EC 2012 and the WC 2014. He has more assists within the time range of the last 5 years than any other player in Europe’s major leagues. His technique is absolutely brilliant, whereas his efficiancy when he has the ball is astonishing. Cazorla is a good player but the only thing he is better at is his dynamic attitude to fight. And maybe at taking penalties…I’m pretty sure that every manager when he had to choose between those two, would pick Ozil above Santi.

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  2. fred cowardly

    I’d imagine someone that talented and creative who is a wizard on the pitch would also be talented, creative and a wizard in the bedroom

    I also imagine he would be an amazing cook also

    Maybe he is a bad goalkeeper

    No matter what. I love that he is with us and he AIN’T GOING NOWHERE

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    1. Champagne Charlie

      Anything he can’t do? Perform well for an entire season maybe…

      Where was santi the first 3 months of this season? Shhhh….that might get in he way of this hero worship

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  3. John Legend

    I just love his two right legs, they are like no other, not even Ronaldo can boost of using perfectly two legs.

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      1. Mistamonn

        I agree with John Legend. I’ve not seen another player yet who uses his weaker foot the way Santi does. EVEN CR7!!

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        1. Mistamonn

          Just to buttress my point, you don’t see CR7 taking free kicks with his left foot, but Santi does.

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  4. RSH

    Cazorla had a rather underrated performance against Palace. He really got stuck in the game which was required, and helped out Monreal and Coquelin a lot. It doesn’t matter he didnt have his most creative game, because he showed his ability to adapt to how the match was going. We needed to match Palace physically, and Cazorla did that along with Coquelin, Welbeck an Sanchez. I think even Ozil put in a tackle this game which is surprising. I’m impressed with the team at the moment and am confident we can get a good result Wednesday.

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    1. BarryL

      Cazorla has been outstanding in 2015, especially playing together with Le Coq.
      Now that Ozil is back, Santi has dropped into semi-DM role and still playing great – like Pirlo.
      I don’t see how Jack or Rambo are going to get back into starting line-up.

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  5. Twig

    “I am not sure if there is anything Cazorla can´t do on a football pitch.”


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  6. Mesut O-healed

    Remember when there was a period of time that Santi was being benched game after game?

    If all those injuries didn’t occur, his talents would probably still be wasted there. Oh the horror.

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  7. KickAssFan

    Off Topic____

    I don’t bye the “box-to-box” classification crap. And sometimes folks tend to sound like there’s a difference between a “holding midfielder” and a “defensive midfielder”. In my opinion— I’m not claiming to be an authority here, neither am I not claiming to be claiming I’m not claiming—I think there’s just two kinds: the attacking midfielders and the defensive midfielders. It’s not like the defensive ones do not venture forward sometimes, just as the attack-minded ones sometimes fall back to defend too. In fact, football has so evolved that the best teams defend together and collective press forward too, all tactically done.

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  8. Dennis

    Chelsea will be looking for a striker this summer aside from costa, if chelsea get lacazette before we do i’m gonna be so upset. You have to get the best talent out there, this game is about recruitment and with david dean out wenger hasn’t been able to get the best (both ozil/sanchez wanted to come to arsenal without wenger asking)

    I think its time wenger put in some effort to recruit!! schneiderlin/lacazette/draxler please this summer. Sell podolski and wait for it……………. (wilshere!!) down-vote all you want, he’s done at Arsenal.

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    1. KickAssFan

      Ahahaha! Lol! Yeah, Wilshere has been very “crapious” (yeah, a new word in the KIckAss Dictionary, 5th edition).

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  9. Sank89

    Monaco hit with 6 injuries and mainly 3 of their defenders, if we could take advantage of that and add atleast 3 goal and a clean sheet.
    We could relax for the 2nd tie.

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  10. Gunnerbongo

    Anyone remembers Pires progress from sleak and lazy to EPL player of the year?from recent games,I see that happening with Ozil should he stay injury free next season.
    Ofcourse let Santi be Santi….the one I love.

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  11. Gooner4G

    Forget about box to box… Santi for no.10 role, Left flank or a partner to Coquelin.. whatever the role all we need is the best team on the field and three points for the upcoming games! Give us a clean sheet and 2/3 goals against Monaco and beat Everton next weekend! Need to see Walcott play too because his goal scoring ratio is up there currently and goals win us the matches!

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