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Is this Arsenal fan RIGHT about Wright and the Ox?

We have all seen I an wright getting angry about Arsenal, which is fairly understandable as we have all been there plenty of times and Arsenal have given us plenty of reasons to complain over the years, Even when we do not agree with our former players who are now pundits, I think we tend to be more forgiving when we know that they feel deeply about the club, but one Arsenal fan seems to have taken serious exception to Wright’s recent behaviour.

And his reaction has provoked an even stronger one from the former Gunner who basically told the Gooner where to shove his own opinion. It all came about when Wright used social media to give his support to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain while most of us have been thoroughly enjoying the problems of the Ox and his new club Liverpool.

Wright posted, “I’ll always love you @Alex OxChambo”

To which an Arsenal fan replied, “Speak sh*t about players who are presently playing for us and show love for the backstabbers who are gone Good job”

They added a hand clapping emoji as well just to emphasise the point and it certainly his the spot.

Wright then responded, “You can definitely go **** yourself.”

Wow. I have to say I am more on the side of the fan, because Wright has been very hard on some Arsenal players like Ozil and must surely understand why some fans are not happy with the Ox and his decision to force his way out in order to play for a direct EPL rival.

What do you make of all this guys?


16 thoughts on “Is this Arsenal fan RIGHT about Wright and the Ox?

  1. ArsenalGenes

    Ox Going is a blessing in disguise. Coz of him, bellerin was being played as LB. Kolasinac on the bench and the whole dynamic of the team was ruined. Glad to see the balance restored. Leftback playing leftback, rightback playing rightback.
    Oxymoron has gone to a team where he is benched most of the time. Good for him. Very good business by arsenal selling a player who was on his last year for 40 mil. Even RVP got us 24 mil only.

    1. GunnerJack

      To be fair it wasn’t really down to the Ox about players being in the wrong positions. That’s squarely down to Wenger and only Wenger. The rest of the world were completely mystified. However, as I said before, selling the Ox was a great way to weaken the opposition! I still can’t think where Klopp will play him. Maybe he’ll use him in the less important games to protect his main players – just like we use academy players and those who are normally on the bench. Probably not what the Ox was hoping for but Klopp isn’t going to be dropping Coutinho any time soon!

      1. SJ Gooner

        It has never been said but historically Wenger plays 2nd team players that are thinking of leaving due to lack of games as a strategy to get them to sign. He did this with Theo Walcott when his last contract was up.

        1. JJPawn

          Thanks SJ for saying this.

          That has been Wenger’s strategy. Wilshere seems to smell the same thing and thinks he can sign for a free next season…

          Wenger is under pressure to make players sign. The Wolcott situation was terrible, and ever since then I have lost respect for Theo have been critical of this British player unable to hold down a place in the national team.

          Sell Theo and Wilshere in January.

  2. In your face

    His “unbiased” criticism is only reserved for the non English ones, funny I’ve never really heard his opinion of Walcott.

  3. ClassyGunner

    Wright can love Ox all he wants. We are glad that Ox has moved on. IMO, Ox is very inconsistent and even when he gets his act together there is seldom an end product to show for.

    Ox was potential when we signed him, then that potential became mere hope, gradually fading hope before finally diminishing completely.
    He said he was “Excited by Klopp’s project” — just wowwww

  4. Stephan Larose

    Ian Wright is a pundit and a public figure now. If he says stupid things he should expect a reaction from the public and be able to deal with it more gracefully than that. Don’t criticize if you can’t handle criticism yourself mate.

    1. Mobella

      I can’t believe he would get hurt about an honest response from a followers to the extent of going on a blocking spree. This is someone who has always being of critical of our players and to suddenly support one who is no more ours is suspicious. This really confirm what i think about these arsenal ex players cum pundits. They are the root of all the negativity trailing this club. Thanks to those fans that called him out.

  5. Sue

    He’s an arsenal legend with an opinion. I’m glad ox has gone, to rot on Liverpool’s bench so it seems. He got more playing time with us! But he chose to move so sod him!
    On the other hand I’ll always love Wrighty!

    1. Godswill

      Eh. I want him to play more for Liverpool. In fact every game.
      Do you know what that will mean?
      The league table will answer.

  6. Thenry

    It’s currently trendy and pays well for ex Arsenal I layers to slag the club and attack the existing players.
    Merson Wright Robson or anyone who has an axe to grind with Arsenal is at it
    I don’t give a shit what they think I support th club and team in general if they play shit we have had more success then most teams
    Thy seem to Laud spuds but the fukers win nothing they won 2 trophies in 30 yeas but I don’t see the media others pulling them up on it like we had when we didn’t win anything for 10 years
    There is definitely an agenda in the media against Arsenal and its sadly spearheaded by ex Arsenal players
    So I say when they ubfairly attack the club and our existing players they are fair game for retribution from the real fans who lives be the club and will support it through thick and thin.

  7. Ian wrights bruva

    Wrighty always rated ox and believed he should have been given more time on the pitch. Take his criticisms of Ozil, Ozil could have been dropped when playing poorly when ox was crying out for game time but was rarely dropped (hence the frustration and criticism).

    Weighty will call it how he see,s and won’t worry much about what other people think/post so water off a ducks back.

    Maybe he see,s some of himself in the ox and wants the lad to do well, which is fine.

    The rest of us have moved on and want our own players to succeed, don,t much care what pundits say or think although I do listen to the ex Arsenal players as the have the best. insight to the club.

    1. Godswill

      “The rest of us have moved on and want our own players to succeed, don’t much care what pundits say or think”
      My view also. Real Arsenal fan will want Arsenal players to succeed whether Wenger in or out.

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