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Is Thierry Henry MORE than Arsenal’s good luck charm?

It may be just a coincidence that Arsenal put on the best away performance in a really big game for years on the same day that our former striker, record goal scorer and all round legend Thierry Henry was in the TV studio for the first time to give his verdict. But I have a feeling there may be more to it than that.

One theory is that the Arsenal players took some inspiration from the fact that Henry was at the Etihad stadium with Sky Sports. Perhaps they thought that they had better give the Frenchman something good to say about his former club and perhaps they just wanted to recapture some of the on-pitch success that the Gunners had when Henry was in the team.

Henry’s presence in the commentary box might have had an even bigger effect on the French Gunners and there is no doubt that Francis Coquelin, Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny all had outstanding games. If Henry did help to inspire the brilliant Arsenal performance, hopefully it will continue and our next game on Sky Sports, at home to Aston Villa next weekend, should be an easy win if it does.

I have one more little personal theory, Gooners, on the Henry effect. Another coincidence maybe, but the Gunners got a soft penalty decision when a former player is in the TV studio to run the rule over the game. Would we have got it with the usual Man United and Liverpool biased pundits? Maybe I don’t know but the fact that Mourinho has previously complained about not having former Chelsea players as pundits suggests that he thinks there may be an advantage there.

What do you think Gooners?

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20 thoughts on “Is Thierry Henry MORE than Arsenal’s good luck charm?

  1. jib

    Complete ccoincidence. I’ve seen Henry watching above us from the stands at matches, and as much as he is my personal God, his presence hasn’t produced the miracles he used to perform on the pitch. Also pundits don’t influence matches, they react to them. Maureen is gonna moan at just about anything on offer.

  2. ArseneIsYourDaddy

    Perhaps it is because Arsenal had a week on the training ground to work on their tactics.

    *related news: gossip is Le Coq was offered a new contract
    *also : better put Bellerin on a 5 year before Barca come like vampires

    Yes, we love the King. Yes he lifts the team.

    1. davidnz

      Brighton will be a tough test.
      R. O .T. A. T. I. O. N
      Rest Sanchez and Cazorla.
      Mertz Bellerin stay.
      9 changes.
      Bellerin Chambers Mertz Gibbs
      Flamini Rosicky
      Walcott Ozil Campbell

      Ospina Monreal Coquelin Ramsey Cazorla Chamberlain Giroud

    1. akuma gouki

      Hope we see it every game!

      Goal, assist, dribbles, hard work, defense, offense! Complete Cazorla.

      Hey Ozil, can u do that?

  3. Twig

    Maybe in 3 years time, we’ll see “Arsenal desperate for midfield general Francis Coquelin to sign contract. Offer of £180K rebuffed”, LoL

  4. Hafiz Rahman

    we need a world class gk like De Gea

    Rvp Utd defence is extremely weak, midfield is average

    but De Gea save them from defeats with multiple world class saves….

  5. dilla

    Everyone is trying to come up with an excuse for the victory. City wasn’t playing well, we got lucky with the penalty, and now we only won because Henry was analyzing. lol that would be the day- Wenger in the locker room saying, “Oh by the way guys, Henry is commentating, just so you know. Now let’s go win” ??

    Let’s just ENJOY the victory. NO it wasn’t luck. NO it wasn’t City playing bad. and NO Henry doesn’t have a magical power in the pundit box. We just played a really good game for once. For the first time this season, I am actually looking forward to the next match. coyg!

  6. Mick The Gooner

    Of the games we have left, how many are you all actually afraid of? None is my answer. Most of the tough teams, we play at the Emirates. Only Bayern Munich have really been able to dominate us at the Emirates in recent years. Our only tough away games are United and Spurs, both have been running on luck and don’t look convincing to me.

    Of our other rivals, I think they have a few games to fear. Many still have to go to Stamford Bridge, the Etihad, or indeed the Emirates. Not to mention facing each other along the way. I think we’re in a very good position to finish in the top four, so long as we find some consistency. With 3 wins on the bounce, convincing wins too, I think we’re finally getting some momentum. Just don’t ruin it by not signing a defender Arsene!

  7. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi)

    maybe all the players had chips n controlled by a fifa 15 game where Henry was playing with arsenal, of cos, against Carragher controlling man city 🙁

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